The Chocolate Oligarch was indeed elected president of Ukraine

This was recorded ahead of the vote; here is the transcript. I’m quite fuzzy on a few assertions, but the comments are rather interesting, and quite divided. A least he skunked Yulia Tymenshko, so….there is that.

Now when the Guardian announced Poroshenko’s victory yesterday, there were several noteworthy bits:

‘New Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko vows to stop war: After an outright win in first round of voting, pro-European winner promises weapons amnesty in attempt to gain peace in the east’

“Today we can definitely say all of Ukraine has voted, this is a national vote,” Poroshenko said. “The first steps that we will take at the beginning of our presidential term should be focused on stopping the war, to put an end to this chaos and bring peace to a united Ukraine.”
According to Poroshenko, his strong support at the polls confirmed three major policy directions for his presidency: the preservation of a “unified Ukraine”, including stability in the east; a “European choice” for closer ties with the west; and the return of Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in March. In reality, all of these tasks will be difficult to accomplish.

He was quoted as saying he had no intention that Ukriane should join NATO.

“In the east, the disruption the armed separatists are able to cause was again apparent on Monday morning, as a group of them surrounded Donetsk airport, forcing it to close.

Polling day also revealed how much work the government in Kiev has in store to bring the region back under its control. It was always expected that in separatist strongholds such as Slavyansk there would be no voting but, more surprisingly, in Donetsk, a city of close to 1 million people, not a single polling station opened. Even in the morning, sources inside the pro-Kiev administration said they hoped to have a number of polling stations open by the afternoon, but that did not happen.”

Juan at the Saker’s place said this, fwiw:

A lot has happened since I wrote the last items for the Saker. The situation in the south and east of Ukraine is quite fluid and changes by the hour.

Early on 24 May 2014 strong movements of Nats units began, converging on the city of Slavyansk and it’s outlying towns and villages.

One armor battalion of the Nats Army moved at speed to the east from their lager some distance away from Slavyansk. This was an ‘all arms’ movement, the tank companies consisting of upgraded main battle tanks and including at least one Oplot upgraded T80 known as T84,the usual variants of BMP tracked light armored vehicles and BTR troop carriers, many soft skin vehicles (trucks, fuel bowsers, support vehicles amongst others) and the usual large numbers of troop filled trucks. Accompanying this unit was a battery of Msta self propelled howitzers of 15.2 cm main gun size, the howitzer being in a rotating and lightly armored turret built on an older main battle tank chassis. Also in the train was at least one battery of Grad missile launchers.”

This unit stopped on the outskirts of Slavyansk on 24 May and stood down for most of 25 May.

Numerous other Nats units, some armored and some not, also moved on 24 May to positions close to Slavyansk and the outlying areas. Most of these units appear to be national guard/right sector units.

But get a load of this passive voiced bullshit from the Guardian:

The closest town to normality in the region was Mariupol, the scene of violence on 9 May when pro-Ukrainian forces entered the town and clashes broke out in which unarmed people were shot. Here, most polling stations opened.”
‘People were shot’, no mention of the mercenaries, Svoboda, Right Sektor, whomever….

“After the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s richest man and an important political broker, came out in the past fortnight against the separatist movement, he also ordered his factories to provide unarmed worker patrols to ensure order in the city. The separatist barricades have been removed, and workers were standing guard at polling stations.  Voting proceeded smoothly but the atmosphere was tense.”

He, of course, was a Yanukovich friend who decided later to throw in with Kyiv, including with his money, apparently. Then this fun quote:

“The German foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, said: “Whether Poroshenko manages to unite a divided country will depend above all on how the constitutional process will now be approached, what kind of messages will be sent to the eastern region … also to the Russian speakers.”

Well, yes, one might hope that the new Constitution would not outlaw the Russian language, eh?

From our good friend Jeffrey Pyatt on Twitter:

If you love maps, and can understand the Law of the Sea Exclusion Zones central to the article, you will indeed find this piece of high interest. ‘Crimea: an EU-US-Exxon Screwup: Did a Neoliberal Energy Grab Backfire?’ by PIERRE M. SPREY and FRANKLIN C. SPINNEY

And the big bonus you’ve all been waiting for!  Ya know how the Intercept had redacted the name of the 5th nation that the Snowden documents showed were having all their cell phone calls recorded, and Wikileaks waited three days, then reported it was ‘Afghanistan’?

