Solar Power Revolution – Here Comes The Sun — Documentary

This documentary is about the solar power revolution that is happening. There are a number of interviews, the best being Herman Scheer..”Hermann Scheer achieved a great deal in his lifetime. Thanks to him, exemplary progress has been made worldwide towards a green energy supply from renewable sources rather than coal and nuclear power. His unwavering aim of accelerating the transformation of energy systems is becoming reality because his wealth of knowledge, his logical analysis and his ability to inspire others enabled him to convince and win over many people.”

He says investment in oil and coal will be “stranded” investment within ten years.

“The argument is over” He is very persuasive.

very inspiring documentary, which I learned of, from “Informed Comment”

6 responses to “Solar Power Revolution – Here Comes The Sun — Documentary

  1. i listened while i did chores, and only sat to watch in order to hear some parts again and see the technology and installations. very inspirational, mafr. a few thoughts:
    i especially liked the CSEs; the mirrors running steam turbines is fascinating. i wonder what mineral availability for the solar panels is like. also, i guess it was sheer said that there are no externalities given the fact that ‘infrastructure is already in place (or close). might be in germany, not here.

    but i tried to find in the cache the news that a year or more ago, obomba’s interior dept. had designated huge swathes of the desert southwest as ‘federal solar zones’ or something close. all i found was this page…
    no maps, no great explanation, but it seemed good, although devil’s always in the details, as in: who profits? there was also language about expanding it, and i remember thinking that ‘there potential dragons lie’.

    the jordanian man’s projects of ocean>desalination>power>? (i forget the fourth) was fascinating, and his warnings about the power of OPEC (i’d add other multinationals) to quash it was sound, as were his rhetorical questions about what sort of world we want to live in. Who gets to decide that for the rest of us always rankles mightily.

    their predictions of price parity were forecast as 2011, i believe. has it happened, and if it all hasn’t taken wings and flown as predicted, has it been for the reasons that big oil and gas and the nuke industry has prevented it? my guess is Yes. could private venture capital and crowd-sourcing help create worker -owned businesses like these? again, yes, but the delivery systems would need to be state or federal, i’m guessing.

    anyway, thank you for bringing it. will we need to create a new category likesustainable energy, futures and economics? i forget if i imported my diaries featuring charles eisenstein (had to strain the hell outta brain to remember his name), david korten, and others? sustainable agriculture is in a lot of the Indigenous diaries, but just parts of them. has pieces on vertical farming and all that, but eeek; i am biased against them as seeming like factory farming, unfair as that may be.

  2. You don’t need to watch it.

    but videos of concentrating solar power installations in operation, are a favourite sight of mine. They look so futuristic, rays of light from all around beaming up to the tower. Incredible.

    I like the beginning statement, ten thousand years ago we were hunter gatherers, and still are for energy. I had not thought of this revolution as being a technology revolution, that the people that make televisions and computers would be a big part of it.

    Oil companies are run by dolts. They have the money to be on the ground floor with this. Instead, they will allow themselves to be put out of business.

    It Won’t be long now. Renewable energy jobs are also growing at a very fast rate in the USA, notwithstanding the resistance.

    Too bad you didn’t watch Mr. Scheer. With the no frills, no hard selling appeals to emotion, plain speaking northern European style, gives the cold stare, and reels out the facts in plain language; and then chuckles.

    No to Keystone XL would be a very strong blow to their central nervous system. A big step.

  3. this site is good, I follow it off and on. sometimes the technical discussion is not comprehended.

  4. seeing those installations was quite a sight, yessir. almost like tech could be good for something, lol. as i said, the ones with the mirrors were trippy and great. i did watch some of sheer, and yes, he was compellingly direct.

    the film said bp had invested some in solar, and i remember their claims when i used to see network teevee more. is that for real or for show, i wonder? oopsie, no date on this, but they are ‘winding down’ their solar work. biofuels: risky stuff, if it’s about grasses and crops. it’s REDD destructive cons.

    dunno, i reckon the last leg of the pipeline will be built, but even if not, they’ve already bought tankers and rail lines from what i read recently. will there be a first martyr to that cause?

    yes, good link, tough reads for me, but the first piece was on public financing strategies, ha. one piece seemed to say that a big wind operation will be built on martha’s vineyard. i remember the strong sentiments against that. so glad you’re up on this stuff, mafr.

  5. mafr, thank you so much for all of this. I am going to spend my Sunday going to all your links. This has to be our future, and this administration is a negativity that will not stand on this issue as on so many others.

    I rejoiced when our street lamp failed a year or so ago and all I had were my little solar lights along my path. Sure, the technology is still wasteful and flawed as to energy input/energy output, but the impulse is the correct one and the technology will settle into creative patterns once the dam is destroyed as must happen.

    It’s coming. The next generation on this planet will have their hands full cleaning up the mess this one has made, but I am proud to have joined them in advance of the enlightenement – that’s a good place to be! They are and will be the future. That must be what everyone but a few obsolete morons in this stupid country already knows. ( And I think in their heart of hearts even they know, deep deep down. They know.)

  6. I agree with all you have said Juliania…. Of course people know.

    And your solar powered lights are a good thing, much like the solar panels that Carter put on the Whitehouse roof.

    I agree, with Mr. Scheer, and with you, renewable energy is unstoppable.

    The documentary was featured by Juan Cole at informed Comment.

    He frequently has article concerning this issue, and he’s quite funny, a great writer, and a fine person.

    He has one today about the top ten current green energy good news stories.

    for instance :

    9. Xcel could add 550 megawatts of wind power in Colorado in the next 2 years. “Xcel Energy Inc. is asking state regulators to add 550 megawatts worth of wind-generated power to its Colorado grid ­— boosting its amount of wind power by 25 percent. If state regulators approve the request, Xcel (NYSE: XEL) will have more than 2,700 megawatts of wind power in Colorado, it said Thursday.” Nearly 3 gigawatts! That’s like two small nuclear plants.

    I think it might well be illegal to burn oil and coal, in the not too distant future.

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