Edward Snowden: ‘The US government will say I aided our enemies…’ video

In the second part of an exclusive interview with Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden contemplates the reaction from the US government to his revelations of top-secret documents regarding its spying operations on domestic and foreign internet traffic, email and phone use. This interview was recorded in Hong Kong on 6 June 2013

 • Watch the first part of the exclusive interview with Edward Snowden

I missed this yesterday: ‘Edward Snowden tells Der Spiegel NSA is ‘in bed with the Germans”. 

‘Interview carried out before NSA whistleblower fled to Hong Kong appears to contradict Merkel’s public surprise at snooping’

Hmmm.  Dilma Rousseff is reportedly very annoyed at revelations about the massive NSA collection of phone calls and emails in Brazil.  Wikileaks had tweeted yesterday, wondering it Brazil might offer Snowden asylum now.

In the Guardian’s  ‘NSA and GCHQ spy programmes face legal challenge’ and the lawsuits filed in the UK by privacy organizations, the key point we need to keep hammering on is this wider angle, imo:

Eric King, head of research at Privacy International, added: “One of the underlying tenets of law in a democratic society is the accessibility and foreseeability of a law. If there is no way for citizens to know of the existence, interpretation, or execution of a law, then the law is effectively secret. And secret law is not law. It is a fundamental breach of the social contract if the government can operate with unrestrained power in such an arbitrary fashion.”

4 responses to “Edward Snowden: ‘The US government will say I aided our enemies…’ video

  1. i’ll try to paste some updates into one comment. this is seriously cool:

    Brazilian Senators call on their govt to give asylum to Snowden, cancel state dinner in USA, in protest of NSA spying http://oglobo.globo.com/mundo/senadores-defendem-que-brasil-conceda-asilo-edward-snowden-8962251 …”

    go Dilma!!!

    ‘The Snowden video sequel and Brazil fallout‘ (Greenwald)

  2. The Guardian said this morning that Columbia even is somewhat disgruntled.

    My heroine has arrived and settled in at her Venezuelan hacienda – not quite what she had imagined (she has a vulture as a pet.) Set in pre-Pinochet era. Good grief, she’s eighteen! I was dutifully heading off to college at eighteen. She’s already been living the bohemian life in Italy. I’m not sure where all this is leading – my son fixed our inside watercooled fan by taking the big pump outa the broken swamp cooler on the roof – now that’s what sons are for.

    I know – it’s leading to don’t break your backs trying to accomplish the American Dream. Live the life you luck into and be grateful there’re no vultures in the picture, even tame ones named Napoleon.

  3. i’d seen the headline about colombia being peeved, but hadn’t opened it. my cynical side says: yeah, right, given their deal with nato, to share ‘information’ (read: spying data + military help).

    cool about your son’s creativity. i spent part of my day doing furniture and other repairs as well. ‘have liquid nails and jb weld: will travel’. my honeydew list for the mister got too long, so i’m working to shorten it a bit. ;~) fixing up a few things to try to sell, too. finding parts is harder than ever, grrr.

    ah, hell; i’ve always preferred mending thing to buying new ones. lots of our house we built with recycled materials. some worked out, some didn’t, but still, we tried. which tame vulture is napoleon?

  4. Ah, I commented all over the place on the book I was reading, “The Hacienda”. Turned out to be less entertaining than I’d hoped, though she does have some lovely interplay with los gentes. It’s too sad though, by a long shot. And he turned out not to be all that tame after all.

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