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  1. May be a personal reprise; but bears refrain in this 50th anniversary month of the “Day of Drums”. :

    Particularly with our juvenile delinquent ZiObama and his cabal of Company Chemical Allies STILL at-large. What adults? And WHERE?
    – An Eternal Flamer

  2. ‘the day of the drums’, bruce? explain? good lyrics, and very much a lament. thank you. i have the registration info up again, and i do hope i got it all right. small miracle if i did… ;)

  3. Elegy to “Years of Lightning” …

  4. little bit of soft propaganda there, eh? (i cheated and looked up USIA in da wiki). no philandering, no conspiracy to assassinate, clever at the bay of pigs, hero of the civil rights movement. well, all righty, then. thank you, bruce. i’d never heard of any of it. ‘outright propaganda banned in year 1972’ or whatever was funny, though.

  5. thanks a lot for posting that.

    I was happy that I had a “follower” at sound cloud, looked it up, it was some kind of escort service down in the southern USA. Wonder if they liked the tunes. LOL.

  6. working women count, dear. perhaps your music ‘soothed the savage breast’ inside.

  7. Latin time, then. Cui bono? I’d contend the U.S. community of spooks epitomized by patron Poppy, his spawn and pawns in their mutual Bellum Americana, of perpetual insult to the Kennedy espoused ideals. At least as humorous, JFK was not a German jelly donut, that perennial lure of la cucarachas!

  8. shoot; reset time as per revisionist history: i had always believed that he *as* a jelly donut; damn! oh, yes, pappy was a dark horse as president, and may have been slightly more acceptable due to his mother, barbara. oopsie, i meant wife….

    yes, another friend of dictators, including the shah, iirc. but then, i’ve been speed-reading (a flaw of mine) this series about jfk. eye-opening for a naif like myself. befriending tyrants is a USian pastime; amerika’s bidness is…bidness., as the late great molly ivins always quipped.

    loved the ‘la cucaracha’, by the by. and i donut wanna hide under my desk any more; prefer to go out in the first wave, although unless a nuke goes off course, i won’t, of course.

  9. homo sapiens seems to be the most aggressive, the only cruel and probably most flawed species, except I guess for some diseases that kill their host. Even the black plague left enough survivors to continue things.

    Is there another species that enjoys killing, and kills for fun? That enjoys killing? I don’t think so.

    We have been around now for 250 thousand years, and well on our way to killing ourselves off, and a lot of other things with us.

    good time to be a jellyfish.

    The US is just doing what every other outfit has done.

    Was it our predecessors the British that introduced the phoney idea that it’s all done to help.

    You know that’s why the British forced the Chinese at gunpoint to buy Opium. Just trying to help.

    I doubt that the other Europeans bothered with that bullshit.

    British hypocrisy, transferred over to it’s offspring.

  10. hope someone likes this tune

  11. the tune is about a place that was one location of …..

    “The North-West Rebellion (or the North-West Resistance, Saskatchewan Rebellion, Northwest Uprising, or Second Riel Rebellion) of 1885 was a brief and unsuccessful uprising by the Métis people of the District of Saskatchewan under Louis Riel against the government of Canada. During a time of great social change in Western Canada, the Métis believed that the Canadians had failed to address the protection of their rights, their land and their survival as a distinct people.”

    Qu’Appelle is located in the Indian Head Plain of the Aspen Parkland ecoregion on the parkland of the Qu’Appelle flood plain.

    The area is characterized by lush rolling grasslands, interspersed with poplar bluffs (in prairie Canadian terminology poplar groves surrounding sloughs) and open sloughs.”

    (and much habitat for waterfowl)

    beautiful prairie place.

  12. Buffy St. Marie is from Saskatchewan.

  13. i like it a lot, mark/mafr. yes, she is from saskatchewan. ‘qu’applelle’: does it translate as: whose name? french class is so long ago… or ‘what is the name’?

  14. probably something like that….

  15. lovely area. katepwa lake, also. i’m playing the video again; so good. ‘wrap me in your blanket, dance me around’ is so very iconic an image among first nations people. so much honor to the women, eh? in this revolution 2.0, the women of the tribes are central. they stop trucks!

  16. Tepco Tore Down the Natural Seawall Which Would Have Protected Fukushima from the Tsunami’

    i’d have embedded the video, but gwashington had clipped it…dunno how to do that.

  17. very nice pictures. Most people don’t get the beauty of the prairies.

    I love the prairies.

  18. ““It would have been a very difficult and major engineering task to lift all that equipment up over the cliff,” says Masatoshi Toyota, 88 years old, the former top Tepco executive who helped oversee the building of the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi.”

    Translation: it would have lowered our profit.

    Japanese have such a great reputation, for efficient, and brilliance. Honour.

    All smoke and f’ing mirrors.

    They learned PR better than anything else.

    I recently read a book about the role of the emperor of Japan up to and during WW2. He was up to his elbows in it, but after the war, very carefully scrubbed his part, and survived untouched.

  19. wrap me in your blanket and dance me round

    That is a very moving song, for me.

  20. We have a cat that lives outside here, gets to -30 C off and on. I made a winter house for him, an insulated house, with low ceiling, a small cat sized space, with a heated bed, built on top of and surrounded on all sides and above with straw bails.

    I turned the heater on the other day, and he has now gone to bed for the winter, except for breakfast, and dinner. I went up to the little door, and could hear him inside purring. He wouldn’t come out.

    pretty funny.

    This is good news for local birds and squirrels.

  21. we had one cat we finally outfitted with a collar and a jingle bell. er…then two jingle bells…then three. little bugger learned to stalk silently and jingle-less, then pounce. and…so it goes.

    yes, cutting corners to maximize profit. just like on the horizon deep-water stories. the companies are still trying to get out of paying their fines, minimal as they were. talk about blaming fingers pointing a everyone but themselves.

    yes, it’s a warm and wonderful song.

