recent links worth reading, [updated]

best of the day, imo:  Ever-Shrinking Democracy in America; NSA’s Path to Totalitarianism  by NORMAN POLLACK

also excellent, a concise explanation of this news and ‘the cloud’, and its import

NSA Invaded the Google and Yahoo Servers, Monitors Nearly Everyone’s Internet Use  by Alfredo Lopez

Emergency Advisory: Mi’kmaq say, “We are still here, and SWN will not be allowed to frack.”

Canada quietly ratifies controversial international investment convention

Why Obama And Democrats Don’t Do Much of What Liberals Want (Netroots Failure: Part 2by Ian Welsh (fdl and obmaDontCare are dicussed along the way)

Russell Brand’s new op-ed at the Guardian.  He acknowledges he’s been praised and swatted, and asked to run for office (clueless).

This post at Dissident Voice parses some of that stuff quite well, imo.

And sorry, juliania, NZ voted for snooping by two votes.

10 responses to “recent links worth reading, [updated]

  1. This is an exciting new feature, wendye – thanks very much! I am so often behind the times as far as reading – I just slogged through the guardian and didn’t really find anything except an outraged Mursi in the Egyptian courtroom – and knowing we’re a lot behind the east coast always makes one feel rather late to the ballgame. Haven’t enjoyed your links yet, but I’m looking forward to that in future – whenever you get the time, that is. Thanks very much!

  2. welcome, juliania. i hope you find your way in, but lol on the mask. see you could always download one of these for your avatar. one has long curly hair. or any other mask, for that matter.

    i get up early, and spook around the web, but today i was collecting links anyway for a domestic surveillance piece, and also had in mind a piece blending chief arvol lookinghorse and russell brand, which i’d stuck a pin in. :) but mafr’s comment decided me. thanks, mafr. but now i’m having to start from scratch, and i am sooooo sloooooow….

    added: oh look! you’re a kiwi now! good job!

  3. That Canadian link, I just don’t get what the Provinces are thinking about.

    and thanks, this is a good idea.

  4. “A special issue of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Climatic Change has taken this up a notch in a tacit admission: Common sense demands that governments bring tribes to the table as full participants in a discussion of how to deal with the challenges that climate change presents and that they
    treat indigenous viewpoints not as quaint supplements to Western science but as equally valid explanations of how the world works—that such observations, taken as they are over millennia, are a science in their own right.

    This increasing collaboration and respect between the two took a major step forward this month with the entire October issue of the journal Climatic Change devoted to indigenous perspectives on climate change—the first peer-reviewed journal to put traditional knowledge on a par with modern science.”


  5. changed my name to my actual name.


  6. re firedog lake and american healthcare…. I recall that Jane Hamsher wrote many articles that were scathing attacks on the Health insurance Obama thing.

    that’s why I started reading things at that site.

    Bloggers don’t influence politicians, only money does. Politicians don’t have to worry at all what this or that person writes. When it does become concerning, they act, for instance on Greenwald, or his associate, the film maker who fears returning to her home.

    Most Bloggers can only hope to inform people.

  7. howdy, mark; a pleasure to meet you. all i can figure is that the provinces have been corrupted, and know that the taxpayers will pay the tribunal fines, and not the businesses/multinational whose stocks they own, or contribute to their campaigns. or bring them a notch closer to revolving door jobs.

    re: the issue of fdl and insuranceDontcare, the deal they were discsussing was supporting the plan with a public option v. holding out for single payer. i do remember what was mentioned about dennis kucinich being on air force I, landing, and doing the same thing.

    i was still at tpm cafe during most of that, and the flame wars were major. i purposely avoided the subject since i don’t use docs if i can help it in any event. only didn’t help it once in thirty years, and my beliefs were confirmed. :)

    cool on the indigenous at the table; what i’m working on now is at least tangential to the subject. indian country today is not very respected by induns, though, i will say, or at least activist and traditional ones.

  8. my guess is that you won’t mind if i use your link, mark? hope so; i used. :)

    also: have a question; i just booted this up on my qwest IE, and the whole page is in italics. is this what any of you see?

  9. no, looks normal to me.

  10. it looks fine for me on firefox, chrome, and the big bad IE, just not my qwest IE. well, hope no one else uses that abominable thang… and thank you for the link; very timely. (can’t get over your not being mafr any longer…)

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