I have a Drone! Thomas Kinkaid meets Anthony Freda

My friend, no-holds-barred Dada-esque  artist Anthony Freda sent me this this mornin’.

And: In conjunction with OWS: Global Power Project, by Andrew Gavin Marshall, AndrewGavinMarshall.com : a series, five parts so far:

Part 1: Exposing the Transnational Capitalist Class

Part 2: Identifying the Institutions of Control

Part 3: The Influence of Individuals and Family Dynasties

Part 4: Banking on Influence with JPMorgan Chase

Part V is here.  Good place.

13 responses to “I have a Drone! Thomas Kinkaid meets Anthony Freda

  1. woo hoo – now that’s a painting of en.LIGHT.enment
    here’s my take : –

  2. To have even a bit of that artistic talent, beautiful. Mother colors my world. Part of tomorrow’s market offering.
    6 29 2013 004
    Hi Wendy, many thanks to your friend and to you for sharing.

  3. it’s a great representation, acmerecords, but it does hurt my heart and soul. i’m old enough to have been inculcated with the message that lady liberty brought from the start: ‘give me your hungry, your tied, your poor’ back in the day. yes: the lady mocks those opened-armed ideals back when the french made such a gift to us. i recently saw some historical photos of her creation; astounding.

    i’d meant to bring to this post in addition, links to Andrew Gavin Marshall’s series ‘Global Power Project’ in conjunction with OWS. I’ve added it now. knowing what the 99% are up against seems important…if we can stand to know it.

  4. i’m so fortunate that anthony shares with me, nonquixote. he has a young son, and he and his wife lived in manhattan when the towers fell, and thus became more ardent in his search for the truth. our beliefs don’t always mesh, but often enough that his most in-your-face pieces have caused me to write to complement them.

    i need a break from fdl for a few different reasons. if i can manage it, i reckon i might just post here for a bit if i have anything to say, of course.

    lovely radishes, both fruit and leaves; yum. did you know the chinese braise them for different dishes? they’re quite good that way.

    it’s astonishing to utter, but it’s been raining here no for seven full minutes. actual rain; a bolt of lightning that almost blew me outta my chair. and it’s what the navajo (dine) call a male rain: hard, cool, and straight down. it’s been so long since it’s rained. my hope is that it may help renew my flagging spirits.

    love to you both.

  5. recommended by John Perry Barlow on wikileaks twitter thingie; wiki says she’s a former porn star turned actress (are those mutually exclusive?). ;-)

  6. Hello, my fragrant orange peel. I have been liberated again from FDL, probably for something I said to the alien metamars, but perhaps I broke another comprador-censor with some crypto-vitriol.

    It seems to me that Boggyland, FDL is coming unglued a bit due to the Snowden effect. Maybe we’ll be able to crack that fucker soon.

  7. Back to see that you have added material that I have not yet read. Thanks.

    I am so glad to hear you have some rain falling. I have just been reading selected FDL articles and have hardly spent an hour a day with the computer except for two small CAD projects. Not braised but sauteed’ after I saved the seeds from them:
    On to read the updates.
    All the best.

  8. ah, dear Llona; i’m so sorry to hear that. i hadn’t read mc mars doggie post; he does get under your skin, lol. i’ve been hearing that the bogglidoos have chosen your fragrant orange peel as iconic of those who are fun to loathe. kinda depressed me, even though i don’t read there.

    unglued by the snowden effect; i love it. mustn’t upset the wobbly status quo there. you’re always welcome here, anyone can become an author; hafta register though, and then ask. and pay a small grift fee. ;~)

    but: we may have had an inch of rain, and my sweet cannabis plants are growing fine and luscious. well yes, other things as well, but i was jazzed to grow these sweeties. hug,hug, kiss, kiss, darlin’, and sleep well: your homeland security is awake (and soon to be without the bff of ‘america’s toughest sheriff’ joe arpaio).

  9. ‘allo, nonq; more strong roots. those icicles are purdy when they’re sliced, eh? when you hold them up to the light they are little rosette mandalas.

    today was bread day for me, and i just tucked four loaves of sourdough dill into their bags for the night. we had a long-time blogging friend of mine for the night, and had a great time. he zoomed off on some fancy motorcycle to amarillo. couldn’t *not* the sing the first few bars of the song whenever he said the word. ;~)

    good on you for limiting your computer time. you mean there’s more out there in the world? the links are major homework, really. g’night, darlin’.

  10. realitychecker1

    Freda is so good, nice to see the person behind the art, thanks for that, doll.

    Llona, how good to see you here, although I’ve been ousted from there for over a year, I continue to read your ingeniously cryptic comments, and although I am still sometimes left in the dark as to your deepest meanings, I also still enjoy and appreciate the exercise. Hope to get more opportunities to interact with your very alive mind in future.

  11. Lovely radishes, nonquixote – bravo! Wendye is sending me down some thunderheads as I type – sound and fury signifying pretty much nothing so far, though the last flash flood was just over the hill…I keep hoping. At least the clouds look like clouds, not those gauzy filamentosas we had in June – something from Venus maybe looked like.

    That was an amazing drone enhancement demonstration – gee, one could (but wouldn’t ever of course) decorate a whole building thataway – maybe next hurricane in New York, that pristine Goldman Sachs…no, I would not advocate that; I would not, definitely not, dear minders. Not not not. Now, don’t go snipping my comment – everyone here is witness to what I actually said and they will vouch for me.

    Thank you, wendye. For the clouds also.

  12. anthony’s a good ‘un, no doubt, rc. i read an interview a couple years ago on an antiwar art site in which he talked about his ‘little boy’. somehow those words created the softest spot for him in me. not just ‘my son’, which can connote something other than the tenderness his words conveyed to me. (ahem, anyway…) silly, but they cemented him as an artist creating in aid of a better world for *all children* to me. meaning: it’s personal, not simply ideological.

    no laughs on the NSA recruiting video? whoosh; it just about killed me…

  13. oh, i hope it rains on you, juliania. we got 79 hundredths of moisture (i type it out because here every hundredth counts, lol). you cannot imagine how it greened the bare brown and grey menefee mountain over my left shoulder. oh, how i wish i could walk a ways up there to see and photograph what’s coming back! steve reckons chaparral, he’s probably right, but grasses, too. and some seed species only sprout after fires, so…who knows? it will take many decades for trees to get any size, but even enough new growth to hold back the mud and rock slides will be good.

    a few hummies and rather small swallowtails are flitting around the last of the delphs, and small twin fawns are outside the ugly wire fence we finally put up to keep them from eating everything. with real rain (not household water) things should take off a bit.

    i tried to capture the double rainbow and ethereal golden light at sunset last night with my camera; didn’t have the settings right, though. but i’ll offer this rather crap photo of one of my favorite crops so far this year (too bad i didn’t arrange them better, but the colors: oy! the colors!)


    i’ve spent way too much time today trying to sort out my various laptop issues. all of my attempts failed as they did last week, damn it. by the by, did you notice all those crap green hyperlinks underlined twice? it’s direct adware, and fdl and the guardian are full of them now. i went into edit to see if i could get rid of them, but there’s nothing to indicate they’re even there, maybe on the html tab, but i wouldn’t know what to shoot over there. ;-)

    big ol’ strato-cumulous puffballs are building over the high peaks; hope some find there way to you (although most of our storms come from the south now).

    but yes, general alexander, and miz bye-bye-napolitano: i will vouch for juliania: she was just goofin’ around…. ;-)

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