michael hudson and stephen cohen speak on ukraine [updated]

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Disclaimer: The next ten people here may know ten times more than I about what’s going on in the Ukraine, including the history and geopolitics and realpolitik at play during the past couple months. I’ve been working on a piece about a new Clinton FOIA document dump, something I used to know a bit about. That said, I believe that this interview I found via Naked Capitalism, ‘Ukraine: Is Obama Channeling Cheney?’ while not a bedtime story, might be quite timely to hear, given the pace at which events and propaganda are unfolding. I’d like to know what you all think/believe/see.

Yves kindly provided a link to the transcript if you’d rather read than watch.

There were a lot of great comments on Hudon’s interview, as always, but I’d like to feature a few. First:

TarheelDemApril 18, 2014 at 10:28 am

Obama is channeling Victoria Nuland, her Kagan husband and in-laws, Ambassador Pyatt, and John Brennan. Guess why the Senate’s Report on CIA Torture is so important in domestic politics relative to foreign policy? You have to go into the politics that allowed Victoria Nuland to become Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State to understand who exactly from the the Democratic Party side Obama is channeling. Obama doesn’t form his own foreign policy vision; it seems to be a consensus vision of people he thinks are experts and who have their own political power bases already in DC. Nothing shows more the community organizer side of him than the way he manages his community of foreign policy experts and world leaders with regard to identifying goals, strategies and supervising implementation. The impact of Obama is in the immediate reconciling of differences among those folks and pronouncing the President’s decision of the moment. And the Churchillian determination not to preside over the decline of the American empire.

Seemingly in a somewhat bemused answer (or not), as perhaps was my bolded portion of THD’s:

Michael Hudson April 18, 2014 at 11:15 am

The job of a Community Organizer is to make fortunes for real estate investors gentrifying. That is what Obama did in Chicago (See Yves’ reprint of Bob Fitch’s study some years ago), and that is just what he’s doing in Ukraine. Cargill is angling for land rights, and other investors are anticipating a really, really cheap labor force as Ukraine’s currency plummets. Obama is simply working with his backers, asking them what they want him to do. His job is to deliver his constituency.

And while I’m not a big fan of his, this is a pithy take on Obama:

Dan Kervick April 18, 2014 at 10:31 pm

It seems to me that a key background factor is that Obama is an extremely weak figure heading a failed administration and poised to lead his party into another mid-term shellacking at the hands of the most crackpot and unserious opposition a halfway competent politician could ask for. It’s amazing. Now he has gotten his manhood invested in another head-to-head standoff with the tough guy Putin, after Putin already humiliated him last year over Syria, and has no idea how to climb down without looking like Putin’s abject bitc*.

Given that I’m not quite as sanguine over the fact that the ‘Ukrainan Military’ (whatever it consists of, reports and speculations vary) refused to fire on comrades (even though I loved it), nor convinced that the ‘Deal in Geneva’ will stem the tide, and that Hudson had mentioned Cargill, these are extra bits you may find of interest:

  • Corporate Interests Behind Ukraine Putsch’ by JP Sottile, in which he digs into the Deep State ‘winning hearts and minds’ investments Big Ag has made in Ukraine over the past couple decades, especially Cargill and Monsanto (non-GMO seeds), and why. It’s fascinating, and quite compelling.
  • The Business of America Is Giving Countries Like Ukraine the Business’ by JP Sottile for Buzzflash at Truthout,in which he references Condi’s Chevron and their Ukraine “$10 billion shale gas production-sharing agreement; Monsanto’s strategy vis a vis the EU, and ‘soft Imperialism’.
  • “We Are Not Beginning a New Cold War, We are Well into It” by Stephen Cohen on Russia-Ukraine Crisis: by Democracy Now! / April 18th, 2014; I haven’t watched, but his earlier interview on DN was very good, as are his many writings on the subject.

And…’FIDO and General Wes Clark in Ukraine: US Advisors on the Ground, Deadly Messenger‘by John Stanton, including this pdf on Wesley Clark and friend’s want list for Kiev at cryptome.

