f©ck the police, f©ck the system, and the f©ckers who fail to hold them accountable

DS Wright has covered the war on citizens citizen assemblies and the press in Ferguson, MO here, so I’ll be able to skip that for the most part. His commentariat have brought many useful and provocative links, as well.

Please add what you saw, either through following the LiveStreams, or #Ferguson or related accounts. At some national reporters were on the scene, some arrested for filming the militarized police, some pepper-sprayed and shot with rubber bullets. Let’s hope that their personal experiences will translate into wider coverage of what citizens are up against: a fascist police state run amok, avoiding making themselves the story, eh? And let’s hope that their collective reporting contextualizes the larger issues, as in Colonization 2.0 and the increased use of Defense Department military weapons, armored vehicles, sound cannons, etc., killing citizens without due process with overwhelming impunity, as well as the following.

The Real News did an interview with Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report yesterday: “Understanding the Ferguson Uprising in the Context of Mass Incarceration

The transcript can be found here.

One of the most tragic statistics that Kali Akuno quoted was this:

‘….roughly about 40 percent if you add it all up, were folks whose basically family members or they themselves were in some form of distress and called the police seeking aid for someone who was disturbed, off their medication, dealing with some health issues or health-related crisis.’

How many times have we read of exactly that? Even in personal experiences related on these boards? Too many.

I wrote about Operation Ghetto Storm back in 2013 and attempted to show the methodology and categories they used for their claim that ‘in 2012, blacks were killed extra-judiciously on average, every 28 hours. What might the 2014 numbers look like, or indeed for Latinos, First Americans, the homeless and mentally ill as well (including veterans, of course)?

“The report, authored by Arlene Eisen of the Malcolm X Solidarity Committee, is 130 pages long; 29 are text, photos, and graphics, Memorial pages. The remaining pages are charts identifying the dead with photos, locations, armed or not, mental health issues, self-medicating issues or not, police report claims and alleged circumstances, then additional comments pertaining to dissenting eye-witness claims, investigations yielding X effects or ongoing ones, etc. The author/s had a separate column for ‘Was excessive force used’; for each person there was either a Yes or a No given. This chart shows that by their reckoning, in 12% of the incidents, the answer was NO.”

But yes; think of James Boyd, homeless and mentally ill, executed in the hills above ABQ; Kelly Thomas, homeless and mentally ill, beaten death by cops in Fullterton, Ca, or a host of others who weren’t of color, but easy targets for evil cops.

As an aside, Charlie Grapski of photographyisnotacrime.com is covering the (ahem) APD’s internal investigation of Boyd’s summary execution extensively there and on Twitter.

Ford’s belief that were Ferguson to have all black cops not necessarily being a solution to the over-arching problem may not sit well with some folks, but his argument that its the system itself is compelling, especially given that we know some black cops have been guilty of dark deeds as well.

Nola.com has coverage of this event yesterday: ‘Officer shoots 2nd man near site of Michael Brown protests in Ferguson, Missouri’, although the initial reports are sketchy, and the man may still be alive, this I found very interesting (aside from the various community plans for peaceful protests):

‘The fullest account of Brown’s death so far has come from Dorian Johnson, who said he was walking home with Brown when they were approached by an officer in a squad car who ordered them to move to the sidewalk. Johnson told news crews that he and Brown kept walking and the officer then reversed his car “to where it almost hit us.”

The officer, Johnson said, tried to open his door, but it “ricocheted” back. Johnson said the officer reached through the window, “grabbed my friend around the neck” and tried to pull him into the car. The officer then reportedly pulled out his weapon and said, “‘I’ll shoot you,’ or ‘I’m going to shoot,'” Johnson said.

When the officer opened fire, Brown was hit, said Johnson, who hid behind a car. Brown kept running, Johnson said. Johnson said the officer pursued Brown and fired again. When Brown felt that shot, he turned around and put his hands in the air and started to get down on the ground. The officer kept firing, Johnson said.

Police have said there is no security or police video of the confrontation.’

But whoosh and double whoosh; another murder by cop in LA. 25-year old Ezell Ford was shot and killed by LAPD cops on Aug. 11. Members of his family said Tuesday that he was complying with police orders when he was fatally shot by LAPD officers in the Florence neighborhood South Los Angeles.

KTLA reported:

‘Patrol officers had “conducted an investigative stop” in the 200 block of 65th Street, and “during the stop a struggle ensued” and police opened fire, an LAPD news release issued midmorning Tuesday stated.

The man was transported to a hospital where he underwent surgery, according to Officer Sara Faden, spokeswoman for the LAPD. He later succumbed to his injuries, police confirmed.

Police were being tight-lipped with details about the incident because of a “gathering” at the scene of the shooting, Imaizumi said.

It was unknown if the “suspect” had any gang affiliations, police said in the news release.’

