Storify of WikiCables on Israel/Gaza

This is the Storify slideshow WikiLeaks posted four days ago of 47: #Gaza related WikiLeaks cables mentioned in the past 48 hours | Storify.  I went back through their Twitter account to get the links to some of them for your use later when you need them for evidence when you’re engaged in (ahem) discussions with the confused apologists for raining down bombs and missiles on Gaza.  If I understand it, one can’t use the slideshow in that way.

A dozen or so of them can be found here individually at my.firedoglake.

Please, please, tell us: Who’ll stop the rain?

25 responses to “Storify of WikiCables on Israel/Gaza

  1. US people; we’ll STOP The reign!

    Sure ain’t no Billionaire’s son.

  2. m-cats dedicated tarsands, and pipeline opponents

  3. my energy reserves are all but depleted. i really will try to catch up after our daughter and grandchirren leave on saturday, and i recover a bit. until then, it’s a matter of when i can catch a few moments alone to get online. wot a wimp, eh wot? ;)

  4. Anyone else experiencing ~ half speed internet; have we allready been Supremely FCCed into the 2nd tier?

  5. The loving task you undertook doesn’t say wimp in any way. Sweet serenity right around the bend. Third week with an empty nest here. At my age, I’m likely going to have to adopt a grand child if I want to have any to spoil.

    Oh, three pre-schoolers visited (with a parent) two days ago and helped pick some of those yellow beans and pulled a couple carrots. Two moms reported no complaints and the kids happily eating them while remarking on pickin them from that, “garden.” ;)

  6. At the slowest tier of a land-line (only service available) DSL, if that is the correct terminology, it is hard to tell. News feature vids and y-tube type music playing about normal and I think that is the most strenuous test I ever do here.

  7. Joyfully and enthusiastically, resolved some forty years ago, while I’m here,

  8. that song helped a lot, nonquixote. part of the theme we’ve been going thru on this visit, but quite torqued for our own (and especially daughter’s family…er…mess-ups).

    reminded me how much i love this iris dement song (given that i am a sanguine apathiest):

  9. Wendye


    It is harder and harder to get here each time I come. Not certain why.

  10. Same here from FL (see 6 cmts up ^); since last Wednesday (typing is slowed too). Maybe 2nd tier internet systemic, effected by ISPs with court order in hand and no FCCing “utility” regulatory relief!

  11. into the site, michael cavlan? do you type the site name ‘’, or use a dropdown menu on say, firefox to navigate here? i know mafr has had quite a time getting this joint to recognize his avatar, and seems to have given up trying. i asked the wordpress folks, but they seem to have needed to hear directly from him.

    just this site, bruce? or all over the web? i do know that i have to run three different virus and malware programs almost daily, *and* that msn only guarantees minimum to maximum connectivity speeds (ho, ho). but you may be right that we’ve been fcc’d second tier already.

    note to all: fambly left yesterday, i spent the rest of the day mucking out, today is for more of that, plus bread day and take-a-bit-of-care-of-the-garden.

    sorry to have been so absent and muddle-brained when i have been here, but heck; it’s only blogging, right? ;)

  12. The “web” (also via MSN). But, obviously could be worst ^) :-…(

  13. I didn’t find this digging in the garden, but just stumbling around the nets.

    He’s identified the proper culprits.

  14. then i blame bill gates, bruce (may his teeth and hair fall out tomorrow). :)

    zounds, irish senator, i had to google. yes. i’d qualify it that *some populations* may democratically elect bad actors, but too often that’s cuz the US and west have their puppeteer hands on the strings (like libya). isis was pre-ordained, according to wikileaks.

  15. is this who Obama and the Republican party is sending support to in Syria

  16. i dunno, mafr, since i long ago chose to not know anything about the many groups in syria, or who funds who in the proxy wars. but i shouldn’t have read any of the 15000+ comments there, as the universal call to kill al muslims was overly-represented.

    there seemed to be some question as to the veracity of some of the stories, yes? but the US is partners in peace with saudi arabia, bahrain, and other nations who treat women as property (and not very valuable property, at that). and now, neo-nazis, nazis, whatever, in ukraine.

  17. US Company (CIA) IS Nazis, Svoboda, ISIS, al Qaeda, and DESPOTUS ObamAssassin.

  18. don’t blame you

  19. okay, sorry to be gone so long again. i’m bagging my new piece on ukraine for the day. wouldn’t ya think a grown woman could find something better than ‘unpaid blogger’ as a job? nah. but one of the links i’m working with, bruce, is about recruiting bastards and nazis as US policy over the decades. a bit too much for me to grasp, but the woman gives a lot of sources for those who care to follow it up.

    i’d just opened a guardian link on my word document, and saw a piece on the right sidebar about it’s being time to face increasing global anti-semitism. should have grabbed it, but it’s likely easy to find, and i am knackered.

    but goddam, they want war with russia. can’t even think of a title for the piece, it seems so far past ‘drumbeats’. how about: ‘johnny can’t march home from a nuclear war’?

  20. I have no trouble getting on here

  21. Good-o, markf. Just trouble getting your avatar to show up, then? (not that it matters…)

  22. Howzabout, Nothing Springs From Nuclear Winter. ?

  23. i’ll think about it; might not know until i change titles thrice…

    sleep well.

  24. Who’ll stop Nukraine?
    The old man’s zzzz …..

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