how to register within the ‘Register’ button if you’re not registered and even get an avatar…

When you click the Register button  under Meta in the upper left-hand corner just below the photo banner (or as i remember it, since i can’t see it), you’ll get this page.  Very cunningly, it’s trying to sign you up to get your own WordPress blog, which you may want to do anyway.  But over on the right side is a blue link to the right of the blank that’s for ‘blog address’, it’s a link to registering a username with wordpress. If you don’t want to create your own blog, use my link above.  If you don’t receive the promised email from WordPress, you might want to check your Junk Mail box, and confirm your registration.  Hope this helps.

You won’t be able to use your wordpress FDL user name, so if you want a similar one, try adding a numeral 1 or 2 after it. When you go to login after your registration’s been confirmed, typing in your email address or user name gets you in. Also: if you’re following this site and the emails are driving you crazy, when an email comes in, just update your user preferences at the link on the email. choosing an avatar: again, it’s a bit different for me as an administrator, but under your name in the black bar at the top of the screen on the left under Cafe Babylon,  if you hover your mouse, you should see your Dashboard.  Click it, and in  Manage Your Profile or close.; click it, then look around for Upload an avatar on the right side, and follow the instructions.  easiest way, iirc, is to choose an image already on your hard drive in one of your picture files.  click Save, and it will show once it works its way through the wordpress system a bit.


4 responses to “how to register within the ‘Register’ button if you’re not registered and even get an avatar…

  1. So far, unable to figure this out:
    ” the Register button under Meta (or as i remember it, since i can’t see it), you’ll get this page”
    Register button?
    “on the right side is a blue link ” also dead ends

    • oh, bugger; the instructions *start* with registering fr a wordpress account. there should be a registration on the left sidebar under Meta, just below the photo banner. i gave instructions on how to proceed from there. as i said, i can’t see it, since i’m registered. you should get taken to this page, or one like it:

      but if it still won’t work, email me at the first stick in your e-address i wasn’t sure about: either an Eye of an Ell. :-)

    • nomad; is it possible my emails are going to your junk email box? you might check. (not that i’m saying i’m not worthy of the name, you understand.)

      it also just occurred to me that you might be registered *already* at a different wordpress site, and that’s why your avatar shows up with you.

  2. odd; the ‘how to register’ category goes to this for me (on firefox and chrome, anyhoo):

    one needs to click the ‘continue reading’ thingie. let me know if it helps, okay? ahhhh, i see; i need to update that. i switched it the Categories section on the right sidebar. ‘how to publish diaries’ here is third on the list. sorry for the confusion; i’m not very good at this stuff.

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