Incontrovertible Proof Russia Invaded Ukraine and Putin Stole Crimea

Putin Power ( Freakshow , freakingnews entry )

‘Putin Power’, by Vipez. flickr cc

You may be wondering at my about-face on this issue, so please allow me to explain the confluence of events that brought me here. Recently I was given a whopping prescription for Xanax in aid of my nearly constant anxiety and insomnia. Coincidentally, last night I was visited by the Spirit of Labor Day Yet to Come. She communicated with me telepathically the message that I had it all wrong, and urged me to reach out to touch her hand, and she would take me on a virtual tour of the blogosphere to prove the point and re-educate me, and erase the many propaganda engrams that had been planted and grown in my brain.

Bemused and rather disdainful of her belief that her mission would be successful, nevertheless, I held her hand, and we whoooshed off on her tour. In the end, I understood, and hope you will as well, as I put The Evidence before you. Mind you, I’m unable to reconstruct the order in which she showed me all of this, given that it was easy to be distracted by the rush of images and words she presented for my perusal.

First we stopped by the New Yawk Times and a piece by Michael Gordon; you remember him: he reported on Saddam Hussein’s ‘aluminum tubes for nukes’ in the run-up to the first Gulf War. He did the story well, and quite professionally. He says here, quite convincingly:

‘Since mid-August NATO has received multiple reports of the direct involvement of Russian forces, “including Russian airborne, air defense and special operations forces in Eastern Ukraine,” said Oana Lungescu, a spokeswoman for NATO.

NATO’s secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, criticized the Russian moves in a statement issued in Brussels on Friday. “I condemn the entry of a Russian so-called humanitarian convoy into Ukrainian territory without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities and without any involvement of the International Committee of the Red Cross,Mr. Rasmussen’s statement said.” [snip]

“We have also seen transfers of large quantities of advanced weapons, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery to separatist groups in Eastern Ukraine. Moreover, NATO is observing an alarming buildup of Russian ground and air forces in the vicinity of Ukraine.”

Now, we don’t know the authors of those reports, nor does he link to actual evidence, but as he trusts Oana and Foggy, we should, too. Yes? Of course, ‘yes’.

Apparently knowing of my regard for Hillary Clinton, we stopped by ‘Hillary Clinton’s comparison of Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler checks out’ at ABC’s Fact Check page. My stars; they not only found the comparison valid, and with maps, they utterly destroyed Putin’s claims that the new government in Kyiv was run by neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, and Russophobes, and was terrorizing citizens in the southeast. Among myriad facts that they brought to rebut Putin’s claims was this telling one you should consider strongly, imo:

‘Despite Mr Putin’s claims, according to the US State Department, “outside of Russian press and Russian state television, there are no credible reports of any ethnic Russians being under threat” and “Russian military facilities were and remain secure, and the new Ukrainian government has pledged to abide by all existing international agreements, including those covering Russian bases“. Similarly, Canadian foreign minister John Baird told Canadian television “there hasn’t been a single incident [of violence against Russians] that they can point to“.

So, even the human rights organizations got it wrong, tsk, tsk on them.

At some point we stopped by the Kyiv Post, and the Spirit showed me not only the real dope on recent events there, but that they also featured posts by ‘LA Homeland Security Examiner’ journalist Julia Davis, including a five-part series “Russia’s top X lies about Ukraine”, graduating from 20 to 100 by now, and believe me, she blasts their propaganda into smithereens! Her clickable CV is excellent:

‘Julia Davis is an Investigative Reporter, produced screenwriter of award-winning film and TV productions and a published photographer. She is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (, executive member of Women In Film (, VP of Fleur De Lis Film Studios. (’ Very cool.

The Spirit also took me on a tour of NATO’s Twitter account, where among other things, we discovered more regarding…Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Know what else? The incontrovertible evidence that RussiaInvadeUkraine already has its own hashtag! Oh, look: there’s the good Julia Davis on the account; well done, girlfriend. And with links!

By now I was feeling a bit mesmerized, and reckoned my eyes were rather glazed over (if indeed I were seeing any of this with my eyes, but more like dream imagery in which the unexpected, or even surrealistic, can seen quite natural.

But moving on, here comes the evidence that’s been lacking, okay? Right there on the satellite image: ‘six probable S219 self-propelled guns in probable firing position facing north, toward Ukraine’ and six probable support vehicles’. Had I mentioned ‘incontrovertible proof’?