Civil rights leaders called for a meeting with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck over Ford’s shooting, according to Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

“The killing of Ezell Ford — coming on the heels of the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri — again raises the issue and problem of tense police-community relations,” Hutchinson said in a statement. “This is the sole reason we have called for a meeting … to get all the facts in the shooting and for assurances that the shooting will be subject to the most rigorous review to determine if there was any wrongdoing in Ford’s death.”

‘Tense’; one might say that….

From Dominican News:

From the lessons we’ve learned so far from Oakland and Albuquerque, it’s going to take unrelentling and ever-growing citizen activism to stop the killings and illegal arrests and incarcerations. Churches must become more heavily involved (social gospel), and much more than bullshit lip service from the political class. Didn’t Eric Holder ask the FBI to investigate whether or not Michael Brown’s civil rights might have been abrogated? Zounds; what about his right to not be executed for nothing?

Stop the blood! Stop the carnage! We want a democracy, and demand our Constitutional rights!


Yes; Ferguson is getting lots of media attention. Let it be good coverage. Obomba just weighed in: “”Important to remember to how this started. We lost a young man, Michael Brown. In heartbreaking and tragic circumstances.”


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44 responses to “f©ck the police, f©ck the system, and the f©ckers who fail to hold them accountable

  1. bugger, wordpress has changed the software again, and let me say that it’s another change for the worse. i can’t embed these tweets in the OP:

  2. This is the BarBarack Bully PUPPET’S Domestic Guernica and the resurrected EPITOME of his patron Poppy’s ‘thousand points of light’; King-helling AGAIN from his USchwitz Barackoons from coast to coast.

  3. i’m sorry, bruce. when my brain and eyes are tired, it’s hard to translate these sorts of comments. i’ll come back after a rest and try again, okay? looks as tough i need to catch up a bit on the last pot, as well.

  4. if nothing else,white people should realize, that what starts with blacks, and hispanics, can soon be done to whites.

    This is practice for the future.

    This is why Obama doesn’t care about it.

    compare his statement on this to his statement on snow den.

  5. his guernica sadly can get far worse, and i’m not getting the ‘king-helling sentence…. i did see some twitter pics of rubber bullet wounds, though. they don’t look one bit fun. assholes.

  6. thanks for the article, well done.

  7. yes, and first americans, as well. the stuff going on at the border in the southwest is hideous, and i haven’t even posted much of it; it’s downright chimeric.

    remember when all the fema camps and millions upon millions of bullets were provided to every federal agency, and folks were deemed paranoid conspiracy theorists? same with constitutional free zones a hundred miles from every border. oh, look! fusion centers, spying on activists of all sorts, and yeah. the final twitter quote of ben’s says it all, plus the ‘first they came for the trade unionists’ one.

    “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” — Benjamin Franklin

    now that’s understanding that we’re all allegedly in this together (or should be). not so much yet, though, eh? it may be class, it may be color…for now.
    i’m missing the difference in what obomba said about this v. said about snowden.

  8. It don’t mean nothin’, what Obama sez. And as world champion, multiple American-murdering bully, we have NO Chance of reining in police bullies, no less “simple” schoolyard bullies, as long as the Big 0 remains at large!

  9. welcome, mark.

    and o will be gone soon, lol. and f©ck him, anyway. ;)

    bugger, the video won’t play for me. tier 3 connectivity at night, i guess.

    sleep well; i’m off to watch jane austen, then zzzzleep.

  10. I heard him pronounce snowden guilty without any trial. Here I heard him say that we need to wait till the investigations are all done, something like that. although it’s very sad, etc.

    I watched the guys they brought in to calm it down. one was a very impressive black guy. did the job. we know nothing about that guy. maybe he’s honest.

    The turnaround, the complete change in approach, made me wonder, if, unlike the whites, who just don’t seem to have the will or need to get together)

    they are actually afraid of black people, if that group ever finally gets tired of the state of things, of what they might be able to accomplish.

    cause black people have changed things that looked unchangeable.

  11. eee, crikey. i couldn’t remember which LE agency he headed. finally found it. “Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol walks along with the Ferguson march. Compare this to Wednesday.”


    they’re setting up a press conference for the announcement of the name of the cop who shot michael brown. guess anon had it wrong; we’ll see.

    i see now; yes, obomba had asked for transparency in an investigation. lot he cares about justice, though. interesting thoughts on blacks having been able to turn things around. need to think about that. :)

  12. right, if you’re between 16 and 45, an arab, and in Yemen…. no need to look further, you are a missile target.

    that’s different, cause it’s farther away.

