Global march against Monsanto today ; bloody brilliant

Anonymous Press Release Operation Green Rights. 1800 accounts, Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Dupont and many others HACKED!
Citizens of the world,
Anonymous Operation Green Rights wishes to publicize its opposition to all environmentally destructive business practices. We are prepared to retaliate against the industry giants responsible for polluting and contaminating natural resources with over eighteen hundred emails and passwords from Monsanto, Syngenta, and Bayer, to name a few. However, due to restrictive video uploading rules, we are unable to post this data within this video. We will be releasing this data across several other mediums for maximum exposure.
To those of you who view everything that exists as a commodity to buy or sell in the name of profit and prominence we say: You are next. All of the money in the world will never replace the beauty of unspoiled nature, ever. Your dirty money can never supercede our right to be protected against the exploitation of living beings and Earth itself.
We should not be exposed to and live upon disfigured, exploited poisoned land, due to the corporate demand and use of genetically modified seeds and chemicals such as the herbicide RoundUp, aiming to gain ever larger market share.
Small farmers see their rights denied and their lives and businesses destroyed in the name of corporate profit. Our environment is being destroyed and polluted by the interests of large industries appearing to be relentlessly opposed to our basic right to safe food and a healthy ecosystem, with only their financial interests in mind.
More info here, for what it’s worth.

“Dozens of Indians protest against so-called terminator seeds, genetically modified sterile seeds which present farmers from saving their seeds for the next year.  Monsanto says it has never “commercialized sterile seeds.

“Fact: Monsanto has never commercialized a biotech trait that resulted in sterile – or “Terminator” – seeds. Sharing the concerns of small landholder farmers, Monsanto made a commitment in 1999 not to commercialize sterile seed technology in food crops. We stand firmly by this commitment, with no plans or research that would violate this commitment.”

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15 responses to “Global march against Monsanto today ; bloody brilliant

  1. Whoa, whiplash; too much headswivelling lately, and my hushmail didn’t alert me to this one. Had it, I’d locally have sported a sign saying something like. Make GMOnsanto another corporate non-starter! Orwell, at least you and Anonymous seem to have it virtually; to literally DIGITALLY covered, beginning to end!

  2. I’d tried to find one in your area, Bruce, but hadn’t so far. you could look on the Twitter thangs, too, as your eyes are likely better than mine. But do get a load of the good digger JP Sottile’s ‘Corporate Interests Behind Ukraine Putsch’ if i hadn’t brought it before. an excerpt, after news on cargill

    “And, of course, Cargill’s Van A. Yeutter. But Cargill isn’t alone in their warm feelings toward Ukraine. As Reuters reported in May 2013, Monsanto — the largest seed company in the world — plans to build a $140 million “non-GM (genetically modified) corn seed plant in Ukraine.”

    And right after the decision on the EU trade deal, Jesus Madrazo, Monsanto’s Vice President for Corporate Engagement, reaffirmed his company’s “commitment to Ukraine” and “the importance of creating a favorable environment that encourages innovation and fosters the continued development of agriculture.”

    Monsanto’s strategy includes a little “hearts and minds” public relations, too. On the heels of Mr. Madrazo’s reaffirmation, Monsanto announced “a social development program titled “Grain Basket of the Future” to help rural villagers in the country improve their quality of life.” The initiative will dole out grants of up to $25,000 to develop programs providing “educational opportunities, community empowerment, or small business development.”

    The well-crafted moniker “Grain Basket of the Future” is telling because, once upon a time, Ukraine was known as “the breadbasket” of the Soviet Union. The CIA ranks Soviet-era Ukraine second only to Mother Russia as the “most economically important component of the former Soviet Union.”

    In many ways, the farmland of Ukraine was the backbone of the USSR. Its “fertile black soil” generated over a quarter of the USSR’s agriculture. It exported “substantial quantities” of food to other republics and its farms generated four times the output of “the next-ranking republic.”

