registration help within the ‘Register’ button if you’re not registered but would like to create an avatar, etc.

When you click the Register button, you’ll get this page.  Very cunningly, it’s trying to sign you up to get your own WordPress blog, which you may want to do anyway.  But over on the right side is a blue link to the right of the blank that’s for ‘blog address’, it’s a link to registering a username with wordpress.

If you don’t want to create your own blog, use my link above.  If you don’t receive the promised email from WordPress, you might want to check your Junk Mail box, and confirm your registration.  Hope this helps.  You won’t be able to use your wordpress FDL user name, so if you want a similar one, try adding a numeral 1 or 2 after it.

When you go to login after your registration’s been confirmed, typing in your email address or user name gets you in.

Also: if you’re following this site and the emails are driving you crazy, when an email comes in, just update your user preferences at the link on the email.

If your registration is comple, you should be able to Log In under the Meta choices on the left side of the page.  Once you’re in, your name should appear in the upper right-hand corner.  I *think* that if you hover your mouse under your name you should see a choice for your dashboard.  If you click into that, you’ll see Profile, and be shown how to create your own avatar image.  (I don’t see what you see, so…it could be on the left side.  Follow in the top left: a circle + means you aren’t following, but can choose to get emails galore; a circle – means you can choose to NOT follow if the emails are making you crazy.  You can also fiddle with your subscription choices at the bottom of every email you get.  Uh…good luck; I’m still figuring out some of this stuff.

Oh, and you can ask to become an Author; the baksheesh isn’t steep…

Sylvia Muffin puts her head in the oven; I am sometimes glad that our oven is electric, although I frequently forget that it is so…  ;~)


2 responses to “registration help within the ‘Register’ button if you’re not registered but would like to create an avatar, etc.

  1. I would add, if you are a klutz like me that gets afeared when things go wrong technically speaking (forget the other stuff for a moment) wendye is very patient and helpful and will guide you through between the jagged rocks and the whirlpool, never fear! I myself don’t get updates on the comments, but find the ‘recent comments’ list at the side very helpful to catch up on things when I can.

    Please do come, and welcome!

  2. thank you, juliania; just don’t tell em what i ask for the help, okay? it’s on a bit of a sliding scale… ;)

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