Edward Snowden Wasn’t on the Flight to Havana

Guardian liveblog:

‘Whereabouts of former CIA analyst whose leaks to Guardian have caused global controversy a mystery after he does not catch expected flight to Cuba’

Four hours ago:

Edward Snowden is expected to catch a plane today from Moscow to Cuba as he attempts to reach Ecuador and evade US attempts to have him extradited and tried on espionage charges.

Snowden – the former CIA analyst whose leaks to the Guardian about US intelligence programmes have caused controversy around the world – yesterday fled Hong Kong for Moscow after the authorities in the Chinese province said Washington’s provisional warrant did not fully comply with legal requirements. He had travelled to Hong Kong on 20 May as a base from which to reveal his secrets and his identity.

A representative of Russia’s Aeroflot airline told the Associated Press that Snowden registered for the flight to Havana that leaves Moscow today at 2.05pm (11.05am BST). He is expected to then leave Havana for Ecuador – the country that has granted asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at its embassy in London.

The airline says he registered for the flight on Sunday using his US passport – which American officials say has been annulled as part of an effort to prosecute him for revealing the highly classified government secrets.

Ecuador’s foreign minister said Sunday that Quito is considering his application for asylum.

Three hours ago Lidia Kelly tweeted that a VIP International van had pulled up near the plane just before its expected departure time, followed by ‘A guy in white shirt going up steps onto the plane.’

Eight minutes later from Miriam Elder, 4:15 AM – 24 Jun 2013:

Boarding is over. Aeroflot agent says Snowden not on plane.

Now the scrambling begins to sort out what was said by whom, what folks believed with little basis in fact, for instance that: apparently no one ever saw Snowden in Moscow at all, except a reporter from Interfax.  The briefest rundown from yesterday’s coverage:

Hong Kong’s original statement yesterday saying Edward Snowden had left the Chinese territory made no mention of Russia, saying only that he had gone to a “third country”:

Mr Edward Snowden left Hong Kong today [June 23] of his own accord for a third country through a lawful and normal channel.

The US government earlier on made a request to the HKSAR [Hong Kong special administrative region] government for the issue of a provisional warrant of arrest against Mr Snowden. Since the documents provided by the US government did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law, the HKSAR government has requested the US government to provide additional information so that the Department of Justice could consider whether the US government’s request can meet the relevant legal conditions.

As the HKSAR government has yet to have sufficient information to process the request for provisional warrant of arrest, there is no legal basis to restrict Mr Snowden from leaving Hong Kong. The HKSAR government has already informed the US government of Mr Snowden’s departure.

Wikileaks, which says it has been assisting Snowden, and Aeroflot sources speaking to various news organisations both said he was going to Russia.

But no Russian officials ever confirmed he has arrived. Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the Guardian yesterday: “I don’t [know if he’s planning to stay in Moscow]. I heard about his potential arrival from the press. I know nothing.”

Russian security personnel certainly swarmed around Sheremetyevo airport, and the Ecuadorian ambassador Patricio Chavez also turned up – asking “Do you know where he is? Is he coming here?”

Russian news agency Interfax also reported that a Venezuelan diplomat picked Snowden up when he arrived.

Aeroflot told the Associated Press this morning that he was registered for the Havana flight that left half an hour ago.’

Our first thoughts might be that holy crow, have these folks acted in concert to throw US officials off the scent.  Then…our second or third thoughts might be: OMG; is there a darker narrative at play that we should consider?  We know what this nation can and has done to those it has deemed as enemies to the state, so it’s hard not to imagine the worst sometimes.  That we aren’t hearing alarms raised by Wikileaks Friends must mean that the plans are unfolding well, and that he is still…okay.  And may he stay that way.

But in this case, it would seem that those of us who’d suspected that the announcements as to Snowden’s leaving Hong Kong, arriving in Moscow, and having booked a seat on an Aeroflot flight to Cuba…may have been brilliant, if complex, misdirections.  The only reason I can think of to have announced all his actual plans ahead of time would have been to make sure the world was watching just in case he had come to any harm.

For a review of what was supposed, known, and speculated as of yesterday morning, read Edward Teller’s great compilation.

That Edward Snowden has well-wishers galore around the world by now is indisputable; how many officials from different nations had gleams in their eyes when questioned by the press?  Oh, and that flight to Cuba?  Just packed with press.  But oh, goddam: they couldn’t even get a drink on the flight.  No Snowden, no alcohol.  Bet that burned.

