We Are.

‘For each child that’s born, a morning star rises and sings to the universe who we are’

we are mothers of courage, fathers of time
we are daughters of dust and sons of great vision
we are sisters of mercy and brothers of love
we’re lovers of life and the builders of nations
we’re seekers of truth and keepers of faith
makers of peace and the wisdom of ages

We are our grandmothers prayers
and we are out grandfathers dreamings
we are one…’

Imagine for a moment that at our cores, we are all those things, with almost limitless potential for growth, love, justice, and regard and innate knowledge that we’re a tiny bit of a magnificent whole when we’re born. It’s often said that at least in western society, our programming begins soon after birth, and by the time we reach age six, our minds and bodies are already on auto-pilot, reacting mainly to our unconscious mind’s directives, definitions, family relationships, and socializations. Then for most of us, our schools trained us further as obedient to authoritarianism, homogeneity, rote learning, forced to metaphorically ‘only color within the lines’. Our creativity is stifled and suspect; our value to society is calibrated and parsed as ‘earning potential’ or patriotic contributions; we’re assured we ‘can all grow up to be President one day’ if we just work hard enough toward that goal.

We’re taught lies about our nations’ history, and taught who to fear, and why. We learn that competition is the key, and that losing is fine as long as we learn to lose graciously. But we also learn that that’s a lie: society only values winners, as do our teachers and schools. Along the way, we learn to present false faces to the world in order to hide our true feelings and reactions, in order to be accepted by our peers, and began to find our tribal affiliations early, and behave with bias toward those outside our circles. Most of us learned The Rules Writ Large, and when we deviated from them, learned to lie to the authority figures in our lives about our transgressions, or even worse: to lie to ourselves. Often the silent communications, not the ones voiced, were the most powerful. We internalized the voices of those critical of us as sons, granddaughters, teachers, or siblings only too well, and those concepts of ourselves became dominant in our subconscious minds only too often. Our use of language then represented the themes and understanding we’d learned: the limitations, the violent framings, the fear of ‘the other’, the roles we would play, and the ‘fact’ that we were indeed separate beings: distinctly separate not only from each other, but from the planet and ecosphere as well. Our beautiful blue-green planet was there for us to tame, to use, abuse, and disregard as yet another ‘Other’.

We learned the language that described a common reality, but not the only reality.

Some of us, though, were blessed with some portion of grace that allowed us to explore things unseen, and occasionally be stopped by some revelatory beauty that pushed us into a state of Being that was foreign, but so full that we…explored more, desired more of the intangible, ineffable…inner poetry of life. Perhaps our small epiphanies came through meditation, prayer, spiritual teachings, or we may even have been aided by imbibing the sacrament, lysergic acid, or one of the psychotropic botanicals; no matter. But we learned to try to stop the clock more often, and focus on our awareness…our mindfulness more fully, in appreciation of Being; just gloriously…being. We may have begun the process of choosing what we valued most highly in life, through things not learned conventionally, but by our souls and spirits filling with bits of ecstasy, and a sense of rightness, satisfaction and fullness of the knowledge imparted to us. We may have begun our search for our inner truth, and were willing to even meet our Dark Sides, our shadows, in order to either do with battle them, or elbow them gently out of the way in order to create space for our deeper selves that are made of light, water, electromagnetic energy and…stardust. Our journeys along the roads less traveled would likely have been intermittent, we may have lost patience in perfecting the practices we intuited would bring increase illumination and peace, but we always knew that there was a place inside we could return to for nourishment and rest, if only we would stop the clock, stop time…and just Be. Breathe our Beingness. And feel our connections to other ethereal selves, their humming, vibrant electro-chemical that connects us all, and connects us to…the mother planet as she nourishes and grounds us, as we send our roots down into her restorative mantle. We can Walk in Beauty.

