Today is ‘the day we fight back against mass surveillance’ day

Click here to join today’s effort by placing a call, sending an email, or signing a petition — it’ll just take a minute or two.  Personally I prefer the bill Shahid Buttar recommends over the USA Freedom Act:

The Surveillance State Repeal Act, introduced in the House by former House intelligence Chairman (and Princeton physics professor) Rush Holt (D-NJ), would come the closest, by repealing the PATRIOT act and the FISA amendments act of 2008 entirely. Among the reform proposals that have been introduced, it may be the only one that reaches the sphere of what former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld described as the “unknown unknowns” that continue to impede efforts to restore the rule of law, transparency, and accountability to the national security state.

But obviously that’s just one crazy crone’s opinion.  :)

12 responses to “Today is ‘the day we fight back against mass surveillance’ day

  1. Repeal DESPOTUS’ U2, InDeed!

  2. I was listening to amy goodman today, on this.

    These eggheads, well intentioned, are busy using words nobody understands, cause they want to impress each other with how much they know, and because they don’t know how to communicate to 98 percent of us, including me.

    The average person will not care about this, when he she hears metadata, and whatever the rest of the words they use are, they will just stop listening.

    I realize marcie wheeler doesn’t care, and is writing for a very small group.

    I guess it’s useful.

    But if they want the average joe to get onside. and care, they should change the approach.

    I listened today for ten or fifteen minutes, barely understood the stuff, and not once did I hear anyone say:

    “These people are spying on congress, on businesses, probably on judges, and have blackmailed and extorted such people in the past. they are probably stealing money from the stock market through this”

    Till they start with things people understand, waste of time.

  3. however did you find this diary, bruce? once again, i’d er…forgotten to include a title. ;)

  4. while i easily can agree that marcy’s language can be rather..inscrutable, and that lunchbox louie would be hard pressed to get the drift of metadata, etc., since that term has been explained at DN for some time, i reckon many listeners may have an inkling as to what it’s about.

    this day is a bit different, though, and while it may have scant effect, calling and emailing critters IS one small way we can allow them to hear our objections to mass surveillance. i really don’t care if they spy on congress, or leaders of other nations so much. i DO care that the security state snoops and their various programs *pretned to be* about terrorism, when it’s all about quelling dissent, jailing dissenters, and industrial espionage and resource grabbing Imperical hegemony.

    plus handing off intel to law enforcement, see previous post.
    p.s. i was teasing thd last night about using two dollar concepts too baffling to me without a wikipedia at hand… :)

  5. “i really don’t care if they spy on congress, or leaders of other nations so much.”

    Why did Eduador go from offering julian asylum one day, to taking it back the next?

    you actually don’t think that the NSA would blackmail the president and congress?

    I’m surprised.

    re democracy now….. how many people listen to that show?

    nothing like the number of people (hundreds of millions) who right now don’t care about what’s going on with the surveillance state.

  6. you think correa was blackmailed into rescinding the offer? i really don’t remember much about it. what i do mean is that congress has the power to stop it all cold, were they to want to. sure, i think the security state spies wouldn’t sneeze at blackmailing them. what i do care most about is their spying on US, and never know what bogus charges will be leveled against us, the rabble dissenting class. i care that they spied on the copenhagen delegates, and many other world affairs, like the indigenous side meetings at past climate talks in …egad, the global south…

    but my larger point for this action today was that congresscritters DO know the bills, the terms, and all that. and hearing from us can’t hurt. help? who knows.

    not enough peep listen to it, that’s for sure. will they read at the new place? first look?

  7. sorry, I wasn’t referring to the effort being made. That’s worthwhile.

    I meant to get the public behind the effort, tech talk, on Democracy now, or anywhere else won’t work.

    As brainy as he is, Snowden doesn’t resort to it, and he’s quite easy to follow, when he gets heard.

    If people thought that their congress is getting blackmailed, I think that would change attitudes.

    At this point, the tech stuff is basically irrelevant.

  8. Pushed the arrow to the right in the header; thanx for the links; I “showed up” , and did my part (Congressional contacts)!

  9. ah. well, i hadn’t seen the piece at DN, so it wasn’t quite clear to me. i also should have clarified that i believe that *so far* the power of snowdensrevelations have been a disruption in the force around the globe, not so much in the states, maybe not canada. i believe that yes, there has been intense scrutiny of the socialist southern nations, and that has aided a sharper solidarity front. the leaders i don’t care as much about are those in the eu, as most of them seem to spy on their own populaces pretty much, or at least some of the headlines say as much. i haven’t had near enough time to click into them.

    i have to offer that given americans scathing disapproval, i dunno that they would care at all if they were being blackmailed. but imo, we need to stop thinking NSA alla time, given that the fbi has a remarkable operation on their own, as do so many private outfits, stir in dhs, tra la la…and it’s wildly sinister in its implications.

    yep russel tice sad that the nsa was spying on obomba, the one program was watching porn sites, but only mentioned six mouth muslims, or however they said it. so, given that the nsa skirted bernie sanders direct question about congressional spying, be assured that they are. cuz….they are spying on Everyone!

    ah, well, A. a t washingtonsblog has a bit of a roundup of a lot of it; i dug it out.

  10. clever of you, bruce, and good on ya for doing the emails. i’ meant to make the calls, but got kinda stuck on a bathroom counter project that went a bit haywire. tuckered me out so much i fell asleep for an hour and a half, lol.

    but again, mafr, if congresscritters are so afraid of any leverage the acronym spies have on ’em they refuse to unwind it all, they should just get the hell out. now. and let someone with some huevos serve instead.

  11. Time for a “divot” to Asia

    hopefully applicable to the 4 Company men in photo 8 (couldn’t unimbed), herein:
    expatriated to Arabia, Paraguay, and Columbia once we’ve cleaned House (Senate and Executive) of their treachery.

  12. took time for my mind to remember, mark: rio 20 conference on sustainable development is what i was straining to remember.

    uh-oh, bruce; the marianne wilson piece looks interesting, but so very long. maybe…tomorrow? thanks for the song, new to me, an the link. i think i’m about to turn into one o them thar pumpkins.

    sleep well, dream well.

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