Added: Quite a few of the FDL commentariat have been linking to posts at Vineyard of the Saker; this is the last post before his Pashka (Orthodox Easter) post and rest:

‘So this is the Russian end-goal: to unseat the USA from its role as a world hegemon. And that goal implies a much longer, bigger and more sustained effort that just force the freaks in Kiev to the negotiating table. Among other things, this goal implies that Russia must:

1) Force the Europeans to fully realize the outrageous price they are paying for being the obedient and silent vassals of the USA and slowly drive a wedge between the USA and Europe.
2) Force the USA to admit that it does not have the military might to punish or, even less so, “regime change” anybody they don’t like.
3) Encourage China and other Asian powers to openly stand with Russia in demanding that international law be adhered to by the West.
4) Gradually replace the dollar with other currencies in international trade and thereby slow down the financing of the US debts by the rest of the planet.
5) Create the conditions for Latin America and Africa to be able to make choices about its future and replace the current monopoly enjoyed by the West in setting the terms of North-South relations.
6) Present another civilizational model which openly reject the current Western paradigm of a society run by small and arrogant minorities.
7) Challenge the current liberal and capitalist economic order embodied in the Washington Consensus and replace it by a model of social and international solidarity (call it “21 century socialism” if you want).

All of the above can be summed up in one word: re-sovereignization.’

This is Stephen Cohen on Democracy Now; he has lived in Russia, and is a student and author of history  on that nation..  “A New Cold war…?”

From 4/27/2014, Stephen Cohen and Walt Mearsheimer interviewed on RT:


31 responses to “michael hudson and stephen cohen speak on ukraine [updated]

  1. This is the Saker’s piece I’d referenced earlier: ‘How the Ukrainian crisis will eventually bring down the AngloZionist Empire’…

    and this is his recent response to comments, including to those angry over it, especially the use of the term ‘angoZionist’ or otherwise disagreeing with the post, as far as I’d read.

    this is the Wired article on Monsanto’s non-GMO line of fruit and veg (or will be when i google for it again…)

    these are the most recent comments via site email:

    juliania: Yes, that was a bit tongueincheek on Monsanto – though it did remind me of Wall Street gyrations where it is always win/win, and the desperation in trying to unload all that GM stuff when nobody wants to eat it…not to mention how the land will finally turn to concrete or something to protect itself from those filthy seeds.

    But darn you – I love that Saker site. He actually knows so much about mysterious Russian ins and outs, and can explain in ways I understand. (Not really darn you; thanks so much!) Some Orthodox are very rightwing, so this is lovely.

    Juliania; Eek, you expect me to sleep tonight after going to that Monsanto link????
    “Monsanto is still Monsanto. The company enforces stringent contracts for farmers who buy its produce seeds. Just as with Roundup Ready soybeans, Monsanto prohibits regrowing seeds from the new crops.”
    Okay, that’s it. Once we get our sovereignty back I’m gonna crush that company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mark-mafr: stopped reading at “anglo zionist empire”
    some people look for and find a Jew behind every problem on this planet.

    Juliania; That’s a shame, mafr – he isn’t anti-Jew. It’s probably a bad term for the reaction it gets. We just have to get over our instant dislikes, though I am a great one to talk about that. What he is talking about is politics, not religion or race – just raw naked power, and the state of Israel has leadership right now that is as bad as the leadership of this country – that’s the infernal duopoly the term describes.

    Actually, this kind of satanic rule is most likely, it would seem, once a truly suffering people is given nationhood that draws the sympathy of the rest of us – that happened for Israel, I think – we knew what the people had been through, so we overcompensated. I loved the movie ‘Exodus’ – and Paul Newman, who could doubt his integrity? But as with the heritage of this country – power and empire have corrupted noble ideals. And other peoples are truly suffering right this moment in concentration camps across the Middle East, so Zionism now has a very bad name, even among Jews.

    Back to Monsanto – found this just now:
    Yay for open source seeds!

  2. Nyahhh … could Be USraeli hacking!

  3. Stuxtnet noticed? lol.

  4. “anglo jewish empire.”

    You’re ok with that?

    can you define that for me? If you think there’s such a thing?

    It’s absurd.

    There’s no such thing, except in the delusional minds of people like “Storm Front”, and lots of slightly less obvious people who would never think of themselves as sharing viewpoints with white supremacists.