More coming on the liveblog, including statements by Quito’s foreign minister Ricardo Patiño Aroca.  (I won’t dignify the ugly comments coming out of D.C. with quotes; they can all suck eggs.)

Well done, Mr. Snowden and Friends; and stay safe, all of you.  The world needs you all alive and well very badly.

If you haven’t already, do read this piece of Julian Assange’s in  support of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.  I don’t think it could have been better.

We wait with our collective breaths held in hopes that events will unfold in such a way that great change for the better will be forthcoming.  Wake up, USians! Don’t keep letting our rulers get away with their evil deeds.  A change is gonna come, and we  will need to find ourselves on the right side of history.  Seal covers this song by  the late, great Sam Cooke :

37 responses to “Edward Snowden Wasn’t on the Flight to Havana

  1. Thanks, wendye. My thoughts this morning are tending philosophical about this. I really don’t mind that the frenzy of news coverage comes up short on locating Mr. Snowden. We can’t, as we couldn’t before he broke the news of overreach of our surveillance state, know what is going on in the halls of power – I am reminded of the last scenario in “Wind in the Willows” where the ferrets have taken over Toad Hall, and Toad is sequestered underground with his friends Badger and Mole trying to figure out how to retake his castle. The Hall is our democracy, and the ferrets think they own the place.

    The fun thing about that children’s story is that it always was a retelling of the last part of Homer’s “Odyssey” – when Odysseus, returning from the Trojan war, finds his home in Ithaca in the possession of suitors of his wife, and she a prisoner. He too, then, must assume a disguise in order to assess how to have them turfed out. Even to the point of not revealing himself to his wife (though there is an underlying suggestion in the text that she perhaps knows him from the getgo.)

    It is great theater; it is great drama, even when the returning hero is a toad.

    And that’s where we are now. As comments at the Guardian say, “I am Snowden, and my wife is too.” So, do your worst, ptb. We are now beyond fear into outrage at the terrible things you are now saying and doing and enlisting others to say and do. It is a new day and you cannot put us back into the mold of submission because the very elements of your desperate and far reaching empirical desire are now in such need of support that you have to rely on the very people you want to enchain, and they are wise to you.

    Let us now enjoy this new day.

  2. i hadn’t ever linked the two stories, so thank you for that, juliania. the good part of the ongoing story with journalists *not knowing* where he is part of the strategic brilliance, of course.

    the piece i’d been mulling in my mind to write was percolating along these lines:

    we want this all to be part of the narrative that the Emperor has been proven to have no clothes, but: we must acknowledge the parallel cautionary tale…that unless we are collectively able to wake up to the truth of what’s been afoot for a long time in terms of surveillance, but expanded massively under obomba and other security agencies like great britain’s GCHQ…we could see our hopes dashed completely, and psycho-spiritually we would then be worse off than before.

    yes, there’s one protest next weekend in DC, but somehow the outrage needs to become manifest everywhere in order to make a ‘no-return’ difference. i do admire your heady imaginings, but while i’m jazzed, i admit that i feel a bit more cautious as to what the developing (not so much ‘final’) outcome will be.

    organize, organize, organize. but who will do it for real? maybe the peaceful resistance folks? obomba’s base: will they ever open themselves to the depth of calumny and control in all of this? it’s hard to imagine by now, isn’t it?

  3. Somewhere I read a very good piece about the cumulative effects of Occupy – that every following demonstration picks up where they left off, because the impression, the spirit of it, remained after it was crushed. There is clearly with the Snowden affair a learning process building, and if it is not completely successful this time, it will have more success the next.

    Truly the edifice being opposed is huge, and it will use all its resources to quell this tide. It may very well seem to be successful. That will be disheartening; we should not give up, but even if we do, someone else, somewhere else, will go on. Minds are at work to learn even from a failure. Of course we don’t want that; but that increase in wisdom is what will happen. For the next time. And each breath of spirit does not disappear; it just waits its time. Which, history bears witness, will come.

    And that is enough for me to know – I, if I can borrow Martin Luther King’s famous phrasing, I may not see the promised land. Just the breath of the ongoing spirit that has just happened is such a joy. We can enter it prospectively, just getting a whiff of how it could be, will be. Tyrrany never lasts. I think that’s the import of TSEliot when he says:

    “What might have been and what has been
    Point to one end, which is always present.”

    This moment is good.

  4. it is good, and hopefully can become better, and the t.s. eliot is as well; thank you.