In addition, reTweeted by Geoffrey Pyatt:

But if one is partial to Ambasador Samantha Powell, and to simple graphics in simple colors, this message says it all, doesn’t it? Quite instructive; show your friends:

But oh, my.

Also retweeted by Geoffrey Pyatt

Alexander Vershbow @NATOdsg · Aug 30

On eve of #NATO summit, war in Europe is no longer unthinkable, thanks to #Russia. Sobering piece by Anne Applebaum

‘Novorossiya will not be stable as long as it is inhabited by Ukrainians who want it to stay Ukrainian. There is a familiar solution to this, too. A few days ago, Alexander Dugin, an extreme nationalist whose views have helped shape those of the Russian president, issued an extraordinary statement. “Ukraine must be cleansed of idiots,” he wrote — and then called for the “genocide” of the “race of bastards.” and more like that. Oh, dear, though; I’d thought it was Yulia Tymenshenko that called for nuking the Separatist Terrorists. Well, never mind; the narrative now is that Russia might bomb the periphery nations! (With tactical nukes, of course). So by the time Spirit and I stopped by the Washington Post, I was er…almost…er kinda ready for this piece:

‘NATO-based nuclear weapons are an advantage in a dangerous world’ by Brent Scowcroft, Stephen J. Hadley and Franklin Miller, offering a ‘balanced’ mini-debate on decreasing nuclear weapons in Europe. Of course they are just political tools, deterrents, you see, because war is easier to deter than to win. And besides, Russia ramped up its arsenal, and has much larger standing armies than any other, yada, yada, and ends:

‘…in Chicago, all leaders issued the “Deterrence and Defense Policy Review,” which said: “Nuclear weapons are a core component of NATO’s overall capabilities for deterrence and defense alongside conventional and missile defense.”

With Russia continuing to support forces that are seeking to destabilize Ukraine and taking unsettling actions in both the Baltics and the Balkans, this is no time to destabilize the NATO alliance and traumatize our NATO allies by withdrawing our nuclear weapons from Europe.’

Hmmm; after seeing that, I asked my guide for a detour to #NoToNato, and saw that lots of folks had already been in Cardiff, days before the offishul festivities begin on Thursday. ‘No more wars! No NATO!’ Don’t these silly folks know that war brings peace, even preemptive war? (Hmmm; loads of police, helicopters…? Will Femen attend?) NATO’s not about colonization, but keeping the world safe for Democracy and prosperity (just one such example)! Oh, yes: Democracy, at least for some… Shoot, one dude even brought this old chestnut.

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33 responses to “Incontrovertible Proof Russia Invaded Ukraine and Putin Stole Crimea

  1. “Well”, with the spirit of the Raygun-triumphal past, when US Jacksonvillian Club FED agents were to relocate to Palatka following triple nukes to NAS, Jax; Mayport and Cecil field; I’m exercising the convertible (top-down) option, with Raybans and a beer on the way to San Jose Blvd (home, a twenty minute drive) from downtown, for the best view of the Poppy Bush-diving curtain call! If Putin or Barry RazzPutin push the tactical nuke button; the same strategic result will obtain … th — Tha — THAT’S ALL, “Folks” !
    Yours, the Big 0

  2. great work.

    nuclear war?

    starting to sling around nuclear threats. bumbling and stumbling along.

  3. bruce, i confess i don’t even know the history you’re referencing. sorry. but i do know that were there nuclear war, i’d wanna go out on a first strike.

  4. no, mark. they’re only *deterrents*. political tools, and all the new members came because they want to be under that Big Nuke umbrella. security and safety. (but yes, srsly, loose cannon neocons.)

    and thanks. but see why someone has to spend time reading all that hideous garbage? or chooses to, i guess i should say. know thy enemy.

    and dagnabbit, i need to find out from wordpress how to tweak tweets smaller as i did with videos. that only took me about 50 different emails… grumble, grumble… ;)


    Thank you Wendye Davis. The finest of satire- um sorry I meant “truth” is this piece.

    Wait, Talking like Yoda am I now?

  6. almost told ya earlier that ya might not actually like it; glad ya did, yoda.

  7. Wendye

    I know you are a pacifist and all of that. However I just received a report, unconfirmed that the right wing Neo Nazi junta in Kiev installed by the US State Dept has just taken some very serious loss on the battle front. Reports are that their entire southern front has collapsed.

