RCMP full invasion force arrives at Mi’kmaq blockade*

From earthfirstjournal.org, background from Oct.4:

Legal maneuvers with crucial tactical implications in the struggle between Mik’maq First Nations and the exploiters of natural resources present new challenges in the historic struggle for self-determination against colonial land grabs.

Earlier this year, the Elsipogtog First Nation, which is part of the Mik’maq band government, was supported by the Signigtog Grand Council, representing Mik’maq communities throughout southern New Brunswick and northern Nova Scotia, in occupying the land that the energy companies wanted to exploit, halting their activities and commandeering a vehicle.

Earlier this week, the Elsipogtog camp was brutally cleared by Canadian police, and in response, the Mik’maq blockaded Route 134, halting all traffic on the highway and blocking the gas company’s access to their vehicles. Their singular struggle has been a leading inspiration in the resistance to land grabs and gas fracking.

Yesterday, however, a Canadian Judge issued an order to Mi’kmaq protestors demanding that they remove their barricades on Route 134 and allow the natural gas company SWN Resources Canada access to its equipment in the area.

The Canadian police have agreed not to enforce the order of eviction until dialogue between Elsipogtog councilor Robert Levi and New Brunswick Premier David Alward. Right now, there are ongoing negotiations, and the mood is tense. ‘

[Update:  TRRN has video up, so i’ve switched out the original video.]

From Censored News:

‘New Brunswick — Support poured in for Mi’kmaq after police attacked First Nations women and elderly with heavily-armed snipers, tear gas and police dogs today. Natives were defending their land from a Houston fracking company, Southwestern Energy. The support came from every avenue, from the American Indian Movement and the Longest Walk to a Nez Perce council member and the Council of Canadians.

Anishinabe Terrance Nelson called for railroad blockades across Canada and urged warrior societies to take action in support of Mi’kmaq.

“I expect railway blockades to occur immediately across Canada and they will continue until the Federal Government of Canada comes to their senses. I expect to be arrested along with many others,” said Nelson, vice chairman of the American Indian Movement.’

‘Angela Giles, Atlantic Regional Organizer, said, “To defend the rights of an American company, the RCMP came in with essentially para-military units including snipers, to remove the opposition. The New Brunswick government does not have the social license to allow fracking and the people will continue to fight for the future of their families, their province, and the environment.”

“Protesters in Rexton are standing up to a Texas company that wants to profit on the backs of New Brunswickers while placing the water and the environment at risk,” says Emma Lui, Water campaigner based in Ottawa.’

Longtime First Nations activist Ellen Gabriel speaks clearly to the issues involved, and parses ‘peaceful protest’, agent provocateur warnings, and ‘defense of our elders’, peaceful coexistence, and…love..

Alex White Plume, Lakota on Pine Ridge in South Dakota, shared this Honor Song “for our northern relatives making a stand for Unci Maka (Mother Earth.)  You can watch and listen to the song here.

Tweets, photos, and timelines are here.  Idle ‘take action’ page is here (including how to contribute).

*Earthfirst update from yesterday, from which the title derives, can be read here.



Keshagesh = Greedy Guts!

42 responses to “RCMP full invasion force arrives at Mi’kmaq blockade*

  1. a question by way of a bit of housekeeping:

    when you come to the cafe, do you see a list of 15 recent comments with avatars in the upper right-hand corner? if not, and you’re either not registered, so can’t log in, or you are registered, but don’t log in, is this a change? i swear it’s a new thing, and one i’ll investigate further if you all don’t see what i see…or do see what i do, or…something.

  2. Yes, you have NO (upper right) avatars, today. But, proud to see the Mi’kmaqs DO (instead of try)!

  3. Re: TEST. – The upper right avatars appear AFTER one completely posts a comment.

  4. is that new, bruce? i rarely have to log in, but as i’d remembered it, the comments and avatars were always there.

    yes, they are doing, and so are the other Indigenous who’ve joined them, and not a few white folks, i hear. ;~) i’m not getting ‘do’ instead of ‘try’, i reckon. sometimes the advice to ‘try everything’ seems very worthy, as well.

