a very merry birthday to you, dear hfc mofo


born on this day, you’re a sagittarian, as am i.  our ruling planet is said to be big jupiter, which has 67 moons, and the largest four were first seen by galileo galilei in 1610.  and you know what he got for his troubles.

now what’s fun about you and jupiter right now is that it’s the third brightest object in the night sky after the moon and venus.  right now, it’s not only extremely colorful, changes colors within some yellow, red, green configurations.  planets, of course, don’t twinkle as stars do, but jupiter almost seems to now.  dunno how far out of tuscon you’d have to drive at night to see it, but you’d look to the north and east, and at about 9 o’clock you’d spot it.  it’s in gemini now, and castor and pollux, the bright stars in gemini are to the west of it (this graphic has it further toward the horizon that it is right now):


now i only believe in daily astrology  as much as i do in religion, but this is your horoscope from some website.  ;)

also, the comet Ison has due to possibly maybe sorta make a huge show in the night sky as it drew closer to the earth, but it went behind the sun a couple days ago, and they don’t know how much of it may have melted away, or will actually become *more* visible during the first week of december, so stay tuned…

i read cathy lynn pagano’s pieces at opednews sometimes, partially because she writes well, and i like the framing of the messages she brings.  her current piece is about the sun going from scorpio into sagittarius, and by any standard it’s encouraging, so i’ll take it right in.  ;)  some bits:

“As the Sun emerges from the turbulent waters of Scorpio, we step into the fires of Sagittarius. Like the Egyptian Sun-god Ra, who battles demons as his solar boat traverses the Underworld and who emerges triumphant every morning at sunrise, a new day is dawning for us. The lessons that haunted us in Scorpio must now be forged in the fires of Sagittarius into arrows that lead us to our future. New knowledge needs new perspectives. The knowledge Scorpio bestows on us reaches deep; if we’ve plumbed our own depths and acknowledged our real, secret feelings, we’ve begun to see a new truth about our lives.

What have you learned about yourself in the past month? How many people have you alienated by your projections? How many people have you decided to trust? Have you been humbled by the truth about yourself? If we can’t see ourselves clearly, the good and the bad, we’ve missed the Scorpio lesson.

Sagittarius is the flight of the phoenix that arises from the ashes of death in Scorpio. Soaring so high, it sees life from a higher, objective viewpoint. Renewed, our feeling life is inspired by Sagittarius’ fire to send our passion out into the world in a strong, focused way.

Sagittarius is considered the sign of the seeker and the philosopher as well as of Cosmic Law. Sagittarius focuses us on the important questions in life: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? It also gives us a sense of wonder and joy as we contemplate some force greater than ourselves that calls to us.

Sagittarius is the sign of the quest, the quest for life’s meaning. That search for truth–cosmic truth–needs something from each of us. We seem to be born with an urge to understand Life and our place in it. To seek the answers to life’s riddles, we need faith and a deep belief in our own values and principles. We have to aim our arrows and let fly. Belief is what powers them.’

there’s lots more, including obstacles and dangers, but i really did like it, and saw myself in there more than once, especially the dangers to watch out for.  ;)

and some grey wolves; i know how you love and admire them.



since you love stand-up and comedy, so i’m including a couple of my faves, knowing you’ve seen every eddie izzard video published.  remember that lenny bruce was considered very, very edgy back in the day.

….and an oldie but goodie, lol.

love to you, and…many happy returns of the day, as Pooh always said.

(Note to others reading, please let me know your birth dates; i’d love to make you cards, as well.)

15 responses to “a very merry birthday to you, dear hfc mofo

  1. Wow, I am humbled by this lovely gift of a diary. So many of the most wonderful people in my life – including you – are Sagittarians. I will have to read the horoscope more carefully but at first glance, it sure sounds like us, doesn’t it! I am also looking forward to the videos. And thank you for the grey wolves. I’ve been meaning to write again about OR7/Journey, who is back in Oregon and perhaps more likely to find a mate. Anyway, will return a bit later to savor all this good stuff. Thank you and much love, wendydavis.

  2. welcome, darlin’. it does sound like us, and pagano’s sound like these days, and i might even use some of soon. goddam, i love seein’ your izzard avatar! perks me right up, and that’s fo sho. see you later, and do have a hella birthday.

    good news on OR7.

  3. Happy Birdie to you HTCarol, may you be enjoying yourself with whatever your favorite time is. Always enjoy reading your posts even though I don’t always have a comment.
    Bird in hand, priceless
    I wish I could send the aroma (and a sample) of the applesauce simmering and the rye bread baking here. Two other photos, ‘my world today,’ (snow scene) and the, ‘wild apples,’ (this fall’s crop of the fruits used for today’s sauce) are toward the last part of the photo list.
    mcat’s on the window sill keeping an eye on the juncos, a whole flock of cardinals (about a dozen) are flitting around in the cedars and flowering crab apple branches outside of my kitchen window.
    Some favorite notes, hope they resonate with you:

    Many happy days.

