(apologies): erik prince on abc’s ‘this week’

Under the video it says: ‘Published on Nov 17, 2013
Lots of fun for you and your family, enjoy and share our channel’

from back in 2007:

Remember the children of Fallujah and what happened after the second ‘insurgent’ attacks on Blackwater employees.  These events will never be consigned to the dustbin of history.  Listening to Prince and Raddatz fueled my rage almost indescribably.  So flippant, so cavalier.  Raddatz spent far too long as an ’embedded reporter’.  Result: over-identification with the troops and war.

12 responses to “(apologies): erik prince on abc’s ‘this week’

  1. “Good Night and Good Luck” to the metastasized brainstem mudia; epitomized by Bob Arnot, calling the onset of the SECOND Bush invasion of Iraq, “Game Day”. It set the course for the U.S.’ flood of black water ever since. Nuts, Xe?

  2. i found it gobsmacking that prince would be welcomed in teevee society, which certainly doesn’t meet the low bar of ‘civilized’. since scahill alerted us to the fun show, he has tweeted: “how about having the mothers/widows of the 4 Blackwater contractors killed in Fallujah on w Erik Prince?”

    and if memory serves, they were in a kitchen convoy, and may have been shanghaied to work for ‘the company’.

    ‘game day’. ‘turn the sands to glass’. ‘shock and awe’. yes, and prince and his ilk, coupled with jsco, will stay in afghanistan, creating more enemies of the us of a. they know what they’re doin’, these wot advocate warriors, don’t they?

    the most boitiful woild…in the woild. thankfully there are many humans who are quietly spiritually evolving, eh? we need more. the world needs more.

  3. ugh! northern illinois training grounds are only four hours from here, though I had not found exactly where they were located.
    I’ve posted this link previously. Apparently the money to keep us, ‘safe,’ and these guys in business, takes precedence over so many other things, like food, water, shelter and health care.
    Otherwise I hope your outlook improves for some good reason. TV was not on yesterday here. Day to day challenges enough for this person. ;-)

  4. i saw the link on jeremy scahill’s twitter page; i never watch news on the teevee, and only the occasional non-pbs program. but creep in your area, yes.

    when you gave a similar link on one of my recent posts, wasn’t it more about the flavor of quelling local dissent?

    ah, a good reason like ‘the devil came for his harvesting of erik prince, a la the deal they made at the Crossroads? yes, that would improve my outlook. oddly, it was okay yesterday before i waded into the blackwater and climate change pre-talks in warsaw. a woman who writes on current astrology at opEd news had a lovely column up on the full moon being in taurus now; very luscious, even for those of us who aren’t very astrologically minded.

  5. Hot stew for lunch, crockpot started about 4:30 am. Garden everything except the organic veggie broth and the grass fed cow, which I traded for locally.

    Yes, my forgetful brain totally lapsed on the (planned?) Xe training facility in Illinois. Trouble for the (GTac) Cline group taconite extractions, who want military protection for wanting to despoil the water in violation of treaty rights of the Bad River tribes in northern WI, with the help of our current R state government, might have been part of the request for these funds. Hopefully the fed security is being anticipated as needed to enforce the treaty rights and not the other way around. I know, fat chance.


  6. fat chance, but i don’t get the inherent conflict with taconite mine security; can’t think Xe would be interested in such a non-lucrative gig. you? but i had to giggle GTac, now i get it.


    we traded for some elk meat this year and last. easier to imagine killing a cow, i’ll grant you, but this was already er…in the freezer. we almost use meat as a flavor garnish any more, may be heading back toward our vegetarian days a bit. i’m making birthday dinner for a vegetarian neighbor; how does red lentil/quinoa/rice/dried cranberry sound, under mixed cauliflower/peppers/onions with a light cheddar sauce? maybe some toasted pinons to garnish the lentils?

  7. With you on the flavor ingredient with meat. Your vegetarian recipe sounds delightful. I never was a vegetarian but cheese is allowed? :^) Domestic or imported pinions are beyond my budget. Chinese pinions are not what they purport to be. We have a couple lbs of cow in the deep freeze and nearly unlimited elk and fish from relatives who are “sportspeople.” We still don’t use that much.

    Thanks for the WI Sierra Club linky, I am not a giggle master.

  8. egad; when your comment came in on email, i did a duck panic about the cheese sauce. just called our hermit neighbor, and whooosh: cheese is okey-dokey. ah, there are so many different gradations of veg-somethings, hard to keep track of. the lentils would taste better cooked with chicken broth, but i’ll invent something. luckily for me, he lives with spidees and massive webs and er…dirt, so i don’t have to tidy up this place, lol. spidees: triple brrrr….

    pinons: my father-in-law sent a box of pecans, almonds and pinons just as i was finish up the basil crop. last one got them, though. i bake for him, and really need to stop it with the astronomical price for shipping now. christmas, yes, i’ll load him up a bit. i wrote a vignette about our relationship; i’ll dig it up one day…

    but even mr. wd is eating fewer meaties any more. stay good, dear.

  9. Searching for a way to make this less OT than it seems – tentacles of the Empire, kiwi O No You Don’t! or whatever – do take a look at this:


    Nasty oily Texans. Raglan Beach is near where my uncle had his sheep farm.

  10. Literally among the environmental shock troops Of TOMORROW; and FYI, they are on the high seas 100 N.M. off New Zealand (NZ) and thus beyond the jurisdiction of any specious NZ Anadarko dictate!

  11. @ juliania: this thread is ALL off topic, ww. yes, a nice stand-off in kiwi seas. (sincerely off-topic or new topic can go on open menus, only easy to find when comments say they are on that thread.) but hell, food, gardening, cooking for hermits, what’s off topic here?

    i kinda filled up the open menu with climate change junk; i got so depressed about it all yesterday, even commented at NC and a couple other sites about it today. and all that with a blessed full moon in taurus! what a goddam ingrate i do be… ;-)

    @ bruce: reverse pirates of the high seas! arrrrr, matey!

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