Daoud and Saleh Al Kuwaiti, Iraqi/Kuwaiti musicians

“The brothers were born in Kuwait to a family from an Iraqi origin. Their father, a merchant, moved to Kuwait from the Iraqi city of Basra together with some other 50 Jewish families to form the Jewish community of Kuwait. When Saleh was 10 years old, and Daud 8, they received a gift from their uncle who came back from a business trip to India – a Violin and an Oud. So started their love affair with music, an affair that would one day lead them to become two of the greatest musicians and performers in the history of Kuwaiti and Iraqi music.”

The Iraqi capital, one of the biggest musical centers in the Arab world at the time, welcomed the brothers. Saleh used to play violin, and to compose the works and Daud performed them on oud and vocals. Saleh also started attending music school in Baghdad. There he studied both Arab and western music, and soon began receiving requests from artists who wanted him to write music for them.

The brother’s success didn’t go unnoticed by the Iraqi noble ruling class, and soon they became King Faisal’s favorite entertainers. They performed for him and composed music for various formal events – the highlight being a piece composed by Saleh for the King’s coronation ceremony. In 1936 Iraq’s Minister of Education asked Daud and Saleh to take part in establishing Iraq’s first radio station.

Throughout their career, the brothers never hid their Jewish identity. They made use of their fame and fortune to help the Jewish community in Iraq. (Wikipedia)

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