Anita O’Day gives the boys a music lesson

Anita O’Day (October 18, 1919 – November 23, 2006) was an American jazz singer.

Born Anita Belle Colton, O’Day was admired for her sense of rhythm and dynamics, and her early big band appearances shattered the traditional image of the “girl singer”.

Refusing to pander to any female stereotype, O’Day presented herself as a “hip” jazz musician, wearing a band jacket and skirt as opposed to an evening gown. She changed her surname from Colton to O’Day, pig Latin for “dough,” slang for money.

Not as well known as Sarah Vaughn or Billie Holiday, or Ella, but she’s one of the great jazz singers, male or female. Her autobiography is entertaining, and interesting, although not enough about her music, most of it concerns her life, and her addictions, and problems. I guess that sold more books.

Here she schools a big band in Japan, in a good natured way. She’s a brilliant jazz singer. I’m sure the guys in the band were intimidated.

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  6. At the end of the tune, she sings five notes of a whole tone scale, which is quite difficult, and if she hadn’t already, she leaves the guys completely behind. Which was not unusual. She was basically a highly accomplished jazz musician whose instrument was her voice.

    Tea for Two. Not much to that song, unless it’s sung by someone like Anita O’Day. Wow.

    In her youth, in the thirties, Anita entered “dance marathons” to get by. Those were brutal competitions, where people would literally dance till they dropped. The last person or couple standing won something.

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  9. It’s also remarkable that in 1963, not really that long after the war, there were Japanese jazz musicians, of this high calibre. Not anything near the level of the top American and Canadian players, but still very good.

    But there was and is a big following for jazz music in Japan. High profile jazz players from the USA tour Japan, and local level players from Canada and the USA are often hired to play jazz in clubs and bars.

    Did I mention that Anita O’Day is brilliant?

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