obomba nominates St. Augustine* to head DHS

And in the ‘sometimes the jokes just write themselves’ category, this is a bit from our Commandante-in-chief on October 18:

‘THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody. Please have a seat. As President, my most solemn responsibility is the safety and security of the American people. And we’ve got an outstanding team here of folks who work every single day to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to fulfill that responsibility. And that means that our entire government — our law enforcement and homeland security professionals, our troops, our diplomats, our intelligence personnel — are all working together. It means working with state and local partners to disrupt terrorist attacks, to make our borders more secure, respond to natural disasters, and make our immigration system more effective and fair.

Addressing any one of these challenges is a tall order. Addressing all of them at once is a monumental task. But that’s what the dedicated men and women of the Department of Homeland Security do every day. And today I’m proud to announce my choice to lead them — an outstanding public servant who I’ve known and trusted for years — Mr. Jeh Johnson.

When I directed my national security team to be more open and transparent about how our policies work and how we make decisions, especially when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks, Jeh was one of the leaders who spoke eloquently about how we meet today’s threats in a way that are consistent with our values, including the rule of law.

Jeh also knows that meeting these threats demands cooperation and coordination across our government. He’s been there in the Situation Room at the table in moments of decision, working with leaders from a host of agencies to make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction in choosing our ‘clients’ on Terror Tuesday . And he’s respected across our government as a team player, somebody who knows how to get folks who don’t always agree to work towards a common goal.

And finally, Jeh believes, in a deep and personal way, that keeping America safe requires us also upholding the values and civil liberties that make America great. Jeh tells the story of his uncle who was a member of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen during World War II. And he and his fellow airmen served with honor, even when their country didn’t treat them with the dignity and the respect that they deserved. And it was a lesson that Jeh never forgot. “We must adopt legal positions that comport with common sense,” Jeh says, “consistent with who we are as Americans.” Jeh is a pretty good lawyer, so he knows what that means.

from December, 2012:

* the creator of Just War Theory

should we be grateful or anxious that this is a ‘homeland’ position?  ‘don’t drone me, man!’

‘Perfect: Obama nominated the DoD lawyer who signed off on all the drone & cruise missile strikes to be head of Dept. of Homeland Security’

The bureau of investigative journalism’s ‘name the dead’ project has names of those reported killed in Pakistan (in the Pashtun areas); between two and three thousand; They say only one in five has been identified.   The tab concerning the reason only two women have bee identified is difficult to read.

When I’d first read about, and reported on, the three men who made it their life’s work to go to every drone murder strike to bear witness and try to identify the dead…they spoke about the fact that when children were (sorry) ‘vaporized’, often all that was left to mark their lives was a rubber zori that they had worn on their feet;  Reading that can be life-changing, if you know what I mean.

7 responses to “obomba nominates St. Augustine* to head DHS

  1. Anymore (and henceforth), this Poppy Bush-HOG Is simply twerking the rest of US 99% OFF!

  2. “Good afternoon, everybody. Please have a seat.”

    that part is the only thing that makes sense.

    He should have worked up front in a fancy restaurant.

    How can anyone seriously defend this man? You have to be living in a dreamworld.

  3. folks : “The common people of a society or region ”

    yup. Folks. Those common people are definitely the people that Obama spend all his time with, represents, and are the first people he thinks about when he’s deciding what to do next.

    You can tell he really cares, cause he frequently uses the word “folks”.

    for instance when deciding who gets cut off home heating assistance. And those folks will just have to buck up when it gets cold.

    He’s vile.

  4. bruce, if you mean ‘bending over for his Lords of Capital Masters in a pseudo;sexual way, with a big fucking grin on his face’…let me agree. (and yes, i watched the miley cyrus production to see what was afoot in this iteration of alleged ‘musical sexual freedom’ sociopathy with tongue-stuck-out-in pseudo self-disgust’. my spirits sank, in an age when sexuality *needs* to be felt, discussed, parsed…openly and healthily as walgreens sells sex toys, and the teevee carries ads for sexual help products (please forget the sick viagra ads and all…or at least the warning caveats…my stars).

  5. ah, mafr. “How can anyone seriously defend this man? You have to be living in a dreamworld.” the devil made me rec rykky or something’s diary at my.fdl. perhaps she is twenty, and gullible as hell, but plenty of (sorry) folks over yonder defend him in ways they hope are erudite, thus believable.

    he’s always had several discrete styles of diction depending on his audience, and his folksy dark-soul-man is just a con beyond cons. must have bee the one he used in chi-town while wooing the jeremia wright church folks, eh?

    once i thought of checking jeremy scahill’s twitter page, feed, whatever it’s called, i watched a bit of an argument between a man and a woman over the question:

    just because a man (in this case obomba) is amoral in one area (drone assassinations), is he necessarily amoral altogether?

    did she (the reserving total judgment one) imagine that he could be anything less than expedient in other areas? did she think of his besmirched lips kissing his daughter at night in bed, and believe that sufficed as…morally correct?

    really, it’s a good question for philosophers or religious, but yes: the simple answer is yours: he is vile.

  6. I was thinking more of OUR perspective as NOT the lead sled dogs (perpetually the same); but what sort of rose colored glasses cum goggles are 0’Something’s apologists wearing?

  7. eleventy dimensional delusional? eyeballs on springs glasses? boiiiiinnnng.

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