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the first open thread is there; some great stuff inside.  i’d like to bring the link to a great rendition of an old song by mafr.  i hope acmerecords got my invitation to come and share some of his music, as well.  i’d invited him at the tag end of his post, and can’t be sure he saw it.  ;~)


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  1. just crossed to the afternoon here, in and out and the first garlic scapes will be harvested in the shade, later this evening.

    my annual toad has emerged for bug season, i hardly ever saw her out during the midday. she (four inches in diameter) has been here for at least four summers since i noticed her. two feet away from the front door, we look before we step outside. she does not appear to be a terrestrial drone.

    waiting for lunch

    thick mulch on the flowerbed there.

  2. Beautiful guitar piece, mafr; exquisite toad, nonquixote! This might be timely; I love Sviatislav Richter – but try to mute the brief ad at the beginning. (Sorry)

  3. the findhorn folks would have called mz. toad a deva. ;~)

  4. ah, luscious, juliania. no ads once videos are embedded. we’re so fortunate to be able to embed them in the comment stream.

    i’ll add sometimes cafe denizen britzkrleg’s ‘l’albatross’. he won’t mind be outed, i reckon.

    mafr: you’d hoped i could invite more friends to participate. i just wanted to say that quite a few of the participants here have been faced with real life struggles recently, forcing them to be pretty absent online altogether.

    i know they’ll come back as they are able, and in the meantime i know we all wish them well in their times of trouble and healing.

    he just did a big concert in boston, and the reviews were awesome. well, the one i did find

    love to you, britzkleig; hope all is well, and that you are enjoying george’s Steinway grand while you rest.

  5. off topic…but, maybe not –
    free&new music from lichen on acme records
    ‘revolving door’
    recorded on the summer solstice 2013…after the sunset
    & mafr : you have some joe pass hands –
    – peace friends

  6. sorry no link there…
    lichen on moog
    g.singlaub on guitars&drum.machines
    revolving door –

  7. oh, you darling; you did see my message; how wonderful to have you here. and which one of them are you?

    nothing is off topic here. i’ll come back to listen. i’m so busy i don’t know whether to wind my butt or scratch my watch right now. welcome. and (hopefully) a treat for you that mafr had brought us before….the song and in her key…stays with you…

  8. Lichen…. nice music …. one of my regular online stations is so, that’s up my alley.

    Very Glad you folks got something out of my tune.

    Can’t go wrong with Lindi Ortega.

  9. very dreamscape, acmerecords. i wonder if you might feature different of them for us as the spirit moves you. it reminded me of a tangerine dream concert i may have seen in boulder long, long ago. (with lightshow, of course) it’s the oddest sensation, though…i sat on the edge of my bed (remembering place) trying to remember the occasion, esp. as i don’t even think i would have known of them beforehand. it’s as though the memory belongs to someone else. anyhoo, they’re still making music, and this one’s from coventry cathedral in 1975.

  10. realitychecker1

    nonquixote, mafr, acmerecords, so good to see all of you here, I’ve long appreciated your commentary at the other place. Good hearts and good minds, how can we lose lol? nonquixote, absolutely love your toad photo–looks like a disappointed Obama voter to me lol. And thanks for the Lindi tune, guys, she is new to me. Remember, folks, if you see something, say something, like, “Get off my lawn, pig!!!” ;-) Remember, it is suspicious if someone acts depressed, and it is also suspicious if someone acts cheerful. Go get ’em!

  11. This is a great weekly podcast, expats from various places, mainly Americans, living and working in China, journalists and so on, all speak Mandarin, and have an informal humorous, political discussion which we can listen to. and they reply to comments.

  12. “Remember, it is suspicious if someone acts depressed, and it is also suspicious if someone acts cheerful”

    What if it’s the same person?

    • realitychecker1

      Then you can get them coming and going, I guess lol. According to Cenk, those are actual guidances under the Internal Threat program. Lovely, isn’t it? Heil Hitler.

  13. actually, cenk got it wrong: it’s called the Insider Threat (Task Force and) Program according to McClatchy and the WH’s Executive Order 13587. He happened to allow for much latitude on the programs basics, and left it to all the different federal institutions to interpret as they (mccarthyite) deemed fit. It does write its own jokes, as per the mcclatchy piece, lol. But: cenk spun off the profiles of some of the wide implementations in use since 2012.