Beauty before…beauty behind

Beauty above…beauty below

Beauty all around

Love will lay hatred down

We are just about to come out of a long winter of discontent and fear, filled with the knowledge that there is a malign vortex that is threatening to pull us into a dark hole of planetary annihilation and physical want and pain. The Greater Vampire Squid is below the sea, its tentacles grasping and reaching and pulling and sucking and…creating the whirlpool into which we sense we may be pulled under – soon. All evidence indicates that the small craft we’ve fashioned for ourselves in order to live, survive and thrive just aren’t adequate for the task of escape from its clutches, no matter how hard we paddle or row. Our lives are being stolen wholesale, our planet subdivided, rented and raped.

We are living in that tragic moment of eerie stillness where the fatal damage has been done, widening cracks can be seen, yet the edifice still stands and business as usual continues; but for how much longer?

Our days may be shadowed by this dark realization, but there is reason to be deeply optimistic for “where danger is, grows the saving power also.” Never before has the tantalizing possibility of a Global Spring, a worldwide people’s insurgency for democracy, seemed as close. In this, the era of the total and transcendent indignato swarm, we look to each other, not to the masters above, to find out what it will take to pull off the ultimate culture jam: spiritual insurrection.

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ

Yes, yes, the next revolution of spirit that’s being predicted by so many Indigenous peoples; an evolutionary leap of higher consciousness in which we rediscover our natural heritage, heal the earth and learn to live sustainably and cooperatively. A time of horizontal democracy where all might have a voice; each citizen is valued just for…being. The albino mammals being predicted as harbingers of the great change are being born, and the Indigenous Women are ascendant, organizing resistance and teaching their youth. From Saskatchewan to Pine Ridge, from the Maori in New Zealand, to the global Rising Up! the women are bringing their wisdom and vision to bear for the good of the earth and the people. Perhaps the men who support them realize that the time is right for more yin than yang.

The Indigenous cry: One Tribe, One World!…and understand that it must be that way if we are to heal the world, and create a better one.

If the time is upon us for a nonviolent global revolution, a time that we peasants throw off the yokes of our servitude and sense of powerlessness before the oppressive Behemoth of Doom, there will be hard days ahead. Behind the scenes, many are experimenting with new models, rediscovering older and simpler ways, working outside the machine as much as possible.

But the clearest reason (at least to me) that it must be driven by a wildfire of opening the of doors of consciousness is that without that inspired newness and even ecstasy…nothing that comes next will flourish. No new economic models, democracy models, business models, agricultural or energy models will take hold if we are not changed into more enlightened human beings who understand that we all must be honored, we all must be considered in any just models. We can be, we must be; it’s all that’s left, and it has been foretold. A spiritual insurrection is on the way.

It’s time to remember back, back, back…to the time when we knew that we are luminous beings of truth and honesty and trust that we can tap into innate Wisdom of the Ages that’s available when we’re still, and…stop time; then peer inside, and reach upward and outward to collect the wisdom of our ancestors that circles the globe aloft. To be the tree between the heavens and the earth. In your still time, perhaps tie a key onto the long tail of a kite in your mind, run out into the storm until it’s aloft, and lightning comes down zzzzt to the key. Use that supercharged key to open any door you wish. Find yourself again, whether you be a child of the wind, water, fire or earth, or of God as you know her. Open your heart and your soul to others; it will feed you and free you…and me. The danger is real, the risks are great, but soon there may be nothing left to lose…but the Oppressive Foot on our collective backs.

Give us grace and strength to forebear and persevere. Give us courage and gaiety and the quiet mind. Spare to us our friends and soften to us our enemies. Give us the strength to encounter that which is to come, that we may be brave in peril, constant in tribulation, temperate in wrath and in all changes of fortune, and down to the gates of death, loyal and loving to one another.

~Robert Louis Stevenson~

Put your lights on. Share with others in need what you’re able to spare. The Hippie Credo says that your gifts wil be returned to you three-fold, whether actually, or by virtue of the  the joy of sharing.

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