the tragicomedy of black politics in the age of obama

Glen Ford:   ‘You know Black folks are in trouble when a Saturday Night Live skit provides more insight into African American politics than all the Black so-called political “analysts” at MSNBC. “Most African Americans are wholly unconcerned about Obama’s actual legislative and executive agenda.” The people are left defenseless, for the sake of an icon in the White House.’

4 responses to “the tragicomedy of black politics in the age of obama

  1. Despite the abject depravity of such profiles in profanity:

    as a free American, I take pride in the principle, that whether deposed prince or oppressed pauper, “I will not blame the victim; but pursue the perps”.

  2. the ad i got with it for degrees for cia agents, fittingly enough. whose quote, bruce?

    you must have seen that obomba awarded bill clinton, oprah, and steven spielberg medals of honor, along with others. cripes. hard not to satirize it, but some good folks were on the list, so i resisted it.

  3. When you think it can’t get more detestable, nor they more despicable; medals of “freedom” for co-1%ers; $PON$ORED by Company recruiting! INFURIATING!! In consolation; I prize your mettle of freedom music infinitely more; since it epitomizes my contention that WE soul-mates of expression present the incarnation of the principle, “The truth shall set you free” (think what torture it must be to live daily with one’s lies and victims ala ObamAssassin)!!! The prior quote’s my own pathetic expression of hope for timely justice:

  4. o, thank you for the airplane! i wish i thought the evildoers did have consciences, bruce, but i think they either never acquired them in the normal flow of bonding, or erased them step by step by choice, accidentally or purposely. but the result is the same, isn’t it?

    oh, and your other video reads: ‘missing’; is there another version?

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