Way-ull, our Commander-in-Chief paid a surprise visit to the troops at Bagram Mega-Base in Afghanistan Saturday….

And oopsie: the White House gave out the CIA Station Chief’s name!  Brilliant!  Sent it to 6000 journalists!


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  1. michaelcavlan

    Copy of letter I just sent to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
    Recently a man in north Minneapolis who is originally from Ukraine has been accused of being a Neo-Nazi working with the Walfen SS.
    The United states government are supporting a right wing, Neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine. The groups in question are open Neo-Nazi supporters called the Right Sector. The media here are demonizing those who are opposing it in Eastern Ukraine.
    I fully expect the Star Tribune to publish this fact based letter.
    Yeah, right.
    Michael Cavlan RN
    I should mention that I have sent over 50 letters to the editor of Star Trib and about 8 Editorial Responses to articles in their paper. Needless to say the Star Tribune did not allow any in their “newspaper.” Too much verifiable facts n stuff I suppose. I do remember that I used to be polite and respectful to them. I also remember that one of the very first letters was sent. The next day the Strib did not publish it. However they did publish a nice letter by a 16 year old kid about the abortion issue. Who claimed that this was her very first letter sent to the Strib. Enough said.

  2. michaelcavlan

    on other censorship related issues, we should talk some time. I noticed an article at true ‘other place’ about issues they are having there.
    I am not 100% convinced but I may indeed have some insight on what is going on there. Your comment in the aforementioned article was good and promptly ignored. Sad to say.
    I would contact the Ed but she does not respond to any attempts at discussion from me at all.

  3. michaelcavlan

    i will try and e mail her again. It is worth a try.

  4. I’d eat anything chocolate. And if you know what’s good for you, you will too. Wash it down with a frosty Coke, and — BAM! — Clarence’s yer Uncle.

  5. michael cavlan: the propaganda on ukraine is simply stunning, although comparing coverage in different venues can sometimes help us sort it out. i’d thought it was svoboda that was using the wolf’s (something) stylized nazi symbol, and reports were that they had roots in sweden. but obviously i may have that wrong. i’m not a bit surprised that the star trib won’t print your letters; they are courtiers to the PTB; that’s their self-appointed job, no?

    (our local rag quit printing mine a decade and a half ago, freeing me from writing them, lol)

    miz hamsher doesn’t listen to me, so i guess i’d agree that if you have some clues, you should email either her or brian sonnenstein at

    i’ve never discovered the way to leave my contact info on this site, but i’m at i almost always have an inbox full of unanswered emails, i will warn you, although i do spend time feeling guilty about that fact.

    oh, and a lot of folks are reading vineyard of the saker for his views on ukriane, for what it’s worth.

    otoh, there’s euromaidan on twitter. state dept on twitter is bad enough….

  6. hallo, uncle. oh, me: i like chocolate well enough (in small doses), but it sho’ don’t like me! zounds, i wonder how long since i’ve had a coke; seems like forever ago. but isn’t that ‘bob’s yer auntie’? ;) hope things are goin’ well for you up in anti-wta country. and that the $15 an hour wage passes.

  7. michaelcavlan

    Sweet- thanks Wendye i will check that site out. yeah the flat out lies about Ukraine are indeed staggering. If you want I could e mail you a copy of my e mail to Miz hamster. I copied Rev Bex of FDL and my good friend Alan Maki

    I have not received a response. Which is a response. IMHO

  8. dunno why revbev (i assume), but what do i know? brian sonnenstein would be the one, imo. but sure, send it along.

  9. michaelcavlan

    Seriously? OK. It was sent to jane herself as well as Rev Bev.

    I rarely bother to visit your site anymore. However I did today.

    Just so that you know I have been very public about your arbitrary bannings of people like myself and Alan Maki. I also know that I have been told by people that Anonymous knows who I am and they have great deal of respect for me and my political positions and stands. I also happen to know that one of Anonymous’ key issues is free speech and transparency. I also happen to know that one of there ways that Anonymous operates is through a series of DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks.

