TPP Negotiations Pulled into Deep Dark Underground Badger Bunkers

FDL’s/Cafe-Babylon’s juliania first brought us news from about the ‘inter-session’ meetings:

“Moves to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) to the point of sign-off by the end of the year went into overdrive at the round just ended in Brunei, according to Professor Jane Kelsey who was present as a ‘stakeholder’ for the final few days.

Only the most problematic chapters met in Brunei. They included intellectual property (which discussed patents on medicines), state-owned enterprises, environment, investment and market access for goods, including agriculture.

 ‘To have any chance of pulling off an outcome, groups negotiating some chapters will have to meet every month between now and December.’

Detective work indicates that informal ‘inter-sessional’ meetings on six chapters* are scheduled within the next four weeks – all in North America.

‘“Inter-sessional” is a misnomer’, says Professor Kelsey, ‘because they are not planning any more formal sessions. There will be no access for the media or stakeholders to these smaller meetings.’  The chief negotiators will apparently meet in Washington DC from 22-24 September, with the US in the chair. “

 Barack Transparency Obama will chair the final scheduled session in Bali October 6-7.  Jane Kelsey reports that the trade pact’s chapter on state-owned enterprises has been a bit of a sticky wicket, and he may have to give it up.  And that the SOE chapter has been a centerpiece of his sales pitch to Congress on the TPPA. Without it, she says, Congress may refuse to give the President “fast track” authority and retain their power to pick apart any final deal.

Will he don his darkest shades, slap a fedora on his head, and make the Ministers an offer they can’t refuse?  Stay tuned…

‘There are still many twists and turns to go in these negotiations. The problem is that we will have even less chance to know what they are and what political deals are being made to eliminate them.’

These appear to be labour (especially on enforcement) in Ottawa; intellectual property (including patents for medicines) Mexico City; e-commerce (including privacy and data protection) San Francisco; investment (mainly schedules of exclusions), location unknown; technical barriers to trade (labelling and technical standards) Mexico City; legal issues (including medical pricing and tobacco) Washington DC.”

Electronic Frontier is reporting that international criticism is increasing now that the talks have become even more secretive than those of the past several years.  They are most sincerely concerned about the uber-secrecy of the meetings:

“We only heard about a TPP meeting on intellectual property in Mexico City in September through the diplomatic rumor-mill, since the US Trade Rep is no longer bothering to announce the dates or locations of these closed-door side meetings. During this round in Mexico, countries that have been resistant to U.S. demands to sign onto highly restrictive copyright enforcement standards may ultimately be strong-armed into doing so.”

The writer lists some examples of objections by upset nations, including several calls for their governments to provide the secret texts of the finalized chapters, and proposal language, and allow debates in their legislative bodies.

“The copyright provisions in the TPP will carve a highly restrictive copyright regime into stone and prevent countries from enacting laws that best address and promote users’ interests. In this final stage, it’s time for us to demand that our lawmakers join those who are already denouncing this agreement. We must drag this out into the light and reject international laws that uphold corporate interests at the expense of users’ rights.”

Jane Hamsher recently posted that EFF is recommending this cartoon explanation of the Intellectual Property Enforcement that was in the 2011 leaked language that EFF is recommending to facilitate understanding (for the Luddites among us)…

Here’s a recent interview with Trade Watch’s Lori Wallach on RT:

You can sign Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch petition to stop the Fast Track Authority at the link. Remember, it would only require a simple majority.  But hell, we need the text language so we can debate it!  And shut it down!  Eh, Alan Grayson?

But Good God all-Friday, as they say around here; this stuff gets me seriously riled up!  I reckon we all have sections that peeve us the most purple, but for me it’s the Monsanto provisions, the language that provide a US military presence for signatory nations, and the investor state provisions forced by tribunals, and paid with our tax dollars!  Ah, hell, and the BigPharma language.  This is clipped from a diary I did earlier that also has several short, but good video interviews:

“Obama Administration Positions Roll Back Initial 2007 Reforms Made by Bush Administration on Medicines Patents, Abandons Access to Medicines Commitments.”

