Ukraine: What You’re Not Being Told, by Michael Cavlan

It is with a sense of horror and disbelief that I have watched events unfold in Ukraine. Not just at the actions of the Ukrainian government in Kiev as they attacked their own people. In fact my greatest concern has been on the concern or lack thereof in this country. This apathy about the Ukraine situation is aided by the stunning silence by the corporate media and indeed ‘progressive” or “liberty” media and groups on the facts surrounding the Ukraine and the United States shameful complicity it.

So here are the facts that the above mentioned media and groups refuse to acknowledge or report on. As horrifying as these facts are, they are in fact very easily verifiable. This condemnation of the corporate media and others extends from CNN to FOX Noise (a station dressed up as a news station) to MSNBC, Al Jazeera America, NPR and even the vast majority of “progressive” news outlets as well as “liberty” news outlets and groups. There are a few noble exceptions but they are the exception and not the rule.

The US State Department are openly aiding Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine as they overthrew the legally elected government of Ukraine. When we talk of Neo Nazi’s we are not talking an infantile political swear word like “Michelle Bachmann is a Nazi.” No we are talking about real, honest to God, “Kill all the Jews and other sub humans” Throwing Seig Heil Nazi salutes kind of extreme right wing nationalists in Ukraine. These people are actually using this kind of rhetoric.

The two main groups involved and receiving US State Department assistance is the Right Sector and the extreme Nationalist Svoboda Party. These two extremist groups are very active in the Kiev government and the current government are unelected. They overthrew the legally elected government in a violent coup.

Now these extremists are running rampant on the streets of Kiev, burning bookstores and newspapers, beating any perceived ‘political opponents” with the full blessings of the current administration in Kiev. Those that are not in Kiev have joined up with the Ukrainian National Guard and are targeting civilian neighborhoods in eastern Ukraine. This is so reminiscent of Germany in the early 1930’s that it is frightening.

One of the main funding groups that has aided the US State Department in helping these thugs is the National Endowment For Democracy. Which is funded primarily by George Soros. Soros is of course a major contributor to president Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

Which explains the lack of concern amongst the majority of the “left” in this country. It would appear that it is not just the Koch Brothers that are subverting democracy and aiding extremist right wingers. Which many Democratic Party talking heads would like to claim when they read from Dem party talking points.

Of course many Americans cannot be blamed for this. So many simply do not know about this horrifying reality of our own government supporting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. The corporate media and their “progressive” and “liberty” allies are trying to keep you all uninformed and in the dark.

In fact on a very personal level I will share this with you. In recent months a north-east Minneapolis man was being accused of being a Neo-Nazi during World War II. He was accused of being active in the Waffen SS, which was a notorious Nazi Death Squad group. He was originally from Ukraine. I wrote a letter to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. I pointed out this fact and tied it to current US State Department policy in Ukraine today. Needless to say the letter was not published. Just like the other 50 odd letters and 8 Op Ed pieces I submitted to the Star Tribune. I am a fairly intelligent and well informed member of the Minnesota community and can write a well crafted letter. Short, succinct and to the point. It would appear that being well informed on world events is the very last thing that the Star Tribune wants published in it’s pages.

It is with a sense of horror, shame and disgust that I report these facts to you. It is time that we build a real, viable alternative to the corporate media and their friends in the current corporate corrupted political system that we live under.

Start by remembering that the corporate media are not a trustworthy source of news and information. That CNN-MSNBC-FOX Noise-Al Jazeera America-NPR-Star Tribune etc etc are not to be trusted on their reporting. That is the case wether we talk of the Ukraine, Gaza, Detroit or indeed Minneapolis.

Then we need to build an alternative so that the people of this country can become informed. Instead of entertained and misdirected as the corporate media would like you to be.

8 responses to “Ukraine: What You’re Not Being Told, by Michael Cavlan

  1. michaelcavlan

    Title is

    WENDYE ROCKS!!!!~ Thanks Wendye

  2. welcome, michael. i’ll read it more closely in a bit, but as i saw the comments via email, i’d ask bruce about this from his link: “Poroshenko signed the economic part of the association deal with the EU on June 27, on the sidelines of an EU summit in Brussels. The political part of the deal had been signed in Brussels on March 21.”

    did the author equate the association deal with the rada failing to enact his bills on ‘modernizing’ the gas industry,, etc.? when i’d seen coverage of his resignation at the guardian, it didn’t say anything about this.

    but this is hideous. apparently graham phillips is still being held and tortured, although one man he was taken away with has been released.

    i’m not going to say that he wa an exemplary correspondent, but he was on the ground and in the thick of it, save for the weeks he went to the world cup.

    what freaks they are, indeed.

  3. god’s teeth:

    drumbeats of war with russia via geffrey pyatt’s tweets

  4. Thanks, Michael,for taking us back to the coup origins in your post, and wendye for additional tweets here – I had an earlier post but computer jammed up, probably the heat but I’ll try again plus fan. Here’s a comment from Saker I gleaned, thought it worthy of reposting even though anonymouses are hard to distinguish over there:

    “Anonymous said…
    Anonymous 03:25 “I’m sure many of us here remember reading the Russian Intelligence reports at at the time of the US/UK/Iran invasion of Iraq.

    Yes, I remember that and in fact many aspects seem to be similar. But maybe there is one important difference here: money. At the time of the Iraq invasion the US and its allies seemed to possess unlimited financial and military supplies. As long as there is no casus belli that creates a strong public opinion in the US and in Western Europe for a massive military intervention in Eastern Ukraine, the Ukies are essentially alone in this. And they’re running out of money. This is why false flag attacks need to be manufactured by those who want to start this war at full scale.

    For the moment there seem to be some foreign mercenaries involved in the war of the Ukies against their own people, and the US is certainly providing strategic assistance. But I don’t think that such a low-level covert support will be sufficient to maintain an expensive military operation led by a country like the notoriously corrupt Ukraine, which is basically bankrupt and has always been a financial basket case. Without the massive financial support that it used to receive from Russia, the Ukraine will probably end up much worse than Greece or any other IMF-enslaved country. It’s quite difficult to fight a war when you cannot feed yourself or your family.

    ITAR-TASS: Ukraine lacks $26 billion to carry on with military operation”

  5. michaelcavlan


    stellar points. thanks

  6. michaelcavlan

    BTW given the whole Police brutality issue- Minneapolis is about to burst open because of this. More info to come soon. I am very busy organizing right now

  7. attack on ukraine/Russia.

    This explanation makes sense, halfway down… you’ve all probably read it already, pepe escobar… fear of china/russia/india/brazil.

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