    I am not responsible for the attacks on FDL and did not call for it. I simply was very public about how you Jane Hamsher at FDL and Rob Kall at Op Ed news as well as Common Dreams and TruthOut have banned me from even making comments. All for the same apparent reason. Being active and calling for people to do more than just complain about the two party system but to actively organize outside of it and against it. All of the above used thinly veiled excuses in which to ban people who did indeed do more than just “complain and be disappointed” in the Dem party from a progressive political perspective.

    For transparency sakes I have added Rev Bev, Alan Maki and my journalist friend Lydie Howell to this communication. I could be wrong but who knows. Just a thought.

    Your blatant censorship of your site is more than hurtful. It is unbelievable and mind boggling.

    Now to get back to my political work and my book on censorship “Dissent Erased.” Perhaps you could do a book review on it at FDL. You figure quite predominately in it. Well part of a chapter anyway.


    Micheal Cavlan

  10. i wondered what you’d meant by ‘seriously?’ now i see. it wasn’t so much a tech solution underpinned by a theory of who was committing the ddos you were sending miz hamsher as i’d thought you’d meant when you’d mentioned it.

    devil’s advocacy time: first, i have no idea if anonymous knows your work, and i’d remind you that anyone can act under that aegis to promote an agenda or hacktivist action. second, it’s been years since you were banned, yes? or at least a couple? so anon doing the ddos attacks would seem unlikely to me.

    third, you pounced on her again, and mocked her in the process. no, michaeal cavlan, i reckon that note won’t get you reinstated. i’d also like to mention that a few of the commentariat had suggested contacting anon (i’d assume at pastebin?) to see if any of them might help, so there’s some irony extant between the two discrete ideas: anon as authors, anon as helpers.

    i do hope you’re not seeking my approval for the missive, nor expecting a response from her. i had actually hoped that she might see the practicality of a general amnesty of the banned, not just monetarily, but perhaps imagining a ‘time for all hands on deck’ sort of sense.

  11. I’m going to link to this video at democracy now! instead of embedding it.
    ‘Will Election Unite Ukraine? Dozens Killed in Airport Battle as President-Elect Vows Russia Talks’

    Amy’s ‘guests’ are fooking christopher miller (banderist) of the Kyiv Post, former ambassador to the soviet union jack matlock, and a creepy Yalie, timothy snyder.

    forget characterizing what miller propagandized, but matlock sang a whole new tune than he did when he was on DN scnt weeks ago with ‘hot war, cold war’ with stephen cohen (who said a lot of the truth about what was afoot, including…who was who.

    snake oil salesman snyder called the eu-us-NGO-sponsored coup a ‘revolution brought by the left’ (swear to gawd), as though it were some populist color revolution or something. and then he castigated putin, of course, and left out neo-nazis, western propaganda galore, and more.

    simply stunning that amy didn’t challenge any of it, nor aaron mate.

  12. michaelcavlan

    Wendye Dear
    i do not seek your approval. I am just delighted that you allowed it to be published here. As for the time span well I had gotten very vocal on this issue of bannings in the comment sections of TruthDig articles by Chris Hedges. It sprang up naturally as one other poster commented about her being banned by Common Dreams. I do know for a fact that Anonymous does know of me and my work. I have been told it. I will leave that at that.

    There has been no response to the e mail. Just as there has been no response to all the others. No real matter to me. I will indeed carry on. I know who my friends are and in the end that is all that really matters.

  13. well, if you’re good to go, then okey dokey. anonymous wouldn’t know most of us from Adam Ant. :)

  14. michaelcavlan

    LOL wendye- ya dumb ass. i consider you a friend that i have small differences with…LOLOL Oh FYI I loved Adam Ant… LOL

  15. michaelcavlan

    Oh and FYI Alan maki responded to the email. he talked about how Jane Hamsher and FDL have stolen his writings when he got arbitrarily banned. Still no response from Jane Hamsher. I will say no more on this.