  5. sticky wicket trying to separate zionism from anti-semitism, isn’t it mark? i’ve been trying to read the saker’s responses, but the site is hard on my eyes. his explanation made some sense on what he meant, but some of the comments do ramp it up a bit. a couple folks seem to have left links to studies, one in particular iirc about jewish media ownership percentages (or close). i vaguely remember that from the past couple years…

    but when i giggled ‘angloZionist empire’, i saw a few old books on the subject, and the mention you made by stormfront. i do understand that if i were jewish, i might just feel the same as you do. the only counter-weights are sites like mondoweiss and jews for peace, etc., neither of which i’ve read for some time now.

    but when i saw juliania’s response to you come in through email, i’d thought it was a good one, unwinding some of the threads, and had rather hoped that you would, too.

  6. “sticky wicket trying to separate zionism from anti-semitism, isn’t it mark? ”

    no, not really.

    But most people’s knowledge of Jewish history goes back to Hitler, and that’s about it. Like it was a one off thing.

    Most people have no understanding of the history of the Jews from Roman times. It goes back that far, it’s been consistent since then. Always despised and scapegoated.

    Have you heard of the Evian conference?


  7. I am not black, Mexican, Indian, but I understand and despise racism against those people.

    So I do not understand why a person needs to be Jewish to understand that brand of bigotry.

  8. Hi Juliania, the founding of the state of Israel is not an overcompensation.

    It’s absolutely the one and only way, a person who is Jewish, can be assured they won’t be murdered. It goes back thousands of years, not sixty years. It’s always been the same.

    Of course you’re entitle to your opinion;

    Have you acquainted yourself with the history of the Jews from the days of Rome?

    Have you read any books on the subject?

    anyway, doubt that I can persuade anyone, it seems as though the idea of a state where Jews can live without fear of being murdered for their faith is one that many people find intolerable.

  9. please understand that for tonight i’m ill-equipped to answer your comment (and charges) with any sort of considered comment. my focus is a bit different in that i not only wanted to reconstitute this vaporized thread, but have had to do the same thing on my ‘state dept tweets on ukraine’ thread at my.fdl. the mods have deleted most of it twice now, wittingly or not, and i am going a bit crazy fixing it because i want the information and the photos up, given the threats and propaganda that some argue…*could* lead to another world war (i hope not, but hope is not of much probative value), not that a post on the internet can halt…anything.

    peace be with you for tonight if it’s possible. meanwhile, on a very different issue i had posted this video on the Open Menu thread; it may speak to both our moods and thoughts. (sorry fo still-sticky keys…)

  10. hi, no problem, don’t worry about it….

  11. Well, that is an extraordinary happening, wendye – might we blame a solar flare or something? I know my son (who computes late) was having great difficulty simply sending a birthday email to his cousin last night.

    mafr, yes, it is very understandable that people persecuted for their faith seek out a safe place to be – it has happened to many persecuted faiths and races of people, with terrible atrocities and discrimination practised against innocent families who were in the way of the conquerors.

    Zionism, to me, isn’t Jewish faith but the state mentality that presently abides in the state of Israel. Jewish faith there is incidental – it could be the same bad thing going on were it any single faith that was the determining factor.

    I probably do have a different take on history, being from an anglo colonized island in the South Pacific, which had a relatively short and uncluttered past – not down the centuries as you point out from Roman times. However, to me that is my history as well, from Roman times and on, the many persecutions of peoples forced to flee or treated as slaves – the Iliad is about that too. And my faith certainly is newborn by comparison. One person, living a life short and sweet.

    I don’t think the Saker site is perfect – he’s just one person dealing with one subject for me so far, and I suspect he’s a bit overwhelmed with the attention he’s been getting, will no doubt make some false moves, being just one person. His knowledge from inside the happenings enlarged the dialogue, I felt.

    But never mind that, I am sorry to have upset you. My concern was for peace in the Ukraine as we are so good at wrecking things all over the world. I just wish we would back away from something that is none of our affair.

  12. Hi juliania, thanks a lot, sorry to change the subject here….

    good article at counterpunch about the Ukraine, Harper, and the move away from the us dollar.

  13. Thanks, I will check it out. And as wendye says, we’re allowed to change the subject. (I do it all the time.) I remember I first commented here that I was glad to see the diary after it had receded at fdl, since the matter is still front and center and wendye’s posts are full of links to explore. She suggested the Sottile one, got me sidetracked into Monsanto because of the west ukraine ‘goldmine’ agriculturally speaking and ‘investors’ already sinking their teeth in – ugh! That caused me to make the tongue in cheek remark about Monsanto going organic – at which point wendye helpfully supplied a link indicating they are doing exactly that – hence my ‘eek’ remark.