  13. or if you ‘walk in a tactical fashion… well, remember he wants the black vote for democrats soon. oh, and legacy shopping, lo-fucking-l.

    i love this. Someone provided this soundcloud recording by J Cole; he used some of the eyewitness report from Michael’s friend Dorian Johnson. Jeez; pierce our hearts with the pleas of black men everywhere, especially the young ones.

    ‘There ain’t no gun that can kill my soul; all we want is to be free…’

    and the police announced the name of the cop who killed michael brown, said a bunch of rubbish about there having been a robbery in the vicinity or something. darren wilson; cnn video of the presser, perhaps.

  14. let the smearing begin

  15. AND, his name is Darren Wilson. Sheesh!

  16. this nbc video and narrative tells some of what’s up, including some of the store videos that purport to show brown robbing the store, and *strong-arming* the clerk (for a felony charge). not that any of it should matter to his execution with his hands in the air…


    yes, the smears have begun. brown is now a thug, and the story is getting murkier by the hour. k goztola has some of it up. i’ll provide some tweets and videos as i can. loads of people brought information in the comment thread over yonder, so please read some toward the end if you’d like more…

    but dorian with cnn, how odd is this?

    and it seems that he may have hired his attorney to accept some sort of plea deal to avoid prosecution for cigar robbery himself, selling out his friend michael brown.

    officer wilson has disappeared, and must be in ‘protective custody’ in a secure location….with the mh17 control tower tapes….

    last night, a couple hundred (perhaps) people apparently looted stores in their rage at the smear as probative, and that’s bringing the haters right up front.

  17. i do nd have, mark, and even linked to it in the OP. i had forgotten there were other contributrs than charlie grapski, though, so it was a good reminder to peek in. charlie lives in florida, but i used his tweets and some of his videos often in my abq killer cops posts.

    oddly enough, a friend emailed me that one of the noticeably absent potential solidarity marches with ferguson was….abq.

    the national guard has now been called in to ‘establish order’ or whatever, and way more journalists were prevented from recording events. one tweet even claimed that before the midnight curfew, the police turned off the street lights and pulled out night vision goggles. i never saw that confirmed, but oy, there are so many conflicting stories, media narratives, and such.

    of course there is some speculation that there are agents provocateurs breaking windows, firing guns, but it’s also possible that it’s furious folks showing their rage. a new autopsy showed brown was shot six times, all from the front. so a new round of accusations are emerging about the lying eyewitnesses.

    i grabbed a lot of tweets over the past two days, but this seems the most appropriate for the moment.


  18. oddly enough, a friend emailed me that one of the noticeably absent potential solidarity marches with ferguson was….abq.

    unfortunate. till people get together nothing will change.

    maybe they are worn out.

  19. Sheesh; any protest group (e.g., ANSWER): Get ME to St. Louie.

  20. maybe they are, mark. but there are several different groups operating there, so it seems odd.

    on the my.fdl version of this post, the comments reached 190, and many were tweets from cities in solidarity that tarheeldem and chePasa brought in. lots.

    more hashtags to check out:


    a church in st. louis just voted to adopt the hands-up posture for their prayers. pretty cool. but now the po-po’s just released the damning fact that brown had (gasp) weed in his system.

  21. Having surrendered Rayguns ago, Fundament churchs have adopted hands-up supplication for decades (Talk to The HAND). Weed? : Another plug for legalization; prolly wouldn’ta needed the Swishers to keep the buzz going, then!

    Smoke ’em if ya got ’em! … NO! WAIT, PoPos!! I mean, “Hands UP, DON’T SHOOT!!! o o o o o o … *

  22. well, not all christian churches are fundamentalist, seriously. and social gospel can be a great turning point as we say during the *first* civil rights era. more association, lol.

    but i did do some looking around and found this from abq. good on them small group, but a presence.

  23. After Katrina, New Orleans Cops Were Told They Could Shoot Looters


    don’t worry about reading… lot of history on this, right back to lynching for looking the wrong way at a white woman.

  24. as obama looks sad, and asks for cooperation

    “Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal explained President Obama’s 2012 reelection in the September 4 edition as follows: “Mr. Obama was reelected with 51% of the vote….He cleaned up with 60% of the youth vote, 67% of single women, 93% of blacks, 71% of Hispanics, and 64% of those without a high school diploma, according to exit polls.”

    But it is precisely these groups that President Obama’s economic policies have punished the most. The latest data on incomes shows that since the end of the recession in June, 2009 incomes for black heads of households have plunged by 10.9%. Incomes for those under age 25 have plummeted by 9.6%. Incomes for workers with a high school diploma or less have dived by 8%. Single women have suffered an income decline of 7%. Incomes for Hispanic heads of households have declined by 4.5%.

    But after more than 4 years of the alleged Obama recovery, incomes for blacks, Hispanics, single women, young workers, and less educated, lower income workers have continued to drop sharply. ”


    He’s done virtually nothing for black people. they know this better than anyone but won’t say it..…yet.

