Happening Now: the ABQ March to End Police Brutality. Remember: They Are Doing This for All of Us

This post is courtesy of Tweets by David Correia, Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico and Guerrilla Journalist. He co-edits La Jicarita, an online magazine of environmental politics in New Mexico.

It wasn’t until a couple hours ago when I saw the photo of the coffin inscribed with the all of the names of those killed by the APD that the tears in my eyes brimmed over, and thought that I needed to share this with you. For background, please read here, here and here. My admiration for these folks is extreme; they are in this important social movement for the long haul; their tactics have been precise and thoughtful; their social gospel unyielding and it is spreading among New Mexican citizens, and garnering international attention as well. I know all of our spirits are with them in solidarity, both today, and in the future.

‘ABQPOLICE send undercover cop that shot Dominc Solis-Mora to our march to secretly videotape, while 4 SE impact det. mix with crowd. His name is Jason Peck.


Bless all of you dear ones for being such excellent and dedicated citizens. We know which side you’re on: the side of justice.

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14 responses to “Happening Now: the ABQ March to End Police Brutality. Remember: They Are Doing This for All of Us

  1. I’m impressed by such repeatedly peaceful protest in the face of chronic police brutality. But as in every protest I’ve attended from Bush in 2005 D.C. to Tampa/Lakeland “occupations”, 2011; I’m always dismayed by the paucity of participants to Just(ly) SHOW UP! (The above,maybe a few hundred in a City of HALF A MILLION!) :

    Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number –
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you –
    Ye are many – they are few.



  2. i know exactly what you mean, bruce. in europe they can amass tens of thousands of protestors, seemingly at a moment’s notice. now even london is rumbling against austerity. i guess the trick is to get folks to understand what issues do in fact affect them, and take some time off to be good citizens for all, not just themselves even.

    oh, i do love that quote, and have used it so many times. the imagery it brings to mind is so very powerful, isn’t it?

    sleep well, dear.

  3. mean

    people suck

  4. Yes, they do. and mean killers and those who protect them suck harder, anonymous.

  5. Wendye

    FYI. Anonymous is my wife. I was with her at the time. She is currently up on the LCO Ojibwe Indian Reservation in northern Wisconsin. She is up there now taking care of her elderly mother who fell a few times recently and so is a bit frail. I just left and came back to our home in the Twin Cities. She is doing much better now. My honey is taking good care of both her parents.

  6. bid her annaii for me, please, michael cavaln. taking care of parents is something i know quite well. miz michael cavlan honors her parents well, eh?

    i tried to find a song (minnesotan) larry long had recorded in honor on ojibwes, but it’s not on youtube, it was so long ago. did you ever see him perform? man with a very big heart always making community everywhere he goes.

    they used this one on a fund-raising album for leonard ppeltier, though it is a tragic ballad. it’s so old we have it on cassette. :)

  7. zounds, the images bring it home, don’t they? speedier version than i’ve ever heard, too, by the by. dunno which of them wrote it, but just not to burst your bubble, i will warn you never to listen to an interview with justin heyward (iir his name correctly). thank you, bruce. to the point, exactly. or at least many of them.

  8. Like the Question of Balance cover depicting nuclear advocate/regretful Einstein, I know the performance doesn’t prove the person (like my philosophy professor of the Moodys’ having the answer to the Universe, at his score some weed off his students’ “house-parties”). But the sentiment speaks to our venue of ‘soul food and freedom music’ and IMO still outstrips the inspirational story-establishment of present efforts, thus far. :

  9. well, as i said, i dunno which one of them wrote it, but yes, the performance doesn’t prove the person at all. :) it’s a good piece, and yes! to creating new stories, new possibilities, new hero journeys, dusting off indigenous stories as so applicable today.

    i dunno that i agree with her about twitter; so many wars happen in 146 characters or less (or whatever the number is), but yes to art! yes to music! but we keep hearkening back to the old songs, unless it’s because the music of the revolution is all new forms i’m too old to hear well.

    along a similar line, i saw there are three new videos on the real news with chomsky and old sourpuss hedges. a few of the comments saved me from listening, they contrasted chomsky’s ‘we can do it’ with hedges’ depressing take on what’s wrong with humanity dreck. cmaukonen over yonder is one of the products of that nonsense, including his today’s post.
    gadzukes, all that will save us is changing the narrative, and that wll only come with an evolution of consciousness, clearly, as painful as it to see it on the horizon, and yearn that it could come more quickly to more of us (myownself included).

    david graeber’s current iteration: i dunno. he’s gotten into some of those weird twit wars himself recently. stardom has its own pitfalls, doesn’t it? but the new stories show that we are all in this together, sharing and cooperation are one of the answers, and economic treatises like piketty’s leave out the human equation. yes, i’ve been reading here… :)


    and that we are now rapidly becoming third-worlders, one of the reasons i post about the indigenous so very often. and love the apd protests in abq.

  10. michaelcavlan

    Well Wendye dear.

    How about this one? Damien Dempsey singing his song “Colony.” Enjoy

  11. an Italian bloke our Damien is, eh? :)

    yes, it’s very well done, but not so enjoyable as much as a compelling indictment of brute force sociocide, genocide, and religious hubris. odd when i think about learning the term ‘manifest destiny’ in sixth grade, no one ever explained what it really meant. just a term to parrot back on an exam, eh?

    watching the images, i was also struck by how many of the conquered in different nations became rulers later, and having learned the lessons of abject power from the conquerors…waged the same on the heads of opposong tribes, sects, what have you.

    lotta good lines, but “you never will kill our will to be free” reminded me that i’d just run into a word document yesterday that was planned to use this song as an anchor. still might yet…

  12. michaelcavlan


    thank you. My God we do have the music for the movement. Now we just need the ability for us to get together and have the movement.

    I will try and imagine that.

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