    Note that i am trying to become a bit of obot expert on this subject please. i do hope to alert you to the national security threats posed by one of the most dangerous of the federal institutions soon (and no, shhhhhh…i will not name it yet. you may report me, and that…i will not abide ahead of time.

    how on god’s green earth can you listen to that man? voice: shouts, never shuts the fuck up until his air runs out wheezingly…altogether disturbing; no wonder msnbc kicked him out, and fat al gore’s folks hire him before gore sold the place to the emir of qatar or whatever. ya fucking wheezing/yelling commie lover. have you no couth?

  14. recorded a tune today

    lush life billy stray horn

    I used to visit all the very gay places
    those come what may places
    where one relaxes on the axis of the wheel of life
    to get the feel of life
    from jazz and cocktails
    the girls i knew had sad and sullen gray faces
    with distant gay traces
    that used to be there you could see where
    they’d been washed away
    by too many through the day
    twelve o’clocktails

    then you came along with your siren’s song
    to tempt me to madness
    i thought for a while that your pointed smile
    was tinged with the sadness
    of a great love for me
    ah yes i was wrong
    again i was wrong

  15. if you do not like it, really no problem, it’s written for piano and voice, and hell to play on guitar.

  16. you’ve played it so masterfully, dexterously… that you made it sound not easy, but…as though it flowed from your fingers and strings like butter. i loved it, and thank you so much, mafr. the lyrics are gray enough to squeeze one’s heart, eh? but the lesson learned was accepted. with weight at the time, maybe lighter later.

  17. you’re very kind, glad you liked it, It’s one of the great beautiful jazz songs, played by all of the great jazz musicians and singers, and the not great as well.

    Billy Strayhorn was Duke Ellington’s life long collaborator in song writing. And he was gay, but in those days, had to hide who he was.

    Maybe I’ll get an album together by posting tunes here.

  18. ‘…had to hide who he was’ sounds right, if sigh-worthy. what guitar/s do you play? i have a sweet little guild that i admit i bought in a pawn shop; the ticket was about to expire is my only excuse for doing so.

    it seems that you don’t sing, but i may look up the song to hear how the lyrics fit into the musical phrasing. if i knew more jazz, perhaps i would have figured it out, eh? but i did play it from the email, so didn’t see the lyrics as i listened as i should have. twice, even, silly woman that i be.

    in a hopefully wonder bit of synchronicity, i got emails today from three different virtual amigos with links to either their own visual arts (poles apart) and a video on a cherished theme from the far north. i invited all of them to come here to share, or barring that, to allow me to share in their names.

    for my photographer friend’s slideshow, there may be financial reasons (copyrights) that he might choose not to, but the subject area and location were as strikingly dissimilar to my own environs that i was what…keenly interested? that sounds lame. but we’ll see what pops. i owe nonquixote email, as well as loads of others, and i will keep trying to extend more invitations as i can (memory permitting, lol).

    an album’s worth would be a nice development. ;~)

  19. shoot; cuz i love latifah (what was her birth name that she used for awhile for certain of her recordings?), and i needed to hear it sung; this is fantastic, too:

  20. we watched seven years in tibet this week, and i was completely taken by heinrick herrer and the young dalai lama listening to claire de lune (debussy) in this music box. the sounds can lift you up from your gravitational bond to the earth, i swear. oddly enough, the only version i could find is dubbed with espanol. ;~)

  21. Queen Latifah…..yeah, that is fantastic all right. Can’t do it much better than that. Zounds. Thanks…

    see, you do like jazz after all.

    claire de lune is beautiful tune.

  22. all right, silly mon; i do like *some jazz*. ;~) and dixieland, and jazz bands for funeral celebrations…the soul leaks into it, and the melodies are understandable, not too obscure for me.

    but in the silly sweepstakes…arrr…i walked away and left this comment unposted for about half an hour. hate to say how often i do it, so shhhhhhh.

  23. realitychecker1

    Wendy, I did say I was somewhat confused as to what/where I heard that Insider Threat stuff, I still think it may have referenced how two diff agencies laid out their individual guidelines. Cenk is loud, but the most honest available in TV news, IMO. Don’t hate me cuz I have TV lol. [ ] mafr, is it necessary to sign up at your website in order to hear your musical offerings? I get nothing when I just clink on the red play arrow.