  22. from the Pacifica vault

    “In 1968, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was planning The Poor People’s March on Washington D.C. as part of the War on Poverty. On May 13th, 1968, the first sojourners arrived at Resurrection City, and Pacifica producer Ellen Kohn was there to record the events as they unfolded and to interview those who were there. ”


  23. i started the abernathy one, and the che/ginsberg one looks good to. but the first one reminded me of this rockin’ er…pragmatic spiritual: :)

  24. i like cauliflower a lot, but not raw. i devised this salad to accommodate that, and we have it a lot. you can serve it over lettuce, baby spinach (yum), tomatoes, or alone, of course.

    i decide which veggies will take the longest time to soften a bit, then put them in a small bowl, cover it with a plate, and nuke them on low power, and test for readiness. i then tip them into a glass bowl with a tight lid, and stick them in the freezer to chill quickly. as i steam more veggies, i just keep adding them to that bowl, and once cool enough, add black olives, sprinkle with italian dressing, and marinate it. with a tight lid, you can just invert it now and again to coat the veggies with dressing. besides cauliflower, is use bite-size pieces of: red and green peppers, quartered mushrooms (button down, i crisscross them, not slice them), thickish chunks of zuchinni so they won’t get soggy, and roasted garlic.

    it’s easy to have roasted garlic on hand. i just open a bulb, separate them by peeling off the extra paper until each clove has only its individual wrapper over it. then i toss them into a skillet that has a lid available, toast them until they start to brown on one side, put the lid on, and turn the pan upside down, and toss them puppies around a bit, then turn the heat down a tad, and let them steam-toast. once they’re cool, the garlic just pops out. if there’s still some stem left, you can just cut it off with a small knife, or use for fingernails. i slice or dice it a bit before i drop it into a salad. the rest of the cloves can go into an airtight container for later. even for pesto, i use both fresh and roasted garlic; it’s kinda cool to have the two together. but i also use it in traditional mexican sauces, and italian dishes, of course.

    i’d been wondering if i should make a category (those things on the right side of the page that substitute here for tags) for food and recipes. then without having to create a dairy, or add it to the open menu threads, you could just click that category and add items. and no comments would be required, of course. ; ~) i guess i’d have to make one diary, tag it food, then let it work its way downstream. but we could add extras to it in the comments section. just an idea.

  25. Hello wendyedavis and friends of garlic

    My besto very simple pesto is made with garlic scapes. As the basil which I simply freeze, darkens, the fresh frozen scapes hold their green color and flavor very well.
    4 oz garlic scapes
    2 oz basil
    2 oz nuts (using walnuts lately)
    5 oz Parmesan cheese
    6-8 oz olive oil or until the mix blends easily in your processor.

    I harvest my scapes very early, usually before they get beyond 8-10 inches in length, well before they get tough. I freeze whole, those which will not be used immediately. Harvesting them this small yields larger bulbs when the bulbs are finally dug. 100 garlic plants yield about a pound of scapes when cutting them this small. The flower portion of the scape is also tender enough to not have to discard it, as some people recommend doing. Buying less expensive, sub-prime, smaller sized bulbs for planting will still yield beautiful scapes.

  26. good griefers; i finally giggled images of scapes, read a bit, to know what you were talkin’ about! sounds yummy. i confess i don’t use any parm or romano in pesto i’m going to freeze. and shocking the basil will keep it green. i even whir up some spinach leaves in with it, yum-ola.

    thank you, alium man.

  27. waging non violence article in support of Russel Brand

  28. never heard of scopes. interesting, sounds tasty.

  29. my spelling is not as bad as the computer thinks.

  30. Scapes ready for plucking, the easiest way to preserve garlic for soups, stews, salads, pesto. Whole garlic bulbs will start to sprout after a few months, still usable, but not as nice when they do so. Frozen scapes keep very well. Trouble is they all come at once in mid June. The fresh scape season is short. Watch carefully for them at your farm market. My basil darkens in the freeze, the scapes stay green. I don’t freeze pesto as some people do to preserve their basil in that manner.


    Wren in hand at the front of the photostream.

  31. good piece, mafr. i’d added these to the links post sometime or other. yesterday?

    Russell Brand’s new op-ed at the Guardian. He acknowledges he’s been praised and swatted, and asked to run for office (clueless).

    This post at Dissident Voice parses some of that stuff quite well, imo.

    And sorry, juliania, NZ voted for snooping by two votes.

  32. First read this morning was ddayen tweet:

    I’m not sure how copying the link location works with tweets, but a good laugh first thing in the morning is as good as a hot home-baked muffin and real cream in my coffee.

  33. Oh, now I see what pasting the link does. Sorry, didn’t expect the big freakin box, hope that is OK with you.

  34. lol, dave dayen!

  35. it’s great; deserves to be big. but yeppers, over and over again it’s proven who the true Welfare Queens are. i read yesterday the claim that the monsanto protection act is still in the ag bill. i’d read three weeks ago that it…wasn’t. what force would have driven it out, i’d wondered.

    sorry to be so absent, but i’m trying so hard to get a post finished, and i keep having to rethink the whole thing for a few reasons. meanwhile, we’re under attack by the eurasian collared dove air force, lol.

    thanks for the laugh, you EscapeE from the Norm. oh, and by the way, it was the R’s in the house that want to require testing for drugs and means, *and* accepting menial jobs that i assume, would again be funded by giving the business concerns MONEY!

    And: i’d meant to say The Senate Dems will save us! kill us more slowly, i mean…

  36. Not sure of your time frame or if you’d consider sending a draft. Off to school for PT conferences for a bit.

    Yes, here in FitzWalkerstan the plan was to provide unrepresented slave labor to area manufacturers, slave worker compensation (health insurance only for injuries suffered on the job [easily denied by the PTB]) provided at taxpayer expense, “worker training,” to get those lazy ingrates off the dole, which meant any dangerous or dirty job that normal employees did not want to perform. Wages amounted to about $10 a day and an ultimatum to be thankful for your job training. Oh yes and without adequate public transport, one was still required to get oneself to the work or be penalized by forfeiture of normal UC benefits. America, love it or leave it./s later

  37. great article by Russell Brand.

  38. have a good time at the pt conferences; i’m glad i will never have to set foot in a public school again (knock on wood).

    yes, more debt-cropping, eh? (just erased my comment about walker and his minions.)

    yes, mafr, i liked it, too. the bit in which he says no matter how soiled the messenger, at least folks are talking about fracking rather than twerking (or something like that) was a deft touch, and true as well.

    dunno about a draft, nonquixote. i was going to use a blogging friend’s piece as a foil to my point/counterpoint, but if i go too far with it, i’ll be in the weeds even further, since i reckon he got there first, lol.. so, i’m trying to constrain the arguments a bit. dunno if any of it will work, of course. but i really would like to get it up today; some of these i labor too long on. this word document must have thirty-five or forty links by now: arrrrgggh, and i keep finding more. that’s what editing is: what not to include more than what TO include; i fail at that a lot.

  39. Winnipeg Aboriginal film festival

  40. I was going to put in the guardian bit about mirrors in Norway lighting a mountainous village, but in answer to wendye above – New Zealand hasn’t yet passed judgment on the spy bills, just their parliament – this might be of interest, my former domicile Dunedin providing honorable member Claire Curran, who gave Labour’s response to a near empty chamber it looked, and bravo to her.