  16. michaelcavlan

    But since we are getting all old school in the music dept- here is the music I was raised with, growing up in northern Ireland. OMG- I just got tyne fucking funny joke in this. I seriously did not consider this before I choose it.. LOL

  17. michaelcavlan

    I am serious. I did not think about this whole thing. i was going into my memory banks. this band- Slade was my fav and this album (sigh, albums) Slayed? was my first ever……..
    Ah sweet bird of youth, where have you flown? LOL

  18. michaelcavlan

    this song “Coz I Luv You” is another old school Slade song from the same album. Not to well known is that Slade was one of the original skinhead bands. This song in fact had it’s own skinhead dance. Yes I was skinhead but i was one of the good ones. we would only beat up right wing skin heads. LOL

  19. michaelcavlan

    OK now you got me an a trend. This was another old school skinhead band. toots and the Maytals. Anti-racist skinheads were/are called Trojan Skins. Neo nazi ones we called boneheads… Oi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Thanks for this piece on the election in Ukraine, wendye. (On the subject of chocolate, I have a similar sensitivity to yours, but I have discovered that organic peanut butter on bread or toast, with a dusting of organic cocoa, heavy or light as you wish, satisfies the chocolate yearnings and doesn’t produce headaches from overindulgence. (Can be a bit messy, though.)

    Saker seems to think that Poroshenko will get around to pulling back the offensive because he can’t negotiate with Putin whilst ongoing mayhem is happening. I’m wondering, how oligarchical is the new president, tho? Can’t remember where else I have seen, maybe at counterpunch, that Poroshenko was very pro – join EU when he was some sort of minister under whatsisname who was ousted in the Maidan coup (after a while the names all run together for me.)

    Saker thinks they are holding airports because that’s all they can hold – not really up to taking a city. If he’s right that would mean out of necessity they must pull back and talk peace eventually as attrition will hurt them the most.

    I’m not listening to ‘our’ news, not even Amy. Keeps me sane anyway.

    I did read a piece by the Consortium guy on commondreams that is walking back love of Obama somewhat. The comments were harsh as usual, but he’s finally starting to realize what we have known for a long time.

    First there was a plague of aphids but then ladybugs in the millions. Gotta be a message there someplace!

  21. according to the Wiki, poroshenko was a minister under yushenko, but involved in the overthrow of yanukovitch at maidan. names get unwieldy when they’re unfamiliar. pretty major oligarch billionaire, though. he apparently was given control over state chocolate companies, and earned a lot of resentment. again, at least yulia didn’t win.

    saker may be right, but proshenko was quoted as saying that he will clean out all the dissidents (terrorists?) and it wouldn’t take weeks, it would take days. guess that’s why the military is using tanks, helicopters and bombs. i dunno, graham phillips has up video claiming that the army shelled a childrens hospital. (i won’t embed it, but the stream is here) he says he was on rt’s crosstalk, as well. so apparently the gas deals need to be done ahead of negotiations with putin, or is that even true?

    i’m not clear who ‘consortium guy’ is; the site is just another opinion and news aggregator. this last of amy’s made me actually stomach-wonky it was so hideous. nice to see you, juliania.

  22. a piece about how porshenko was characterized by US officials based on wikicables :

  23. ‘Consortium guy’ is Robert Parry, who have had some awful ‘Obama couldn’t help it’ pieces at commondreams that got shot down in comments but latest one was pretty fair criticism of the West Point speech. Yes, Poroshenko did an about face even before he’s in officially (inaugurated, that is) so either he’s only a figurehead and Tymoshchenko’s calling the shots, or he’s an Obamatype turncoat.

    And on that WP speech, some very good writing over at counterpunch for the weekend, plus a Norman Pollack with this beautiful bit sandwiched in (I have a theory he starts with the beautiful bit centered and just compute words writes all roundabout it.) Anyway, this hit home with me:

    “. . . Obama feeds on militarism, the way Gandhi, his opposite, abstained from food as a means for achieving independence. In both cases, this represents a way of life, and for Obama, the way is clear for advancing what I have termed the militarization and financialization of capitalism. . .”

    That’s Obama, hammer always uplifted.

    I shall have to soften my blows with a musical interlude of my son’s making – his guitar actually sounds much more mellow than this, but it’s a praiseworthy concoction he’s put together nonetheless – coming up next post (and my we miss mafr’s lovely renditions…!)