  5. Yes, new. (And so too, this: http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2013/10/18-3 ).
    Whatever WORKS, InDeed.

  6. I am not logged in, and I can see the 15.

    great article.

  7. the frackoff video was compelling; thank you for the link. i grabbed one from the piece that led to the haifax coopnews, but it failed, and i can’t find it again. superior photos of overkill ugliness.

    thank you, mafr. i contacted the wordpress folks finally, and it was a glitch on their part, and it’s now corrected. can’t tell you how many twiddles i tried among this site and two others i have. crikey. ;~)

    ah, it was just cut and paste, but it’s all i had time for. rewriting takes me a long time now.

    i pasted in buffy’s ‘no no keshkagesh’ at the end of the post. ‘Greedy guts’: that and worse in this and so many other cases. cavalier killer profiteering.

  8. I am logged in but saw upper right comments before posting. Wonderful piece, wendye. Very impressed by Ellen Gabriel.

  9. me, too, juliania. among the tribes, the women have definitely taken the lead, and they are very committed to teaching the young uns. her words about how it’s helping them to see themselves (or close) were very well-said.

    thanks for the view. the wordpress people did respond, and said it was their glitch, so…problem solved. i just didn’t care for it one bit. with the video resizing problem which took a style sheet tweak (as if i know what it means, lol), i tried pasting in their suggested codes for weeks, and finally said: ‘hey, i paid for this site!’ sadly, that got some action. capitalism at work.

  10. And maybe a little socialization’s in order for the 1%s’ sons-of-Bushs:
    Perhaps give ’em (the RCMP, et al) the MAMPs (Moms Against Militarized Police), a readymade motherhood; who, when their son or daughter is found abusing his/her public trust, commit to calling him/her out by name for the bullies they’ve become.

  11. hey, zorro; i like it. how about submitting the idea to roots action? you’ve likely seen this: ‘Human Rights Groups from Ten Countries Launch INCLO to Reshape Rights Landscape’

    wonder if there would be a way to do it in a loving manner? bullies are bullies because *they* were bullied. parenthetically, i saw two diarists at my.fdl laughing and extolling the bumper sticker: ‘my kid can beat up your honor student. the same two are under the illusion that all our problems are due to lax parenting skills, and the fact that teachers wouldn’t count ‘2+2=5’ wrong. what chich could alleged progressives have with learning, anyway? asshats.

    they also, of course, believe that hitting kids into submission is fine, and use the age-old argument: “Look at Me! I’m great!” as probative evidence. mmm, mmm.

    sorry. i did stay off both threads, at least give me that much credit, especially as an alice miller acolyte with sadly, too much personal experience with attachment disorder.

  12. P 1 : Done.
    P 2 : Maybe combined with a gentle, loving ear tug, as well (particularly for the MPs-in-chief, Obanana & Holder) ;~)

  13. p1: submitted? doing? kewl.
    p2: i was musing more about needing to eventually turn those who *execute* the security apparatus. the oligarchs who order it may be…irredeemable for now; dunno, of course. if love and light are stronger, then the may be some merit in sending healing energy/prayers to those folks.

    may i ask, though: have you looked in at my.fdl, fdl? there seem to be twelve different culture pros there now. i’m struggling to grasp that the site may be turning in that direction purposefully. as in, again: not a forum to knit together a better world, just a more ‘entertaining’ world. or something.

  14. p1 Check your email.
    p2 They MEBBE irremediable “teenage anarchists” as characterized by contemporary Lewis Lapham; with viperously abusive mothers as ‘beautifully mindful’ as haggish Babs Bush, beyond redemption!
    As far as My.FDL’s cultcha campaign is concerned, I hadn’t noticed; but again, mebbe they’re also ‘trying everything’ too?

  15. how sanguine of you, lol. me? i’m a blogger with a disappearing forum. sorry to whinge, but my mellow has been harshed, and it’s a bd decision, imo, in any event. i did try to obey all the verification instructions, but got a bad grade every time (well, an F, to say the truth). do you actually know folks who can learn this shit? ;~) why so hushed, brother?


    (i always thought babsie was hw’s mother, ish.) they can be forgiven by powers other than myself.

