email satire from the white house

(Our beleaguered President needed a break from Teh Serious, so he sent this out on11/12/13 just for laughs.  if ya can’t read the words on the first graphic, he advises using Control and +.)


We’ll pass it along, Mr. President.



Yes; you try harder.


Yes, good news indeed.


Thank heaven!


Yes, from public schools school to college!

From the #ABetterBargain Group at Democratic Underground:

“You know something, our colors are getting brighter and bolder every single day! It is the color of change and it’s beautiful~~~ The Color of Things “ man’s character always takes its hue, more or less, from the form and color of things about him.” – Frederick Douglass

thousand dollar bill

He also said that he and Jamie Dimon were goofin’ around trading emails the other day, and (my verrrry personal heart throb) Jamie sent him this video since it’s finally back up on youtube. Apparently, he’d signed the email: ‘Har har har!’ I confess I’m a big fan of self-mockery, even of The Sociopathic Kind.

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10 responses to “email satire from the white house

  1. Perhaps, in ObamaSpeak a ” ‘better’ bargain” Trumps his bigger Gran’ Buggerin’ plans (but, with his fellow Trump and Dimon $TUD$, don’t rule out another serial renege!)
    They’re ALL nucular Wendigos, indeed; with their bottomline, burning Feet of FIRE! May we soon live in Interesting TUNE$, instead. :

  2. nah; he’ll get his grand bargain. he engineered it, but he and dems are trying to con us into thinking that what they’re doin’ with that bipartisan committee…ain’t that.

    ‘interesting’ they are and will relentlessly continue to be, of course.

    Added: oh, dear. i failed to hyperlink my ‘personal heart throb Jamie’ designation earlier; fixed it. sorry. :)

  3. OR Maybe; rather, a time of ‘new told lies and extreme visions of LOONEY TUNES’ !

  4. it just may be that you and i don’t share either a common funny bone or musical sense, but your selections don’t always make sense to me. was the first from johnny tremaine? somehow, in the wayback machine of my mind, i remember his name. a weekly show, perhaps, when more regular people had teevee sets?

    yes, always let the sunshine in.

  5. Well, they made more sense before the Buffy-the-WendigoSlayer and the Liberal/TeaParty video links posted on this thread came down. ;-)

  6. i can also imagine how ridiculous it is for a hippie with increasing dementia to want things to make sense. as in: irony alert! oh, me. ;)

    bread day; gotta scoot for now. but hell’s kotula: that ‘requiem’ video i had a hard time gettin’ outta my head. yikes-a-rooney.

  7. wait: i just absorbed that. what videos came down?

  8. Buffy’s detest of The Priests of the Golden Bull; followed by an “untitled” one portraying “Kumbaya” among liberals and Tea Partiers against “Chicken” George the Third’s Obotics, (hence my facetious “Sons of Liberty” ‘refrain’). My posted ‘requiem’ video feed wasn’t even the gruesome u-tube one; but Gato diablo did make a cameo reference on the SCTV’s World War III Kickstart solicitation (Because, Obama; of course)!

  9. oh, lol. yes, i’d switched out buffy for ry cooder; it fit better. now i kinda/sorta get it… okay, not really, lol.

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