nsa whistleblower edward snowden goes public as ‘the secret source’

my stars.  can’t even begin to praise him highly enough; hold his safety in your thoughts.

i’ll pull some comments later.  glenn: brave beyond belief.  that these stories have made into the msn news may help to keep him and the others safer.


meta data shared with UK


christopher pyle


Transcript of Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill interviewing  Snowden.

Julian Assange praises Edward Snowden as a hero:  Whistleblower will go down in history for exposing ‘formulation of a mass surveillance state’, says WikiLeaks founder

I’ve been trying to find Greenwald’s quote something close to:

“We are supposed to know everything about them; they are supposed to know nothing about us.”


aclu files lawsuit


A whistleblower holding all the cards

7 responses to “nsa whistleblower edward snowden goes public as ‘the secret source’

  1. I’m happy to put an international flavor on this important subject – here’s what’s being said Down Under:


  2. Sorry to do this separate from the above, no tekkie I.


    The ramifications of this brave act are only just beginning to be felt. Thank you, Edward; be safe.

  3. thank you for the links, miz kiwi. i’ll need to read them later. it’s the end of a long day full of various online projects (and doing my terror tuesday cooking today instead), and mine eyes are barely reading by now.

    but i do want to add all we can to this diary, given it’s incredible importance as a game-changer, including as you say, globally. can the story stay bright and shiny long enough to not get pre-empted by something sexier?
    can it be, might it be…what might lead to the wakeup call that trumpets:
    ‘the Emperor has no clothes, ha! we need not give this government our honor, nor our obeisance! let’s take it back!’

    of course, history will make attempts to narrate all of this, and the dark side might be that the people were warned, but failed to act. that will break our hearts, of course, should we watch it happen.

    it’s been bugging me that i can’t find this post here, but i guess i never loaded in before inviting authors and guests here. but i’ll store it in a third wordpress site i made for storin’ stuff i might need later on. but all this was highly anticipated, even though we didn’t know all the particulars. ach, there’s a joni mitchell song line knockin’ on my door; it’s tweakable for this. mmmm. yeah: ya never know what ya got till it’s gone (paved paradise), but here it’s more: ya never pay attention till it’s too late…

    anyway, thank you dear ww.


  4. I had another thought on this subject – as I was parsing my comment to hotdog over on her thread at fdl(not very well put, sorry) about the folk badmouthing Mr. Snowden for being a high school dropout – this should really be seen as vindication for the many of those who opted out of the system because they saw through the empty shenanigans that hotdog describes, my own sons among them. I know, not all public schools are bad and there are dedicated teachers there trying their best against insuperable odds, but frankly I am so glad my boys couldn’t take it and went their own way getting a GED both of them from the local community college back in the day – they escaped all that propaganda.

    Now, clearly, Edward got sucked in to a certain extent, dangerously close to becoming yet another Rambo – but maybe his independent spirit fostered during that spell away from the system helped him just enough to remember the right way of doing things.

    The message is: don’t us ever give up on our kids, not ever.

  5. just saw sadly yes’s comment, and won’t answer. yes, never give up, and you know how personal that idea is to me; i live it daily, as do you. i was lucky in a way, and got to go to ksu when i was still a junior in high school, although going back to high school for part of day was plenty painful. i was an outcast once again, but i reckon it was a small price to pay for searching for my own path.

    hotdog is a dear ‘she’, and we correspond, though infrequently. i’ve stashed a couple poems of his in my files.

    Edward may have simply consulted his inner higher self, or god in other vernacular, but somehow he found his True North, and it stood him well, what he and so many other brave truth-tellers have risked for the good of us all says it all. Like tim de christopher, who simply realized that he had to act, and to hell with the consequences that would come knocking later.

    the comments at that huffpo piece were hard to read; hundreds upon hundreds of tbogg-ites. they will be the last to join the revolution, as i’ve written about before, and made guesses as to why that is. stubborn bastards.

    i’ve come here three separate times today to read your links, and events have conspired against me thrice, as well. but let me grab the link so that you can hear one of mafr’s ‘ditties’, as he called it. so accomplished a musician, even if classical jazz isn’t one’s favorite.

    here it is; i’d forgotten which thread it was on; you do have to refresh the page if ya want to listen again…:

  6. thanks wendyavis nice of you!

  7. not sure about ‘nice’, but it is true, darlin’… hope nonquixote will stop by to listen, too. ; )

    more later; i need some sleep.

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