slideshow of birrrrds and four-leggeds

When my laptop’s hard disc crashed a few months ago, I lost most all of  my photos from the past six years.  I thought I’d put most of them on flash drives, but damned if I can find them, so…who knows?  And Flickr ate about 80% of what I had there, but a couple days ago I tried a search with my email address, and lo and behold, found a second account they’d locked me out of, and it at least had some pix I thought were gone for good, including a few of the fire in our canyon.  Anyhoo, you can watch the slideshow here; it will open in a new window.  Hope you enjoy them; I’m wild for them.  :)

And if you have time for a treat, you may enjoy seeing the artwork composed by Vogelcop Bowerbirds, designed to catch their mates.

Stay well, find peace where you can, and I’ll see you in a couple days.  My garden is almost planted, and if it all makes, it will be lovely.  Hot days, but coolish nights, so things aren’t growing quite as quickly as they might, otherwise.

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