Fighting Reagan’s Secret, Illegal Wars – Michael Ratner of CCR

In which we see COINTELPRO, Zbig, and …the roiling of the ME.


7 responses to “Fighting Reagan’s Secret, Illegal Wars – Michael Ratner of CCR

  1. Well, Yes WARS; that, and Poppy Bush Company-perped assassininity practiced domestically on presidents and on down, since 1963.* Qui bono?

  2. who was on that grassy knoll? :)

  3. A ‘plumb’ expert sniper, veteran of Poppy’s iron triangle (post-GoodWar CIA, Mafia and anti-Castro Cuban) team under ‘Eduardo’ Howard Hunt from the Bush-fielded ‘Operation Zapata’ (y’know, “that Bay of Pigs thing”). ;~(

  4. beyond my knowledge, but it sounds at least close to right. quite an operation (i googled, swiss cheese brain).

  5. zapata oil, never heard of that, interesting on wikipedia.

  6. Michael Ratner: thoughts on the plane hitting the world trade center and predicting the US was moving toward a police state the next day.

    “we made sandwiches for the survivors; of course, they didn’t need the sandwiches…”

  7. i was up most of the night with a headache; feelin’ pretty wonky today. i’m fixing a few meals for a friend who just had some big surgery, too. all of which is to say: i won’t likely be around today.

    wish i had a clue what cold fusion is; interesting conversation over yonder, or i hope it is.

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