  5. realitychecker1

    Hey, you fascist mofos, Snowden is right here with me, smoking a joint. Come and get him, assholes.

  6. realitychecker1

    Just don’t shoot my dog when he barks to warn me that assholes are approaching.

  7. I see a great advantage in your parallel posts, wendye, as given the constraints over yonder, important threads do go yet here they be, more easily accessible. I truly don’t know how you keep track when comments go beyond a hundred. Good thing you’ve got that garden!

    Let me say about angel datura – early in our New Mexico days when the kids were small and we travelled hither and yon to feasts and archeological sites, one trip in probably June was to Bandelier, and trudging around in the heat I kept seeing these huge wilted monstrously ugly and seemingly dead plants. What on earth were they?

    Up to the high cave we went on ladder after ladder, and then tiredly piled into the dented VW bus late for home, last leavers, winding up out of the canyon in the twilight. I glanced my side, and yelled to stop – a field transformed with multiple whitely glowing moons hovering above giant leaves outstretched. Who would have dreamed? (Later I learned how poisonous they were to cattle, so I only kept the dream, the permutation, the metamorphosis – ah, things are not always what they seem!)

  8. rc: our veritable hermit neighbor came by yesterday to deliver a mess of his edible pod peas (which he demonstrated eating out of the palm of hand, whilst tearing off the string he was sure i hadn’t known about), never mind…

    but he watches teevee, reads a couple creepy dead tree publications, has no computer, pays his bills in person, doesn’t bank, etc. he was drawing out vivid scenarios in which ‘they’ came to his door, and what measures he would surely take. i did my best to assure him that ‘they’ would at least not come for him soon. ;~) (this is a different hermit than the one in my story over there: Joe believes in UFOs. he is dead now.)

    juliania: so glad to hear your brief datura vignette. yes, they are full of alkaloids, and the first americans called the plant ‘jimson weed’. dangerous even in their sacred ceremonies, by most accounts.

    there’s a penstemmon variety in the mountain here that can kill cattle, can’t remember the species. before reading about growing datura from seed, (duh) i had broken open the spiney pods, dumped everything in a bowl of water and let most of them (saved back a few luckily) soak overnight. turns out they take from 3 to 6 *weeks* to germinate. i…uh…will start them in the greeenhouse, see if i might keep them alive thru the winter.

    they now sell somniforum papaver seeds (sp?) and i tried some. i’d like to have my own pharmacopia since we don’t do docs at all.

    (ryan brown our opera layfayette friend from SC just phoned. he’s here at his family’s ranch for another month. said hus wife just retired from the justice dept. oy and veh. you may not be surprised to hear that she may not have cared much for me, even at my lowest decibel rate.)

    i forget where i was; bye for now.

  9. ack; the video! well, keiser is a bit of nutter, but he may have this one right, eh? and i checked this diary over yonder, and ef beall had left this laughing link:

    Putin: Snowden still at airport, won’t be extradited’ it really is awfully chuckle-worthy.

    added: it does all get confusing, and it’s nice to hear that you think i manage it *at all*, let alone fairly well. ;~)

  10. realitychecker1

    Too good not to share, from TBogg thread yesterday trashing Snowden):

    ehossne1 June 24th, 2013 at 3:54 pm


    i’ve noticed, reading this blog recently, that many of your readers are confused by your wildly fluctuating standards regarding good v. bad, depending on who happens to be in the White House. I have a modest proposal:

    it would make things much clearer if you simply used a different nom de plume for different Presidents. When a Republican is in power, call yourself TBogg.

    When a Democrat’s in there, I suggest, let’s say, PGloss, or maybe, BJobb

    What do you think?

  11. I’m dashing off to do all my important stuff (hah!) but I’ve lucked into a treasure trove of commentary Down Under (need to find out what the Aussie stuff means, so I’ll be digging into that.) But here’s a choice piece from a kiwi blog – background is that the NZ Law Society has objected to a law that would allow the big kiwi spy group to spy on citizens – which was a pending rush job by current Prime Minister Key. Hope that gives the scenario –


  12. I left a straightfaced comment/question on eCAHN’s diary, got some kind of answer that surprised me – why’s she got that name? I figured it was ‘far out’ – the link I mean, so didn’t broadcast it over there – but really, with all the manipulations, who would play? I suppose it’s like pickupsticks, though, you pull one out…has to be done carefully or wham bam you’re the next one with WMD’s.

    Sneaking feeling Aussie turnover relates to general fedupness.