  24. love those old guilds –
    T100 :
    wow – check those massive modular.moogs on stage in that T-dream video – awesome!
    & a g.harrison tune from all things must pass covered by theCCC –
    let it roll…

  25. yah, yah, yah, rc. i was mainly pimpin’ you, and along the way cenk, but i really have never been able to listen to him. have to stop just before my brain seizes up.

    morning’ all: i need to be in and out for now. it’s bread day (four loaves at a time), and there are rest periods before the Big Knead, lol, but i’ll have to wait until after i knead (with someone’s face in the dough to give me extra strength and pizzaz) to listen to your tunes, acmercords. can hardly wait.

    rc: i did paste mafr’s link into my crap version of IE, and it worked. good luck; it’s awesome.

  26. oh, and i have a great link to add to the most recent snowden diary. the custody chain of writing is four deep, lol.

  27. very nice, acmerecords. we have that album, but i guess i never even thought about what the lyrics might be about, or who sir frankie might be. this page (hard on the eyes warning) tells a bit about him and the park.

    beautiful guild; mine’s a little blonde acoustic (pretty beat up by now from two kids making some mistakes with it), and i electrified it with a pickup. i’d borrowed a client’s old fender mustang once, played it for years, when all of a sudden she decided to play again. rats; fretting that thing was soooooo easy; sure hated to see it go out the door.

    you know who else plays: hotdog. but damn, he only checks his home email once in a blue moon, but maybe i’ll ask him if he had recorded anything he’d share.

    may we have another, sir acme? ;~)

  28. that’s a nice tune ballad of frankie Crisp.

  29. nice. tender; colorful; warm. ;~)

    dream well, everyone; stay strong and wonderful. We are.

  30. up from the skies

    I just want to talk to you
    I won’t uh, do you no harm
    I just want to know about your diff’rent lives
    On this is here people farm
    I heard some of you got your families
    Living in cages tall and cold
    And some just stay there and dust away
    Past the age of old.
    Is this true ?
    Please let me talk to you.

    I just wanna know about
    The rooms behind your minds
    Uh do I see a vacuum there
    Or am I going blind ?
    Or is it just uh, remains of vibrations
    And echoes long ago ?
    Uh things like “Love the world” and uh
    Uh “Let your fancy flow”
    Is this true ?
    Please let me talk to you
    Let me talk to you.

    I have lived here before
    The days of ice
    And of course this is why
    I’m so concerned
    And I come back to find
    The stars misplaced
    And the smell of a world
    That is burned
    A smell of a world
    That is burned.

    Yeah well, maybe, hmm…
    Maybe it’s just a… change of climate
    Hmm, hmm…
    Well I can dig it
    I can dig it baby
    I just want to see.

  31. it really does help when you paste in the lyrics, mafr. the misplaced stars observation (fancy) is in the piece walkinboots might bring…or let me bring. synchronicity again.

    whooosh; some song. some otherworldly musician.

  32. funny. i’d just opened my blogging help menu to click in a quote/definition, and saw that i’d saved some of the lyrics to this song. seemed an echo of the hendrix poetry. (i chose one with lyrics)

  33. hey mafr one of the best jh songs from the best jh album – rock on m.mitchell
    & blew my mind, that we are was beautiful

  34. i am honored that you read, and glad that you liked it. i did want to archive it for the future; i liked it a lot. tragically, from my place, it was very hard that it was trolled so far by my detractors at fdl that we never got to have the conversation. that disappointed me greatly, and has caused me to wonder if i were to reprise it one day…what might happen. please don’t read it if you want to just see it in its unadulterated form, but here it is, in the interest of verisimilitude.

    wendydavis…wept, and not just for a moment in time.

  35. That reminds me, mafr, posted this day a very fine Juan Cole essay on how differently the general in the hotseat over leaking about the hacking of Iran’s nuclear stuff will be treated from other divulgers of such vital information to the public. Very good piece. Remembering your advice to read him, I shall take it in future. I followed Juan Cole all through Iraq but less since.

  36. Not to mention, simply liquid guitar orchestrations – suitable for meditative moments, thank you!

  37. hi Juliania2

    thanks re both of those things. Glad you went back to read Juan, he’s been pouring out his thoughts lately, and he has some very well informed commenters as well.

    and I’m glad you enjoyed the music, it’s a lot of work learning that stuff.