The leaked provisions caused Lori Wallach of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch to react with incredulity and barely suppressed rage:

The rollback of the modest Bush-era reforms is shocking, but what is truly stunning is the new proposal to empower pharmaceutical firms to attack the medicine formulary systems that New Zealand, Australia and other developed countries have used so successfully to achieve what is ostensibly an Obama administration goal of reducing sky-high drug prices.”

Bang: you’re dead.  And that’s obscene.  And well, Peace on You, you sociopathic capitalist pigs; and I mean that in the kindest, but also most scatological sense, of course…

More job off-shoring as Bloomberg reports ‘Factory Rebirth Fizzles in U.S. as Work Shipped Overseas’.   Brilliant.

Popular Resistance has announced a Rally During the Trans-Pacific Partnership Lead Negotiators’ Meeting in Washington, DC, Friday, September 20, 2013 at 12:00 noon. has a map of (not nearly enough) more teach-ins and protests during the week.  There’s a form to fill out to build your own, though!

We might be justified in hoping that Edward Snowden’s revelations could have a negative impact on the TPP, and even more on TAFTA, given the level of rancor they’re produced.  But:

We just can’t let the Overlords win this one!  It will be Game Over for the 99%!  Please raise all the ruckus you can with your friends, neighbors, co-workers!  Stopping the Fast Track ain’t near enough, but remember: Obomba said he’d fast-track it in his last SOTU!  So feel free to tell your Obot friends that their hero is going full steam ahead to help kill their futures, and those of other ordinary folks around the world, not to mention the planet we live on.

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12 responses to “TPP Negotiations Pulled into Deep Dark Underground Badger Bunkers

  1. “Flush teh PP” – GRATE Reframe! Concurrently, Watch OUT for the Coming WALL $treet-WalkeReaction! Literally, at ground “0” ; where No. One, World Slave Showers have risen with … wait for it … WAIT FOR IT … Trickle-Down! BELOW!! Meanwhile, secretively TPP (Teh Pee Pee) Flood rises to inevitably inundate lower Manhattan with its imminent, collateral Global Warming Fall (and Spring) tsunamis!!! Happy King Knut’s Day, here in USchwitz. It may be apropos to photoshop the new phallic “tower of power” into your soon-to-be flooded Manhattan profile shot (what “triumphalist” FOOL$ the 1% be)!

  2. i swear, the MOTUs are going out of their ways to foment insurrection, aren’t they? it does boggle the mind. ‘World slave showers’, lol. well, mistah word-smith, you’re on a roll today. even if i did change avatars from the manhattan flood. ;~)

    who do king knut be? hate to be so dense. by the by, i almost emailed everyone here to say the site was down. i kept having to put up the notice, then it would disappear. the last i was advised, i was supposed to fix it myself twiddling with the css code. wot? i may have to try it just to reduce the size of the stupid videos, so if it all dies again, it may be on me. ;~)

    nah, come to think of it, i’ll just say it was bruce’s fault…

  3. OK, I CAN Stop flooding you with empire vids! But, Knut was a ViKing who futilely commanded the tide to stop rising! Thanks for the proper term “avatar” for a profile photo.

  4. where are the vids you’re flooding us with? am i that blind? ah, a viking barbarian, eh?

    wow, some folks i used to blog among knew some of the coolest viking mythologies. actually, fairly and casually sexual in nature, most of the ones they recounted.

    ‘stop the tide rising’. well, did the sea obey or not? did the moon stop exerting its influence? did the planet’s magnetic poles shift again? thank you for the wonderings. oh, made me think of a song i like. you may not care for it; that’s okay… but you can lay an url into the comment boxes, and like stopping the sea:

    susan enan; irish songstress.

  5. WONDERFULLY Beautiful ! And heavenly, far beyond the banality of my flood of videos epitomizing “the lack of imagination” portrayed in Obombya’s duplicitous Single-Payer PROMISE, domestic spying, whistleblower prejudice and kickstarting WWIII (while the world is down) Serial RENEGES!

