‘if not now, then when?’

i really wanted to hear Yeb Saño’s 2012 speech at the climate change talks in doha.  I found it, but mr. wd was watching Democracy Now last night, and I listened with half an ear and what i thought i’d heard from jamela alindogan, al jazeera english  correspondent in manila… torqued me off. 

this morning i listened to yesterday’s broadcast, got pissed again.  jeff masters, director of weather underground’s take on major storm statistics was interesting.  that he seems more interested in what agreements might get hammered out in 2015 was baffling. 

let me know what you think.  i cry every time i hear this plea from Yeb Saño. 

it’s good Amy will be reporting from poland from this round of talks.

the guardian has a page up about relief efforts; they will be slow, too slow for many, i can only surmise.

6 responses to “‘if not now, then when?’

  1. will read and discuss. thank you.

    somewhat tired today.

  2. Listened to AmyG live this morning. I heard the latest plea for help at Warsaw, I thought, first half hour. Obama is sending an aircraft carrier food and supplies as a base to assist in relief. Trying to find a trust-worthy local place to donate something.

    T Hartman was interesting on the second half hour. Appears we are all going to be on a sunk economic ship regardless of where we live by 2016.

  3. Nobody’s watching; but ZerObama, as all he does (for those in dire need).

  4. nive to see you. nonquixote. yes, mr. wd said she read yeb sano’s entire speech aloud. touching, tear-jerking as all giddy-up,. eh? mafr brought this link to doctors without borders for contributions on the open menu. good folks, rigorously apolitical.

    probably a good place to donate if you are donating is

    doctors without borders who are there now


    hartman: a day late, imo, but okay where he says some truth. like john nichols. sorry, i have one of those headaches… :)

  5. bruce, i got an ‘economic update’ email (with charts andgraphs!!!) from the white house todday. saved the graphics; i might have to blog it. on the other hand, i followed a few threads on wikileaks’ twitter thang; there might be a post in that. wish i weren’t so old n slow n in the way some days.

  6. mafr; please rest and rejuvenate. i hear you, and mirror that.

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