  41. On nonquixote’s scapes – I know them well. First planting I did of porcelain garlic in my specially prepared garlic bed I got them and did not know they should be removed. End of season I got lots and lots of garlic seed – no bulbs to speak of. Taught me a lesson that did. Not that I’ve been very successful with garlic since but I do get them scapes! (Parsley and all kinds of salvias are my best growers, fennel as well. But I can’t stoop for a bit so I’m limited to just sitting here and soaking up the sun – poor me!

  42. @ juliania: but your link says that it passed into law. also, your amiga says that labour will repeal it. what am i missing (besides a lot)?

    yes, i’ve had to do ‘butt in the air’ gardening for quite sometimes. not easy, and rather tiresome. and ya don’t want yer shorts to fall down in the process… hiking them up with muddy fingers is not…a glorious endeavor. :)

  43. “Enormous storm predicted to be largest ever recorded, topping hurricane Camille in 1969, hits north Pacific” (the Philippines)

    corrected: winds at 195 mph, gusts up to 235 mph; catastrophic damage.

  44. Oh, yes, wendye – my point was simply that elections are coming and the people haven’t spoken yet on these ‘laws’. Now they may well endorse National – I just hope they don’t. And Labour is hoping to be the next government – if they run on this issue I think they will be. Something to watch in 2014 anyway – Joseph Stiglitz has a positive approach on South Africa renegotiating trade treaties at the Guardian:

  45. cool; looks interesting; i’ll read it later, but the investor state agreements are among the worst features of the language that’s been leaked. kerry’s tryin’ to talk the EU into not letting the nsa revelations get in the way of tafta, lol. prolly won’t, but: who knows? how far do they see the us as naked by now?

    okay, i see; new election might stem the tide. and how is your hip feeling?

    missed the aboriginal film festival link, mafr. i hope to peek in.

  46. Hip’s great, and slowing down is lovely these sunfilled afternoons. Here’s a little essay you might have missed:

  47. so good to hear, juliania. i’ll try to read, but there are so many homework assignments i receive, even by email. :) wish i could read more quickly and watch videos on fast forward. is there an app for that?

    i did love chellis glendinning’s post there today or yesterday. i’d like to push in front of chris hedges…

  48. Yes, to chellis glendinning’s post in particular – it reminded me of Pollack at his best, and I think is a glorious example of what can be done with the tools of the internet at our disposal. Frequently I see posts which put me off from the getgo because they haven’t been proofread (my own are a good example) in the extreme facility of wordplay we have here – it’s so easy to write, physically speaking. That’s the downside when words get left in that shouldn’t be – so easy to do. But when you can insert explanatory phrases and fill a sentence while not destroying its overall structure for the reader, it becomes a marvellous cornucopia of metaphors and parallel thoughts that is a delight to read.

    The piece on ‘even in Los Angeles’ is an opposite number – not long and composed very simply, more an appetizer than a full course meal such as this. But even in opposition by style, it’s a beautiful little vignette, and it speaks to the same optimism. Eat your heart out, Chris Hedges. (Though for him, I always remember that he gave an early Occupier his sleeping bag.)

    Glendenning’s piece is like the images of the Phillipines after the typhoon. Mine was like a single person’s care for a surviving elderly relative.

  49. i mentioned hedges because he is such a critic of ’60s activism; glendinning on the other hand praises the social revolution that we did in fact create. i loved it, and needed the nourishment she brought. just a quick glance at your link showed me that it was dialogue heavy. that is such a skill, i think, to be able to advance a story in that manner.

    i swear i’ll try to read it, j; i just get so backed up with other things, including ‘real life’. :)

  50. Weather Underground

    Massive damage in the Philippines
    Wind damage on the south shore of Samar Island in Guiuan (population 47,000) must have been catastrophic, perhaps the greatest wind damage any place on Earth has endured from a tropical cyclone in the past century. A massive storm surge must have also caused great destruction along a 20-mile swath to the north of where the eye hit, where Project NOAH was predicting a 17’ (5.3 meter) storm tide. Wind and storm surge damage were heavy in Tacloban, population 221,000, the capital of the province of Leyte, according to preliminary media reports. Much of Tacloban is at elevations less than ten feet, and several videos posted on YouTube showed a storm surge of at least ten feet moving through the city. The northern (strong) part of Haiyan’s eyewall made a direct hit on the city

  51. Peace with Iran, follows peace with Gaddafi. shut out of Iraq, and sanctions failing, with oil from Iran going to India, and China, his bosses in the Oil business have instructed Obama to make a deal with Iran.

    This is moving fast, and in a year or two, some Iranian or other will be shaking hands with Barry somewhere or other. Sooner or later the putrid T. Blair’s mug will emerge.

    Israel has no oil, and no say, (contrary to popular “progressive” belief.

    I actually saw the British foreign minister on tv today, getting warm and happy about the progress.

    This is as good as done.

    I’m glad for Iran, but I don’t think it’s about peace, it’s for the transnationals that run the Whitehouse.

    looks like USA has been outsmarted, and outmanoeuvred once again.

  52. heh; interesting prediction, mafr. i’d submit that hassan rouhanni helped a lot, as did putin in another sphere. i saw a headline that the saudi prince is livid, and looking for ways to leverage the us.

    once more nations use their own currencies for some sales, it will also be a game changer. venezuela began this week doing so, on a small scale.

  53. grim day in history

    “On Nov. 9, 1938 — 75 years ago this weekend — one of the most notorious events in the history of the Third Reich began across Germany and Austria. Using the assassination of the German diplomat Ernst von Rath in Paris as an excuse, hundreds of Nazis destroyed Jewish-owned businesses, burned down synagogues and savagely attacked Jews and other minorities. The so-called “Kristallnacht” pogrom — more commonly referred to in Germany as the “November pogroms” — took place in towns and cities as far apart as Munich, Berlin and Vienna, and resulted in the detention and abuse of thousands in concentration camps.”

    der spiegel

  54. paul c. roberts very angry writing out yesterday.

    the saudi conceal their reserves. Maybe international oilco knows what is in the ground over there, and doesn’t like what it sees.

    anyway, I am glad for the average Iranian.

  55. i will be glad when they end the crippling sanctions.

    dunno what’s in the ground in saudi arabia, but lots of the wars seem to be underpinned by pipeline projects, and that’s not just a pepe escobarism. ;)

    and the anniversary of Kristallnacht; really, that was a watershed event. barbarity unleashed.

