arianna announces news site for the power elite to launch soon at davos


(nicolas berggruen at davos)

This is too bloody fun for words, and just a quickie on a busy day for me. I hope it tickles your innards half as much as it does mine.)  Will it lead to a Clash of the Billionaire News Titans?  But wait: maybe not!

From Wikileaks on Twitter: ‘Huffington, Omidyar join together with famous war criminals, billionaires to launch new media venture at Davos’

Yikes.  And wot?  :)

‘Digital media titan’ Arianna Huffington is combining fortunes with billionaire ‘investor’ Nicolas Berggruen to create the World Post News, a news and comment website that will include participants Bill Gates, Tony Blair, and Google’s Eric Schmidt.  Also included will be some of the stars of the ‘Homeless Billionaire’s (he prefers to live in hotels, doncha know) Berggruen Institute think tank, which says of itself: ‘We are an independent, non-partisan “think and action tank” that engages cutting edge entrepreneurs, global thinkers and political leaders from around the world as key participants in our projects.’

Whoa, Nellie; do click into the site to see the list of global movers and shakers membership; you will be duly impressed, I guarantdamntee it.  Yahoo!

Berggruen was quoted as saying that the 50/50 venture with Huffington will not be just a platform for the world’s elite.

From the Guardian (my bolds):

“You have to start somewhere,” he said. “A lot of these people are knowledgable. On the other hand you will see a lot of unknown voices, young voices and from places that are not that obvious.”

Huffington said: “You can have all those heads of state and major business people, etcetera etcetera, writing right next to an unemployed man from Spain, a student from Brazil. The great heart of HuffPo is no hierarchy.”

Ah, how sublime!  The Rabble will snuggle right up beside the MOTU on their pages; how can we not be giddy as school girls about it?  But back to the more mundane…

It will be a stand-alone site replacing the HuffPo World tab.  Arianna will run the advertising side, and will arrange the ‘conferences and sponsored actions’.  Yes, inquiring minds wonder about the imagined ‘actions’. 

“Collaboration is the key, especially in the linked economy,” said Huffington. [snip] “Recognising that you are not going to do the only good coverage. If you can bring your reader what other good work is being done, you improve their experience. That’s really what the heart of World Post is about.

The publication’s initial editorial board has deep ties to media companies around the world. Alongside Huffington and Berggruen it includes Juan Luis Cebrian, founding editor of El Pais, Dileep Padgaonkar, consulting editor of the Times of India, Yoichi Funabashi, former editor-in-chief of Asahi Shimbun, and Pierre Omidyar, founder and chairman of eBay and backer of a new investigative reporting organisation, First Look Media, set up with former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald.’

Berggruen, an avid art collector, said World Post would also move beyond public policy and would address issues that interest people around the world including the environment, health and the arts. “Culture is much bigger than politics. It will be about science, art. Anything that captures our imagination and our lives,” he said.’

So come on,l have a bit of fun with this.  What ‘policy’ does he mean?  Which of the Power Stars from the Berggruen Institute think tank will be…thinking or pontificating on their pages?  What might ‘capture their imaginations’?  Surely it will show how much they will see globalization as serving humanity, not just the 1%, right?  Even though Bergrgruen says that even if it doesn’t end up being profitable, they’ll ‘still support it’, and Arianna maintains that ‘it has to be profitable to be sustainable’, do you have any doubts that it will be?  How many columns will be spent touting their MOTU blessed philanthropical endeavors?  Hmmmm; will the alternative name among the serfs of the world be…’Greedy Guts’…or worse?  :)

‘I never saw so many business suits.
Never knew a dollar sign that looked so cute.
Never knew a junkie with a money Jones:
He’s singing, “Who’s selling Park Place. Who’s buying Boardwalk?’

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6 responses to “arianna announces news site for the power elite to launch soon at davos

  1. > Yes, inquiring minds wonder about the imagined ‘actions’.

    Well harrumph. I guess I don’t need that site, because everybody already knows what actions I’m imagining, 24/7.

  2. how fun to see your avatar here, unca T. yes, we know your libido is quite…imaginative. still, it’s not outside the realm of possiblities that the new site could mirror your own…proclivities, eh wot? think of huffpo’s soft porn…

  3. Oh goody — I know a former porn industry executive who is now blowing… what the NSA is hanging out in a limited way, if you know what I mean. And I know you do.

  4. blowing coke? is all i can think of. other than that…de nada, uncle. come to think of it, i wonder how many of the motus use coke. it’s always been said to be the drug that proved you’d arrived financially. oh, dear.

  5. Speaking of sites…if I ever cast my eye over an extremely long comments list other than your own, wendye, take me out back of the woodshed and ply the cat o’ nine tails – – aaarghhhh! I kept thinking, there must be a to and fro informational argument in such a lengthy conversation, surely Shirley.

    I shoulda knowed it would be all Mr. Welk’s champagne bubbles. Maybe they were giving Arianna a run for her money?

    (I’ll just throw these comments into the unidentified target bin so’s we don’t get sued.) And there I go again.

  6. dear shirley,
    you’ve made me laugh, but no scourging! it’s agin my religion, lol. (used to live in truchas, remember? penitentes?)

    ah, shoot, i can get stuck reading comments at naked capitalism, once in awhile at ian welsh’s, especially posts i don’t agree with much. but tell me whose Welk’s bubbles are giving arianna a run for her money? sorry to be a dimwit, but…when the shoe fits, as they say…

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