    And now we are almost up to date – at least on my ‘helpful’ contributions! Hope I don’t trigger another wipeout. :((

  14. eeek, i’m not sure if i could/should list any/all of the books i’ve read, but i did almost make it through ‘the source’ until the final chapters fell to the ground when the fat paperback’s binding finally committed suicide. the long history of pogroms, jews sent into diaspora so often…rights so severely curtailed down to what professions they were allowed… and yet the similar stories didn’t lessen the horror with the almost monotony, of course.

    i had a bit of a conversation with the good margo schulter on I/P issues recently (on the boards, then more in email), and told her that my de facto godparents were czech jews that fled hitler. their stories i heard thru the art of eaves-dropping caused me to read more and more on the holocaust’s horrors… then uris, potok, the ‘writers from the other europe’ series, so many more. her responses were gentle and to the point, always about peace and justice, and i wish i could remember more. but it may have been that she sensed that i had trouble chiding israeli policy over treatment of the palestinians, and while i was slow to be able to do that, eventually i could.

    that kinda reminds me of early campaign obomba, who had uttered the sentence akin to: ‘sometimes we need to remind our friends that what they are doing is (wrong?, maybe not that), not in their best interests. and yes, aipac flipped out, so by the time he went there to speak, he had changed his tune, though perhaps not quite as avidly as hillary.

    my jewish friends are rather mixed over the issue, to say the truth, but probably a preponderance of them…do not admire the sort of zionism evident in israeli politics. and i will join juliania in saying i’m sorry if my words hurt you; wouldn’t want to for the world, mafr.

    and i will need to bail on reading the saker’s piece more closely to see if i can interpret any of it more…coherently.

  15. juliania, i dunno about solar flares disappearing blogposts (as happened here), but over yonder it was definitely kit oconnell. i discovered a year or so ago that one could scroll down in Edit and see who had edited a post, and how many times. it was how i’d discovered jane hamsher had edited mine, oddly enough, switching out photos, dunno what all else. but i did finally email kit at the general my fdl moderator address, and ask him to please stop it (he had been there twice by then), whether or not he thought it may have been helpful, it may have been inadvertently harmful, never heard back from him. and…so it goes, i reckon.

  16. well there are two issues, that some people can’t separate.

    treatment of palestinians

    jewish state.

    They are separate issues.

    as far as reading about the history goes, as I mentioned you possibly haven’t read any history older than one hundred years.

    I’ve read a few that go back much earlier.

    for instance “The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam Paperback
    by Bat Ye’or (Author), David Maisel (Author)”

    Like lots of people, I thought Jews did well under Islam. This argument is offered up by anyone who dislikes the idea of a Jewish state.

    It’s incorrect. completely incorrect.

    At Firedoglake I posted an excerpt from a book by a woman missionary in Iraq ( I read the entire book, it’s online, great book about the country and people of Iraq at that time) around 1905, who described the Jews of Iraq, as the most downtrodden, poor, degraded, despised, miserable people she had ever seen.

    Since this did not fit in with the “Jews flourished under Islam, so no need for a state of Israel” theme, The only response was “oh her” . No facts in opposition of course. Just a sneer.

    I tried to post it at Juan Cole, he wouldn’t post it, although he posted other comments of mine.

    Cause It’s inconvenient. Have to pretend that Jews would do fine under Islamic rule.

    Fat chance.

    They still teach the blood libel in Muslim countries.

    Or, you could read the history of the expulsions at various times, of Jews from every country in Europe over the last thousand years or so. Fleeing from here to there, with nothing, and starting over.

    I’ve read about that too.

    Like the mass expulsion from Spain and Portugal in the fifteenth century, during the inquisitions, where Jews were forced to convert, or leave within four months of the royal order;

    and then even those that did convert ,were eventually pillaged, tortured, some burned, and the rest expelled,

    Did you read the “Evian conference” that I linked to? Seems nobody had any room for Jews just before WW2. Just no room at all.

    Like Canada, where an immigration official said “none is too many” in response to the question how many Jews would Canada take in.

