‘help, the egyptian police broke my arm’ : medea benjamin

Sorry, just copy/paste:

greg mitchell at the nation:

‘The Code Pink co-founder is apparently in Turkey today, after millions learned—via her tweets—that she had spent a day in a cold Egyptian jail pen.

Medea Benjamin claimed abuse at the hands of her captors, leading to a broken arm or other arm/shoulder injury.

She had managed nevertheless to tweet a photo of her jail quarters, even of the food served to the group of women there, who had moaned all night, distressed or ill. (See @MedeaBenjamin). Her final tweet last night: “Help. They broke my arm. Egypt police,”

Now comes word that  she has been deported—to Turkey. CBS confirms the story in this dispatch:

Benjamin said she was detained upon arrival in Cairo, where she was meant to join a delegation and then travel to the Palestinian territory of Gaza for a women’s conference.

Her plea for help was apparently answered by the U.S. Embassy, which confirmed to CBS News’ Alex Ortiz that Benjamin had left the country after the embassy provided consular assistance.

CODEPINK tweeted that she has been deported to Turkey.

Egypt’s government has cracked down harshly in recent years on opposition members, arresting dozens of supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. Several international journalists have also been arrested and held on terror accusations for merely speaking to members of Morsi’s now-banned Muslim Brotherhood.

However, CodePink takes issues with some of the early reports, including my own, that the U.S. consular office provided aid.  In a tweet to me this afternoon, they relate, “The claim that the US embassy helped @medeabenjamin is totally false; they didn’t answer her calls or visit her in distress.”

CodePink advises: “For any press inquires related to @medeabenjamin being forcibly detained & deported from Egypt, call CP press person Alli at 860 575 5692.”  Here is their latest press release.

Earlier today they tweeted: “Though @medeabenjamin’s in cell in Cairo airport, it’s nothing compared to every day life in #Gaza. Read about trip: http://gazasolidarity.com.”

And then: “Update: @medeabenjamin is in Istanbul, where she was deported to, headed to hospital to receive treatment for shoulder. Flying to US tonight.”

15 responses to “‘help, the egyptian police broke my arm’ : medea benjamin

  1. Zer0bama’s State: Missing/Inaction, indeed.

  2. “At least six Pakistani soldiers have been killed in a bombing in the north-west, as violence continues despite an apparent ceasefire with militants.

    The military said another eight people were injured in the blast targeting a security convoy near Hangu, 110km (70 miles) south-west of Peshawar.

    A Taliban ceasefire announcement at the weekend has failed to halt violence.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Wednesday’s attack.

    A military official told the BBC the explosion was caused by an improvised explosive device (IED) planted on the roadside in the Warmangai area near Hangu.

    The attack came as the government and the TTP were poised to resume peace talks that broke down last month.”

    what a surprise. At least it wasn’t a drone strike on a wedding.


  3. goddam peace activist; let her rot, eh bruce?.

    well, maybe that’s for tomorrow, mark.

    and who knows what carnage reigns in iraq? good news (maybe?) is that the french want to withdraw from central africa republic. maybe the US is a bit busy to get in on that one.

    venezuela? pretty marginalized with ukraine so hugely in the news.

    rather than dig out the open menu, i’ll post in this link to these shots from space (post ‘gravity’ film win):


  4. great photos.

    several astronauts have seen spaceships while on missions. and photographed them.

    and said so publicly.

  5. How schizoid can we be? Our space exploration’s beautifully revealed we’ve nowhere else to go and even though presented with our obvious cooperation above and the fragile nature sustaining us below; nevertheless, bellowing for each others’ blood and livelihoods, rather than treasuring our brothers, mothers and babes. I believe in Medea’s causes and courage, bereave Mark’s open menu prediction’s fulfillment
    and wish there were benevolent ET vessels visiting to remind US of the error of our base depredations.

  6. i know bit about buzz aldrin’s experiences, but are there others?

    ‘the truth is out there’ ~ fox mulder. so loved the x-files! :)

  7. bruce: wouldn’t we just re-colonize any body in pace given that i) we’ve learned nothing, and that ii) only the elites would be allowed on board any vehicle that might travel…*out there*?

    i watched an entire thread at ian welsh’s house that tied to make the case that ‘it’s the new frontier’. i was not convinced that it’s the answer. i admit that we may have already killed this gorgeous blue-green ball, and that the sixth extinction has been written.

    but: when all that’s left is the fall, falling well is of crucial importance. which may well be…where we all now. but i still do believe in the power of collective intentional prayer (even of the atheistic sort) and higher thoughts.

    i am sad tonight for several reasons, but one is that i’ve collected things about the counter-revolution in venezuela. more about that (hopefully) on the morrow.

    sleep well, dream of a better world; we must try to create one, since the process is more important than the goal, success…or not.

  8. the photos also show how tiny the atmosphere is. a sliver.

  9. But you already said that beautifully Bruce.

  10. There have been quite a few astronaut sightings.

  11. “If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.” – Carl Sagan COSMOS
    And, All Ways:

  12. ‘ah’ on others, mark.

    and thanks, bruce. i found recent solace in a different moody blues tune, as well. but didn’t sagan…recalibrate that thinking later?

  13. I Am NOT a betting man, and I’ve no idea what caliber Sagan may’ve settled on, but at ~ 3 million to 1, if I were in the Obamanable 1%, I’d Step BACK, AWAY from the swastikas, stars and bars, and skinheads they’re employing! Even ‘Nuland’ ought know, the pursuit of “lebensraum” didn’t work out well for the Reich; nor ‘our’ “rich”.

  14. same comment was over yonder, but to the one i seem to have missed above your rt video:

    “Strange is our situation here on Earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to divine a purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: that man is here for the sake of other men – above all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends.”

    ~ Albert Einstein

  15. With such warm fuzziness, it is no wonder Albert could not counter his atomic brainchild, once unleashed (which gives me some solace, realizing that greater people than I …

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