  13. rc: good comment, eh? never had seen that screen name before.

    juliania: that was pretty good satire, wasn’t it? key seems to have deserved it. i haven’t a clue about any of the players down under, as in: the veracity of their words v. their deeds, which is part of the problem in the usa given strong tribalistic ties.

  14. realitychecker1

    Loved that Imperator Fish piece. BTW, the Zimmerman trial is over-the prosecution’s star witness imploded under cross-examination. Gonna check the Ahab site to see who is first to self-immolate lol.

  15. i almost embedded monty python’s slapping fish sketch, lol. you should feel free to comment there; it might lower your blood pressure.

  16. realitychecker1

    Nah, crazy rubs off too easy lol. Trayvon’s father just sat there shaking his head and rubbing his face while the star witness got cross-examined. You can’t build a serious case on witnesses of that quality.

  17. Ya might try jeralyn merrit then; she seems to have been gobsmacked by the star witness, R. Jenteal, said she’d comment later, and i haven’t checked back.

    I know you know the way, but for others, and I haven’t read the comments. I reckon they are wholly different than those on mason’s site:


    Searching for truth is hard; it is far too often in the mind of the believer. the folks at BAR are predisposed to believe in zimmerman’s guilt. i believe he is and was a racist asshole with a testosterone problem looking to fight back as a superman to prove the system that rejected him…wrong. and yet…what was so needs to be shown.

    Added on further reflection: I remember when Pam Spaulding first brought the ‘news’ to fdl, and I commented that I objected to her title, akin to: ‘Trayvon Martin, killed while carrying Skittles’. I made my case briefly for the way in which it of course would appeal to the meme of ‘arrested for driving while black’, but also infantilized a person of his age, etc., about whom not much was known. I didn’t deal with the ‘stand your ground’ law, not knowing much about it as I remember it.

    But I was castigated loudly by all, and iirc, especially by the gay fdl denizens; i’m not always sure who’s black or not (not many, for certain). I do know that there are good people who pre-decided Zimmerman’s guilt though,especially given how many Oscar Grants, Emmet Tills, and 38 Dakotas there have been through our nation’s short history.

    crap; i couldn’t find the larry long song about little crow and lincoln hangin’ the 38.

    This’ll have to do; suits my mood.

  18. realitychecker1

    Thanks for the Dylan, it was new to me, and suits my mood, as well. (If I had assurance that I would be reincarnated as the Avenging Angel, I would gladly end my life right now lol. We are in such need of an Avenging Angel, or a thousand of ’em.) Also, thanks for your bravura performance yesterday filibustering those anti-choice assoles in Texas, wendydavis. ;-)

    Jeralynn’s site is better (at least they aren’t classifying everything as good news or bad news, theirs or ours, depending on who it helps, like they do at Ahab’s). But, still dominated by folks who don’t begin to understand what a legal analysis of a self-defense claim is supposed to look like. It is all about who makes the first physically aggressive contact, and how serious that contact gets. That is not where people are or have been focusing at all. The pro-Trayvon people insist on ignoring that Zimmerman took at least 10-12 hard blows to the head before using his gun; that is inexcusable, and shows an absolute refusal to put themselves in Zimmerman’s position when they analyze the facts. (Remember my satirical diary at FDL that challenged people to wound their own heads and then decide if they should shoot themselves lolol? Satirical, but also serious.) Plus, given the objectively lousy quality of the State witnesses, an acquittal is required if the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” is to retain any meaning at all. ( E.g., one insisted she could tell, thru a closed window and in the rain, that she heard a boy’s voice screaming, not a man’s, but then she also swore she heard “three pops”; she also insisted on having an hour-long therapy session with the 911 operator, she was clearly not equipped to make any good observations) (The star witness, the one whose cross-exam will continue this morning, testified yesterday, FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, that she heard Trayvon say on the phone, “Get off me, get off me.” An obvious fucking liar, and without her testimony beng credible, the State has no case.)

  19. I like very much that you present an alternative view on this case, rc. There is much that should be considered carefully. I live in an isolated community that has residents that would wish to be selective against ‘outsiders’, while at the same time we ourselves are the outsiders – something which has always kept me hovering on the dividing line between ‘us’ and ‘them’. But some out of fear cross over to one or the other, and righteously foment violence in word or deed here or there – hence town meetings are always fun and games.

    Ordinary people, though, can indeed find they have suddenly placed themselves in life or death struggles, and it seems to me that did happen in this case. I can’t judge. Please keep letting us know what is happening.