  24. Weird stuff happening on login, but the black bar uptop works okay. Here’s the link:

    Enjoy, I hope.

  25. The piece is by Joe Satriani.

  26. he’s very good, is your steven. :) i wouldn’t have said mellow, but definitely musically challenging and intricate.

    this is the parry piece (or so i assume); i had it on the word doc i’m using for something else. ‘The State Department’s Ukraine Fiasco’

    i guess i’ll stick in this RT crosstalk video fwiw; graham phillips is on, the other two i don’t know anything about, and lavelle: Pfffft. i started it so i could give it someone at my.fdl, but it’s too noisy for my brain so far. :) whose narratives are closest to the truth?

  27. ha! stephen (sorry i’d given him a V earlier) has others up, i discovered at youtube. now this is sublime and dreamlandish. i assume he’s the son who plays a dij? tell him how fine a musician he is, and creative to boot.

  28. heaven help us. warning: graphic and grisly as it can be: ‘The Odessa Massacre in Detail- An Investigation’

    ‘An investigation into the details of the massacre on more than 40 protesters in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, who rejected to recognize the legality of the US / EU – backed post-coup government in Kiev. This photo and video documentation was compiled by the editor of Strategic Culture Foundation and reveals that the massacre was a premeditated act of mass murder – a mass casualty event, consistent with NATO Unconventional Warfare Doctrine. Text edited by nsnbc. Viewer discretion is advised – Christof Lehmann, editor-in-chief, nsnbc international.’

  29. There is presently a media shrivel going on, so it’s hard to know what is happening in East Ukraine – matters have deteriorated, haven’t they, since we chewed over the embedding of reporters – these days they are treated much more harshly. And consequently we are back maybe to 1918 but probably less reliable even than that. Still, as you indicate concerning Odessa, the truth will out. Isn’t there a UN report coming out soon?

    It seems some of the IMF monies are being sent to Gazprom as a partial payment to allow dialogue to continue between Russia and Ukraine on the latter’s nonpayments – has to reach Gazprom by Monday, though – maybe just smoke? Surely such transactions are done in an instant these days – they certainly don’t waste time taking money out of my paltry account.

    If it does finally get there, maybe Russia can float the check back to the Maidan to ask for a chat instead of the bombing campaign against Slaviansk, which is currently a see-no-evil-hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil I guess as breaths are held on the gas for tanks and even buses transporting kids to safety are grabbed – that gas might well be needed for the tanks! And the tanks are needed because the IMF wants ‘stability’ which means more bombing. . .

    More talk; less bodies.

    * * *

    I don’t think that’s the Parry article I was praising. Will go find it…

    I feel less charitable about it on second reading. Parry is still hugely pro-O. His insertion of the Kennedy American University reminder is good, though. Every time I research a Kennedy speech I’m reminded of how it used to be with presidents. All Obama sees – well best not to peer through those bloody glasses.

  30. lol, now maybe i won’t read either of them, but thank you. wonder what happens to a lot of great or good investigative reporters? sy hersh got metaphorically straight-jacketed, but crikey, woodward turned into a state tool, as have so many others.

    interesting on the imf and gazprom; that ‘debt’ is treated wildly different by putin and the west, isn’t it? i sent that odessa piece to chePasa, he had only a minute to write, but he isn’t so sure it’s accurate. so once i can bear to read and look, i’ll try to ask some questions later. we just keep ruing the fact that it’s hard to find any accuracy by any media in all of this, as you say, but i did just start this piece from russ baker,’s site, then went out to do some more transplanting. i mean what’s really important here, eh? :)

    might need a new thread soon, but as ever, i’m also working on another thing, and it’s about the zapatistas and emergent troubles and strategies. what an alternative they have wrought, creating their own little state! but no, like bolivarism, it must fail or else. back as i can.

  31. Good on you – transplanting is a must, especially for those of us with short seasons. Gotta do more myself. I’ll return for your whowhatwhy link a bit later.

    Not sure about disinformation in this bit, but at least the street narrative I was earlier trying to convey goes a bit more smoothly in this – update part avoidable though, at least for me.