  16. Well. I’m still mewling for the FDL Catfood Commission days, catfoodiating the Bushist FATCAT$ in a catfood-fight of Cataclysmic proportions, and all I got for the above reframes from the Laker firedogs was this “banished”
    ‘spammer’ shirt! And Bar (as ‘er ‘Ighness prefers) is indeed waitin’ fer gawd with morphine-pure Poppy. Ssshhh …

  17. As always, not a just a post but comments worthy of attention. Thank you, again, wd.
    I have been following this in my own ways … mostly ‘the roads less traveled’ ways … as I have been following, many memories of Grandmother’s words have come back to me.
    She once told me that most tribes, in the ways and days, never went to ‘war’, lest counsel had been held. In that counsel, different voices were heard from. Always, would one of the voices be that of the elder women … the grandmothers. Their words held sway and power. In some tribes, she said, war would not be declared lest the grandmothers’ words declared it necessary. In other tribes, the words of the grandmothers’ would be seriously considered rather than final.The voices of the elders helped put the brakes on the young warriors hot headedness. I have always felt it to be an act of disrespect and disloyalty, to attempt to verify what she said and so, have never done so. Be that as it may, the images I encountered of the women, many elder women, standing (some empty handed, others with drums) and with the ‘warriors’ in back of them, and opposite the forces of might – clad as they were with shields, and clubs, with guns and armor – I came to the conclusion that what I was seeing on one side was the power of love (love of Mother Earth, love of the people, the children, and love of the many creatures nurtured by that land..) vs. the love of power, dominance and might.

    A classic juxtaposition and evident as well, in the encampments associated with OWS. Which will win? I do not know … in this round.
    Yet, if the Grandmother that so touched and broadened my life is any indication, the power of love will prevail. To my skewered point of view, (skewered, because there is not one ounce of Indigenous DNA contained within my body seeing as I am the granddaughter of four Irish immigrants, three of which would, these days, be considered illegally here) we will know that the power of love has prevailed, when the First Peoples have a seat at the table of decision making, and that one or more of those seats are held by the women, the grandmothers… regardless of what continent or country this occurs in. And it will occur. These are, I think, the early days. And this inclusion, especially by the women, at the table of decision making is the event I await.
    I was happy to see your links . . . and your words. Thank you, wd for always having a broad view… one that includes that which is often overlooked by others.

  18. ah, zorro; a few others who visit here got the same crap t-shirt in the past for their troubles. so sorry to hear; but Bar? not black agenda report. sorry to be dense, but i am a mite curious.

  19. grandmother may have been correct, bootsie. and by the way, how lovely to see you! even in just the southwest, tribal women play vastly different roles, complicated by the fact that often tribal council politics are so dominated by bia flacks, who teach all the wrong lessons to council members. we could tick off a dozen instances in which tribal chairmen are selling off resources to mining, thus water, interests, and fighting the traditionals to accomplish their corrupt deals. tragic.

    imagine that having seats at the table is a lofty goal; good grief. in a somewhat related theme, dru oja jay at the montreal media coop has a piece up bemoaning the fact that media only paid attention to this round of mi’kmaq (and other first turtle islanders) blockade once there was pictorial evidence of *someone’s* violence against rcmp property, but disinterested in the months of previouss peaceful protests. and that not one mainstream journalist bothered to crack a goddam history book to report:

    ‘Elsipogtog: “Clashes” 400 Years in the Making’ (some excerpts):

    “n the mid-1700s, the Crown signed Peace and Friendship treaties with the Mi’kmaq. The Crown — the entity that puts the “Royal” in “Royal Canadian Mounted Police” — understood that to maintain their settlements on someone else’s traditional territory without worrying about attacks, they needed a treaty relationship with the folks who live here.

    Here’s what the Mi’kmaq warrior society says about the treaties:

    Under the Peace and Friendship Treaties of 1760 and 1761 in the Maritimes, the Mi’kmaq and the Maliseet signatories did not surrender rights to lands or resources.

    Oops, that wasn’t the warrior society. It’s actually what the Canadian government said about the treaty. It’s what they have to say, because a long string of court decisions has upheld that the Mi’kmaq nation holds collective rights to the land they share with European settlers.

