First Nations and the Cowboy and Indun Alliance Videos: Nothin’ Short of Sublime

Because most of us need some spirit-raising; and yes, I continue to believe that First Nations and Third World women will lead us out of the hellish mess we’re in.

Reject and Protect Day 1: with Winona recounting her dream; Ponca Casey Camp: ‘We are women of power!’ and ‘‘The white man has turned on its own’  Turtle Island Women rawk; this is Glorious!

From IdleNoMore:

‘The Canadian government is currently spending 20 million taxpayers’ dollars in a public relations campaign in the United States aimed at attracting investment into Canada’s tar sands and other harmful developments in Native lands titled Connect2Canada. This direct action at the Canadian embassy marked a launch of the #Connect2Truth twitter campaign to counter this propaganda.

“It’s time for our people to start developing our own policies and enforcing our inherent Treaty rights. It is time for us to start defining what that relationship looks like for our visitors and remind our visitors that they came here and we are the ones, as Indigenous people, that gave them the permission to settle here on Turtle Island,” said Crystal Lameman, member of Beaver Lake Cree Nation.

Heather Milton Lightening, co-director of the Indigenous Tar Sands campaign of the Polaris Institute, stated, “We need to stop tar sands at the source. We are going to do that as a solid movement from coast to coast from east to west. We are going to shut down the tar sands. We are going to stop it!”
Check out press release from the action. See pictures from the action.’
#Connect2Truth – Stand our Sacred Ground

Superb Hip Hop artist Sicangu (Rosebud) Lakota Frank Waln performing at ‘Reject and Protect’ in DC

AIM Song – Moccasins On the Ground – Red Shirt Community

Published on Apr 27, 2014 April 2014 – Community leaders from across the United States and Canada join together on the Oglala Lakota Nation to become one mind, one spirit to protect the land, children and water – We welcome all to step up and protect sacred water. YOU CAN’T DRINK OIL.

Reject Keystone! Ponca Casey Camp opens ceremony at Sec State John Kerry’s house
Excellent photos here. Thank you, Brenda Norrell for assembling them.

An inspirational slideshow via TRNN by Jenna Pope: Cowboys and Indians Join Forces in DC to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline. Tipis on the National Mall; who’d have ever imagined that? (I’m not sure about the tipi painted in honor of the President, but I’m not quite as polite/hopeful as they are.)


And by way of a personal celebration at our house, we got seven inches of snow the night before last: a true blessing.  the burned black mountain to the east of us, including the new tracks from boulders rolling down-mountain in last year’s very brief rain showers, carving the mountain into a  new and unfamiliar topography.  Unsettling for old codgers.  But: moisture!

P1130367 P1130371



18 responses to “First Nations and the Cowboy and Indun Alliance Videos: Nothin’ Short of Sublime

  1. May the gentle snow fall and continue to peacefully carve the otherwise apparently implacable mountain with its surficial (and underground) torrents; my Lakota dream-catcher sings in solidarity with the rising wind, until I can join the growing flow.

  2. lovely prose, bruce, and i thank you for it. srsly. (the snow did melt by the end of the day, the wind is..making itself known strenuously, but…the snow melted slowly into menefee mountains soil. there will be some we plants spring to life soon. that feels so good….

    sleep well, and don’t let your dreamcatcher catch them all. morpheus must have his due.

  3. stephenadavis1

    Tipis standing on the National Mall, the beat of the drum echoing off the friggin White house and long time antagonists joining together to learn about each other and work toward saving our Mother.
    A true spirit lifter for certain. Thanks Ms. Turtle Island woman for spreading the good news. The drumming and singing by A Tribe Called Red in the Casey Camp video is some of the most thrilling I’ve ever heard.
    And the snow now turning to water is a Godsend indeed changing the valley into a sea of spring green.

  4. Morpheus can have the mean ones that pass thru:

  5. i love the full stops in that one. but hell’s bells, man, it’s the upsetting dreams that have the potential to be the most instructive . :)

  6. A beautiful message from beautiful people – thank you, wendye!

    And snow on your burned mountain soaking in. The land is so good at restoration if we only give it the opportunity. Last night’s freeze missed my garden – may it fruit this year!!

  7. Sha la la la, don’t be ‘mean’; it’s a two Upsetting DREAM!

  8. welcome, stephenadavis (you might just like being other than ‘mr. wd’ on the boards, eh? :) thrilling all the way, from tipis on the mall to winona and casey camp, the AIM singers…and young sicangu rapper modernizing the beat a bit. hoka hey! the lakota have long wanted to bring in the pups, eh?

    ack; i needed the lift immensely. i think i’ll cross-post it over yonder in case anyone there wants to thrill to the new alliance and dance to the beat of the drums.

    mitakuye oyasin!

