canada approves sale of frankenFish salmon eggs for commercial use

The Guardian is reporting that in a rather buried (Friday ‘dump the trash?) section of the Canadian Gazette, Environment Canada was reported to have given the green light to US Biotechnology firm AquaBounty Technologies to export 100,000 gen-modified ‘AquAdvantage’ salmon eggs a year grown at their facility on PEI to a company situated in the Panamanian rainforest.  The decision is the first approval of commercial production of Zombie Animal food, and brings it ever closer to dinner tables.  Without labeling, no one eating salmon will be safe from it.

But get a load of  this double speak:

‘The Canadian government said in its decision that the GM fish presented a high risk to Atlantic salmon, in the event of an escape, and a spokesman was adamant there would be no immediate sale or consumption of GM salmon eggs in Canada.

“There are strict measures in place to prevent the release of this fish into the food chain,” an Environment Canada spokesman said by email. “In Canada, no genetically modified fish or eggs are currently approved for the purposes of human consumption.”

The US FDA, you may remember. has been poised for several years to approve AquaBounty’s similar request, and this seems to have paved the way for that approval.  2010 Congressional hearings were closed without recommendations either way, as I remember it.  The Alaskan Senators were naturally vehemently opposed, partially as an economic issue for the Alaskan salmon industry.  The FDA has called the salmon ‘safe’, as they have all other GMO food mutants.

AquaBounty’s FrankenSalmon is a mutant  created from Atlantic salmon into whose eggs were spliced genetic material from a Chinook salmon which causes growth hormone cycles to stay switched on continually, causing it to grow nearly twice as fast as the original  and a and a promoter from an ocean pout , an eel-like fish.

The Telegraph UK reported in May on a study done by the department of biology at McGill University in Quebec, Canada, and what they found was that not only will AquaBounty’s monsters breed with brown trout, but that the resultant hyprids grew even larger than the original transgenic fish, and out-competed wild fish for food, causing other species to be smaller than normal.  Further bad news is that they’re working on modifying 30 more fish species.

 “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study demonstrating transmission and ecological consequences from interspecific hybridisation between a GM animal and a naturally hybridising species.  Ultimately, hybridisation of transgenic fishes with closely related species represents potential ecological risks for wild populations.”

Keep these facts in mind while you listen to this post-Congressional 2010 hearings on GM salmon, between Industry Flack and Scientist.  Mr. Dry-Mouth Flack’s claim that ‘our fish are trained!’ at about 7:00 is exceptionally hilarious, excepting the seriousness of the subject, of course.  (‘Don’t think of climate change increased storm surges when we swear we can contain them!’)

Dr Krista Oke, who led the work at the

The researchers, whose work is published in the journal Proceedings of The Royal Society B, warned that any attempts to farm GM salmon should carefully assess the risks to the wider environment should they escape.”

A recent study has proven that these Frankenfish can and do breed with other fish, especially brown trout.

Wenonah Hauter of Food and Water Watch, Aug. 2010:

“Unfortunately, the FDA’s tests (historically used to determine if a non-GM food was safe) were created before GM products became a reality and are insufficient in determining the long-term, unforeseen consequences of the GM salmon in question. Put simply, these dated tests cannot determine the salmon’s full allergenicity and toxicity.”

And toxic they are – a recent study commissioned by the European Union revealed that fish that have been modified to grow faster also have a higher tolerance to the toxins in their environment. Researchers expressed concerns that both these toxins and the growth hormones would end up in consumers.”

F&WW hasn’t issued a statement on this news so far.  Be assured: they will.

Also, remember that the 2011 leaked negotiated language of the TPP prevented signatory nations from labeling transgenic foods.  If a nation had existing laws preventing the sale of GM foods, or a state were to pass labeling laws, they could be charged in supra-sovereign tribunals for imagined lost profits for having done so.

Remember the WkiCables having shown that US Ambassadors were busy pimping for Monsanto all over the world?  I wonder if any of the new Stratfor cable leaks have any of the internal memos by the corporate Purveyors of Zombie Food?

Contact your Congress-critters, are few are sympathetic, more need to hear from us.  And contact the FDA here.

Treble Army’s hip hop contribution toward public education of Monsanto:

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12 responses to “canada approves sale of frankenFish salmon eggs for commercial use

  1. Truly AWEFULL Mirror$peak; particularly the epitome: GMO I OMG ; thru the looking grass, indeed! It’s how come Monstroso never has to prove the negative of potential lost PROFIT$; while “regulatory” Project MI$MANAGER$ can ignore Actual PROOF of and thus, Obvious further A$$URED Artificial fracture of OUR world food web’s viability! As an ecologist. I can attest This Is JEJUNE!

  2. i’ll bet as an ecologist you do, bruce! as an agriculturalist, i can attest that this is evil! they’ve bought so many politicians, judges, etc. and ya have the generous philanthropists like bill gates and his sidekick bono, the g-8, push-pushing gmos everywhere! gates owns plenty of monsanto stock, the world luvs him!

