State Department Tweets on Ukraine, Oh My [Updated]

From the State Department on Twitter:

(Sorry, I tried twelve ways to get the tweets to embed; had to be otherwise creative to bring them.)

Biden meets with Ukrainian legislators today at the Rada in Kyiv, .


You will not walk this road alone. We will walk with you.” – Joe Biden in

13 responses to “State Department Tweets on Ukraine, Oh My [Updated]

  1. ah…lovely. my friend john faris played one with zephyr…waay back in time, of course…

  2. Biden is repellent. another slicked up handshaking smiling arm twisting salesman.

    B3 was pretty important back in the sixties.

  3. wow; i don’t believe i ever saw them perform live, or on video. odd, but my memory of faris’s hammond is that its edges were less angular somehow. and for certain, there was wood that prevented on from seeing his feet on the pedals (unless of course i am just trippin’, as uncle claimed…) :)

    somehow i’d not paid much attention to biden over the years, but he certainly is ‘distinguishing’ himself lately, the empire toadie.

  4. For the sake of posterity on a dead thread:

    When I looked again at the Twit Pic of Joe Biden shaking hands with PM Yatsenyuk-yuk-yuk, I was reminded of a quote that we might direct toward this current iteration of the Imperium Players (and their progenitors, of course):

    Tis too much proved – that with devotion’s visage and pious action, we do sugar o’er the devil himself.

    ~ Will Shakespeare, Hamlet

  5. wil was alright.

    yeah great band vanilla fudge was.

    A lot of people “customized” their B3’s. they weigh a lot, and you had to carry them around, also they had to be put in a case, also heavy.

    so some people cut off stuff to make it lighter and easier to carry.

  6. Did Joe have some work done? He’s thinking of running for President maybe?

    what could be possibly better than that?

  7. lol. seems he has.

    hillary features large in the celebrity plastic surgery search, too.

  8. caption for third picture

    ” Hi Yats, here’s your cheque.”

  9. “I recommend you spend some of it on hair plugs and cool clothes for Yulia.”

  10. holy agitprop! listen to the guardian’s 4 minutes of clips of the 16 minute podium-pounding kerry:

    “Russia making an expensive mistake over Ukraine, says John Kerry – video”

    He is rotting from the inside, and it’s showing outside. my stars.

    i’ve been trying to find some real news today, and it’s quite hard. rt has its own bias I looked at vineyard of the saker), and how strange to think that it may reflect reality better than the west’s media. wooosh.

  11. good one. or

    “lose the three day growth Yats, here’s the money for a razor that we promised you”

    I heard a minute of Kerry on amy this am. had to shut it off.

    I am unable to understand what they think they are doing.

    wars can be blundered into.

    Paul C. Roberts has been saying for a while war is their goal.

  12. mike whitney, too, as in: full spectrum domination, if i remember that term’s use properly. would USians mind if they knew that the US and NATO are backing a junta of neo-nazis? i would sure like to believe they would.
    I can’t remember which twit acct showed all the neo-nazi pics.

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