  56. wikipedia

    “Since 1982, the Saudis have withheld their well data and any detailed data on their reserves, giving outside experts no way to verify Saudi claims regarding the overall size of their reserves and output. This has caused some to question the current state of their oil fields. In a study discussed in Matthew Simmons’s book Twilight in the Desert, 200 technical papers on Saudi reserves by the Society of Petroleum Engineers were analyzed to reach the conclusion that Saudi Arabia’s oil production faces near term decline, and that it will not be able to consistently produce more than 2004 levels.[2] Simmons also argues that the Saudis may have irretrievably damaged their large oil fields by over-pumping salt water into the fields in an effort to maintain the fields’ pressure and boost short term oil extraction.
    Diplomatic cables leaked during the United States diplomatic cables leak in 2011 revealed that Sadad al Husseini, former vice president of Saudi Arabia’s oil monopoly Aramco, warned the US that the oil reserves in Saudi Arabia might in fact be 40% lower than claimed (300bn barrels)”

  57. “Typhoon Haiyan kills 10,000 in Philippines: live updates” (the guardian)

    reports are stilling coming in from other islands. the piece says that a lot of damage was due to wind speeds up to 200 mph, much of the worst damage was due to the storm surge. pictures confirm that in part, but rooves blown off so many buildings… anyway, there are convoys out patrolling to keep looters from…looting. anticipating my reaction to that characterization:

    “The AFP news agency has perhaps the most through round-up of events in the Philippines, which you can read in full here. This is an excerpt about looting in Tacloban. It’s worth noting that if you’re taking supplies to keep yourself and your family alive, as seems the case for many, “looting” isn’t the best word:

    Hundreds of police and soldiers were deployed to contain looters in Tacloban, the devastated provincial capital of Leyte, while the United States announced it had responded to a Philippine government appeal and would send military help.

    “Tacloban is totally destroyed. Some people are losing their minds from hunger or from losing their families,” high school teacher Andrew Pomeda, 36, told AFP, as he warned of the increasing desperation of survivors.

    “People are becoming violent. They are looting business establishments, the malls, just to find food, rice and milk… I am afraid that in one week, people will be killing from hunger.”

    Authorities were struggling to even understand the sheer magnitude of the disaster, let alone react to it, with the regional police chief for Leyte saying 10,000 people were believed to have died in that province alone.”

    what the hell would anyone expect people to do? let their families starve? the guardian chose not to show the many dead bodies lying in the streets, but link to photos of them. sure hope no troops bring in cholera with them, as happened in haiti, which island nation has never recovered. in more shock doctrine evidence, the 1%ers are doing fine, and more debt and wage slaves than ever have been created.

  58. interesting stuff, mafr. parenthetically, i wonder if anyone is still sifting through those wiki cables to find the hidden gems. i reckon the gems in plain sight may have been harvested.

  59. “Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment Russian security forces boarded Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise ship in September, before arresting 30 members of the crew. The ‘Arctic 30’, as they’ve been dubbed by the media, are now being detained by Russian investigators on hooliganism charges, which carry sentences of up to seven years.”

  60. “Looters rampaged through several stores in Tacloban, witnesses said, taking whatever they could find as rescuers’ efforts to deliver food and water were hampered by severed roads and communications. A TV station said ATM machines were broken open.

    Mobs attacked trucks loaded with food, tents and water on Tanauan bridge in Leyte, said Philippine Red Cross chairman Richard Gordon. “These are mobsters operating out of there.”

    and they are supposed to do what?

    all predicted even by the Pentagon, climate change will lead to strife turmoil, violence and misery.

    Americans and Canadians, busy making money selling tar sands, and cracked oil, are going to get both their shares of this.

    I was on Vancouver Island a few months ago, a wind came up suddenly and blew steadily for half an hour, that was unlike anything I have seen.
    and it’s windy here on the prairies.

    not a word of the Phillipines at fdl.

  61. looters and mobs

    not desperate hungry frightened survivors.

    where do they find these people to write this kind of thing?

  62. yep, even the imf and world bank know it, *and* know the danger of extreme wealth mal-distribution and ‘austerity’. and yet…

    from whence those reporters? among the comfortable class, and without the imagination of what severe hunger and thirst could do to a person. late stage hunger brings lassitude, but at first, survival needs bring lots of adrenaline. no, no one has it up at fdl; maybe when the us goes in? i’ve got a busy chore day, so i won’t post about it…. besides, there’s hardly anyone there.

  63. Thank you for commenting here on the disaster (too plain a word, but so it is, so plain and we are encountering it as pain this morning.) fdl was indeed barren. I would have expected with the capacity they have that this Sunday edition would be entirely on the Phillipines, global devastation in awful clarity revealed, the apocalypse revealed – that it is.

    The one photo that expressed this to me, the horror of it, is the one at the Guardian which shows a massive ship (it really is big) on top of debris – toothpicks representing people’s homes, people’s bodies. And the caption says there are living survivors in the picture – you have to really expand to see that yes, there they are, tiny ants filing down a cleared trail (you can’t see the trail) going somewhere – shelter? safety? food?

    And the story of the boy who clung to the coconut tree and was saved by the man reporting when he, the boy, would want just to sleep – and the man saying correctly that he probably only survived because he had to keep the boy alive.

    I could only light my little candle.

    Let there be shelter, safety, food. Let there be sadness. And let there be accountability, recognition, turning. Dedication. Amen.

    Let us see the bodies, if that is what it takes. Whatever it takes.

  64. that photo was the one that most affected me, esp. as i haven’t clicked in to see the bodies. sometimes following great surges you’ll see ship miles inland. when we traveled in the south, seeing some of the remnants fro camille were…stunning, i guess you’d say.

    planes from germany have arrived, the marines are boarding, millions being pledged. wonder how much $ will get there? US ‘pledges’ often fail to be funded.

    “The huge waves came again and again, flushing us out on the street and washing away our homes,” Mirasol Saoyi, 27, told AFP near Tacloban’s seaside sports stadium, where thousands of people had gathered after it withstood the typhoon. My husband tied us together, but still we got separated among the debris. I saw many people drowning, screaming and going under… I haven’t found my husband.” [snip]

    On the outskirts of Tacloban… Edward Gualberto accidentally stepped on bodies as he raided the wreckage of a home.

    Wearing nothing but a pair of red basketball trousers, the father-of-four and village councillor apologised for his shabby appearance and for stealing from the dead.

    “I am a decent person. But if you have not eaten in three days, you do shameful things to survive,” Gualberto told AFP as he dug canned goods from the debris and flies swarmed over the bodies. “We have no food, we need water and other things to survive.”