  9. welcome, juliania. bet your sons might like young frank waln’s song. i sent this diary to our ute daughter; she and her hubbie like rap and she’s been reading about the NoXL struggles on facebook. in fact, her husband IS a christian rapper. :)

    ah, the snow the snow the snow. it may have taken care of most of the fruit, but it’s not for certain yet. but i am happy for you and your garden’s having been spared.

    i just found this slideshow from the mall at TRNN. photos by jenna pope; not sure about the tipi painted to ‘honor obama’, but they may have loftier thoughts than i. :)

  10. a jamaican lobster? kissing on the first date? :)

  11. Hello wendyedavis and friends,
    Beautiful mountain snows for sure, flew teh giggle viewer over the Menefee on my way just north of Denver to check out directions to my sibling’s new digs a few days ago. Mountains are so foreign to my experience, but certainly hold me in awe.
    Been more involved locally trying to get some would-be (with mild encouragement), “activists,” concerned about eco destruction planned in the NW part of our state, concerned about pipe-line expansions, mining, tar-crude shipping on the Great Lakes etc. Activism would amount to a few more letter writers and such hopefully nagging the local legislators and instructing their friends, but expanding awareness that what is happening is NOT ever all that far away and that we do need to definitely concern ourselves about it.
    Thanks for the post.

  12. hallo, nonquixote; nice to see you. but oy, you must get frustrated. so many folks have to see the results of that sort of devastation before they realize they should have acted to stop it.

    oh, i do love google earth. how far into the mountains north of denver is you sib? estes park-ish, boulder-ish? will you visit? mountains do get in your blood like oceans… or great lakes. :) come to think of it, i’ve never looked at the local la platas through google earth.

  13. Don’t be fooled by G.E. (e.g.., the attached satellite view of Central Florida’s Phosphate Mining moonscape):
    Those beautiful azure pools in the lower right are mined radon-bubbling, phosphate ‘borrow’ pits and slimes ponds, surrounded by waste gypsum stacks, smothered in beneficiation plant steenkeeng smog – a 500 square mile wasteland (and metastasizing below). In contrast above are the dark “inkspots” and “snakes” of our natural blackwater lakes, rivers and reservoirs, those Raygunesque “water-polluting” and greenhouse gas-emitting bottomland hardwood forests, here for previous eons, when you can just imagine the hell that la Florida was before incorporation into the “union”! (And as a Florida boy, I can attest to nearby Lake Hancock [dark splotch at upper right]; as the headwaters of the Peace River*, contains the largest gators I’ve ever seen as a kid or adult biologist). * “In 1971, a (slimes pond) dike broke and 2 billion gallons of clay poured into the Peace River, turning the water milky for 80 miles and killing hundreds of thousands of fish. It was the fourth such spill in a decade.

  14. jayzus. really? like this?

    how horrid; i’d never known or seen… only ever traveled a bit around lake okeechobee.

  15. Yes. And ya don’t Even WANNAKNOW the travesty of Disney down the Kissimmee through Okeechobee/Everglades to Florida Bay/Keys’ reefs saga of ecosystemic collapse in our Adult LIFETIMES.

  16. Hello Bruce, Every two years our local high schools send hundreds of band and choir students to perform at Disney. Aside from them (school boards) not being able to explain how that relates to buying local which they supposedly support, they claim it shows students how to act responsibly in a global society, part of the mission statement they adopted years ago.

    I understand that besides using these trips as recruitment camps to entice graduating senior students to come there to be cheap labor, there must be some specific localized environmental stress from just the numbers of visitors. Post a link for me please, and thank you.

  17. As Florida-born and life-tasked, I AM the (I-witness geezer, soon to be missing) link. But therefor an executive summary of Disney’s direct ‘footprint’, watershed impact from its Kissimmee River headwaters, downstream to its ‘butterfly (fish) effect’ in the Florida Keys’ coral reefs can be found on pages 12, 84-85, 220-21 of “Paving Paradise” (Pittman).
    Yet, it is hard NOT to identify Disney’s adverse impacts, from star-light blinding light pollution, to noise (nightly fireworks), to deadly amoebic brain infections from its overheated “lakes” to its contribution to terminal urban sprawl! But its ongoing proximate impact was exponentially duplicating its overall environmental expansion via EPCOT siting, into surrounding wetlands; only “mitigating” this metastasis with ‘preservation’ of “equivalent” (mostly upland) tracts it owns. This perennial ‘halve-the-loaf’ delusion, invariably sacrificed in some future over-populating “imperative”, has been embraced by most ‘environmental’ groups (in ever-hopeful denial of experience).
    You or your kids will personally experience this once and future reality, while endlessly looped on Orlando’s International Drive into the EPCOT* (Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow)! * Most of la Florida now looks the same (for a looksee, try a sterile side-trip to Celebration) .

  18. michaelcavlan

    I have absolutely no doubt that native men and women will lead us out of this nightmare. After all, comfortable privileged white middle class “liberals” have proven, repeatedly that they do not have the stones for what needs to be done.
    Just saying’.

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