a good thanksgiving day to all

these sweet fawns have taken to spending some time guarding the little scottie dog rock that was a gift from a friend and political comrade.  he was the openly gay mayor of mancos for eight years, and asked on a trip to lake powell (lake foul, ed abbey called it), what he could bring back for me.  i chose a rock.  when he gave me this one, i was blown away that he would part with such a treasure: even it’s hip joint is in evidence, as though he’s about to take his next stride.

P1130326 (2)

last night before bed, i looked out that same bedroom door and the one on the right  was there by itself, staring up at me, with a message i couldn’t quite grasp, but when i showed mr. wd, he agreed that we are fortunate indeed to be able to live among the critters here as we do.  of course, we have many other things to be grateful for, as we all do, even if we have to strain to remember them when we struggle to keep the wolf from the door too often, or witness the privations and suffering of our friends and families.

may our efforts to create a better world begin to yield fruit soon; these are dark days in so many ways, but love and truth will certainly be our allies.  and music, of course.  ;)

i have very conflicted feelings about thanksgiving for a number of personal, familial reasons.  many of them we spent in hospitals attending my neurotic grandfather, and on many holidays some of the worst family fights happened.

but over the decades i’ve also learned what the holiday means to many african americans and indigenous, so like columbus day, a lot of what led to the designation as a national ‘day of thanks’ was underpinned by some of our darkest history as a nation.  given that, i’d like to link to rodolfo acuna’s piece ‘Native Americans should have let the pilgrims starve’.  He taught chicano studies, and his books have been banned in arizona schools for being ‘treasonous’.

This is a piece I wrote once upon a time, ‘thanksgiving and FDR’s four freedoms’; a rather wistful piece.  may you all…may we all, have a good day.

i do want to let you know that my laptop seems to be dying in stages, and if one day soon i don’t show up. please know that it’s likely to be the reason why.  in that event, i’ll try to use mr. wd’s laptop to say what’s up.  peace and strength to us and our brothers and sisters around the world.

meanwhile, this is my favorite thanksgiving movie, probably because ours were similarly dysfunctional.  ;)

7 responses to “a good thanksgiving day to all

  1. hi, thanks, shouldn’t you have snow there by now?

    or is that normal?

    hope you have a good day today.

    this should cheer you

    After 13 years of unjust imprisonment, Mexican political prisoner Alberto Patishtan is freed in a victory for the rights of indigenous peoples everywhere.


  2. hi, mark, that indeed is wonderful news! i really didn’t know alberto’s story, but it is a remarkable one. such loving sacrifices he made for his fellow prisoners.
    good on nieto as well. does that sort of pardon really mean ‘commutation of sentence’ then if he’s still guilty in the eyes of the law? wonder who the chiapas judges and police are now since so many peasants were driven off the land?

    i didn’t quite understand all the history, esp. re: the zapatistas, but they have becoming quite a political force again, haven’t they?

    we have had snow, several inches at a time, but it melts off quickly. this last storm was almost all rain, with occasional sleet. and yes, it’s quite unusual, but the snow amounts have been decreasing for years now. the high peaks are still whitish, but with rocks showing here and there again. but: the moisture content at high altitude is actually 250% of normal for this time of year, a bit baffling, really.

    we’re having a very quiet day, no kids or grandkids are here, nor will there be for christmas. it’s okay; i haven’t been feeling quite up to snuff, so to speak. ;)

    in honor of alberto, san cristobal de las casas, tzotzil music:

  3. glad you liked that, and here’s another

    “When we fight we win!
    Breaking: We won! Whole Foods has withered in the face of our strike action and gone on the record saying that any worker who wants Thanksgiving off can have the holiday without penalty. Thank you to allies, community members and the Sisters and Brothers of our Union for showing up and blowing up. When we strike, we win!”

    updating constantly at

    “Thanksgiving” in Canada is a month or so ago, and it is a nothing day for us. it’s Not a big deal in any way.

    Anyway, it’s nice to see people working together to help each other.

    here’s a video of travel through India that I really liked, no talking just video. If you watch it, once you get near the end where people are taking part in religious services by a river, I would stop watching. that part is much too long.

  4. interesting comment below the facebook piece, asking why chase that issue instead of $15 minimum wage.

    sorry to be so long; i ran a check disk, and it took over 3 hours. 394,000+ files, eeep. i’ll look at the video tomorrow, but meanwhile i thought you’d find this interesting if you haven’t seen it. g’ night, happy candian un-thanksgiving.

  5. I don’t think It’s worth downloading.

    I just read that there was a scud attack launched by syrian rebellion against assad forces.

    a Scud.


    Where did they get that?

    course it’s just a huge bomb, so it destroyed a large area, whoever was there.

  6. that meeting cost one or two billion dollars, all worth it according to our pm.

    Thanks, not surprising that our national government was involved in that.

    And yet they just got reelected in a riding near me. four parties in the election, three, green, NDP, and liberal split the non conservative vote which is easily the majority, and they get in that way.

  7. i’m utterly lost about the various proxies in syria, mafr. it’s no big secret that russia is a major arms and weapons dealer, but my first snarky reaction to your question ‘where did it come from?’ was: saddam’s yard sale. and boy, howdy, did that ping me back to the controlled coverage of the *first* gulf war.

    harper. another tool of capitalism and nsa five eyes spying on brown nations in hopes of securing their resources. sigh. the indigenous are ready to riot against him. oh, and i’d let this on the open thread. i also created an open thread category on the list on the right to make finding them easier.

    “Canadian Arctic port and rail company pins hope for revival on oil exports
    Bakken shale shipments across 810-mile railway that shifts over unstable permafrost raise concerns over safety and wildlife”


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