    After half a day’s work, he had filled a bag with an assortment of essentials including packs of spaghetti, cans of beer, detergent, soap, canned goods, biscuits and candies. “This typhoon has stripped us of our dignity… but I still have my family and I am thankful for that.”

    No, at fdl there are diaries flipping about what *might* happen in various scenarios to USians. i dunno, if no one puts up anything, maybe i will later. never know which organizations to recommend for contributions; oxfam, but that isn’t available to turtle islanders, i think. i remember we scraped together some bucks for a portion one of those cool tents with everything in them; the provisional government (guess who) wouldn’t allow them to be pitched. you know how many people in haiti are *still* living outdoors? a hella lot.

  65. marf and juliania: would either or both of you be willing to host if i pasted a post on the typhoon together? kinda started already to say the truth…

    you might be able to keep up with the liveblog info, peek into the reuters link i’d bring to see which organizations seem most efficient, worthy (at least i think that’s what their ‘BBB’ link is about. i, as they say, am having ‘a bit of a day’, and can’t even imagine i could host a diary this evening. i would/could let you know when it’s up, but likely toward late afternoon. of course, someone else might post about it in the interim, but…not yet. anyway.

    and juliania: i forgot to say how much i liked yoru light a candle idea (and might suggest it); even considered seeing if mr. wd could find some candles for our menorah downstairs… it seems fitting, in a way.

  66. thanks wendydavis.

  67. what do you want to do with liveblogging?

  68. Ah, if you could even just check the links, bring more quotes, info, anything. or really, anything at all, just respond to comments? that site needs someone bringing news, dagnabbit.

  69. ach; i’d forgotten to say that it’s just fine if you don’t want to have any job in this. it was probably rude to even ask. the thing can muddle along without help, and i can check in if anyone even responds.

  70. “A PAF Nomad aircracft flew over Guian, ESamar this morning from 1030H to 1045H. These are the pics we took. Guian bore the brunt of Super Typhoon Yolanda at its first landfall last Friday. One hundred percent of the structures either had their roofs blown away or sustained major damage. Nearly all coconut trees fell. We saw people in the streets, seemingly dazed. Trucks and cars were left in the streets where they were stopped in their tracks as Yolanda struck. We were probably the first outsiders to fly over the area since Friday and obviously, no relief goods have arrived there yet. It was almost lunchtime but there was no smoke from cooking fires. The 2.4 km runway is clear of debris and could still be used by C130 aircraft. Yolanda is probably worse than Pablo and the only reason why we have no reports of casualties up to now is that communications systems in Region 8 are down…

    – Col John Sanchez”

    matchsticks and rubble.

    Yeb Sano, the Phillipine’s climate negotiator said from Warsaw:

    “Naderev Saño – also known as Yeb – has announced that he will fast until a “meaningful outcome is in sight”.

    “We can fix this. We can stop this madness. Right now, right here,” he told delegates at the UN climate talks in Warsaw.

    Choking on his words, he said he was waiting in agony for news from relatives caught in the super-storm’s path, though he was relieved to hear his brother had survived:

    In the last two days he has been gathering bodies of the dead with his own two hands … I will now commence a voluntary fasting for the climate. This means I will voluntarily refrain from eating food during this [conference] until a meaningful outcome is in sight.” and announced that he would fast until meaningful agreements were made.

  71. PYONGYANG, North Korea, Nov. 12 (UPI) — Dozens of people were executed recently in seven North Korean cities in the first known mass executions in the Kim Jong Un regime, South Korean media reported.
    The executions of about 80 people occurred Nov. 3 for relatively minor infractions, such as watching South Korean movies or distributing pornographic material, Korea Joongang Daily reported Monday.

    People were executed in cities such as Wonsan, Chongjin, Sariwon and Pyongsong. No one was executed in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital.

    In Wonsan, eight people tied to stakes at a local stadium with their heads covered were shot with a machine gun, a source told Korea Joongang Daily. Witnesses said Wonsan authorities brought about 10,000 people, including children, to the stadium and forced them to watch.

    Read more:

  72. the last several paragraphs at your upi link made it seem likely that the executions were very personal. revenge, but by wide angle. pathological kim jong un.

  73. he’s got absolute power.

    “Bangladesh labor protests entered a fourth day after overnight negotiations failed to end a dispute over low wages as garment factory owners reopened plants that supply companies including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT)
    Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan met last night with factory owners and labor leaders in an effort to end demonstrations that forced about 400 of the country’s 5,000 garment factories to close yesterday. Thousands of workers seeking to more than double their monthly pay to $104 blocked traffic today in Dhaka, the capital, Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police Abdul Oadud said by phone.

    fighting with police now

  74. all closed down by labour strikes

    “There are some 250 garment units in Ashulia, the major outsourcing area for the world’s renowned apparel brands. Locally big manufacturers also have their units in the region.”

  75. bloomberg: ‘labor unrest’; just can’t quite say ‘on strike’. good on the strikers.

  76. I expect that If the government of the Phillipines took just five percent of the food on the shelves in the unaffected areas of the Phillipines, they would be able to feed and clothe all of these people.

    but they will not do that.

    I am not against sending help and money. But I remember the money given to the red cross when the twin towers were blasted. didn’t they just keep most of it for other things? sit on it for years?

  77. dunno if 5% on the shelves of the unaffected areas would come close, really. they’re counting almost 10 million as ‘affected’ already, and of course that’s from 100% needs for food, shelter, water, clothing and personal items to…something less. you may be right on the red cross, and that’s why i left the better business bureau page for relief ngo’s that they calculate give ya bang for your buck (sorry; lower admin costs). we chose unicef for that reason. only two tenners we could afford, though.

  78. thank you for finding the link, mark. we have given to them before, but i took the easy road when i found those three with a quick giggle search. as i remember it, they are utterly apolitical, which is as it should be for a relief organization. can’t think we’ll have more money than bills in the near future, but you never know what might drop out of the sky.

  79. yes I’m assuming other people come by for a look…’

    right now, see what you think of this. I recognize Crystal Gayle in there, anyone you can name?

    If Daryle Singletary came here, I’d go. (old violin)

  80. original johnny paycheck


  81. your embed didn’t work, so i switched it out. i’ll watch later in case i can identify anyone. never knew johnny payckeck past ‘take this job’.

  82. kris kistopherson (sp?), yes, crystal gayle…the woman in the white stetson should be familiar, but… that’s all i got. comment on your version said:

    ‘i think it might be Shelly West, Dottie`s daughter,b/c she is sitting beside David Frizzell,they used to sing duets a lot.’

