medea benjamin escorted out of obomba’s counterterrorism speech

May 23, 2013

Medea protested in your names, and in the names of your families, bless her heart.


(Afghan villagers in the Kunar province sit near the bodies of 10 children killed in a Nato airstrike in Afghanistan on 7 April 2013)

Nothing is ever forgotten.  I’ll remember your faces forever, and  never stop trying to stop our government from committing such heart-breaking atrocities, Insha’Allah.  Sleep, dear ones…sleep, little birds.   Now you are spirit birds…and can take flight and….soar…

Added: this piece by Norman Pollack on the speech will rip you up.

7 responses to “medea benjamin escorted out of obomba’s counterterrorism speech

  1. Not a lot to say, wendydavis that is not described in the picture of the dead babies. Beyond outrageous. We didn’t see these, “emerging terrorists,” on a big screen in the background while Oblucifer defended his policy with such vacuous and fervent self-righteous vigor. /spit

    Planting food and flowers to work against the effects of this deed. Thanks.

  2. Watering seeds with tears.

  3. ‘Oblucifer’. sigh. how apt a metaphor, even if he’s just the current iteration of the oligarchic machine as thd will always remind is. how can we fail to put a face on the current iteration, and call out the evil?

    i reckon you’ll not forget their faces, either, or wonder about their lives BD (before drone). imagine living with that fear constantly…as the buzzing beasts circle your local skies? at least in this venue i can post some of the photos in my collection; at fdl it’s not allowed. if the world were remotely fair, wouldn’t all this photographic evidence be creative commons?

    a my.fdl denizen recently wrote me a long, long, email describing why i should only write my higher consciousness, esoteric diaries. one of the the things he said along the way was that he didn’t believe in death. admittedly, i was tempted to send him a photo like this, then ask him if he wanted to think again about holding forth on his ‘all one lifeforce’ credo.

    lenny bruce once said that the only truly obscene four-letter word he knew was:
    dead. yes, water your seeds with your tears, nonquixote. it is one way to turn poison into medicine, even if in a small way. i try to bake on terror tuesdays and give away food, although it doesn’t always work out quite to that schedule.

    but now we know that Obomba will ‘consider’ the formation of a panel that will decide if this sort of collateral damage is worth it or not. of course it is; the more radicalized muslims…the better for the war profiteers and empire machine. yes, let chuck hagel send envoys to south sudan to try to ‘stabilize’ things, or send troops to mali to ‘end the chaos’ of al qaeda associates in the north! gun barrel diplomacy!

    i am sorry to sound so bitter; the endorphins the tears brought only lasted so long. i should try to plant some things today. mr. wd brought home some delphs for me to replace some that winter-killed, and soon it will be time to put out some tomatoes in walls of water. the greenhouse seedlings are thriving so far, the darlings.

  4. greenwarrior4

    I saw your question about where everyone was on your AUMF post just now at FDL, but it looked like comments were closed. For one, I’ve been working hard on the city utility staying in elected hands. See Isaiah’s last post at FDL for my long comment about that if you’re up for it. Also I was taking a weeklong yoga workshop. And also, I am quite discouraged lately with FDL.

    I’m glad to have found you over here. Thanks for the instructions about how to sign up. greenwarrior and greenwarrior1 and greenwarrior2 and greenworrier and greenw were already taken. So I skipped greenwarrior3 and made a run for greenwarrior4 and the registration gods smiled upon me.

  5. greenwarrior4

    Did you take that exquisite photo at the top of the page? I could get lost in it for the rest of my life.

  6. i will try to read of your doings with the electric co at Isaiah’s post; i know from what you’ve said before that you’re very committed and energetic. i did not take the photo; it was one of three that came with this wordpress ‘theme’. trying many of the 200 or whatever to see which features they had was wild; this works best so far. i can upload to use up yonder, but i love that one, and am in such dire need of moisture for my body and soul that it’s a balm to me.

    the 4 looks very good with your user name, i think. i should add more info to that registration post so folks can find how to create avatars with images, etc. and so nice to have you here, by the by. yes, i’m very discouraged by fdl. so many good folks who used to comment and discuss things at my.fdl have left, either by banning or on their own steam, sensing that it’s lost its edge, for lack of a better word. management clearly doesn’t care for me, which does make it harder to write there, lol. but…i will, because i love lots of the folks at the ghetto diaries side. ;~)

  7. OT, but I do believe “groinwarrior” still awaits claiming . . . Sometimes even humor doesn’t help—I would need to take a lot more pills before writing anything appropriate about the dead children and how I feel about those who are OK with making them that way.

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