  38. Mickey Newbury

  39. purdy tune, mafr, and such a nice voice. he’s trying so very hard to convince himself that he’ll remember the good times, eh? such generosity to himself if he managed to do it. i don’t think i ever heard his name, but his voice is familiar…

  40. I just heard of him today…. he wrote many hit songs for others in Nashville, Roy Orbison did this tune, then got tired of it, and moved to Oregon.

  41. Mickey got tired of Nashville I meant to say.

  42. it was a mite hard to imagine mickey gettin’ so tired of the tune that he moved to oregon, lol. sure do love roy, though i never heard him do this one… a string of mary’s songs just came on my realplayer…

  43. nice singer/song thanks.

  44. Canada’s modern history of mistreating Indians

    “It started with research trips in northern Manitoba where they found, you know, widespread hunger, if not starvation, among certain members of the community. And one of their immediate responses was to design a controlled experiment on the effectiveness of vitamin supplementation on this population

    “The first experiment began in 1942 on 300 Norway House Cree. Of that group, 125 were selected to receive vitamin supplements which were withheld from the rest.

    At the time, researchers calculated the local people were living on less than 1,500 calories a day. Normal, healthy adults generally require at least 2,000.

    “The research team was well aware that these vitamin supplements only addressed a small part of the problem,” Mosby writes. “The experiment seems to have been driven, at least in part, by the nutrition experts’ desire to test their theories on a ready-made ‘laboratory’ populated with already malnourished human experimental subjects.”

    (Me here….winter temperatures in Northern Manitoba hit -25 to -35 Centigrade, and stay there for many months in the winter. In addition, these were people that prior to contact were highly skilled at surviving and thriving in those conditions, and feeding and clothing themselves, but had those skills taken away from them)

    Beaten down to a shadow.

  45. jesus christ, mafr. what a hard read that was. and to discover that they never finished the studies while they starved them just adds a whole ‘nother level of evil to it. it made my mind race with other secret experiments performed in this nation, all perpetrated on the weakest members of society…who couldn’t object.

    googling for more than the tuskeegee experiments in georgia, i finally found better search terms that led to this wiki page. so much of it was new to me, even with moderately paced scanning.

    ‘establishing baselines’, and withholding even the barest minimums they were receiving. i want to say that i can’t picture people treating other people like that. but of course…i can.

    first americans, blacks, prisoners, mentally challenged: those expendable humans who have no champions or political base to defend them.

    oh, the poor babes. at indian school, hungry and weak, or out on a reserve and starving through no fault of their own, and treated with such callous disregard. and more is coming with ‘austerity’ budgets being enacted around the globe so that capitalist profiteers might line their pockets with pieces of silver and gold.

    i keep thinking of john trudell songs that might work. this one comes close. i never can stop it playing in my head after i listen, so i turn it on again…and again. drown myself in it.

  46. They Interviewed two male victims on CBC radio tonight. one the present chief of Norway house band. The other a guy from B.C. who was starved. Amazing how calm and reserved they were; They of course knew about being starved, but didn’t know till yesterday that it was an “experiment”

  47. here’s the CBC program with the audio.

  48. thank you, mafr. i see that you’ve read jeffrey kaye’s piece on the same subject. such synchronicity happens, but it still amazes me and causes me to be appreciative of it.

  49. posted a video a minute ago, but it’s gone. anyway….. same event has a website….

  50. try again

  51. odd that you couldn’t see it; i did while i was pasting my video in up yonder. but lately some of the videos at fdl disappear once a post loads fully, but only on my firefox. so, if i want to watch it, i have to use my crap version of IE. but firefox did see yours. an x-file, i reckon.

    looks interesting; i’ll watch soon as i have some time. how far down was this open menu? is it time to make a new one soon? i can’t rearrange the order of posts…

  52. This is wierd. I watched your video, mafr, and then commented, but my comment has just disappeared also. I meant to say thank you, and that I enjoyed the video very much. That I love the Tarahumara and have their wooden kitchen implements – spoons, stirrers – among them two called ‘spurtles’ that are curved just right for getting the last speck out of a pot.