    Let’s put this another way. If the British hadn’t signed a treaty that acknowledged the rights of the Mi’kmaq to the land, British, Scottish and Irish settlement (as well as subsequent waves of migration) might have either not happened at all, or happened in a totally different way.

    All those who live on the land governed by the treaty are bound by that relationship, by law and by history. That, at any rate, is how many Mi’kmaq people see it. Non-Native Canadians are more likely to know nothing about the relationship that allows them to live in parts of New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. If they do know, they probably see it as a social studies curiosity rather than the basis of their legal rights in this country.

    And that’s where the media comes in. People who have been reading newspapers and listening to CBC News on the radio for years still have no idea about what should be the most basic self-awareness.”

    so, yes, in the end any revolution of conscious that brings a social/political revolution must be based on the sort of love that mlk spoke of so eloquently, all of which, iirc, boiled down to acknowledging our essential kinship, empathizing and fighting for justice and well-being of anyone having less than plenty of what essential fairness and kindness would require.

    thank you for your good words.

  20. Bar, the burning Bushs’ DEM 1984 Ferraro “witch”-slayer.

  21. bra burning? sorry; still not twigging, bruce. (does she require maps? yes…oy)
    that was the year of gary hart’s dare. i remember his campaign postcards had the date of his demise on them, lol. idiot.

  22. globalfrackdown.org linked to live updates on RT news. very cool; thank you all, folks. a miniature global photojourney. ;~)

    hat tip Bruce.

  23. A familiar ring; from this and the following report : “Green is the New Red”!
    Just(ly) in time for the holidays; “keeping spirits bright”!

  24. ‘jingle bells
    shotgun shells
    fa la la la la…
    oh what fun it is to ride
    an armored personnel tank…’

    oh. wait.

    ho ho ho; merry christmas!

    72 more shopping days until christmas!

  25. I see you have a new post up, wendye – will go there pronto. This was such an informative thread, I gave a general headsup on CTuttle’s one – the more the merrier.

    A side note on my own peramblings – I put up a comment this Sunday morning on thedailyblog – where I’ve been going for NZ stuff and have commented once before – got a blank comment box so some changes there – and no acknowledgement of my comment.

    This could be a) because they are terminating US input due to wise discriminatory practices or b) because my comment on ‘beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing’ is one a pro-Labour party (read Obamabot) site cannot stomach. If the latter I have queasy feelings about next year’s (s)election.

    But c) it could also mean my comment is being moderated (though it didn’t say that and the comment field remained blank) so I will check back later.

    However, here’s Marama Davidson,our wellspoken maori lady’s website:


  26. Thanks for the RT link above, wendye! I only managed to get part of the live feed (which I hope means many were on that site.) Highly recommend the scroll down through photos of protests around the globe – it is lovely to see all those good faces, a real tonic!

  27. Sorry, I left out a bit on my link above – here it is again, lovely site:


  28. Here I be, happily commenting on my original comment in this series – thedailyblog HAS put up my posted comment, so c) is the operative alternative above – which means I will continue to visit the site.

  29. realitychecker1

    Aaargh. The advantage always seems to go to those who enter into agreements with no intention of ever honoring them. I guess the Creator must have always intended to favor the exploiters over the preservers./s

  30. the global faces and locations were indeed shiver-inducing. romaina blew me away. i’ll look at your link soon, but meanwhile, let me say that often it takes some time for comments to publish, depending on how the site configures comments. glad it made it in, though.

    i got waylaid by a visit from a friend os mr. wd’s and her sweet son, two-year-old quinn william. so fun to have a wee one in the house, even on a chore-heavy weekend day.

    i need to catch up on my work, so i’ll be in and out on small breaks.

    you’ll be tickled to know that a maori woman is on the (small) long walk to aclatraz. they just left pueblo, and have goddess knows how many more miles to go.


    yes, rc. over the long dark history of ‘indian giving’, there were allegedly a few officials or soldiers who believed the treaties, but they were in a small minority. the first nations people have long been considered less than human, in the way of ‘god’s plan’ (manifest destiny), thus exploitable. given all the forced relocations even *after* tribes were herded onto reseves (canada) and reservations (us), it’s a miracle any indigenous survived. for instance, in california, almost 95% of the tribes were totally eradicated, iirc.

    that not much has changed until these current struggles is part of what makes them so meaningful.