  20. I certainly understand fog with respect to New Zealand affairs – the interest for me is of course blood-related. The situation down there very much resembles here – in fascinatingly different but similar ways Australia does as well, though I’m not as familiar with the scenario there. Both countries, it would seem have politicos from all points of the compass marching in lockstep with the corporate giants, though the public would seem more innocently befuddled – sports mad – oh, am I describing this country after all?

    We down there were, in the early ’80s, more liberal by far than we seem to be now. Key has been eager to hobnob with the US – would reverse the nuclear ban if he could, I think. And he’s tried a huge privatisation of energy that seems to be coming a-cropper a la Bolivia. Offerings of shares to the public, which was against it all from the getgo, have fallen flat but been taken up by, guess who – not China but Australia! So, it’s complicated.

    Time will tell, I guess.

  21. when the song popped into my head yesterday, i went and fetched it; buckled over in pain and a sense of futility. i do believe acknowledging those moments are important and…and helpful in the end.

    juliania will like this, as i do. heard a beethoven quote recently in which he realized after a life of ‘fighting with god in a cave, like two bears going at it’ or something…that music is the breath of god communicating through us’, or something close. he thought composing, of course, was the highest possible calling.

    i did watch the star witness to honor you and your interest. she seemed to be mentally challenged (is that the more polite term for retarded now?), or else so frightened of falling into traps that she presented as such. clearly she was unable to do what the prosecutors had coached her to do. yes, she was very unconvincing, and from what you say, others were as well.

    avenging angel rick perry did just aid in the 500th death-by-state-needle execution in texas yesterday. nope, dunno anything more about her than the headlines, guess i don’t wanna know.

    i’ve been immersed in the insider threat program the past couple days, and for a time lost my way to ‘teh funny’ in it all. found one of the keys this mornin’, and i kinda want to stick with it; listening to zappa helps. ;~) how many decades ago did he hope that someone would take the curtains down to expose…everything…

    can we please coin a word that connotes ‘orwellian to an order of magnitude’?

  22. thanks for those tidbits, juliania, and the crazy parallels. privatization (more correctly ‘corporatization’) is what makes neoliberalism great! well, coupled with pre-mandated austerity, of course when ya just can’t pay yer bills (the lemon socialism ones, eh?), or the imf loans that ya loved to get hooked into, tra la la…

    wonder what notional amount of us/uk derivatives (and which kinds) NZ is holding? ack; i gotta stop it and stick to this, lol. my mind does wander…

  23. realitychecker1

    For some reason, I just keep thinking of the scene in Platoon where the platoon leader deliberately calls in a napalm airstrike on his own position, because it is being overrun by the enemy forces. That may be the best we could hope for at this point, whether speaking of the Trayvon trial or the surveillance-empire-fascism stuff. :-(

  24. i don’t think i saw platoon, but my mind goes to the scene in catch 22 where milo has contracted with the enemy to bomb their own base, bombs, strafing…the works. it’s not up on youtube, but this one also parodies our current MICC/newsotainment Complex. and stop it! i gotta go!

  25. Also “You can’t handle the truth!” does come to mind.

    Well, yes, we can. Just put it in simple terms we can understand, and we’ll be right out there with the rest of the world. Even the ptsd among us. Even the lame, the halt, and the very senior [not very sure who the ‘halt’ are, but never mind – they’ll be there.]

  26. realitychecker1

    OK, I couldn’t stand it anymore, all comments at Ahab’s blog agreed that Rachel is a great witness, Zimmerman lawyers are evil for doing their job, etc., so I entered the following comment, immediately tagged as “awaiting moderation.” Any bets as to whether it will get printed lol?

    realitychecker1 says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    June 27, 2013 at 10:47 am

    Seems to me that Rachel’s testimony is showing very clearly what a pack of misguided assholes you all have been for the last sixteen months. This case should never have been brought to trial. This “star witness” is the walking embodiment of reasonable doubt. How many versions of the critical moments has she given now? And the forensic photos show Zimmerman was hit on the head at least 10 times, from three bleeding wounds and other visible lumps. You should all crawl up Al Sharpton’s asshole and disappear. But there is not one ounce of integrity being shown on this whole website, just a determined and unreasoned lynch mob mentality. Pathetic and disgusting to see.