  6. so glad you liked it, bruce banality. but which videos, or is that a metaphor?

    it’s dispiriting that this diary got ten comments at my.fdl. not only is the place moribund and sparsely populated these days, but it did cause mr. wd to remark as he went out the door this mornin’: people in this country are so far from any revolutionary tipping points within themselves. but: unless there are more great nsa revelations or something else grabs my attention, i may just do a ‘how to knit a revolution’ piece with a newish video as the basis.

    when folks like letsgetitdone still imagine that the democrat party is ‘reformable’, so much seems impossible, eh? at least in any near future.

    oh, and obomba just sold out the afl-cio on obombDontcare waivers. knew trumka was a fool, and now his rank and file members may get it. all that fookin’ money and energy to GOTV for another con man. my stars.

    but let’s boogie to the revolution! ‘if i can’t dance, i don’t wann..’ ~ emma goldman

  7. Here are the few, the turgid; again:

    In personal experience: At the 9/9/13 (Tampa) Bay
    Area peace vigil of ~ 40 “progressives” (out of a megalopolis’
    population of an Exponential ~ FOUR MILLION), I showed up with my
    protest sign decrying, NO More PNAC Attacks! The assembled 40 person masses’ only question, “What’s a PNAC?”.
    But, do not despair. CARRY ON

    OR. Dance With Me

    OR, I’ll just(ly) await your future revolutionary darning lessons.

  8. glorioalicious! all of em, but i’ve just turned into a mid-day pumpkin, and i need a bit of sleep before i write up a story as per your afl-cio ‘single payer liar-in-thief’ video. hope it makes ya chortle lively…and i hope i can get it done. you know how life goes, yes?

    as in: something interfered before that darned revolution. ;)

    but i’ll leave ya with one of my favorite production numbers (i am a total sucker for em):

  9. No lack of imagination there, but highly unlikely outside the Hollywood set; nevertheless, an exuberant desideratum to strive for our posterity.

  10. the CSNY was wonderful to hear again; i’d forgotten it. i loved buffalo springfield silly. you may be right that the dirty dancing is more a yearning, but the moves are really spectacular, as is afro dance now (i won’t bring the karinal offishull video that shows it; some folks go bonkers at it). i did borrow you obummer at the afl-cio meeting for my new post; hope that’s okay.

  11. Update on the TPPA, again a too long conversation at thedailyblog, but this one hopefully you might give a try, wendye as two remarkable women give input – Jane Kelsey, whom you’ve mentioned in your piece, and Marama Davidson, who makes me proud to have maori blood.

    There’s an enormous amount of info in the piece that gives perspective on the rush to secretly affirm this ‘trade deal’, along with some mentions that could help open up the can of worms – Chile was a country of interest, and also the press in Japan appears to have more access to what has been happening, with as I remember Malaysia digging in its heels as well. And very interesting asides on Maori influence and influence on Maori, even within New Zealand – – I’ll be returning to “The Bone People” for some applicable quotes, you may be sure!

    Gonna put my last part to “Into Light” up tomorrow, but I would like to start a thread on “The Bone People” as a kind of review plus commentary as I reread that, in a future post – if that will be okay. I’m not an expert on the culture, but I did live it in my formative years.

  12. of course you may, juliania. and i will look at your link. yves smith had an interesting take the other day on whether china may help to derail it. i asked a question, brought a few links, then failed to go back for her next question after looking in many times. pepe escobar also has a piece up enumerating many of the other opposing and sometimes complementary deals in the works. i emailed both of them to myself for a possible new post, but damn: my inbox is chock full of burning issues to write about, lol.

    we have a lot of snow on the la plata peaks, but somehow the tomato vines still seem to be alive (covered with sheets). sunny today, and only the lightest of breezes. hope the wind down your way is over. and the dust and sand, of course…

    and i am so very glad you’re reading the bone people; it’s been one of the hard ones to give away. the kingsolver, too, but for now…i’ve kept the rest of hers to stare at and remember….

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