  31. Aloha, wendy and all…! Here’s great video of what happened in Rexton…!


    Btw, SWN Resources pulled out all their equipment from the jobsite…! I wonder where they moved it to…?

  32. that was fine reporting, tuttle; thank you for bring it over. interesting that he said that ‘the people’ set fire to the rcmp cars. most reports indicated that no one knew who had.

    but yes, great news that they won, at least for now. where did they go? someone must know, eh? wow, you even came in here with an avatar, you clever thang, you.

    as mr. wendydavis said, if these had been us militarized cops, people might be dead now. wonder who the snipers were in their camo? mercenaries?

  33. I just heard on CBC news that they have applied for permission to drill in other parts of the Province. so, not over.

    HI CTuttle, hope to see you here often!

  34. related

    this is not new, but

    “A U.S.-incorporated energy firm, Lone Pine Resources Inc., is taking on Quebec’s stand against fracking, saying it violates the North American free-trade agreement and demanding more than $250-million in compensation.

    Lone Pine Resources Inc., headquartered in Calgary but incorporated in Delaware, disclosed in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week that on Nov. 8, it filed a notice of intent to sue the Canadian government under NAFTA’s controversial Chapter 11.”


  35. Shale gas company loses bid for injunction to halt N.B. protests
    SWN Resources Canada says protesters are impeding exploration activities”

    A request by SWN Resources Canada to extend a court injunction that prevents anyone from impeding its exploration activities in New Brunswick has been denied by a judge.

    Justice George Rideout ruled Monday afternoon that there were no grounds to extend the injunction, after hearing arguments in the Court of Queen’s Bench on Friday.

    A celebration was staged outside the Moncton courthouse Monday after a judge refused to extend an injunction that prevented people from impeding SWN Resources Canada’s shale gas exploration. (Jen Choi/CBC)

    Shale gas opponents, many from Elsipogtog First Nation, were drumming and singing in the courtroom and hallway before the ruling, and outside Moncton Law Courts.

    “People are just overjoyed,” CBC’s Stephen Puddicombe said at the court. “There’s been several occasions where people have literally broken down in tears and hugs. They cannot believe the news they’ve just heard.”

    Bail hearings for those arrested were delayed a day or two so attorneys could prepare defenses. The charges listed didn’t seem to include anything about the cop cars, oddly, although there was this @#%$ at the end:

    “Assistant Commissioner Roger Brown said the force his members used on Thursday was justified, measured and restrained. He said pepper spray and riot gear only came out after people began crossing the line police had set up and police cars were set on fire.”

  36. those investor state provisions are just evil. the ones in the tpp leaked language are said to be even more industry friendly, if you can imagine that. my stars. looks like that company ain’t doin’ too well, according to the chart at the bottom…


  37. ‘Elsipogtog: Tensions, anger, and courage 17 October’

    and: ‘The international Hacktivists group Anonymous has released a statement regarding their solidarity with the struggle against fracking/shale gas in Elsipogtog. They are committed to tracking and revealing the relationship between Texas-based SWN Resources (the company trying to frack in Kent County New Brunswick) and the Irving Corporation.’


    Macdonald Stainsby has a new piece up at counterpunch in which he laments the fact that none of the Big Green ecogroups have ever had the indigenous direct and long-term struggles against tarsands, pipelines, and fracking on their radar. he’s written a number of pieces showing that the eNGOs are all funded by big capital, and work *with* industry to create dangerous policies like carbon tax trading and ‘green capitalism’. the idea that these groups have effectively been gatekeepers for serious solutions for climate change, and are far too wedded to the democratic party in the US, and allow canadian politicians to sport a veneer of concern and credibility in these issues is not new, but very fraught with pushback from the comfortably *unafflicted* ‘progressive world, as i discovered in my ‘Elites tweet while the planet burns’ post.

    anyway, stainsby’s take is that given that the indigenous groups ain’t goin’ away since they are acting to save their water, the soil, and the planet at large, soon the big greens will try once again to coopt their movements and pretend that they’ve always been in support of them and their aims.

