walmart: respect your workers! no justice? no peace!

This is from September 5, and if these brave Walmart workers don’t make your eyes mist over and your heart swell a bit, I’ll be surprised.

Forbes reckons that Walmart will win the Dollar Wars (Ka-ching!) day, no matter the Black Friday protests, labor violations, and the negative publicity.   You can watch Waldo World’s Praise Walmart on High! rebuttal ad here.  Wanna bet the testimonials are given by paid actors?  Uh-huh.  Forbes actually told the truth about half of Walmart workers earning under $25,000 a year, thus qualifying a family of three for public assistance, and linked to an interactive Google map at of Friday’s planned actions. highlighted their new 31 second teevee ad:

In response, Waldo World’s Praise Walmart on High! began airing their rebuttal ad here. (Sorry, I won’t embed it.) Wanna bet the testimonials are given by paid actors?  Uh-huh.

Occupy Wall Street is calling for Walton Family Wealth to be Nationalized on #BlackFriday, and have this great graphic showing how those 150 billions of dollars should be distributed instead.  It’s all pretty fun.

The former OurWalmart website, now, just doesn’t seem very well maintained, but there are petitions to sign, and ways to contribute to help striking and fired protesting workers.  To keep track of Black Friday events, I’d suggest Making Change at Walmart as it seems more current, but you can choose.  Or follow them at #walmartstrikers on twitter.

Please consider posting any of this information on your social networking sites, and if you happen to be out and about, stand with any striking workers you see.  Maybe bring them coffee, snacks, contribute a bit of cash if they have a contribution jar.  It’s tough to urge folks never to shop at their stores, given that as is true in our locale, WaldoWorld is about all that’s left for a lot of different necessary items.  But if you do have to shop there, you might want to talk to your checkers about the burgeoning national movement to unionize workers, or even write the site web addresses down for them.  The ones Mr. wendydavis, Rabble Rouser, talks with are interested, but understandably scared witless of losing their jobs from protesting.  But just knowing that you care about them, and the screw job that they’re receiving from the Richest Folks on the planet, paying their workers the least on the planet, can go a long way.  The OWS Black Friday protest tools and techniques are here.  Enjoy the many links on the right sidebar, including what we can do to Free Reverend Billy! longtime no shopping on Black Friday advocate.

Updated at noon MST:

In the ‘O, how we delight in Schadenfreude’ breaking news department, from the Guardian: ‘Walmart’s Doug McMillon to replace Mike Duke as chief executive: Duke, who has overseen a disappointing period for the world’s largest retailer, to retire after five years in charge’

‘Duke has overseen a disappointing period for Walmart. The company’s shares have underperformed, and it has found itself criticised over working conditions. Activists are planning a series of strikes on Black Friday, seen as one of the most important days in the US retail calendar.

Once a retailing powerhouse, Walmart has struggled significantly this year. Its same-store sales – a measure of profitability – fell in each quarter, and MKM Partners, a Wall Street research firm, expects more of the same in the last three months of the year.

The company attributed the fall to several different factors, ranging from government policy changes to the struggling economy. It has also faced significant labour disputes with its employees, some of which have organised to complain about the company’s low pay. Last week, a Walmart store in Ohio took up a charity collection of canned food for Thanksgiving – for its own workers.

Our Walmart member Tiffany Beroid, one of more than 800,000 store workers who earn less than $25,000 a year, said:”Walmart has been heading in the wrong direction, and it’s a testament to the pressure the company is feeling that they’re changing leadership at this moment.

“We’re happy to see Mr McMillon acknowledge the hard work of associates in his statement this morning, and we hope that this appreciation translates into improving jobs for Walmart workers. We sincerely hope that Mr McMillon will answer the country’s calls for Walmart to publicly commit to paying $25,000 a year, providing full-time work and ending its illegal retaliation against its own employees.”

Keep the pressure up where it hurts most: right in the Walton families’ pocketbooks!

And I wonder, Oh Lord, I wonder
What a world this would be
Without poverty…

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8 responses to “walmart: respect your workers! no justice? no peace!

  1. Good Morning Wendy,
    Thanks for the post, Commented at FDL and Rec’d. Wal-Mart strike discussions, and I caught the tail-end of performance artist Reverend Billy on Democracy Now with a prayer for Life. The second half of the show explores some judgements about evil in discussions of a new movie.

    A beautiful blanket of white covering my yard, garden and trees. Downside, county road crews could not wait to be getting the first of the season salt on the roads to melt ice and corrode vehicles.

  2. welcome, nonquixote, and thanks for your additions. wish i had time to watch; i love reverend billy! but…i’m working on a post about some tragic transgenic news. i’ll get it up soon as i can, but once again, RL is full of obligations. spent a good part of yesterday cleanin’ this place of a major crop of fezziwigs and woolyboogers.

    their twitter feed or whatever it’s called has great photos, and solidarity actions, and some folks are striking in columbia, md.

    josh eidelson at salon put up ‘how the corporate grinch is stealing thanksgiving’

    have a great day, dear nonqixote. do they still salt roads there? eeep.

  3. Aarrgh. You can still get your “Motown” turkey basted in the WallyWorld auto-lube dept. Thanksgiving morn, as ill ! Profane PROFIT$ dictate, y’know.

  4. lol. mr. wd got us a li’l turkey-lurkey at Slaveway, ‘since we’re neighbors, lesbians’.

    yes, once again: because capitalism.

  5. There is an effort to use a sugar beet derivative to coat the pavement with, but yes, the roads are salted and sanded at stop signs and intersections and at driveway intersections with town and county roads. Weather and conditions are closely monitored, minimal applications ensuring safe driving is the rule.

    Checked for the nearest Wal-Mart strike activity and I cannot afford the four hour drive to get there, though I have attempted to phone a few local activists to come together at the nearest wallyspot, about twenty minutes away to do a solidarity demo.

  6. well, rats. i searched all my word.doc links to find the page on which you can request others join you at a certain location, but i can’t find it. but that’s such a cool idea, nonquixote. not the one i linked to in the OP, another one. people are tweeting those requests on the link above, though. don’t know how to tweet, but maybe you do?

    some teamsters just got arrested for protesting in solidarity with (perhaps) the columbia, MD strikers. ;)

  7. yah, i linked to a page like that. the one i was hunting for was on the order of “peeps looking to meet with other peeps” kind of thing. but thank you. sleep well.

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