From the dreamtime…

A few nights ago I dreamed that I was sitting on the lap of an extremely tall and thin black man who was sitting in an over-sized wooden rocking chair of unfinished oak. He wore a sky blue shirt with small black buttons, and allowed me to rest my weary head on his shoulder, and may have put one of his arms around my shoulders as we slowly rocked…

Later I was in a pine-paneled cabin full of bookshelves and folk art objects and many useful items that were almost inspirational in their pleasing simplicity, textures, and colors. The phone rang, I answered, and it was my comforter on the other end of the line.

“You need to come home now, “he said. “I want you to meet a man named (X) who knows that he can be your healer.” His name was three words as many post-vision quest First American names are, although I’m unsure enough of his name to write it out, or maybe even…want to.

But it was, of course, a not-too-subtle hint that I need to take a bit of time to restore myself, and one can only assume ‘psycho-spiritually’ was what Morpheus meant.

I will do some sessions with a couple online meditation that I like well, perhaps draw a bit, and sing (O, my pipes are rusty!), garden, and try to get away from…words.

…and imagine rain and waterfalls, take a few birrrd photos and such.

Consider this an open thread for anything y’all want to bring, and I’ll be back in a couple of days or so.

best heart to you all,


8 responses to “From the dreamtime…

  1. The solstice has come and gone…much cooler this year, for which I am thankful. Son One lost longtime employment; business sold, new owners downsizing – yada yada yada…new employment prospects may bring him closer, for which I am thankful. Son Two fell from high ladder; ambulance run, pain…spleen? No discernible breaks or inner organ messups. For which I am thankful! Son Three had heart broken when I couldn’t stand ‘beautiful’ handmedown fridge because it kept noisily running and running and running… so we shifted it into the cluttered garage. Blessed return of quietness whilst he happily makes ice to his heart’s content. For which I am THANKFUL.

    All on a solstice weekend.

    Thomas Edward Brown. 1830–1897

    793. My Garden

    A GARDEN is a lovesome thing, God wot!
    Rose plot,
    Fringed pool,
    Fern’d grot—
    The veriest school
    Of peace; and yet the fool
    Contends that God is not—
    Not God! in gardens! when the eve is cool?
    Nay, but I have a sign;
    ‘Tis very sure God walks in mine.

  2. michaelcavlan

    Well anything with a Jimi Hendrix song just has to be listened to and respected. I think i will go listen to more James Marshall Hendix songs now. Starting with my fav. Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock

  3. I’m just glad the solstice only comes once a year.

    Oh wait…

    Happy birding, wendye; you’ve earned it.

  4. This definitely belongs in my dreamtime.

    I spent seven months in the early ’90s living within a few miles of these beautiful birds on the Otago Peninsula.


  5. Hoping that wendye’s birding is going well! Here’s a nice little site that tells about kiwis – lovely little video also.

  6. that i am vexed to see that my spiritual break has been reduced to ‘birding’ means that i am not yet healed of my ego’s being involved with my quest for healing myself, and yet oddly, i have spent many hours searching flickr for photos that the site had jettisoned when they reformatted the place.

    yes, my critter photos mean a lot to me,no matter how silly that seems. but my spiritual health means more to me, of course. it’s myself i have to live with, and some days…well, never mind. you like ‘positivity’ beyond all else, juliania.

    but i will put up a slideshow of forgotten images soon, one on the mountain that burned, one on the critters on our hill.

    added on edit: meaning: i will take a few more days in meditation and away from word.

  7. michaelcavlan


    Glad to see you. Please medicate, errr meditate away and as the saying goes “Physician, Heal Thyself.”

    Love-Respect- Solidarity

  8. thank you for the encouragement, michael cavlan. lord luv a duck, getting one’s ‘self’ out of the daily equation is hard for some of us. (some of ‘me’)…

    juliania, the albatross video was very nice. somehow i’d come to believe that condors were the largest birds, but maybe it’s their wingspans that are longest…or something. i’d just run into a photo of one our friend who edits the local free press sent me. she’d gone to grand canyon last year to see them, and was simply agog at their size. i admit, i was rather agog at their…ugliness as well. :)

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