    “There is no Saudi-orchestrated attempt to knock “ethical oil” off the market to the advantage of the monarchs who run the Gulf-Cooperation Council states, either. Nor is the Foundation-led leadership contemptuous of the environment itself, working with personal intent to decimate the biosphere. They are capitalists, some of whom love green spaces and desperately want a false green capitalism to “give it a go.” The problem is not that they insufficiently care about the environment. It is that they love their class privilege too much.

    For the most part, while the “invisible to the outside” coalition will not allow for transparency, inside them are vast structural realities in terms of class, race and a complete lack of agency inside the now essentially authoritarian Big Green movement; This causes the policies, direction, media talking points and vital strategies to be so overwhelmingly pro-industry and 100% pro-capital.

    “And whether it is fracking, tar sands, privatization of river systems or mining on ancestral lands, the actual concerns and sovereign rights of nations in the way of environmental schemes are given the same level of respect as indigenous land is by industry. It is only accommodated when it does not disrupt the agenda, and that agenda is already pre-determined to be within the confines of what the current economic structures abide. A democratic and anti-colonial environmental movement is the only answer; the answers needed immediately cannot come from within structures built by capital and structured for market-based incentive solutions.

    Only when community resistance speaks truth to power, as has been witnessed in Elsipogtog for the last several days, can the voice of democracy be heard– and when it is heard, it speaks with more clarity and simple truth than capital can handle.”

    it made me sad all over again that so many are so easily duped that Big Green and Big Capital are working so closely together crafting virtually meaningless solutions, and shutting out real ones.

  38. And While the Commerce Chambers always reverberate to the $OUND$ of Money TALKING and B$ WALKING; until these recent indigenous revelations and resultant revolutions; environmental whistleblowers’ tweets into the BG void heretofore “echoed” only the “sounds” of silence. Thank goodness for their Great SPIRIT!

  39. Thank you for linking to the Stainsby article, wendye. I was struck by the following sentences:

    “The problem of free trade deals is the considered increase in deregulation and lack of accountability that results from them. The same is true of taking environmental planning processes out of the public sphere. It matters not whether it is Canadian or American corporations decimating the atmosphere; it matters not whether it is Canadian or American capital that squashes democracy inside a secret negotiation process around tar sands.”

    This is the corporate mythology, and as you point out, actual democratic processes where people stand up for their own places on the earth to defend them are immediately given lip service by the offshoots of corporatocracy, benevolent as they may seem, and it is again a case of not ‘show me the money’ but ‘show me the action.’

    Corporate personhood is a hard beast to kill, but kill it we must.

  40. yes, too many walking cash registers. it was barry lopez who said that as long as the very planet that we live on is seen as something *other* (exploitable, having ‘dominion over’), and not part of each of us (composed of stardust and water), as is the air we breathe…we just cannot begin to understand the need to live sustainably and protect The Mother.

    it may have been stainsby again speaking of essentially ‘liberals’ who adore eco-science and profess belief in what it says about the planet’s grim future, but just happen to love being ever so comfortably Elite…more.

    in our corner of the world, those protesting the privitization of their water, energy extraction, new coal-fired power plants, logging of sacred sites and lands…often are fighting their own corrupt tribal councils. my, oh, my.

    and yes: here’s to their great spirits and the Great Spirit, the four sacred directions and colors of all nations and seasons.

    so many off buffy’s videos have been pulled, but ‘starwalker’ is still up:

  41. Sometimes the tribal $HILL$ are collaborating with the heretofore “Grate white fathers” ‘ institutionalization of their corruption (e.g., ANILCA’s “tribal” corporations). Too many barwalkers in every sense, or as I refer to them: A$$ $OUL$.

  42. yes, greed is catching, sadly. had to google ANILCA, but yes; there be dragons in there, too, it seems. the standards for qualifying as a ‘native american business’ are pretty easy to scam.

    John Kane: ‘we are not alone’ is nice, although some of the warriors, especially the mohawk, need some directions from the mothers and grandmothers… ;)


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