  32. michaelcavlan

    Hey Folks. Myself and some others have been raising the Ukraine issue at TruthDig. TruthDig has been releasing what are thinly veiled US State Dept pieces on the situation in Ukraine. We have all released facts on Ukraine in the comments section. It has been enlightening to say the least. TruthDig has just now started to at least allow articles that talk of US State Dept involvement in the Ukraine coup. In the meantime I just found this. Very very rare. A CORPORATE Media piece on the Ukraine, Neo Nazi’s and US State Dept support of them. deeply ironic as it was on NBC and it is REPUBLICANS who are bringing it up.

  33. michaelcavlan

    I cannot remember if I mentioned this but I also sent a letter to our local corporate newspaper, The Star Tribune. A man was recently being investigated for war crimes as a member of the Walfenn SS. Turns out he was Ukrainian. I wrote a letter bringing out these facts and linking it to the situation in Ukraine today. Needless to say they never published it (just like the 50 other letters i had sent) So I reposted it on a local web based news outlet called the Twin Cities daily planet. In the “Free Speech Zone” which declared that they will print anything and with no editorial interference.
    They also have not published it. I am shocked and amazed at the level of complete propaganda and censorship going on al, over this issue.

  34. hi wd

    thought I would leave this link for you. Hope it’s not too dry there.

  35. oy, that’s a long one at orientalnews.something, juliania. dunno the organization, but the phone call must be the one that the saker had had translated, yes?

    michael cavlan, i’m not sure what you think the link is between th man being tried for war crimes is to ‘ukraine’. they don’t seem to let miz voctoria of nulandistan tweet under her own name, so i usually hit geoffrey pyatt’s, and guess who is on there again being retweeted by the nazi-loving a$$hole? yes, amy goodman’s guest: twice now: chris miller of the kyiv post.

  36. sorry to burst your bubble, michael cavlan, but look more closely at your link (same place i got the odessa trade union investigative piece) it’s Nsnbc, not Msnbc. obamabot/dem rag. a dane named Christof Lehmann, but ya have to google to find anything about it, as there seems to be no About Us tab at the site. hmmmm. as the whowhatwhy piece reiterates, sorting out the various propagandas afloat can be a part-time job.

    wow how ‘truthie’ truthdig sounds.

  37. my stars, mafr (i just wrote long comment that evaporated with the wrong keystroke), it’s so good to see you! cyndi lauper’s on now (true colors, i love it and her). cool station, and thank you. you came in just after the dude offerin’ me eco-friendly pet poop bags, is there any connection? nah, prolly not… rachel platten (?) rockin’ out now, bit of reggae beat…

    i was at least glad to see that you were back commenting at fdl and all, although we kept missing you so much, and your tunes, as juliania said. please don’t be a stranger, okay? love to you, wd

    here, i just added it to the most recent addition to music and other videos category, as i couldn’t find a way to stick it on my desktop or anything.

  38. michaelcavlan

    i know TruthDig is constantly being challenged by us on their bullshit US State Dept pieces. I also agree with ya about Amy Goodman. She has proven to be a relentless left wing gatekeeper.
    Man I thought that at least ONE corporate media source had some truth. Silly me eh?

  39. i dunno. i was extra flummoxed since she’d had on stephen cohen a couple weeks ago, and the same day a great guy telling what’s really afoot in venezuela. both are here, but here’s cohen.

    added on edit: oh, light bulb: you dinae mean amy, it was about your nsnbc confusion. some guy at my.fdl has a reuters video up that’s a bit more realistic, but you can go there; i need to stay away a bit just now.

  40. michaelcavlan

    Cool thanks Wendye
    this is actually a stellar piece by Amy Goodman. I had seen previous pieces that were not anywhere near as good.

    I will try and check the FDL pice as well thanks.

  41. I do agree it is very hard to sort wheat from chaff, but first just have to say it is very nice to see mafr’s little blue logo.

    I could only take a wee bit of Frontline’s Maidan piece. It really made me sick to my stomach. But enough to tell how phony it was. Posted same at fdl on fairleft’s.

