holiday greetings from the white house: disconnected from reality

Christmas Eve email from the White House:

The (Gingerbread) White House

It weighs 300 pounds. It’s definitely bigger than a bread box. It’s got a working water fountain, and it’s edible.

It’s the Gingerbread White House.

We put together a time-lapse to show you how it came together — and to get you in the holiday spirit.

Watch the video — and if you like it, pass it on:

Today’s greetings and blessings:

Meanwhile, at food banks all over the nation, need outweighs donated foods.  Yes, Mister President, it’s up to US to feed the hungry, while you pretend that it’s a natural state of affairs, and none of it your responsibility, and of your design.  And, oh: that ‘transition’ of decreased troops in Afghanistan?  My wish is that you won’t secure your new SOTU either now or in April, and that the Afghan leaders throw out the US military and ISAF altogether, and ban private contractor mercenaries, as well.

In Maryland:

In Stockton:

In Over-the-Rhine, Ohio:

In the Bay Area:

But yes, please shine a light on the needs of the soldiers you send into ‘harm’s way’ in wars of choice and Empire, Mister President, as you advise us to feed our own.

‘War is over…if you want it.

Make community with others wherever you can;  love and truth are all we have to light the dark corners. of the world.

17 responses to “holiday greetings from the white house: disconnected from reality

  1. He’s not even trying, yet people are fooled.

  2. so adorable they tried to be, with a bit of fake concern they couldn’t even act out well. this video was the obomba version of ‘a thousand points of light’. ‘you want light? you bring it!’

    just unconscionable, since none of it has to be this way. and thank you for not making the post all about gingerbread houses, mark. :)

  3. There is a fake ‘shop till you drop’ that we in the US have seen like a bitter taste to homemade caramel if it cooks too long, and there is the caramel just before it goes dark – I think I see that down in kiwiland this Christmas – they have some dark spots but basically it’s summertime and all native Christmas trees sporting their red flowers, beauty all around, good fellowship (which we all would like to warm to).

    So the politicians have turned out to have feet of clay? Nothing new there, and even the spying scandal has turned its iceberg blue, sinister side down into the depths with just a creamy white pavlova top sailing along deceptively innocent looking and for sheer loveliness, unbeatable. (Pavlovas are the kiwi equivalent to gingerbread houses, only much more decadent being mostly composed of a sugary merengue. Named after the dancer of course.)

    And meanwhile down there the rich Chinese are buying up megamansions all about the countryside so they can breathe fresh air. What’s not to like? Talk about your real estate bubbles. That one’s been ongoing now several decades.

    Mega tennis and golf stars and movie stars also go down to wow the population with their largesse, never mind the pollution goes on and climate change retires ignominiously back into the shadows as it did the last time earth consciousness came to the fore – will we have another fifty years to forget about it? Are we not yet sated by memory-obliterating global wars?

    (I do think we are – and that’s the most encouraging sign as the year turns.)

    Oh yes, please, let there be peace on earth!

  4. this old tune of joni’s came to mind. what a damned shame, juliania. (or golf ‘n tennis resorts)

    we are tired of global wars; are they? obomba has killed more folks by drone in the last six months than he had before his speech promising ‘that “before any strike is taken, there must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured – the highest standard we can set”, according to amy goodman and the bureau of investigative journalism in great britain.

    oy, the comments…

  5. As I was pondering the ‘trade deals’, wendye, it came to me that China’s economy in relation to the South Pacific is very likely being helped by those countries, the Anzac ones at least, churning along with folk feeling good times and buying Chinese goods not to mention becoming a colony for the rich Chinese. Sort of like Hong Kongs of the South Pacific.

    Unlike desperate salesmad enterprises in this country right now – the businesses down there did their best season on record this Christmas – and most of it is Chinese goods. Now they’re geared to pull in the profits for the big oil guys with deep sea rigs set to go – to me it is playing both sides against the middle, with the people only dimly realizing their quality of life is under threat. (I say ‘only dimly’ because that is the impression I get – but I’m far away so it might just be better than I see.)

    War is far away, but the ocean, that’s a different matter. It may yet call the shots and make isolation more of a reality as the top of the world continues its sturm und drang. Kiwis may just decide they want out of all of that. More power to them, is all I can say.

  6. Another point to ponder, which might connect to your headline in the ‘disconnected from reality’ aspect of it, though I’ll admit it is heading in the OT direction, as my comments are wont to do: China’s relaxation of the one child policy as a dramatic about face on very many levels.

    Once you have more than one child to think about, relationships become more complex and more important. Then, big brother or sister becomes part of the educational process for the next child that comes along, and that can lead in many directions. The first one I think is that said second child (and the first for that matter) no longer has just mum and dad for role models. That percolates down to teacher as well. China will become more like this country, as far as education is concerned, with asking why more important than learning by rote. All to the good.