  83. “On Friday, that bill likely rose after nearly 30 cars of the 90-car crude oil train on the Alabama & Gulf Coast Railway — one of the 45 former RailAmerica lines Genesee bought for $1.4 billion — derailed in western Alabama. Some dozen of the cars went up in flames that only finally died down by Sunday in the most dramatic U.S. accident since the oil-by-rail boom began. No one was injured or killed.

    By Sunday afternoon, workers were in the process of removing the cars that derailed and cleaning up the site. Contractors were on hand to investigate the site, Bill Jasper, president of the regional line, told Reuters.”


    Global Warming Since 1997 Underestimated by Half
    Filed under: Climate Science Instrumental Record — stefan @ 13 November 2013
    A new study by British and Canadian researchers shows that the global temperature rise of the past 15 years has been greatly underestimated. The reason is the data gaps in the weather station network, especially in the Arctic. If you fill these data gaps using satellite measurements, the warming trend is more than doubled in the widely used HadCRUT4 data, and the much-discussed “warming pause” has virtually disappeared.

  85. too technical for me in the main, but the bottom line isn’t:
    “This is all too true. A media analysis has shown that at least in the U.S., about half of all reports about the new IPCC report mention the issue of a “warming pause”, even though it plays a very minor role in the conclusions of the IPCC. Often the tenor was that the alleged “pause” raises some doubts about global warming and the warnings of the IPCC.”

    someone linked to this thom hartman, l. connors video yesterday. i haven’t watched it, but i figured i could pop it in here. non-quixote mentioned that thom’s been on the climate trail passionately lately.

  86. yes too technical, but the result is straightforward.

    I actually saw an item about acidifying oceans, and destruction on CNN. and it actually said it is caused by burning oil and coal.


    Typhoon now gone from news.

  87. your link caused me to fetch cassiodorus’s recent post; i’d read too quickly, as ever, and had thought that he was saying that there were two sorts of methane gases, and that one (deeper pockets?) could offset the others. anyhoo, turned out i was quite wrong, and i did at least scan the link he mentioned. thought i had minimized it, but it’s gone. but i know you know all that. i only know what little i know more by osmosis than study.

    yes, straightforward, and dire. i’ll try to look in at amy’s to see what she says is goin’ on in warsaw. but today’s bread day, and i’m already delinquent. ;)

  88. did you mean the typhoon is gone from teevee news? no doubt. this is from the guardian: “Typhoon Haiyan survivors lack food and water one week on”

    the government response failed on many levels, and the US said it was cuz they weren’t in charge. who knows, maybe their communication plans could have helped, but they always want to be the heroes of the disasters.

    “Typhoon Haiyan victims receiving aid, says US – video

    US aid planes arrive in Manila delivering food and medical care to those affected by typhoon Haiyan. A US embassy official says aid material is now being effectively distributed outside of central areas. Brian Goldbeck says resources are being moved from Tacloban to up to 18 drop-points.” Right; one week later.

  89. did you mean the typhoon is gone from teepee news?

    Yes. Here the only news is mayor of Toronto. you, healthcare mess. Even russian television has forgotten.

    I don’t think the USA is to blame at all. what about the rest of the world, and what about the locals.

    as you know thousands still live in tents in Haiti.

  90. i mean that the us says, in effect, ‘it’s going well, now that we’re here’. not one bit close to the truth. but sure, what good are all those pledged millions with no massive on the ground aid? food, water, medicine, tents…so many nations with ships not that far away.

  91. some cheyenne river sioux disrupted a meeting at which a couple (nominally, apparently) tribal members had brought in some Keystone reps to bribe the tribe. they were shown the door in a bit of a walk of shame. :)

  92. Yeb Sano, the Philippines’ lead negotiator at the UN climate change summit being held this weekend in Warsaw, spoke of a major breakdown in relations overshadowing the crucial talks, which are due to pave the way for a 2015 deal to bring down global emissions.

    The diplomat, on the sixth day of a hunger strike in solidarity for those affected by Haiyan, including his own family, told the Observer: “We are very concerned. Public announcements from some countries about lowering targets are not conducive to building trust. We must acknowledge the new climate reality and put forward a new system to help us manage the risks and deal with the losses to which we cannot adjust.”

    Munjurul Hannan Khan, representing the world’s 47 least affluent countries, said: “They are behaving irrationally and unacceptably. The way they are talking to the most vulnerable countries is not acceptable. Today the poor are suffering from climate change. But tomorrow the rich countries will be. It starts with us but it goes to them.”

    Recent decisions by the governments of Australia, Japan and Canada to downgrade their efforts over climate change have caused panic among those states most affected by global warming, who fear others will follow as they rearrange their priorities during the downturn.

    In the last few days, Japan has announced it will backtrack on its pledge to reduce its emission cuts from 25% to 3.8% by 2020 on the basis that it had to close its nuclear reactors after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

    Australia, which is not sending a minister to this weekend’s talks, signalled it may weaken its targets and is repealing domestic carbon laws following the election of a conservative government.

    Canada has pulled out of the Kyoto accord, which committed major industrial economies to reducing their annual CO2 emissions to below 1990 levels.”

  93. And based on the $U₵₵E$$ of its epitome practitioner, BushCObama; Why NOT RENEGE?!

  94. conscience? intelligence? foresightedness? burgeoning revolution of higher consciousness? fear for the planet and future generations? pity on those who are suffering first and most?

    i confess i didn’t realize that the warsaw talks were in advance of *real negotiations* in 2015. what the fuck?

    you seem to know how to make different characters. do you have any idea why in documents and emails my \ makes a yen sign instead? gets odd.

  95. okay, odd bodkins this is. there was a kerfuffle over yonder on my jeremy hammond post last night, and i got an email saying folks were complaining that comments were being scrubbed. when i went back to the post, yes, they were complaining, and the commenter was banned, but obviously not over the quality of the comments, cuz: long story short, i got into edit just now to see who, what the comments said. i looked in Trash first, then in Spam, some were in each pile. but when scrolled down, the was a backways rude with your address. my goodness.

  96. 2015? Then there’s time for one last Environmentally TERMINAL renege by BarBarack ZerObama before $pinning through the revolving door. But slash –
    (/) : wild guess, a WordPress feature (or your PC/notebook/Ipad made in Japan?) : o )-~

  97. At a major United Nations climate summit in Warsaw this week, a plan is being hammered out for negotiations on a new climate treaty to be finalized in Paris in two years’ time. Delegates from 195 nations are also seeking to obtain commitments from countries to limit their greenhouse-gas emissions between now and 2020. But the path forward is rife with disputes between rich and poor countries over funding, and how to allocate and enforce emissions reductions.”

