Friday Funnies from the White House: This is what change looks like: A-C-A!

(via email from the White House this morning)

This is what change looks like:

Eight million Americans have signed up for private insurance in the marketplaces thanks to the Affordable Care Act- and it means that many of them are getting quality, affordable care for the first time.

Last week, President Obama had a chance to visit Texas families personally impacted by the health care law.

Their stories are a powerful reminder of why the law is so important-take a minute to watch the video at

Now you may remember that when we launched our website, a few people couldn’t figure out how the hell to use it, and refused our suggestion to simply restart their computers, and bada-bing, get started. The rumors that it was hacked were simply not so; simple incompetence by the public was the cause. But to encourage the younger set to sign up, we went to great trouble to get celebrity endorsements, and the President even did the Between Two Ferns Show, and boy, did he rock: almost as much as the potted plants! (heh) But the ACA also got the endorsement of big name celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Drake, and our successful sign up of 8,000,000 Americans is partially due to their hard work and creativity! Thank you both, and all the other Hollywod elites who helped make sure that so many gave so much…to the insurance industry.

Have a story you’d like to share? Tell us what the Affordable Care Act means to you. Just click the link, and send us your messages; some carefully screened ones may be used at

Or, comment below as the spirit moves you. Come on, I know you want to sing the ACA’s praises! Never mind that Mr. wd and I said ‘Thanks, but no thanks’, and refused to sign up. Like idiots, we’ll go for the fine, but as they say: ‘Ya can’t get blood out of a recalcitrant turnip refusenik’, ha ha ho ho  hee hee…. Or: you keep the hope and change, we can’t afford it.


(by Anthony Freda via flickr wendydavis)

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14 responses to “Friday Funnies from the White House: This is what change looks like: A-C-A!

  1. It takes 2 RIGHT Hands for Obama to be a NixOn zero, and one behind to universally twerk-out the PPCACA he’s substituted for (and people are SWALLOWING) PROMISED Single-Payer.

    We, the voting Public DELIVERED; he Lying DEM RENEGED!


    zzzzzleep well. :)

  3. Nothing like the smell of a Grand Bargain !!!

  4. goodness, nonquixote? was the aca part of a grand bargain? or are you facetiously pointing to a bargain with the insurance industry? i admit that i stayed pretty much out of this discussion as far back as tpm café days. cripes, the arguments were as heated as discussions about ‘the civil war: moral or immoral (unnecessary)…or close.

    gawds, some folks are getting reamed by this travesty! fredcdobbs hopes to come back after death s pigeon to shit on obama’s dc monument… a will so many others, of course.

  5. Now THERE’S a Project for the New American Century (PNAC) Attack: suggested designs for O’s dc monument! I envision a Company getaway bus, driven from the backseat by O’zero with a Mafioso bagman’s open “briefcase” in one hand and an ACA Individual DICTATE handgun in the other; holding up some self-Obotomized youth at the back; while grannie’s being thrown under the front wheels by the Poppy BushDriver!

  6. and what material would one use for its construction? carrara marble or recycled metallic junkyard bits? i like it.

    i stuck in the afl-cio video for fredcdobbs. i’d used it in “Richard Trumka Pwned by the President His Union Helped Elect. What.a.Sucker.”, too.

    turns out that trumka is a biggie on the NED board, and kim scipe says that his fooking act is to keep union members and other workers.from EVER getting anything business dudn’t wanna give. wsws says that it was the union bosses who helped sell auto workers out there, not just obama and the state of MI. i believe it.

  7. Either (or both) works in an organized crime/teamster motif! Maybe the O’Romneys’ used campaign buses are available as models and/or “recyclables”.

  8. borrowing a quip: would one bus have a dog strapped to the roof?

  9. All part of the same deal wendyedavis, class warfare, a grand bargain for the real beneficiaries. Yes I was being a bit snarky.

    Windy/sunny and tolerable, placed some wire netting over some now sweet fall planted spinach which survived nicely under the very deep snow we experienced last winter. Small pleasures. :)

  10. ah; the blood-sucking by the duopoly’s Greater Vampire Squid. gotcha. :)

  11. Richard Sellers

    With my wife and me it’s pretty much cash and carry; the rest is frugality-based existence. We get by on the skin of our proverbial teeth. Minimal waste and little in the way of luxury, relatively speaking; we’re rolling in wealth in comparison to much of the globe. What strikes me is how very impoverished much of the thinking is here in the U.S. And how very narrow the understanding of impoverishment really is. The ACA? Hah! Blood from a freakin’ turnip. Good luck with that, Obama.

    Cash and carry, or going without. That’s the real situation.

  12. But, it’s All ACA-ching for the Obamanable Empire $QUID$ !

  13. Gotta beg off until morning; hegg-ache at large. :)

    and nice to see you here, richard sellers. welcome.

  14. mr. wd and i are pretty much hand-to-mouth as well, richard sellers; we mend everything we can even more than…before. and i agree, our wealth is far beyond that of most planetary citizens. when i watch our kids just piss away money, it irks me; they can’t imagine a future where there may be…nothing coming in. i (ahem) am trying hard not to rail about it as much lately.

    ‘Empire Squids’: good un, bruce.

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