  25. Less than ZerObama has used the fear foil of his fellow MiseRepubilkans to f@ck US ALL! And only Forbes could couch further recession of incomes (DOWN 5 to 11%) as even PUNISHINGLY Slow “growth”! GANG$TA $UCKA$. ALL; Indeed!

  26. the wiki piece does need some major additions. i had a link to those stats, but can’t find it. it may have been up to 2013, i can’t remember. this facebook page only reports deaths, doesn’t parse ‘necessary’ v. not or anything.

    i took your advice to heart and only scanned the pro publica piece, but wasn’t that a rather open secret at the time? maybe broadcast by social networking thingies?

    but i was thinking about the fact that for so many in this country, stealing, looting, breaking windows…makes it okay to kill people, even after the fact. so…i wondered if capitalism itself as a large part of the problem (give ‘property’ as one of the key bases, thus ‘protecting property’ being more important than human lives. yeah, i found this at wsws, just scanned a bit and grabbed the link.


    jbade over yonder wrote a post about those thugs and miscreants, and strong-arm thug michael brown. after i objected to his broad-brush indictments and framing, he wrote to me:

    ‘jbade August 16th, 2014 at 1:17 pm 9 that fraction of the protester validate the heavy handed response of police
    just let them loot? their upset let them rape too?
    they put the softest police touch on the situation and were rewarded with looting, rioting, arson and injured officers
    you should not condone that
    they blew it, bad! the community should have been smart enough to make sure this did not happen, they failed miserably’

    crap reader that i am, i hadn’t even noticed his segue to rape until later. jayzus. believe it or not, it was on the rec’d list a bit ago…

  27. it was forbes, and i think their numbers are quite misleading from other stats i’ve read, but in the end, can’t statistics be manipulated a lot? like the unemployment rate, the offishull one?

    seems that BAR has reported different numbers than that, though.

    i’ve been toying with the idea (loosely) of doing a piece ‘rock/rap opera and the libretto of ferguson and beyond’ or something, cuz the music just keeps playin’ in my head. (no bruce, no association, lol.) kareem has a piece up at Time, reflecting our general belief here that it won’t stay a race war, but become a class war. it started okay, but i didn’t altogether care for where he went after that. i’ll go fetch the link, you can read if ya like.


  28. ” but wasn’t that a rather open secret at the time? maybe broadcast by social networking thingies?”

    isn’t everything all of us reads and posts and links to an open secret?

    not sure what you mean.

  29. Obviously, jbade et al have never suffered hyperbolically hypocritical abuse with attendant smug impunity of poseurs like Johnson up thru NixOn to NerObama.

  30. No Association? Who, THEN?

  31. mark: i just meant that i can remember videos of police shooting looters, one especially from a bridge. and reading/hearing that the pd had been instructed to do so. just ran into this on twitter, and my guess is it may not be accurate, *and* it’s only concerning local cops, not staties, highway patrol, county sheriffs, etc.

    and i didn’t read what involved’ meant. iow, i didn’t actually read it, just saved it.

    ‘Local police involved in 400 killings per year’

  32. no suffering, but also libertarian enough to believe that property is more important than lives.i was thinking about edward snowden and glenn greenwald’s writings that say that ‘sure, we need the nsa to prevent bad guys like al qaeda from doing bad things to us’. like protecting the empire from those who wish it harm because of the things it does…is important. wonder if they like nato, too? i’ve seen people at fdl saying that obomba is right to bomb isis in iraq, rm the kurds…. beats me. now iran has made a deal with the EU to provide them gas! axis of evil energy!

    war everlasting, though, has long been the plan, so…

    well…i love the who, but i’m not sure that’s quite what i had in mind. ;)

  33. Oh yah … take it back to class. INSTEAD! :

    Look out for the BILL from $WAT !

  34. i’m sorry. che just sent this in a different form. OMG.

  35. Can we At LEAST IMPEACH Obama, NOW? He’s gassed his Own PEOPLE.

  36. they obviously aren’t his own people, are they?

  37. i do kinda remember seeing tweets saying folks couldn’t…tweet at times. livestream kills makes complete sense, too. yes, there is an insane amount of danger that we won’t be able to find out anything that’s going on, just like in the first gulf war. how many have there been again?

    glad o got to the links after his comments, though. less dangerous there, eh? i may take the activist post over yonder in a bit…just for posterity’s sake. thank you, bruce. i seem not to be getting emails reliably again.

  38. my stars, what unadulterated pain. thank you, and let me put up one of his er…more hopeful pieces. i’m working on the crowd-sourcing of deaths by police, and almost flattened by the burgeoning rates.

  39. and, oh: what an excellent painting of curtis, eh? liberal use of a palette knife, i expect.

  40. he has lots of positive tunes.

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