friday funnies: Have you been naughty, or have you been nice?

…and so are the fbi, cia, dhs, corporate spies, the nypd…and a parrrrtridge in a pear tree…  ♫


(by anthony freda)

You know you’ve been naughty if you:

  • are one of the 13.2% of USians who are unemployed…
  • won’t have your lapsing unemployment benefits extended until…the 12th of January Never?…
  • have had your food stamps cut to fitty-cents a meal per day…
  • are a public employee whose pension and wages have gone all austerity…
  • reckon that your retirement plan consists of Hefty bags and a shopping cart…
  • are in the cradle-to-prison pipeline, especially if you’re black…
  • are working two or three of those 203,000 new jobs ‘created’ in November…
  • and are still eligible for what now passes for (cough) ‘public assistance’…
  • go to the grocery stores that have ‘double coupon days’…
  • could barely afford your new ObamaDontCare plan that has a $10,000/year deductible…
  • lost your house in the subprime loan scam burst-bubble that no banker’s gone to prison for…
  • are any of the millions of children who go to bed hungry while living in the richest n
  • are a dissident/whistleblower/occupier/climate activist/patriot…
  • went into bankruptcy post 2008, or even came close

well, you get MOTU Machine Santa’s drift…add you’re own as the (Santa) spirit moves you; I’m tired o’ typin’…

But hell, if you’re Nice, you know who you are, and why Santa gives to you: Cuz you deserve it.  Amen, praise Prosperity Doctrine!, and all that jazz.

But oopsie; back to the funnies: this heartwarming photo from the Daily Mail of our illustrious President,’s ‘selfie’ at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.  Feel free to provide a caption of thought bubble for Her Furiousness.  You make us feel Proud to be Amurrikans, Mr. Obomba; we salute you.  In your honor, because ‘we’ reelected you, and to paraphrase John McCrankpanks: Today, we are all assholes, and we’re gonna celebrate!  Bring your ‘assholes for assholes’ signs!


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9 responses to “friday funnies: Have you been naughty, or have you been nice?

  1. oh, and my long time blogging and virtual friend Obey, who lives in geneva, has a post up about a swiss plan to provide a guaranteed annual income.

  2. heartwarming :
    The Men Who’d Drone Nelson Mandela

  3. you’re up early, bruce. :) it’s too early to play the video, but i will once mr. wd is up for the day. (small house here) how are you doing, stranger?

  4. that was great, bruce; yup, when he was a ‘freedom fighter’ obomba mightta unleashed a drone, eh? anthony freda sends me his artwork to use, lol. you’ll appreciate this one:

    and chePasa brought this one over yonder; one of the funniest videos i’ve ever seen, i swear.

  5. Yes, we may have the drone, and STILL not see the light:
    but the Hot Licks also have a familiar ring, for this simmering season:

  6. pizza delivery by drone, too. yah, the assassinated wedding party in yemen; didn’t comment on it over yonder, won’t here (too much to handle presently). i don’t believe all drone operators are pilots, though, just good gamers.

    but thank you for *not* having linked to a sourpuss hedges piece, lol. panicked a bit when i saw the truthdig link. :)

    love the claymations, and that one’s a doozy. quasimodo directing, oy.

    “she gave me…waaaa-ter” is one of the most soulful sentences ever uttered in film, i think. whooosh.

  7. oh, dear. kgb just posted this on the thread over yonder:

    “Apparently, I’m not the only one strategizing how to send the NSA pictures of my butt. A most American of reactions to the current reality … almost obligatory, really.

  8. As a former *AFGEnian opposer of empire (ca. Raygun union-busting era), I prefer the tribal approach, apropos the present ObamAssassin DESPOTUS!
    (twerk to precedent redcoats just after the 62nd minute mark, NSA!)
    *American Federation of Government Employees’ “union”

  9. too bad i’d duckducked ‘afge’ before i finished reading your comment; that’ll show me! but what an interesting film it looks like. can one be a king without some serious backers, military or financial? in any event, it reminded me of the west’s on and off supprt for my favorite ME villain, ahmed chalabi, who seemed not to care how much he was abused, as long as some cabal could promise him resurrection. bad pennies, and all that. :)

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