  27. lol! well, dear, you shouldn’t have held back. if he lets it through, my guess is that it would only be for the Lions and the Christians entertainment. i confess that i never did think it was wise of him to order fdl denizens off his threads. seemed as though he would have liked to offer arguments to counter critiques of his positions. and even at the time, his threads were full of his supporters who would trash dissenters. it’s not trolling when a person disagrees; it’s just an attempt to advance the argument in the marketplace of ideas.

    • realitychecker1

      Yesterday, he played up the importance of the “I heard three pops” witness cuz she was supposedly so reliable as to Identifying the screams as definitely coming from Trayvon, without EVER mentioning her “three pops” testimony. That’s absurd, and can only mean that the truth means nothing to him, only getting the result he wants. Just a prosecutor, as I have said for sixteen months now, and his crew is all the same. So, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke lol. BTW, I’m willing to bet my dog that my comment never gets seen at his website. (My bottom line is fast becoming that we can’t ever fix the mess we are in unless we make it a prosecutable felony to get caught in committting or enabling a lie. Liars are the root of all evil, and virtually all crimes require a lie to be successful.)

  28. it’s been said that the worst lies are those we tell ourselves, and i think that may be true, my friend.

  29. realitychecker1

    Integrity check: Six hours later, and my comment is still “awaiting moderation.” I guess now we can understand how Ahab can have 1,750 comments and have every single one of them be rabidly pro-Trayvon. Ahab is obviously a truthseeker of such dedication and devotion that he could make Diogenes’ torch go out and his penis shrink. (That’s Diogenes’ penis, not Ahab’s. Ahab will have a not-very-large hard-on for Zimmerman until after the Not Guilty verdict comes in lol.) I surmise/speculate (why not lol?) the scales of justice may be getting used for a drug deal.

  30. yes, it does explain why all of the comments are, if not ‘pro-trayvon’, at least ‘convict zimmerman’. i did read a few, and they were very childish, as were some of the screen names. please know that i really haven’t wanted a piece of this at all, but: for you, i checked in a jeralyn’s and saw a few things i hadn’t known, like hardass cracker (or close) being a reference to a rapist. anyhoo, here’s what she saw (much as you saw it, i reckon).

    rachel comes by once in a blue moon, maybe she will see your comments and send them to fred. ;~)

  31. Not sure where to put this, wendye, but I wanted to advise I did faithfully watch Aussie PM Rudd’s first press conference – went on ad infinitum on schools and promotion of science so sounds totally new normal, ending up with ad infinitum woolly koala nothingness.

    I would also like to say that I think the Green Shadow Cabinet is turning out to be similar pablum. One brief post on the Snowden scenario when it broke is better than nothing but not much. It’s laudable they are on the anti-TPP bandwagon, and if anyone’s seen them link that to NSA spy stuff I’ll be happy to eat my words.

    At least Yves over at nakedcapitalism.com posted an essay on how the I-See-Everythings just might be twiddling the dials on stocks – I think that’s called Insider Trading And Then Some.

  32. hell’s bell’s juliania. i’m so confused now on which comments i read where here, which i silently rehearsed answers for, which i did answer, etc. that my head hurts. so: this is a good place for it. rudd and shadow greens as pablum, sound about right. damn, i tried to tell david swanson that appointing themselves was not a good idea. almost as though the honor were enough to make some difference. (i do think i may have clipped that out of my piece announcing them, for better or worse. well, okay: worse.)

    i’ll go read Yves’ piece; i was stumbling my way through an answer to ef beall, based more on instinct that strict rational understandings. jazus, it can get complicated fast.

  33. If that’s stumbling, I’ve gotta be classed as paraplegic (no insult meant, just the gradation below stumbling is hard to categorize). Here I give you some entertainment from Down Under – folks speaking freely, and they even have a Wendy Davis bit towards the end. I hope you, as I, will be entertained – it does focus on the Matter at Hand.

    Just connect to the video entitled “Citizen A with host Martyn Bradbury” top of the page – I will go thither and post you the guests next,(both were very good) so it could be ixquick’d should you come to this sometime down the pike.


  34. i asked over yonder what language they were speaking, lol. it was great fun to hear their accents: it’s pretty much what i hear in my mind when you go all pugilistic against the purveyors of tyranny. ;~)

    so odd to hear a woman with a voice of such high register. mine’s so very low and androgynous. the man in the middle got t’other one to get off his ‘nsa as no conspiracy’ perch, though, and then he seemed to know what he was talkin’ about (or at least as far as i could tell). i was trying to get a few chores done, and would have to come back and look now and again to read their lips, lol.

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