‘mediastan’ wikileaks road movie plus links

What would a former Gitmo detainee, a journalist in a small central Asian newspaper and an editor of a big Western publication have in common? They are provided with documents from WikiLeaks about politics in the region, but what will they do with them? ALL PARTS OF THE MOVIE: http://on.rt.com/rv5ose

Jay Rosen has information about ‘First Look’ (formerly NewCo) up. He includes the Omidyar Group’s press release and his further understanding of it. It says that the journalism will be non-profit, the tech end will be for profit.  a Q and A followed below.

GCHQ and NSA targeted charities, Germans, Israeli PM and EU chief

• Unicef and Médecins du Monde were on surveillance list
• Targets went well beyond potential criminals and terrorists
• Revelations could cause embarrassment at EU summit

“The papers show GCHQ, in collaboration with America’s National Security Agency (NSA), was targeting organisations such as the United Nations development programme, the UN’s children’s charity Unicef and Médecins du Monde, a French organisation that provides doctors and medical volunteers to conflict zones. The head of the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) also appears in the documents, along with text messages he sent to colleagues.”

Venezuelan Elections See Clear Victory for the PSUV Led by Nicolas Maduro & Their Allies

“Despite right wing economic war in recent months, the candidates of ‘Chavismo’ comfortably won Sunday’s municipal elections, consolidating President Maduro’s leadership, and further enhancing Venezuelan democracy, writes VSC Secretary Francisco Dominguez.

The PSUV and allied candidates got 49.24 per cent of the popular vote, whilst the right wing candidates, got 42.72 per cent. Thus, the PSUV had an electoral victory by a healthy margin of 7 per cent. The electoral turnout was 59.82 per cent. This is high, since in Venezuela municipal elections tend to have low electoral turnouts.”

(you’ll likely remember that municipal elections were supposed to act as a bellwether for the future of Maduro’s regime.)

The NSA review panel didn’t answer the real question: was any of this legal?’  by Marcy Wheeler at the Guardian.

‘President Obama’s NSA review is cast as a set of ‘policy recommendations’ as if this is all just a political debate.’

An article from Common Dreams begins: “President Obama on Thursday announced that he has sent a team of combat-ready soldiers to the country of South Sudan amid growing violence and increasing talk of “civil war” in the African nation.”

South Sudan has the third largest oil reserves in Sub-Saharan Africa. Interesting how that works out. The US is always eager to wage a ‘humanitarian intervention’ wherever oil is to be had.”

i was wrong; i’d thought he’d be sending troops to Central African Republic (CAR).

from the Atlantic‘Glenn Greenwald’s New Media Company Is a Bespoke Firm. And we may be about to see a lot more like it.’

and for the glory of it, and especially for juliania, this is the scene from Invictus in which the new zealand all blacks are warming up to play the south african springboks in the world cup rugby final; it’s their Haka war dance.  (i can’t stop the blue ink for some reason.)

5 responses to “‘mediastan’ wikileaks road movie plus links

  1. Great news updates, and good morning wendyedavis. Do you or did you teach research methodology? I’m continually impressed with where you take us and your ability to keep all these plates spinning.

    Winter has arrived and I feel a certain lightness of being.

  2. mornin’, nonquixote. i thought of you when steve brought home a dvd of ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’. turned out it was a grisly tale of events in the irish war of independence, so…not quite as wholesome as i’d anticipated.

    ah, research methodology. it’s just that the web was made for peeps like me, both for better and worse. when i do start researching for something i want to right, i get so curious about all the leads that i can sputter away an hour or two before i even know what hit me.

    so glad to hear of your (incredible) lightness of being, and a happy solstice to you and all of us. things around here are lightening up a bit, too, and there’s a fresh dusting of snow on the ground this morning. the foxes we (cough) are feeding a li’l bit may be getting a bit too tame, so we my need to recalibrate our largesse a bit. :)

    i’m working on my almost annual seven o’clock news silent night post, and haven’t figured out which news to bring, really. got the name of the news anchor down, though. i did find an expanded (and singularly positive) explanation of ‘the first look’ venture i’ll stick in above.

    oooh, a gorgeous 5-point stag just came in; i’ll go throw him and his buddies some apples. see you soon, and have a barley-good day. it’s bread day for me, come to think of it, i always like that.

  3. Thanks for the haka, wendye! Now, if the Washington Redskins would take on some indigenous and accurate chanting of this ilk, they might become worthy of the name. Here in New Mexico, the Zia symbol on the state flag is being examined insofar as it proliferates on coffee mugs and like paraphernalia – hopefully some scaling back can be achieved in that tribe’s interest. I think the football haka does the Maori proud provided it is suitably earnestly performed.

    Here’s an article I found of interest over at nakedcapitalism.com:


    Son One visits from Tucson tomorrow. Hence, cleaning day today!

  4. I should add, cleaning to the sounds of the cricket commentary. Here’s a small taste from the Hamilton ground, first innings. And a mighty warrior Ross Taylor for sure!


  5. iirc, the appellation ‘redskins’ may have referred to the colors they put on their faces as warpaint, so it may indeed be a slur. but those who maintain that many rez schools use that as their names, are also correct. tradition! as brought by white bia agents and their lackeys, eh? fun on the cricket video, and i’ve only scanned the greenberg piece. he is quite prevalent on GG et.al.’s Twitter pages (or however you denote them).

    cool on #1 son coming, but…what’s cleaning, juliania? is that the practice in which you scare the shit out of spiders and dust mites, and murder a lot of them along the way? if so, don’t all life forms have value? even viruses (virii?) and bacteria are only tryin’ to fulfill their biological mandates to replicate. sheesh.

    (glad ya liked the video, what a madiba feel-good movie, and the haka dance in ‘the whale rider’ knocked me out forevermore, as did pi herself.)

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