Nate Jackson’s ‘Shelter in Place’

11 responses to “Nate Jackson’s ‘Shelter in Place’

  1. Har!

    Knew this would be a good place to hang out.

    so, some, not all, white Americans are afraid of their shadow.

  2. just the ones in the police car, lol. it just slayed me. i’d found it (kinda by accidental request) on this post at my.fdl.
    Ack; no hyperlink capability (and what’s with the link? need to fix that):

    i tried to embed it into the only other video in the mew category, with the coup and bracka flama, head of state. that ‘un almost makes me pee my pants laughin;, lol.

  3. I needed a laugh, thanks, wendyedavis.

    Our state is so off the wall right now. Obama setting the pace for Walker’s wrecking crew.

    My “Rep” one of those appearing to be asleep for the talk by the Dalai Lama.

  4. started off nicely; probably lost them at all men are created equal.

  5. jayzus, nonquixote; the dalai lama at the state legislature? i saw him in boulder once, and loved him well. i bought his ‘happiness’ book, and…not so much. guess maybe i just subscribe to that being a worthy goal or something. might be my protestant upbringing, lol. contentment, fulfillment, other things, yeah.

    yes, your state and a few others are really being ransacked, and it’s ugly. but as for obomba setting the table, this piece is a kick in the gut. pollack rules, imo.

    shoot, i think i sent myself three from counterpunch and the same from BAR today already. people are getting so righteously pissed, and so eloquent in their narratives.

  6. hell, mafr; he prolly lost a bunch of them at ‘laughter’. ;~) wot??

  7. O administration gleefully showing R’s what they can get away with.
    I’m having a decent day despite the “news.” Thanks for the link.

    Be well.

  8. will do, dear. i was wracking my brain to remember this group, several of whose videos BAR used to keep on its sidebar. finally did; this was one of them:
    i love it cuz they can’t be accused of racism…or can they, lol?

    ‘…we’re all kinda mixed up’. whoopi: ‘yeaaaaaah.’

  9. Is he trying to dance badly? Hard to say which of them is worse.

  10. lol! dude just ain’t got the moves, mon! the mon lives in his head, not in his body. (but yeah, ellen’s dancing has been a source of lots of jokes at her expense.) but at least the Prez can channel barry white… ;-)

    i’d keep meaning to respond more fully to your noting that you hope others will show up here. me, too, but it will take some time. and i wanted to say that a number of the folks listed as authors are experiencing some heavy life burdens right now, and hope they get them sorted out enough to write one day. even mr. wd (sadavis) may try his hand at it one day. and juliania’s essay is ready, so i’m trying to show her the blogging ropes. (even if she just publishes a title for now, i can fill in the text, maybe an image for her.)

    but please go ahead and post more videos, or anything really. i do trust that you know how hard the first one you showed us is for me right now?

  11. yes, sorry.

    lighter is better these days.

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