    Although Ukraine’s agricultural output plummeted in the first decade after the break-up of the Soviet Union, the farming sector has been growing spectacularly in recent years. While Europe struggled to shake-off the Great Recession, Ukraine’s agriculture sector grew 13.7% in 2013.

    Ukraine’s agriculture economy is hot. Russia’s is not. Hampered by the effects of climate change and 25 million hectares of uncultivated agricultural land, Russia lags behind its former breadbasket.

    According to the Centre for Eastern Studies, Ukraine’s agricultural exports rose from $4.3 billion in 2005 to $17.9 billion in 2012 and, harkening the heyday of the USSR, farming currently accounts for 25 percent of its total exports. Ukraine is also the world’s third-largest exporter of wheat and of corn. And corn is not just food. It is also ethanol.”

  3. oh, and i’d added a few more locales and photos you may not have seen yet.


    I found a short article, no photos, that said about 800 has attended the march. (hope i have your town right) :)

  4. I’m sure the “breadbasket of Eurasia” Ukrainian farmers would not subscribe to GMOnsanto; except under duress from their Svoboda Zyklon-B keepers (hopefully, their elections will restore agricultural and general sanity, like their GMO-banning ‘comrades’ to the east).
    But on the home-front, I luv the two #savethebees “drones” buzzing the White House; they’re the kind Obamassassin ought to realize we (and OUR agriculture) Really NEED!

  5. er…the point was that they’re working toward *non-gmo-hybrids* i can go digging, but either wired or arts technica wrote about it during the past year.

    gadzukes, i must have missed the buzzy-bees over the white house. point me to them, please? (i do have such trouble decoding your comments…)

  6. I was referring to these two in what looked like bee masks:

    but then there was this artificial bird to complement those ersatz bees’ points:

    In any case, good on anyone still championing natural selection (including hybridization) and natural ‘pest’ control over the artificial biogenic poisoning of industrial AGGGggg!!!

  7. michaelcavlan

    Large protest at the Minnesota Capitol in St Paul. I was working a 12 hour shift at the hospital so i could not go. I have heard great reports about it. Oh yes and of course there was no corporate media coverage of it.
    No matter. We are out organizing the corporate media. They and their bald faced lies are becoming irrelevant.

  8. ah. in front of the white house; but i dinnae make the connection to bee masks. so many folks had been wearing respirators. :) i don’t like hybrids all that well (no seed saving), but i take your point. monsanto flacks used to get on my diaries back in the day and tout norman borlaug (sp?) and his saving africa with short stemmed wheat. but that was a horse of a different color. as is ‘golden rice’, come to that. :)

  9. I’d just pasted this in over yonder:

    Ah, jeez, I can’t embed all these new ones at RT live updates.

    ‘6000 peeps in Portland (with video), beautiful souls in Milwaukee, 1000 in Vancouver (with video), ‘350,000 registered voters in the US state of Washington signed a petition demanding that raw or processed foods sold in state should be labeled. MAM activist in Seattle have gathered in support of this petition and to expose Monsanto’s role in food mislabeling’ (from Seattle); Hollywood, Kansas City (with video); good crowds in Las Vegas (wth?), Dallas (with video).

    Holy shit, this is awesome.’

    But i easily could have missed st. paul; i went for the ones with photos, really. and some groups only posted on facebook, whatever the hell that is./s

    it will be interesting to see if there is *any* msm coverage; when i checked the google cache earlier, little to none. long day, 12 hours. get some sleep!

  10. 8oo in Orlando! That’s exponentially more than any local anti-war/social issue protest I’ve seen; maybe OUR ‘movement’ is so growing!

    And may its butterfly effect flutter far and wide!
    Natural foodies, who knew?

  11. back to the garden…bombers turning into butterflies….billy pilgrim… and so…it might go?

  12. it wouldn’t play, but it’s okay. i’m not all that much of a fan, anyway. :)

  13. michaelcavlan

    Monsanto march in St paul at Capitol. local corporate media report that “dozens” attended. There were hundreds.That was the local ABC affiliate. None of the other local corporate media in Minnesota even reported on it. I will send pics and stuff when I have time.

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