  42. michael cavlan: cohen was good here, amy was not good on the other two, imo.

    juliania: thank you for both comments, and yes, isn’t it lovely to see mafr?

    please excuse me for being awol; i’ve had one those sick hegg-aches, and need to help it leave my glass-brain before i can be online. i’m going to try to get some of the zzzleeep that eluded me last night.

    i am glad that i didn’t tune in, having forgotten it entirely in any event. :)
    do beware of the investigation i linked to, as well as michael cavlans. i checked a couple of the site’s other stories, and they are hyperbolic dreck with a grain or three of truth to them. also, ché did a complete rundown of their points as untrue in email, so…we must beware anyone’s bias/slant/propaganda. dunno much about moon of alabama, but you know to sift thru the saker’s biases by now, as you’ve indicated a couple times now.

    confirmation bias is often quite a problem, but rather in evidence at my.fdl if not the main site.

    the my.fdl dude with the three word screen name seems to rather indiscriminately believe everything he finds, and simply would not accept the blogging help i gave him on two different posts he did. ah, well.

  43. Be well, wendye. I’ve been posting my take on Orthodoxy at one of Saker’s pieces, can’t really link to it but airing my differences. Saturday date if that’s any help.

    This is good – haven’t yet looked at the video but provided by

  44. michaelcavlan

    Just sent this comment to Al Jazeera on Ukraine coverage.

    For a brief moment there seemed a light of journalist ethics and integrity as well as a ray of hope in the United States mainstream media. Al Jazeera seemed to do more than CNN-MSNBC-FOX News

    Which was repeating thinly veiled US State Dept Press releases and pretend that it was news. Which it is not.

    That moment has gone. I have watched as Al Jazeera has done the exact same as CNN-MSNBC-FOX News in the Ukraine coverage. Which is thinly veiled US State Dept News releases. Instead of talking about the facts on the situation in Ukraine.

    The United states is supporting the Right Sector in Ukraine who are an open Neo-Nazi organization. In an ironic twist right here in my town Minneapolis an old man is accused of being a Neo-Nazi and active in the Walffen SS during WWII and guilty of war crimes. He is from Ukraine. His name is Michael Kardoc.

    I wrote letters to the local mainstream letter making these points. The letter was not published.

    I am at complete loss and do not understand how the local media or indeed Al Jazeera or CNN-MSNBC or FOX News can call yourselves journalists.

    None of you are. You are all propagandists. Nothing more and nothing less.


    Micheal Cavlan RN

  45. This photo is the height of depravity. As is the deed being ‘celebrated’. Scroll down for a photo of what it shall result in.

    Obama looks more like a cadaver every day. But as in his drone destruction, the deaths he is causing are those of innocents. The horror of his name outdarkens any previous president, even Bush.

  46. Ah, Pete, sing it.

  47. “meet your new boss, petro. chocolate solidarity!”

    for my money, the second photo is far more repulsive and representative of US FP. I monitor NATO’s tweets, and loads of twitterpics and protection statements with military exercise in and over the periphery nations abound.

    this one reflects what RT says at the link:

    take your pick i guess on jet fighters, ground war ‘exercises’, aircraft carriers… poland, and oh yes: again georgia! Russia wants it all (well, maybe they’d like some of it, but they won’t go *after it*.

    i have a lot of these in links for another africom post. too many things to write up, i swear.

    sing it pete.

  48. It would seem we now must take all our ‘news’ with not just a grain of salt but one laced with nuclear waste – propaganda is as propaganda does, and my hat is off to the writer of this peace on the D-Day shenanigans. I haven’t looked at any video yet, but this description reminds me so much of the confrontation with Hitler staging his Olympic Games in which Jesse Owen was a shining star. Bravo Putin say I.

  49. What poroshenko said in his inaugural address (although you may have seen it already):

    “(Reuters) – Ukraine’s new president Petro Poroshenko said his country would never give up Crimea and would not compromise on its path towards closer ties with Europe, spelling out a defiant message to Russia in his inaugural speech on Saturday.

    “Citizens of Ukraine will never enjoy the beauty of peace unless we settle our relations with Russia. Russia occupied Crimea, which was, is, and will be, Ukrainian soil,” Poroshenko said in a speech that drew a standing ovation.

    Poroshenko, who earned his fortune as a confectionery entrepreneur and is known locally as the “Chocolate King”, said he intended to sign the economic part of an association deal with the European Union as a step towards full membership.

