testing testing

can I have a little more bass please in my monitor.

3 responses to “testing testing

  1. logged in… but it doesn’t show any avatar.

    I’m not going to try to figure this out, It doesn’t matter to me at all.

  2. er…your avatar is present. ya blind, mon? bass increased in yer monitor. i’m signed up at the magic wordpress forum, and will report on developments. over and out.

    (i just want to make certain that you can post under your own author name. seems like it’s so.

    so…you can send this post to the trash (in edit, on the right in bright red, and post to yer heart’s content. i…er…think.

  3. the word press helper emailed me a link to give you so that you could provide more information, but…it wasn’t what he’d said it is. i contacted him and gave him that info, so i assume i’ll hear from him again. waiting is, but: in the meantime, it sure looks as though everything’s working as it should, no?

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