Weather Report, some jazz for you

Joe Zawinul, Pianist, band “weather report”, was an Austrian musician, who moved to New York in the fifties.

“I wrote ‘Orange Lady’ thinking mainly of my wife, but also of most ladies who have children and are stuck in a big city. There’s a certain sadness in it. In my case, in order to really make my wife happy, and make myself happy by making her happy, I’ll take her out somewhere in the country–that’s what the middle part is about–and then that changes the whole attitude and you can go on being happy for a while again, and then you come back to New York and it’s like the same thing all over again–it’s like a constant change from a certain sadness.”

Weather Report is one of my favourite bands.

As for Miroslav Vitous’ part, he recalled, “‘Orange Lady’ was such a beautiful melody. I said, ‘How about playing this in unison with the arco bass?’ I just picked up the bow and played the melody with Wayne–that’s how it happened, that’s the way it was. We arranged this song when we were rehearsing.” [

10 responses to “Weather Report, some jazz for you

  1. Just close your eyes.

  2. i was just waking up from a nap, so closing my eyes was eaaaaaazzzzy.

    it was quite esoteric, and caused me to think they were dreaming each other’s dreams, and then stepping outside of them. i could see south american half-melodies with bodies swaying in the chimes (is it a moog?). and one dream by the pymies whose language is clicks…and clicks, with changes so subtle my ear can barely tell.

    sadly, after three listens, i was curious about the instruments, especially wondering about the woodwind or horn; couldn’t tell. but there were a few disturbing notes… i thought soprano sax. but i went and watched a 1971 live version that turned (no, devolved) into the cacophonous jarring jazz that i don’t care for. i will just play this one from now on; it is lovely.

    thank you for turning us on to it. lovely new avatar, too. seems we are all feeling the need for moisture. i fear that need will become only more acute in days to come. (kinda why i chose the site’s banner photo. this style only had three or four choices, and this was clearly…the one.) i see i can read your profile, and will do so. does it say what a mafr is? or if you have family there? if you live near the water? (you may tell her to stop being so quizzical…)

  3. A plus!

    We have percussion by Aierto Moreira…”Airto Moreira (born August 5, 1941)[1] is a Brazilian jazz drummer and percussionist. Airto is married to jazz singer Flora Purim, and their daughter Diana Moreira is also a singer.”

    Joe Zawinul played a Fender Rhodes piano, and I think he used an Oberheim synth.

    Wayne Shorter, was playing soprano sax here.

    They tend to meander off into cacophony now and then, in live performance. Less in the studio.

    for me, Weather report has some of the most beautiful melodies in music.

    thought I would show a picture of some of my Province, highly underrated by Canadians, who are unaware of the beauty here.

  4. whooosh; ya mean i passed? (smile)

    ah…so i guessed a li’l bit of it right, then, even locale influences. besides listening to this a few times, i’ve been staying with ‘playing for change’ videos while i do my chores (rather slowly). dunno how people survive without music.

    come to think of it…i do, not that survival isn’t a low bar. but when our daughter was in the midst of some of the worst turmoil a tween can go through, and our son wasn’t doing much better, we both experienced what i can only call ‘the dark night of the soul’ some folks have written about. we were so frozen in guilt and pain and horror that we put our guitars away, and couldn’t even think of listening to music, much less playing it. no laughter, of course, just acted out life as automatons, all the while being scrutinized by the agencies you hope never enter your life. ghastly.

    i went through something mildly similar recently, and can’t even remember the events that precipitated the hell; odd bodkins.

    anyhoo, i love knowing that you live in such a watery wonderland, mafr. sorry to have tripped of into neverland, although i do tend to do it more often than i perhaps should. since my brain was damaged, i seem to think in images far more than i used to, and then…try to tell them. ;~)

  5. ” i love knowing that you live in such a watery wonderland, mafr.”

    Thanks, nice of you to say that.

  6. this might be appropriate in both directions, mafr. paul simon’s south american fusion music. he lost me a bit with this album’s rhythms, but it is excellent stuff. and hearing it now, i do appreciate it more.

  7. Nice ditty by Paul and friends. Thankyou.

  8. welcome, mafr; but where did your avatar photo go? i switched the size for all of them, but that shouldn’t have affected it.

  9. hands off my avatar!

    no idea where it went.

  10. i gave your avatar a chance to surrender, darkin’; instead it chose suicide.

    (srsly; can you you go into profile and do the magic thingie again? it’s so lovely. and how odd is it that it’s still there under Authors?)

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