    I read that book as well. “None is too many” is the title.

    anyway, some people just live in a fantasy world, where everyone will be happy, and there will be no mass expulsions, and massacres of Jews.

    If so, it would be the very first time in human history.

    And I think it’s sad that a writer on the internet can throw out terms like anglo zionist empire, and people don’t even notice it, or think twice about it.

    What does that say?

    it’s racist on the face of it. The Jews control the world. yes. That fits in perfectly with their history doesn’t it?

    by the way as I said, a person can be opposed to Israeli treatment of Palestinians, and also support the existence of the Jewish state.

    anyway, not to worry, I am not offended, but I get angry when I see racist slurs accepted so blithely though, by people I respect.

    and we disagree that’s all. Not a big deal.

  17. it’s not that i remember ‘the source’ well, as i’d read it probably three or four decades ago, but the wiki says it covers times up to a thousand or more years b.c.

    i am sorry that i haven’t taken the time to read the evian conference link, but leon uris and others documented rather well that few would take jews trying to flee hitler’s regime, hence, the making of ‘exodus’ into a film before the un vote, iirc. and i was glad that it seemed to work as intended.

    (i do get side-tracked easily, both by life and other burning issues, and still am fumbling about with two or three different posts i’ve wanted to write, then current events…like crimea, and fcc and net neutrality link-fetching for ‘firebagger’..and ds wright’s rather oddly phrased crimea post.

    the only history i knew of when jews were intended to flourish was under saladin in the 12th century, but iirc, that changed not long after the abominable crusades, which history and others christians cannot be held accountable enough of course. the same for the genocide of the armenians, even though erdogan just made a very narrow apology for ‘the deportations’.

    yes, you had mentioned that you are not black, muslim, i forget what all, but still feel the pain of racism directed at them. that is so very empathetic of you, but there are jews like those who write at mondoweiss who don’t feel that being anti-zionist is antisemtic, i think. at dagblog.com, where i posted for a bit, it was a hard topi always, as most of the banner bloggers and site owners were jewish. ha; one diarist there came onto one of my fdl posts to ask if i were the same wendy davis quoted doing an ugly antisemitic rant at ‘veteran’s world’, so he must have somehow considered me suspect, i dunno how or why..(let me press submit so i don’t lose all this as sometimes happens, and i will finish soon as i can..)

  18. “… great book about the country and people of Iraq at that time) around 1905, who described the Jews of Iraq, as the most downtrodden, poor, degraded, despised, miserable people she had ever seen.” i think that the kurds feel the same, not to mention having fallen for US rhetoric that they should rebel against saddam, and were sold out *twice* for falling for it.

    did juan cole say why he wouldn’t publish it? as in: only one outier opinion or such? this is the main post which mentions israel, and it concerns the NYT.

    yeah, i guess i can’t separate jewish state (in its decades-long configuration) from ‘treatment of palestniians’, but we may be destined to not agree on any nuances of that permutation… (oooh, jimi’s ‘watchtower’ just came on my realplayer)

    oh, and when i checked mondoweiss’s About page, a few comments from 2011 did call the state of israel: evil, so yes, that theme is about. but otoh, i reckon that the reason i put pastor hagee’s ‘blood moon’ shit into that earlier diary was the fact that he and his ilk support zionism, while at the same time saying that jews will go to hell unless they ‘convert’. and i have no doubt that he and his ilk might not look fondly on jews i they rule this nation (world) as they hope to, *and* they would be the ones to kill christ should he or she come back into human form (as mr. wd points out so often).

    but shoot, mafr, i need some sleep if i can manage it. i would remind you that (iirc) i mentioned being a bit hesitant at bringing that saker link, nt quite knowing what the term really connoted. anyhoo, love and peace to you, even if i seem to a bigot in your eyes.


  19. and still, i think pp and m said it right:

  20. Sadly, mafr, rich people control the world, and what is happening now in the state of Israel seems to be the template for what will happen in the rest of the world, at least as far as the ptb are concerned.

    Your question of refugees and where can they go points to current destabilization tactics – I’m sure that it was the goodwill of countries surrounding Iraq, absorbing fleeing populations, which the west has profited from in overthrowing one leader after another in the middle east, causing economic chaos.