    And I mentioned a very good book about them that has also ‘Caballo Blanco’ in it – ‘Born to Run’ is I think the title. Very good first section telling how superior upright human hunters to those on all fours, because the lungs can function properly even while running. Can’t happen for animals, so while they’re speedier in short bursts they don’t have the staying power.

  53. I meant to say ‘can’t happen for animals on all fours’. Kangaroos? Ostriches and emus? Hmm.

  54. “That I love the Tarahumara and have their wooden kitchen implements – spoons, stirrers – among them two called ‘spurtles’ that are curved just right for getting the last speck out of a pot.”

    very nice!

    I have not heard of these people until today.

  55. a ‘sharing race’, how wonderful. all the prizes given back to the community. i’d never heard them called the raramuri; that’s also good to know. the masai (always running, also) hold a marathon. how cool if some of them could run with the tarahumara, eh?

    i used to try to celebrate (and mr. wd and i both taught) diversity of cultures at our local elementary. i could only get to do a larger festival one year as part of cinco de mayo. one of the coolest presenters i ran into through an azteca friend at ft. lewis college in durango came and brought her crafts. she was tarahumara. all i could afford was a small legion of her wee cloth dolls, onto which i stuck earring wires, and wore cascades of them fastened into a braid (sometimes two) on the side of my head.

    they danced as i walked, with all their bright colored skirts and shawls; just remarkable, maybe and inch and a quarter long. she was not quite so shy, but very reserved. come to think of it, many of the pueblo indians are also runners still today, and the hopi hold races on religious holidays like snake dance. ah, during the years of the pueblo revolt, runners spread the news and plans…

    cool on the spoons and spurtles, juliania. thank you, mafr.

  56. you’re welcome….

    Some of the Indians, if they were interested, would produce some distance athletes that would be hard to beat. Maybe they’re not interested in competition as much as others are.

  57. Didn’t think that tune was any good at all, till I heard that. Is that Willis Allan Ramsey? very nice.

    you otter listen to this

    won’t let me post if I sign in.

  58. meant to put that at the car jack thread.

  59. won’t let you post if you’re signed in. wth? i’m rarely signed out, i just click on this place on my firefox drop-down menu, and i’m in. i wish i knew what do do about all the problems you have here. y’all ougtta fire the sys admin at this cheap-ass cafe…oh, and i left another willis alan over yonder on the other thread.

    man, that band is fun! mr. wd went wild for the stand-up bass drivin’ the song. the stops are soooo good, too. dale’s voice reminds me of someone else; actually the whole sound does. if i think of the lyrics, i’ll remember who it is. thanks a bunch. good dance tune, too, so i’ll give it a 9.3. ;~)

  60. As I remember from the book, they did enter some rugged cross country races, but they were never really about winning so did lose interest in the end – could run rings around the other competitors though. And I believe they were running barefoot early on in those races. The author had interesting things to say about special running shoes and how they were not really all that beneficial.

  61. “man, that band is fun! ”

    yeah they sure are.

    great singer, and picker. talks to himself with his guitar.

    Dale sounds a quite a bit like Merle Haggard, there’s a lot of videos of him on youtube;

    Texas sure produces a lot of great music.

  62. glad you stuck the comment in, mafr. it gave me a chance to play the video again. merle wasn’t who i was thinking of, but i do know what you mean.

  63. Kenny Garrett song “Detroit”

  64. sounds like the music for a dashiel hammett movie, eh?

    very smooooooooooth…. thanks, mafr.

    (got temporary modem capability after i gave the sucker a rest; it must over-heat or somethin’; spent two and a half hours today, two yesterday with techies getting my email service back.) new modem is supposed to be in the mail. ;-)

  65. dade county, via the guardian: ‘Family of Israel Hernandez, an 18-year-old graffiti artist, are calling for an independent investigation into the incident’

    just like young, great graffiti artist michael stewart. goddam.

  66. the guardian has a piece about it, pretty much a whitewash. but they did link to the florida aclu’s statement, in part:

    ““A teenager with a promising future is dead after being shot with a police Taser by Miami-Beach Police. His apparent crime: graffiti.

    “This is the latest in a long, tragic series of incidents in which the Miami Beach Police Department appears to have used excessive, disproportionate or lethal force. Unfortunately, the Miami Beach Police also have a troubling track record of a lack of transparency after such incidents.”, etc.