    The conference aims to outline the schedule and to set parameters for negotiations ahead of the next major climate summit in Paris in 2015, when countries hope to forge a treaty to follow the 2009 agreement settled on in Copenhagen.”

    I feel so stupid that I hadn’t a clue the horizon was so far off on these ‘negotiations’, now, so completely deflated.

    Remember the utter failure of the Rio Conference on Sustainability?

  98. Jayzuz; i just watched the anonymous video on that post. we just may be collectively predisposed to doing nothing helpful for the planet…or its inhabitants. wonder if anon put one up for warsaw?

  99. Michael Klare: a climate change-fueled revolution?

    a commenter linked to richard smith’s: ‘Capitalism and the Destruction of Life on Earth: Six Theses on Saving the Humans’. i haven’t read it yet.

  100. if you could, would you post one of your vegetarian recipes?

    It’s hard to find good ones.


  101. the formatting is all bollixed up; i can’t tell which open menu we’re on. but what flavor/spice/ethnic (or not) line, mafr?

    and maybe i should go ahead and create a recipe/cooking thread, eh? um…i’m hot on the trail of a story right now. if you could wait a bit, or maybe you were asking nonquixote for one, not me, in any event. :)

  102. any time, any kind.

  103. you know what they say about ‘too much freedom’, don’t you mark (mafr)?
    i’ll create a shell, them may fill it in a bit. do you like tofu, which legumes, which time prep, and so on? as in, what level of ease, or not? i got loads, really, but as i said, i do use meat broths and garnishes. strictly meatless? cheeseless? clueless? ;)

  104. I am not a good cook,, pinto beans, got anything Mexican?

    meatless is good.

  105. yes, i make a lot of mexican food. i’ll include some later; for now i just did fried rice. i said that a lot of my mexican dishes are meat-based, but i can zip up some meatless ones, esp. since you like pintos. do you soak and cook your own, or use canned ones?

    the good news is that everyone can be a good cook.

  106. Oh sorry, didn’t realize the recipes should be vegetarian – actually the chile does fine without meat, just maybe put in some boiled potatoes – the pintos get really meaty tho, just by themselves. I like black beans too, but they’re a bit fussier and can get obstinate about softening for me. And I used to add cocoa powder to the sauce – haven’t done that in a while but it makes a nice rich one.

  107. would you consider adding this to the other thread? yes, we can speak of sauces. i add burgundy and chocolate to my italian sauces for the depth of flavor, and once in awhile tequila and chocolate to my chilaquile sauce. not sure how deep to go here, lol.

  108. This is a good time to think about Operation Northwoods

    “James Bamford wrote on Northwoods:

    Operation Northwoods, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phoney evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war.”

    “As the U.S. Department of Defense report noted:
    Any of the contrived situations described above are inherently, extremely risky in our democratic system in which security can be maintained, after the fact, with very great difficulty. If the decision should be made to set up a contrived situation it should be one in which participation by U.S. personnel is limited only to the most highly trusted covert personnel. This suggests the in feasibility of the use of military units for any aspect of the contrived situation.”


  109. Tornado hits U.S. nuclear facility – Uranium enrichment building damaged — Parts of cooling towers destroyed — Alert declared for ‘emergency condition’


  110. two guys in Newfoundland (we call them Newfies) save a Greenland shark…. that had eaten some moose.

    Only in Newfoundland could this happen

    newfie joke

    what’s black and blue and floats in St. John’s harbour?

    A mainlander who tells Newfie jokes.

  111. “Canadian Arctic port and rail company pins hope for revival on oil exports
    Bakken shale shipments across 810-mile railway that shifts over unstable permafrost raise concerns over safety and wildlife”

    lol, i missed your newfie link and joke, mafr.

  112. yeah they are getting desperate, the tarsands oil window is closing.

    most of 22 minutes were Newfies.

    we missed this.

    Ninth WTO Ministerial Conference
    The Ninth Ministerial Conference will be held in Bali, Indonesia, from 3 to 6 December 2013. The Opening Ceremony will be held on the afternoon of the first day, Tuesday 3 December, followed by two working days, 4 and 5 December, with the Closing Ceremony on the final day, Friday 6 December.”

    what are they doing.

  113. yeah, the port was fine shipping wheat, but as part of the oil program, (no stone left unturned) the wheat board was closed, it was the main shipper through the port of Churchill.

    That existing line is plagued with derailments. it’s muskeg, swamp. there’s to way that won’t result in regular oil dumps in Manitoba’s northeast boreal forest.

    it’s a single minded mania. oil like they say, black gold, it seems to do something to some people’s ability to reason.

  114. i’d seen a headline about the wto meeting in bali, but breezed right by it, i confess. your link provides zero info on the ‘schedule’ page except for a bit about yemen. yemen? my stars. quid pro quo for drone assassinations there?

    a quick (very quick) google seemed to indicate that the uae wants in, but i can’t be sure, as i got called away from the computer.

    yes, the muskeg train sounds like a horrendous plan, and the inevitable accidents and spills will be either hidden, or bring ‘who could have known?’ responses.

    newfies: mary walsh is in a movie i’m watching in spurts, with colm meany and about emigrees from ireland to newfoundland. i do love sea stories.

  115. are you familiar with “Marg Princess Warrior” Mary walsh’s character?

    If not, and if you can, it’s very funny.

  116. Roy Orbison performed his last concert this day in 1988 in Akron, OH. He died just 2 days later on December 6th. He was in the midst of a big comeback with the success of The Traveling Wilburys as his magnificent Mystery Girl album that was released 2 months after his passing. Here’s “Pretty Woman” recorded at this last performance…

  117. 1988? whooosh; dinnae realize he’d died so long ago. mr. wd and i (and our spaniel) hitch-hiked through akron on our way to visit my mum near youngstown, o, long ago, on our way to canada. (yeah, we mightta needed a different map, lol) it was so polluted he’s called it ‘Acrid’ ever since. ;) good thing we have roy in a few of the wilburys videos, eh?
    that one was nice, and quite different from earlier versions.

  118. great photos, if depressing. no, i’ll look up marg, princess warrior. sounds funny. wait; is this the character? if so, i’d never connected it to Xena.

  119. that’s her. her interviews of Prime ministers are hilarious. she grills them.

    we throw a lot of buildings away here. In Europe they live in houses for hundreds of years.