    That process of forcing large numbers of people out of their homes, Colin Powell bluntly described as ‘if you break it, you own it’ – which many took as a warning, but seems to be current US international policy. It’s what we do. And I’d call a lot of the folk who championed this in invading Iraq ‘zionistas’, maybe, rather than jews or zionists – because we have to call them something. Whatever they are, we’ve had a lot of them running our government lately and they thrive on the process.

    Same thing for the weird ‘Christians’ like Tony Blair, George Bush – even the Crusaders, Inquisitors, Salem witch hunters – as Wendye points out. Let’s call them christianistas!

    I haven’t read a lot of Jewish history, but I love Martin Buber, and his ‘Tales of the Hasidim’ is an insightful study of a particular flowering in that faith. Joyful, wonderful people! I lived through a smaller flowering of my own faith. It’s a lot like Camelot, a brief and beautiful time. Would that it could have lasted!

    There’s a link up at CTuttle’s post on Benghazi – I hope it wouldn’t offend you mafr, but it makes the point. These nasties are like the sophists of Plato’s day – they take a faith and distort it to their own ends. They need to be named! We must isolate them, and create open enclaves in which all faiths feel welcomed and joyful!

    On second thoughts, maybe I’d like the name ‘christianitsa’ for myself – it’s too charming a word for them! ;~)

    Lets just call them scum and be done with it.

  21. The Helpful Mountain

    It is told:

    The summits of the mountains on whose gentle slopes Israel ben Eliezer lived are straight and steep. In hours of meditation he liked to climb those peaks and stay at the very top for a time. Once he was so deep in ecstasy, he failed to notice that he was at the edge of an abyss, and calmly lifted his foot to walk on. Instantly a neighboring mountain leaped to the spot, pressed itself close to the other, and the Baal Shem pursued his way.

  22. I’ll just call it a day on this one.

  23. Well, just know that as much as we know you, we love you, mafr. Sorry to be so clumsy indicating that.

  24. This is much better – I just went to the library and they had Peter Matthiessen’s last novel, “In Paradise”. His epigraph is:

    “Everything is plundered, betrayed, sold.
    Death’s great black wing scrapes the air,
    Misery gnaws to the bone.
    Why then do we not despair?

    By day, from the surrounding woods,
    cherries blow summer into town;
    at night the deep transparent skies
    glitter with new galaxies.

    And the miraculous comes so close
    to the ruined dirty houses —
    something not known to anyone at all
    But wild in our breast for centuries.

    –Anna Akhmatova, 1921

    Yes, mafr?

  25. Lol. Come on Wendy. You are making comments disappear aren,t you? LOL. Ya getting a power complex like a certain editor at fdl. Grin. Sorry had ya say it. Grin

  26. FYI- You do know that I am kidding, right? LOL

  27. ack; sorry i got waylaid by life and focusing on a thing i needed to concentrate on. no, it wasn’t just the comments that had evaporated, it was the entire post i’d just figured that given the conversation, it might be better if i could reconstitute…both, as well as i could.

    over yonder, it’s possible kit oconnell had meant well, but it was very frustrating, nonetheless. side note: i did peek in to fdl and saw once again how dead it is/was. figured i’d look at the site meter, which can give stats in twenty different ways… and it is gone. totally. it was always at the very bottom of every page, iirc. made me wonder what that’s about.

    but i’m sorry if my failure to reply earlier caused you any concern. just self-absorbed here. i did try to provide a great video last night here, and couldn’t get it to embed. i may try again soon, or tomorrow. best to you.

  28. Right back atcha Wendy. I still LOL at my comment to you about Mr Wendy Williams instead of Mr Wendy Davis. My wife LOVED Wendy Williams. I don’t get it but I adore her so i suffer thru Wendy Williams shows. LOL. The things we husbands do eh? Of course the same is said for wife’s suffering thru husbands stuff as well.

  29. ooooh. i googled for the wendy williams show; glad never to have been exposed to it. can you put on headphones to save yourself? :)
    when mr. wd watches nebraska football, i just go in the bedroom and close the door. some togetherness is just too much to ask… (he doesn’t, thankfully) :)

  30. LOLOL Oh I do adore that woman. The fact that I watch this show is all the proof you all will ever need. LOL

  31. i updated the post and added the RT interview with cohen and mearsheimer.

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