Julian Assange and Edward Snowden at SXSW

I’m a bit bogged down in my in-situ uranium leaching post, so I thought maybe I’d post these videos, and see if you have any comments, wanna send me any money (large bills only, please)…or what have you.  :)

This is the Press Freedom Foundation’s ‘Encryption Works‘. It’s up to us?  After ten years of being monitored by any acronym agency that cared to, with total impunity?  Anyhoo… way beyond my abilities; screw it.

10 responses to “Julian Assange and Edward Snowden at SXSW

  1. Well, ACLU STILL hasn’t pursued the slam-dunk case of UNCONSTITUTIONAL FISA ex post facto exoneration of U.S./telecoms’ unwarranted wiretapping of US ALL under DubyaSpeak Bush (claiming Supine Court Chief Justice Jay concluded early-on that the Constitutional ex post facto law prohibition on Congress (we all learned in 9th grade civics), merely applies only to capital punishment cases (and is therefore unchallengeable)! So I guess 3/5 men in slavery and the Dredd Scott precedents would’ve remained unchallengeable, if left to ACLU, too

  2. interesting framing; can’t get my mind off that *we’re now* about 3/5 of a person now, as well. subtract a bit from that because money is speech, and corporations are people… and as for 2014 jim crow voting laws in some states…

    shoot, yes, though, even the man (tom ?, was it) in the hospital objected, eh? am i on the right track, even?

    i admit i was disturbed by the fact that edward snowden reckons we have all the oversight bodies in place (with his addition of a citizen’s panel), etc it must be partly because i’m an abolitionist, and think tearing it all down and starting over is the only solution.

    i didn’t quite get what he meant by ‘we coordinated the releases with the government’, either. and i guess some of the software industry tweaks and encryptions will help some people, but as siogan said, if they want into your computer, they’ll get in. and shoot, all these years later, i can’t imagine trying to figure out tor or ubuntu.

    haven’t listened to but five minutes of julian assange but i do hope to yet.

  3. Yes, Julian/Edward began passing the ammunition; but none are prepared to shoot (back at the Bushites unchained)! But if captured and incarcerated ACLU’ll Be THERE to recoup these felons’ voting rights upon release! Maybe, that’s why J/E are now talking Fed-coordinated doc.s’ release ( NO, wait … Assange’s not a citizen! … well, never mind). He’ll just rot in eternal Gitmo.

  4. there are times that i wonder if you and i share a common language, so i’m not sure how to respond. :)

    i was a bit surprised that (a purported sorta transcript + tweets) said that assange had indicated that he was not surprised at russia making sure to keep…what russia thought was theirs. my read i quite different as per victoria nuland’s call…the various funding of ngo’s in aid of ‘democracy’ in ukraine, VZ, iran, etc.

    but i got to wondering today when it changed that we citizen journalists were found to be a suspect class if we asked probing questions of other more highly regarded journalists.

  5. i dunno; this new piece at the intercept seems to say that even encrypting won’t help all that much, but my eye crossed before i finished it.


  6. 1) I doubt the ACLU can get standing to fight the retroactive telecom law.
    2) “coordinated the releases with the government” I think means they invited the gov to review before release and lodge any objections to publishing, such as deadly danger to people, etc. The gov objections are ignored by the publisher if deemed false or specious.
    3) “we have all the oversight bodies in place (with his addition of a citizen’s panel)” could be true, but as in all cases of democracy, when people are corrupt no formal rules can prevent the descent into totalitarianism or worse.
    4) “russia making sure to keep…what russia thought was theirs” I think refers to the NATO agreements/assurances re buffer states the US repeatedly broke ever since they made them.
    5) “even encrypting won’t help all that much” — It can make it too expensive for the gov to run a dragnet, so that’s beneficial.

  7. i hope your last sentence in #2 is correct; i always wonder why certain things are blacked out. did you read the ‘encryption work’ piece? i still wonder at which services besides microsoft were too willing to give the nsa the keys. google for instance?

    well, as i said, i’m an abolitionist, so i don’t think #3 works. none of the oversight should be done by elected officials in any event, imo. besides which, the fbi and private online spies are so very forgotten. i can’t see any ‘reform’ working, although i can’t imagine how it could be unwound by now, *physically*.

    no, at least what i thought assange had meant was that russia was the bully, not the billions spent by the US, and all the seep-state ngo’s run from all over europe.

    at least the new docs revealed *mention* terrorists*, lol.

    guess ‘expensive’ doesn’t matter, though, as they’re doing all this with our tax dollars. now many trillions? and srsly, you know this stuff, but how many of are able to load or use tor? not many, i reckon. plus, all those other years of not being secure (hi, bill gates!)

    i’d taken the position with mafr earlier that folks would howl with glee if congress were spied on, not be outraged enough to actually DO something. the response to ‘the day we fight back’ was seriously low energy. pretty funny to watch DiFi in high dudgeon, *and* lot of the networks pick it up.

    nice to see you, uncle. :)

  8. here’s the quote:

    “The Crimea region is so geopolitically important to Russia that they’re willing to pour immense resources into retaining it. Unless you’re involved in the system of coercive force, with money alone you don’t get power.”

    ..according to this guy, anyhoo.


  9. *Apparently works: “Power is a thing of perception. They don’t need to be able to kill you. They just need you to think they are able to kill you.”

  10. or tweaked more to the point about the nsa and other acronym snoops: “they don’t need to actually blackmail you; they just need you to think they are able to”. oh; you meant assange’s quote on russia. :)

    dunno what all’s in here, but wikileaks posted 352 cables on Svoboda -czeck +ukraine a couple days ago. you might have some fun poking about… too much for me.


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