    140 lb. kid chased by four or five cops who’d threatened him before. yeah, he was ‘a physical threat’. ‘armed with a can o’ spray paint’?

    (lemme know if i can help you sign in and stay signed in, okay? it should be simple enough.)

  67. Hi wendye

    tune to cheer you up

  68. same tune by tedeschi trucks at the same place.

  69. ooh la la; love john prine, love bonnie. yes, it cheered me up, and boy, did i need some cheer after wallowing in some first gulf war history i found this mornin’. shoot, i can’t remember if i’ve already put this up, but this probably my favorite bonnie tune (sorry if it’s a repeat. and i did listen to a couple t & t versions of ‘angels’ at your suggestion; very smooth and good.

  70. great tune.

  71. is there a category ‘rollickin’ blues’? if so, then this goes there. ;-) man, she knows her way around a guitar…

    where did your avatar go again? (she wondered…)

  72. If I use my avatar, I can’t post. once I sign in I can’t post.

    yeah she is a great guitar player, and maybe cause she’s a lady, doesn’t get on to many top guitar player lists.

    she’s one of my favourite singer/player/songwriters/interpreters, and an interesting person.

    There’s a great movie “make it funky” about New Orleans music, she’s got a big part in it, singing, and talking about the music. If you can find it it’s really well done, with great music, and history.

    I did read once, that all of the top dog bands like the stones etc, have Bonnie as one of their favourites to tour with.

    I think I might start posting a little roundup of environmental news here, if that’s ok with you.

  73. i’m perhaps quite as big a fan of her voice, but as you know, i’m a fuss-bottle with sensitive ears. ;-) but her guitar proficiency and verve: oy!
    not to mention how few women play slide, as well.

    i grabbed the link to the support page; in the bottom search space, you might tell them that when you log in, you can’t comment, and ask whassup there. they should direct you to a forum to inquire. we may need to clear it up so you can post a diary, too. i also will dig up the date and hopefully location of an idle no more event coming up in winnipeg soon as i can.

    an environmental roundup sounds great; we can keep it live, even if i add a break early on after a short time. i know juliania’s workin’ on something, too. is it time for me to make a new open thread so it can be further upthread? i recently deleted a couple of my posts that were negligible.

    but bonnie seems to be a good soul and a lot of fun; no wonder they like havin’ her around.

  74. here’s the winnipeg walk on aug. 23. it sounds very nice. and i posted the question at the forum for you; we’ll see if i need more info from you.

  75. Don’t hold your breath waiting for my bit, wendye – expanded consciousness after reading Yves’s ‘Disturbance in the Force’ and comments, so I’m reworking it. This from her still ongoing thread:

    Lee says:
    August 17, 2013 at 1:29 am
    It’s the roar of the falls. Those whose hearing is more acute have heard it for at least 50 years. Of course as we approach the falls the roar is louder and louder. The roar is now quite loud and even relatively uninterested people find it annoying. It is quite probable that the suck of the gorge is beyond all efforts to make shore before it’s too late.

    Oh well.


    I want to take a more positive approach – gotta watch ‘African Queen’ maybe as that comes to mind with the roar of the falls for sure. But for a succinct comment in a lot of highly interesting takes, that one was sweet.

  76. Comment on that comment – ‘at least 50 years’ takes us back to the Kennedy assassination, 50 years in November. Oh very dear.

  77. Canadian Indian (aboriginal) music is a rapid expansion these days. George Leach won three awards last night at this years Canadian aboriginal music awards that took place in Winnipeg. (which means “muddy waters” in the Cree language)

    (There were some very beautiful indian women at that thing. zounds.)

  78. please delete prior link if you can here’s what I was trying to post

  79. man can that guy ever play the blues.

  80. yes,m he sure can, and the bass player’s not too shabby, either. ;-) here’s jesse ed davis (creek) with john trudell.

    and…did you give up on your ongoing environmental news post? click into your test, test one. your avatar is there. i did get another link form the wordpress help dude, but it seemed that you had it licked, or you wouldn’t have been able to write even a test post. let me know, anyhoo.

  81. hi, no did not give up on it.

  82. oh, good. let me know if you need help, and here’s the help link the wordpress guy gave me, just in case.