    And the 48-year-old promised an amnesty “for those who do not have blood on their hands” in an apparent appeal to both separatist, pro-Russia insurgents and to the nationalist groups that oppose them. He said that he wanted neither war, nor revenge.

    However, he sought to exclude the insurgents from a promise to open a dialogue with Ukraine’s eastern citizens. “Talking to gangsters and killers is not our avenue,” he said, according to a translator. He also called for early regional elections in the east.

    But reuters also said this:
    “There is no prospect of Russia reversing its takeover of Crimea, but in what could be a positive signal from Moscow, Russian news agencies reported Putin had ordered the Federal Security Service to strengthen protection of the border with Ukraine and prevent people crossing illegally.

    The move was potentially significant because Ukraine and Western governments have been pressing Moscow to stop what they say is a flow of Russian arms and fighters into eastern Ukraine.”

    yes, in your piece clearly vlad outclassed them all. he was a brilliant bastard here, as well.

    his (ahem) sexist comments about hillary made me laugh…

  50. oh, my: more to read sometime. diana johnstone on ‘washington’s iron curtain in ukraine’, an excerpt:

    “It Was All Planned at Yalta

    In September 2013, one of Ukraine’s richest oligarchs, Viktor Pinchuk, paid for an elite strategic conference on Ukraine’s future that was held in the same Palace in Yalta, Crimea, where Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill met to decide the future of Europe in 1945. The Economist, one of the elite media reporting on what it called a “display of fierce diplomacy”, stated that: “The future of Ukraine, a country of 48m people, and of Europe was being decided in real time.” The participants included Bill and Hillary Clinton, former CIA head General David Petraeus, former U.S. Treasury secretary Lawrence Summers, former World Bank head Robert Zoellick, Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt, Shimon Peres, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schröder, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Mario Monti, Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaite, and Poland’s influential foreign minister Radek Sikorski.

    Both President Viktor Yanukovych, deposed five months later, and his recently elected successor Petro Poroshenko were present. Former U.S. energy secretary Bill Richardson was there to talk about the shale-gas revolution which the United States hopes to use to weaken Russia by substituting fracking for Russia’s natural gas reserves. The center of discussion was the “Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement” (DCFTA) between Ukraine and the European Union, and the prospect of Ukraine’s integration with the West. The general tone was euphoria over the prospect of breaking Ukraine’s ties with Russia in favor of the West.”….

  51. “The first steps that we will take at the beginning of our presidential term should be focused on stopping the war, to put an end to this chaos and bring peace to a united Ukraine.”
    “OUR” ?
    To paraphrase Victoria Lebensraum, “Fook US” !
    Gotta hate that she’s been joined by Natsi Guard Maddy Albright in her death angel broaching, Goering-blue uniform at the putsch uber-stamping ceremonies.
    – a two-week temporary ‘Colorado beetle’

  52. oy; do we need a new ukraine, as we’ve already hit the arrow <—– older comments. 'our': that' the royalist term for 'I', no? slays me when site owners use it, as well. :)

    dunno how far putin is tipping his had, but i do wish i thought he cared more about the people in ukraine (or at all). but poroshenko the west's puppet will not negotiate with the pro-russian terrorists' (as at the last round table: bouquets stood in for insurrectionists.

  53. Well, between two ferns, that’s the difference between USian liberty and Eurasians’ Svoboda: our oligarchs still present the pretext of plutocrats doing their Biden; while Nukrainians’ do it themselves: cutting out CareLess middlemen like the big 0!
    Nice CIA touch though, with the presentation of flowers in the figurative barrels of the anti-Svoboda fighters’ guns! What Svoboda-loving hippies OUR PNACi/Yatzis be:

  54. heh; i wondered if he’d been spinning off of the yardbirds, but it seems…not.

    can’t say i’m bruce levine fan, although i agree with a few things in that piece, and i do wish i could suss out ore of the meaning of your wordplay, bruce. but: alas; i’m a rather plain spoken woman. i’ll start a new ukraine thread either tonight or tomorrow. it’s not that i’ve lost interest, but there are so many places and Imperial calumnies to consider, both here and around the globe. yardbirds:

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