  3. YES. May the AfriCompany shock troops also be replaced by Afri-Calm, instead.

  4. from you mouth, and all that. but i reckon that the high drama reporting of horrors in the central african republic may be beating the drums for r2P. but it’s only part of the neocolonization of the continent, at least sub-saharan. i feel so badly for so many africans.

  5. Here’s a reminder from Ellen Brown, via of the connection to the TPP – and we can all thank Henry Kissinger as well (but kudos to Russia):

  6. what a great link and great roundup by ellen brown, juliania. she may have missed the fact that bugs are adapting to the Bt corn, cotton, etc. bacterium thurengesis is spliced in to make the corn borers, etc. die if they eat it, but even some county ag agencies are warning people that not only do the bugs adapt, then chew the roots of the plant until it falls over (literally), but that it’s negatively affecting the beneficial soil bacteria as well. double whammy. the triple whammy is that eating the stuff *may* kill beneficial bacteria in our guts. i can’t see that there’s any way it’s not the case, so another case for getting probiotics into our systems several times a week.

    high fructose gmo corn syrup, pesticides in our guts, and soon more growth hormone by dna, not just via meat products. small wonder we’re sick, obese (so often another sign of malnutrition), and dull.

    more tpp re: ellen brown. she’s the prez of the public banking institute, and leaked language says that there will be a *minimum* established for loan rates. ergo: no public banking to benefit…actual people. how can our heads swivel often enough to keep track of the most egregious ways we’re being screwed, as well as the planet?

    roundUp ready: but the plants adapted to glyphosates, and thus… 2,4D was born.

  7. GMOs linked to gluten disorders plaguing 18 million Americans – report’

    “In soy, corn, cotton (oil), canola (oil), sugar from sugar beets, zucchini, yellow squash, Hawaiian papaya, and alfalfa, “Bt-toxin, glyphosate, and other components of GMOs, are linked to five conditions that may either initiate or exacerbate gluten-related disorders,” according to Smith.

    It’s the BT-toxin in genetically modified foods which kills insects by “puncturing holes in their cells.” The toxin is present in ‘every kernel’ of Bt-corn and survives human digestion, with a 2012 study confirming that it punctures holes in human cells as well.

    The GMO-related damage was linked to five different areas: Intestinal permeability, imbalanced gut bacteria, immune activation and allergic response, impaired digestion, and damage to the intestinal wall.

    The IRT release also indicated that glyphosate, a weed killer sold under the brand name ‘Roundup’ was also found to have a negative effect on intestinal bacteria. GMO crops contain high levels of the toxin at harvest.

    “Even with minimal exposure, glyphosate can significantly reduce the population of beneficial gut bacteria and promote the overgrowth of harmful strains,” the report found.”

    makes sense that glyphosate is an indiscriminate flora killer, much in the same way that antibiotics are indiscriminate bacteria killers.

    oh, and the need for more and more RoundUp and the ‘overspray’ associated with it, seems likely to have caused the loss of much insect life, including butterflies, probably bees, though colony collapse seems to have multiple causes.

  8. But then, Just(ly) when can US here in the USchwitz Barackoons expect an r2P intervention by the United Nations to stifle the repressive DESPOTUS oppressident ueber UNS ? ! Now, that would be a Day Of THANKSGIVING.

  9. leading from behind, lol? with a french advance guard? been kinda takin’ note for a thanksgiving piece, this meme is funny. ah, we haven’t quite reached the ‘nation in chaos’, ‘destabilized nation’ categories, but…coming soon, eh?


  10. But I’ve heard it reliably repeated by a certain MsPalin that in the last half decade, we OUTSIDE have become a rouge state (perhaps in retaliation for a known BushHog’s remark, related to her application of lipstick).

    Oops, fowl butterball call !

  11. My best wishes for as pleasant a day as is possible for you wendy, your family and your extended family of readers.
    Not even sure how I got here, to a Texas based blog, but a short interesting read, China will soon be GMO free in their food production, from a TX farm community cafe discussion. ddayen has a lead story, different topic but they’re all related, finance, health, food, aren’t they?

    Living on the island I do, we are fortunate enough to be having a family get together, 97 years separates the oldest and the youngest today. Pot luck to share the efforts for the meal. Busy with baking for my end of the menu.

    (Various tweets around, Whole Food strikers win Thanksgiving day off!)

    Peace and Resolve

  12. china going gmo free didn’t quite track for me, so giggling kicked up this piece saying the opposite: ‘china pushes gm food’. loads of propaganda, and once again, no science translates into ‘no evidence of harm’. balderdash. it kills me that taste tests are used to convince peeps to love them!

    i’ll try to take time to check for dd’s piece; he’s becoming a bit more radicalized as an indy blogger, isn’t he?

    happy thanksgiving to you. i’m gonna put up a thanksgiving card soon. ;)

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