Psycho-spiritual health break: Spectacular ISS pics of Sunday’s supermoon

Yes, every day, war and more war and calumny, suffering and privation…for me, that can wait until tomorrow, For tonight, may we stop and look skyward, and enjoy the photos of this big blue ball provided by Russian Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev, and gain some measure of peace and perspective.

And may we contemplate what ShootThatArrow is wont to say so poignantly, It didn’t have to be this way.”  From RT:

‘A Russian cosmonaut has posted stunning pictures of the supermoon, giving a preview to one of the most dramatic space events of the year. On Sunday, stargazers will be able to view the biggest and brightest moon in 20 years.

Oleg Artemyev posted a series of amazing images depicting the giant moon’s journey orbiting the Earth on his Twitter account, calling it “the supermoon moonset.”

The images give a glimpse into one of the most anticipated and exciting astronomical events of the year, when the moon is at its fullest.

This Sunday’s supermoon, known as “Perigee,” will be the second and largest of the three to appear this summer. The moon on Sunday is calculated to be about 50,000 kilometers closer to Earth than when it is at its furthest point, known as “Apogee.” It will make the moon appear 14 percent closer and 30 percent brighter than full moons usually appear.

The previous supermoon was seen on July 12, resulting in spectacular images and prompting millions to crane their necks to see the phenomenon. The last of the three moons this year is expected to appear on September 9.

This is the supermoon, the ‘superest’ supermoon,” NASA scientist Noah Petro told during a video interview. “The two full moons around this one are also close, but not the closest. By the strict definition of a supermoon or a perigee moon this one this weekend is the closest full moon of the year. The other ones are spectacular but not quite as close as this one.“‘

Read more here, and/or watch a nasa video on the Perseids Meteor Shower, and links to indoor viewing.  (I’ll toss in a few other photos of the earth he took; breathtaking.  Here’s his Twitter account for more.

Thank you, Oleg Artemey, and thank you earth and cosmos for your incomparable beauty and gifts . Our apologies for treating both with such insane disrespect.

11 responses to “Psycho-spiritual health break: Spectacular ISS pics of Sunday’s supermoon

  1. Plantation (FL keys) Key, my last (100-mile Overseas Highway) beat; with disrespect areas in white, depicting residential areas in the left photo. The right photo actually depicts Deer Key off the Everglades coast in Florida Bay, with the white another form of GLOBAL WARMING disrespect: a large
    natural solar pond of hypersaline water beneath a freshwater lense, wherein all creatures are cooked at over 120 degrees F, when the sun overheats the bottom salty water and the overlying freshwater lense concentrates the heat, without allowing it to escape up through its blanketing effect. (The dIsraelis use similar artificial ponds for electricity generation). Nothing new under the cosmos, but it’s good to see the moon and aurora from a different perspective (flying in Alaska, you can almost get the same auroral view from a night airline transit). Beautiful from whatever distance (and shared among fellow travelers, in peace). ,,\/,

  2. mixed mental health break for you then, bruce. can’t quite imagine seeing the aurora from a plane; my stars.

    just as the moon cleared menefee mountain here, i was shutting down my laptop for the night, and your moody blues tune came in via email, so i played it while we watched through binoculars. a knockout view of the seas and craters, high contrast, just breathtaking. thank you for the musical accompaniment.

  3. didn’t you know its now unpatriotic to post pictures taken by a Russian?

  4. there’s a tv show on now, which I think is sponsored in some way, by the American navy. It’s called “the last ship” they started making it in may, many of the scenes are taken on American navy vessels, with videos of choppers that look like armed forces videos to me. Yesterday the brave crew launched some kind of missile that destroyed an evil enemy chopper that was going to kill the captain.

    and the enemy is…. A Russian navy vessel commander.

    Very fast pivot there.

    waiting for Putin to be the new Hitler.

  5. Grate skit for 0’s next White House Co.’s “WMD” dinner: No propaganda here! Nope, none under the lectern! Not under the Kennedy desk, either! What, none under the Bronc0bama statue? Wait, maybe behind the Michele drapes! …

  6. is there a brand of patriot who says ‘goddam amurika’? zounds on the program. we have some over-the-air digital military channel, in fact one of the firt the asshat who runs the translators programmed in. same guy deleted cbc when some woman complained about seeing a breast on a documentary about 1930s berlin. oy.

    rats; what are the michelle drapes? don’t ya hate havin’ to explain a joke to some clueless wench?

    (glad for the aaaaahhhhhoooooommm video again.)

  7. Rain today here, and a new front moves in for the next 20 hours 60-80% chances. Saw that you might be getting some blessed moisture if the national radar is to be believed. Peace and joyful foot tapping!

    While we’re here. ;)

  8. no rain to speak of; just the six-inch kind locals jest about. drops six inches apart for two minutes or so…. lovely tunes, and i especially love the ladysmith black mambazo. i was crushed when joseph shabalala (sp?) died. bless paul simon for introducing us to them, eh?

    i did finally take a few photos of our garden (mr. wd calls it mine) to show you how wee it is compared to yours, and i’ll send them soon as i take a bit of a break. put it’s packed with punch, so many flowers and a few veggies.

  9. Self-explanatory:

    “The Obamas’ redecoration of the Oval Office is very cautious, neutral, inoffensive, neither one thing nor the other — the Audacity of Taupe.” …
    perhaps under the Xmas tree?!

  10. i should have known that? ay yi yi! :) but funny on the ‘audacity of taupe’.

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