  4. Oh nonquixote, birds and kitties are my favorite things. Especially kitties who like to be shopvacced. Is that mcat? Really enjoyed your photos and kind wishes, thank you!

    I am having a very nice birthday so far. Had lunch at The Cup, which is in the historic Hotel Congress here in Tucson. John Dillinger was staying at the hotel when it caught fire. He left his money and his arsenal in one of the rooms and that led to his arrest later that day. Wendy, one of the floors in the restaurant is tiled with those pennies you hate. It’s really pretty and a great use for the stupid things.

  5. Wendy, I just read the entire Pagano piece. I am definitely in favor of stopping zombie patriarchy! That’s a great New Year’s Resolution, as a matter of fact.

    Lenny Bruce would probably fare even worse in today’s patriarchy and he’d probably be horrified to learn that racism hasn’t really changed much since the 60s. Which leads me to Chris Rock’s piece – the one thing he left out of his Cosby-esque rant was “Don’t Be Black” – because you can do all those other things and still get your ass kicked these days.

    I am off to find a good movie to watch – looks like it might rain here so I might get a bottle of wine too.

    Love to you two and hope your evening is warm and toasty.

  6. yes, not much has changed except for the worse re: da police. jordan loved it, having been followed thru waldo world and other stores and wasn’t allowed to leave the premises without… searches hassles, la la la. how do you raise a kid trying to say the truth, but cause him to…go crazy at ‘authority figures’? well, he still has a lot of bitterness as my suggestions, no matter how hard i tried to tweak the local systems.

    may i take the fifth for the rest? hope it’s a worthy movie, so many seem…no to be (but at least tickets cost a fook of a lot. enjoy your wine.

  7. A very Happy BirthDay to you, hfcmofo. Maybe a bit of rain in the desert and a bottle of wine- sounds like some fun.
    Sagittarians are my favorite kind of people. Hope that you have had a day to remember.

  8. Thank you, Steve! It didn’t rain and I ended up drinking gluten free beer and watching The Taking of Pelham 123 because it happened to be on as I flipped past. The presence of Denzel made tolerable the fact that Travolta was also in it; I give it about two stars.

  9. sorry the graphics are so huge; this software doesn’t allow to resize them in the ordinary way, and all the math and html code seemed too time-consuming to fiddle with. hoo, doggies, i never liked either version of that movie; even denzel didn’t help much, lol. gluten free beer? what’s the grain? i do hope you can go somewhere to see jupiter and gemini soon.

    we woke to a silent blanket of fog wriggling up the canyon, with thick hoarfrost on the fields and trees. so very different for us, and so odd since it’s still…so dry. maybe it’s down to the new moon in sagittarius? ;) so glad to hear that your day was good, darlin’ dear.

  10. very nice birthday present.

    for some reason my comment here disappeared yesterday.

  11. if i’ve told you once, i’ve told you a thousand times, mark, you need to quit usin’ that stephen harper-made disappearin’ ink! ;)

  12. Wendy, I could have sworn you promised to have this website up and running by today. Oh wait, maybe I am thinking of someone else . . .

    The beer is called O-Mission – somehow they get the gluten out. It’s pretty good.

    The fog sounds wonderful. We had low fog in the foothills about a week ago; for a minute I forgot where I was. It was sunny and 72 today; I love this weather. Been waking up earlier even though it is dark; that’s weird for me, and hopeful. Couldn’t drag me out of bed the past year. The forest just did not suit me.

  13. lost me on the first jest, hfc. ;) O-mission; guess they decaffeinated it, too?

    oooh, it’s been chilly here, no solar gain, so i got my ya yas chilled. yep, it sounds as though you’re coming out of the floresta blues.

    i’m tangled up in some stuff, but i do hope to get a post up sometime soon. got three again, soooo hard to feel which one’s next. crikey. g’night sweetie. be sure and try to convince mafr to put away that bottle of ink!

  14. I made a bad joke comparing this website to Obamacare, re mafr’s comments getting lost. Nevermind. :)

    Hope you get untangled from whatever has you caught up.


  15. ack, i’d forgotten some of O’s b.s; sorry, lol.

    Tangles in RL not solved, perhaps not solvable, just require adaptation? but i’ve decided what to write, corny/utopian as it will be. got tangled in a major food fight over omidyar (the piece mafr had brought a couple weeks ago), NewCo, greenwald, and the tangential issues involved. ames and levine opened up a big can of woopass, and the issues are getting overly-confused, imo.

    also got buffaloed by some things ian welsh had been asserting about grace, ‘what we deserve’, and more. communicating the unseen is difficult at best; we can all understand things so very differently, eh?

    hoarfrost again this a.m. it causes the colorful birds to look even brighter, and the buff-colored ones, too.

    xoxox to you, also. but see, if i just could have grown up to be aretha, it would have been so much better, lol:

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