  83. Kochs must move their massive piles of tar-sands waste, Detroit mayor says
    By John Upton
    What do you do when monstrous piles of dusty black carbon move into your city?
    The city’s riverfront has been blighted by huge, uncovered piles of petroleum coke since a local refinery began processing Canadian tar-sands oil in November. Just take a look at this video of a black wall of dust being kicked up from the piles: The Detroit Free Press reports that the Kochs had already intended to remove the mess this month:

    The piles are owned by Koch Carbon and come from the Marathon Detroit Refinery. The Detroit Free Press reports that the Kochs had already intended to remove the mess this month:

    The piles are owned by Koch Carbon and come from the Marathon Detroit Refinery.

    video of the black cloud from this tarsands byproduct.

  84. when i read your comment via email, i began wracking my brain for the photo i’d seen of The Evil Pile. Finally I remembered to check BAR, since the authors are singularly pissed at the demise of detroit. in fact, they say it actually no longer exists as a sovereign entity (margaret kimberly makes a case).

    anyhoo, she put the same video up, and my stars. think of the black lung developing in people there! you may also be interested in this piece about fukishima radiation patterns projected.

    if it’s even close to true…and hanford is leaking more and more…are we just collectively insane? i have a local environmental disaster story i don’t seem to have time to write up, and may enter here later. but then again, the story isn’t very far along yet, either.

  85. That’s a horrifying article. People should know about that.

  86. yes, yes, mafr. and georgewashington allows us to use his posts as long as we attribute them to him. does it look legit to you? i read there because he write on many subjects i care about. another of those (gasp) libertarians. but: his view of the fraudulent capitalist economy (lemon socialism) is just about where mine is, i think. he can get a wee bit out there at times, but…

    anyhoo, so many things to expose, so little time. priorities, i guess. i dunno that i even know half enough to host a thread like that. maybe not a tenth, come to that.

  87. This band is from Witchita Kansas. The bass is made out of a gas tank, and a piece of wood, just has one string. I really like this band. A Sense of humour is lacking in most music.

    I guess this is a tune from Grandpa Jones on HeeHaw

  88. hilarious, mafr! puts me in mind of red knuckles and trailblazers (tim o’brien, hot rize, ophelia swing band). they were allus horsin’ around, and played some mean tunes to boot. this one doesn’t feature the funny as much, but hoo, does it roll! loads of others out there..

    …and a fave from hot rize; not a great version:

  89. I like red knuckles, good tune, lots of fun. The other guys seem pretty standard blue grass guys though….

  90. this band, is also great. House band at that bar.

  91. extra nice, mafr. his voice reminded me of jackson browne’s a couple times.

    i’ve been immersed over war with syria, mulling, mulling…and last night i kept hearing rachel portman’s score. i’d used a couple pieces for an africom post, and syria is so similar, except not hidden away from media’s attention like re-colonizing africa is. there are many voices in the various pieces, all understated. ‘on the pier’:

    but then again, last night i got hooked on a piece played by an oboist (michael kitchen) in a truly awesome sleeper of a film… ;-)

  92. very beautiful

  93. my foolish heart

  94. it’s just sublime, mafr. you play that guitar so fully that it’s like you have an entire piano keyboard at your disposal! what remarkable skill you have. the second time through i began to picture what your fingers might look like playing, and the expressions on your face, as well. ;~)

    ‘piano’ made me think of laura nyro. hope you like this one… a drifters cover, iirc.

  95. yes I remember her, beautiful voice, and great songwriter, I think passed away quite young.

    That’s a Carol King tune. If you want to be surprised, look up Carol King’s songs somewhere.

    I guess I put that tune in the wrong thread, and I am going to work through your excellent writings, I did not know they were up. thanks, glad you liked the tune.

  96. yes, she died at 41, iic, just like her mum had. so sad. and yes, you’re right, she wrote it, the drifters first recorded it. dunno which thread you were heading for, but it worked fine here.
    if you have the time, juliania was hoping that you might appreciate her ‘into the light’, especially part one on the pythagorean lyre.

  97. I will read that, sorry I have not checked in here for a few days.

  98. goodness, no apologies are needed; it’s just nice to have you here, as ever.

    you’ll see why she thought the lyre and geometry would resonate even more with you than the rest of us.

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