  120. i’d remembered her character of mag delahunty, may be the same one? but i was always impressed by the way the politicos goofed around with her, it would never happen here, i reckon. canadians are funnier, if ya don’t mind my sayin’ so.

    i am completely depressed by the conversation on kevin’s post, and finding the stuff i’ve been working on…pale in the face of it, so i may need a break. in addition, i’m so very tired of posts over yonder and at a couple other sites i’ve participated at minimally that find humanity…so wanting that we deserve what we get. i just don’t see it that way.

  121. The Color, PURPLE; your’n and mine: now, the BOTU are apparently convincing more among US as the victims to Blame THEMSELVES (as I was endeavoring to epitomize in the Stratfor-saken thread – ” … nor blame OURSELVES as the victims(e.g.,; …”

  122. great tune by the fellers, thanks…

    wonder how they wrote that song

  123. ian welsh and friends from early blogging days had been dissecting the left’s failures to make changes, but they really meant ‘electoral’. it drew a lot of the old hands in. at some point i volunteered that they never were really ‘of the people’, not blogging indigenous, trade unions, and reg’lar folks issues, again, except as side-issues to buttress their arguments. exchanging emails with another friend involved in the discussion (as well as back in the day) , i found my self saying that i’d wanted to ask them if they ever even spoke with their checkers or sackers at the grocery store.

    so, yes, class is a biggie, and the academics will always fail to create the revolution they desire, and might glorify populist movements, but fail to understand ordinary people.

    on the other side of the equation, there are those like cmukonen who only rail at people in the us as: selfish, greedy, living in mcmansions in gated communities,
    bringing polls showing how untrusting, self-centered, ‘stupid’, etc. i just wonder if they are guilty of their own projections, no matter how torqued. they must live in a different world than i do. yes, many folks are like that, and haven’t had the veil of lifetimes of propaganda (not to mention the toxins in food and water) they’ve been pumped full of, but damn. even here in the reddest county in colorado, we help our neighbors when they’re down!

    when mr. wd and i occupied mancos, it always seemed like a good idea to listen to the folks who stopped to ask what the hell we were protesting. we’d tell them our ideas on some of the things they found most odious about government, and most went away nodding in agreement, or at least a new understanding.

    but damn, after my fill of some of the bummer raps on fellow humans, this song i found poking around on goin’s on in elsipogtog, i felt like only writing posts to counter the negativity, at least a little. and meanwhile, it was one degree here this mornin’, and i froze my tits off again when i got up. ;) (thanks, mary walsh, i can say it with impunity!)

    we need to take a page outta these folks’ books, and militantly defend our lands and water! and respect, if not love, each other.

  124. ha; da wiki says:

    “The song was originally intended as the B-side of Harrison’s “This Is Love”. Harrison had not yet written a song for the B-side when an impromptu gathering of the musicians who became the Wilburys turned into an informal songwriting and jam session. Casting about for a song idea while relaxing in a garden near Bob Dylan’s recording studio, Harrison was inspired when he noticed a box in Dylan’s garage that was labelled “Handle with Care”. The box also inspired the opening line: “been beat up and battered around.” The complete song quickly followed, with different members of the gathering contributing various lines. The group moved to a recording studio and quickly laid down the basic tracks which were later polished by eventual Wilburys producer Jeff Lynne.

    Harrison’s record company decided that the song was too good to be released as “filler.” Encouraged by this response and the enjoyable experience of recording together, the group re-convened to record the first Wilburys album, which featured “Handle With Care” as the lead track.

    The music video for the song features all the group members performing the song in an abandoned building while standing around an old-fashioned boom microphone, with drummer Jim Keltner in the background. There are brief cutaways to show still photos of the singers as children or young teens.

    The song was the last release and video for group member Roy Orbison prior to his death on December 6, 1988.

    (…and don’t forget to tip your waitress.)

  125. oh, and ‘the color purple, your’n and mine’? explain, please? all i could come up with was ‘ya gotta know that it really pisses off god if ya can’t stand in a field of flowers like this and love the color purple!’ (as in: all of us’?)

  126. un approves ‘foreign’ troops to central africa republic, right on cue; samantha powers also speaks in the video. so far, the french, as with the bombing sorties over libya.

  127. interesting group that made the video. saw an article decrying the same of people of color. we have a long way to go.

    did you read the donation tracker at the inquirer?

    thanks for putting up some things of interest while i play hooky. i’ll add this short film for now. “Columbite Tantalite: a film that fuses Congo’s past and present struggles Chiwetel Ejiofor on his short film, which focuses on how the wealth generated by a mineral mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo remains out of reach of the country’s people further information is here at the guardian.

  128. I didn’t , but I will. we’ve already forgotten those people, so I found that site.

    as we used to say ….no sweat.

    Virgin of Guadaloupe. (The dark virgin)

    “In this and other churches dedicated to La Virgen de Guadalupe throughout the nation, millions of the faithful will gather December 12 for processions, prayers, songs, dances, and fireworks to honor “La Reina de México” (the Queen of Mexico).

    ““She was ‘morena,’ dark, and looked like him and spoke to not a rich man but to a very, very poor indigenous person,” said Sister Su-Fern Khoo of the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity, a traveling religious group, who was preparing for Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrations at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Long Beach.

    In a melding of religious and cultural traditions, many Catholic churches held special midnight Masses in which parishioners sang “Las Mañanitas,” a traditional birthday song in many Latin American countries. This was accompanied by mariachis and children dressed as Juan Diego and indigenous people.”

  129. congo I just read reached another peace agreement with m23. peace for a while there.

  130. your video was out of sync for me

  131. i swapped out videos; i hope this one works better. i love ‘the dark virgin’. we have a black angel for our christmas tree. :) sounds like a lovely festival, no?

  132. yes it does. tried to find some video from today, but no luck so far.

    this will make you feel good

  133. ah, it does, mark. you can watch him imagine it, hear it, then finger it. nice.

  134. like a bavarian beer-fest or something, eh? eep on bob’s wig. makes him look a bit like tom petty. ;)

  135. I think Bob’s christmas tune is hilarious. not sure about the crud bump one.

  136. that’s okay; i’d seen it on the youtube list when kgb had given us the ‘send 100,000 photos of his butt to the nsa’ one.

    i’ve been meaning to ask if you’d like another recipe or two. i have a simple lemon cream pasta one, and a dill and sour cream baked cod one. that one i make because we can’t afford lobster. :)

  137. thanks, I’ll take the lemon cream pasta one, that would be great.

    I don’t eat fish

  138. done; i just added it to the recipes comments section. it’s very simple to make. fattening, but sometimes, who cares?

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