    And again, OT on the ‘disconnected from reality’ front, the latest news from Antarctica is somber indeed. I had already written the following to post here:

    And back to those misaligned folk in the Antarctic – sounds like two out of three rescue ships have failed to break through and I don’t see that ice doing anything but thicken at this point. Sure it’s summer but they are on the eastern side – there’s a reason that hasn’t been explored in the last hundred years. When I lived in Dunedin I was repeatedly told Dunedin has a wonderful spring that gets hopes soaring but then – no summer. Dunedin’s on the east coast of the South Island – that’s how it is in those latitudes. West is far warmer. So now you have to start figuring how to remove seventy people from wintry conditions on ice that’s not smooth for landing purposes, in conditions less and less favorable. Seventy people! I’ll be overjoyed if that last icebreaker makes it through close enough – maybe they can offload and get themselves over onto that at least.”

    There’s now a video over at the Guardian that points to that last possibility – the captain was sounding mighty somber. I wonder if they will leave a skeleton crew or simply abandon the vessel – maybe there has been some pressure damage we haven’t yet heard about.

  7. MLK truly sought the great society; Zer0bama bought the GRATE society. Barry Xmas and ¢rappy new year.

  8. hey, bruce; here’s hoping that your (and ours) won’t be the crappy new year he offers us. time to push back hard soon, eh? (she sayed hopefully). oh, gawd; he’ll do a SOTU mid janurary, eh? might have to not listen and do a rush transcript, eh? i know he’s just a symptom, but it does rankle to watch him speak so many pretty lies, just full of subtext that too few even hear. the dogwhistles underneath his grand words about which sorts of ‘merikans are almost deserving of a shred of the social safety net, for instance.

  9. I wonder if this ‘Administration’ and Congress too might not be feeling somewhat akin to those wealthy folk called on the carpet by the Pope, or even a few of them starting to feel the anxieties besetting the wealthy passengers questionably icebound in the Antarctic. Powerful forces, spiritual disapproval and unforseen consequences in alignment be.

    This might be the year it all comes home even to them.

  10. A better New Year for all of us is my wish.

    Wendy, one might too easily write a transcript to the SOTU today and be fairly accurate when eventually comparing it to the actual future speech. :)

    Taking it easy in the cold. An extra layer in the house and actually turning down the thermostat as we are at -20°F. Practicing with the non electric hand tools at my crafts and relishing the time to be able to prepare some food for the small family here.

    juliania, perhaps the anxieties besetting the wealthy turns some minds in those circles and helps a transition that offers less distress for everyone.

    Peace and Joy

  11. well, juliania, i did scan that post about longone, whining to the bishop about the Pope’s messaging, but…i can’t think that it made him so uncomfortable as outraged. it’s an article of faith with corporatists that they’re job creators, and that *tinkle down* works. noblesse oblige? fahgeddabouddit! :) hedge fund multi-millionaires used to be a bit different, according to the urpish crystia freeland, lol.

    so nonquixote, ya think i could just start now, then, eh? the guardian ran a piece on his second inaugural address yesterday, and seemed to play it straight; ugh.

    O, those golden librul words that Republicans hated to hear! Skeert ’em, i tell ya!

    minus 20 in the daytime? egads, that’s really cold. very oddly, it’s 45 here right now, snow’s melting off the mountain peaks big time, sadly.

  12. Well, for the Obamanable SOTU (Specious of the Universe), perhaps its time for all to invite their neighbors over for tea instead, for conversations to drone out those under the capitol dome that night (ala the WorldCan’tWait “drown out Bush state of the union campaign” of 2006, I attended in Orlando that year)! ALL Real patriots could thus unite to identify an end to this madness.

  13. yes, bruce: true patriots rise up!

    sleep well, and dream well.

  14. Good Morning wendyedavis, hope I didn’t seem offensive, my comment was that just about anyone might right now imagine what will be slogged out in the SOTU.

    He will “lift,” the middle class (those above $500K a year, the minimum needed to hire a willing financial adviser) continue to, “save,” us with mass surveillance and insure the health insurance CEOs with forced compliance of those with the least and how grateful we should be. (Read somewhere yesterday that one will be income taxed on the amount of the gov. subsidies one might receive in the ACA plan of your, “choice.” and premium prices will likely reflect extract the 2.5% tax on the insurance companies incomes for each customer forced into compliance sign-ups.)

    Drones into the US for “testing,” and, “energy independence,” through continuing to be “dependent” on fossil fuel acquired through further despoiling our, air water and soil.

    Slept and dreamt. A few degrees warmer today, prepping a nice breakfast, pancakes topped with local cherries and maple syrup. Glad the new year is here.

  15. goodness, no; i felt no offense, nonquixote. but you’d need to include a bit more about how well the WOT is working out for us. and how high the US carries the Lamp of democracy, freedom, and human rights around the world.

    but usually when i do rush transcripts i aim to write what he (or others) are really saying beneath the twaddle and buzz words.

    so glad you had a good night dreaming, and made a nice new year’s brekkie.

  16. Lamp, you mean blow-torch? ;~)

  17. lol; yes. now you have already begun creating the rush transcript, nonquixote. good job. :)

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