    US Govt supported Neo nazis getting their asses kicked. Evan an old hippy pacifist like yourself has to smile at that eh?

  8. guess i’m not a pacifist per se, but i am anti-war. funny, i just put in my final two comments over yonder, much to the effect of which you’re speaking. here’s the link. #37 and 38, i guess. i yam whooshed, and heading to prepare for zzzzleep. night all.

  9. Fishing body slams EU inaction over Russian import ban
    Posted on September 1, 2014 by Tim Siddons • 0 Comments
    On 7 August, the Russian Federation issued a ban on imports from the EU on a range of seafood and agricultural products for a year, or at least until the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia are lifted.

    In a statement released yesterday, Europeche state that ‘The ban is currently causing economic problems to the fishing sector, which is still reeling from radical changes introduced by the recent overhaul of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

    ‘An estimated 153.8 million Euros (Eurostat, COMEXT) will be lost following the closure of this vital market, made worse with Russia rapidly establishing firm markets elsewhere.

    ‘The closure of the long-established EU-Russia market on products such as salmon, trout and oysters will inevitably result in surplus stocks, further disrupting the EU market.

    ‘President of Europeche, Javier Garat, stated: “It is shocking that not only has the Commissioner proposed no action to address the impact of such economic uncertainty on the industry but absolutely no reaction has been made at all.

    “The ban is causing serious financial losses to the sector at a time when we are already facing a vast swathe of new regulations from Brussels.

    “At this challenging time, our fishermen feel frustrated and need clarity on what is being done to address the impact of the ban.”

    eat your peas

  10. wow. the ukrainian farmers are up in arms, as well, since russia’s ban, given that they can’t sell what they produce now: no market. cheese makers, too. the sanctions hurt russia’s oligarch class, of course, but again, the blowback seems to have been thought through very well. but again, it’ll be the 99% who get screwed, won’t it?

    what a fucked up world.

  11. A strange story coming from the meetings in Minsk where supposedly the leaders of the Peoples Republics are offering to stop winning the war and accept autonomy not independence. There was a hint of a threat to take more territory if their modified demands were rejected.

    There is confusion and denial at the Saker where they are still trying to understand the purge of Strekov and other military commanders a few weeks ago. The Saker will do his usual wild speculation but the SitReps he publishes will be useful for their timely information on military maneuvers.

  12. the story from minsk would make sense. do you remember where you read it, wayoutwest? i have a hella time reading at the saker’s, so i missed all that about strelkov. i tried to read one piece of his there this morning, the one in which he handicapped a couple alternatives for each the people’s republics and russia, but bailed before too long.

    when your comment came in via email, i looked at club orlov, but dmitry seems as baffled as anyone.

    the sitreps seem quite partisan, but then, iirc, the saker admitted that he is, as well. but i was struck with the ‘i’d shoot him in the knee’, etc., stuff. gonna go eat my toast. ;)

  13. good links, and more incendiary warmongering from foggy. he’s been tweeting the hatched plan all week. fast, furious, and rotating!

    ‘Nato to create high-readiness force to counter Russian threat
    Spearhead force will be made up of around 4,000 troops with capacity to ‘travel light but strike hard’, according to Nato’

  14. The story about the NR demands and concessions was from RT but I think it changed somewhat from the first to the second time I read it. It is confusing because Purgin and Karyakin, the NR leaders are denying the concessions, translation problems again possibly.

    One thing that seems clear to me, if not to many others, is that any time the leaders of NR have asserted their independence or as now appear to have gone on the offensive the Russians step in to try to neutralize their momentum.

  15. yes, RT pieces do seem to morph occasionally. but when i read your commented, i was reminded that mr. wd had mentioned a piece he’d read at aje. while i am quite skeptical of their new iteration, this seems to be on target to what you’re saying. i’ll read it more closely soon, and will take it over yonder as well. thanks for causing me to search a bit.

  16. heard of “Occupy Hong Kong” this am on amy goodman.

    Someone mentioned, no protests under british rule, why now?

    of course…. USA/Britain etc, fomenting unrest. Wouldn’t they love to control Hong Kong.

    China will study/follow the USA in dealing with “occupy” movements.

  17. hard to believe the American ambassador to the UN would say anything that stupid and rude.

    domestic spying sure is off the news.

  18. i’ll try to read the transcript when i have time. powers? one of the (oof) ‘three harpies’ that brought us r2p libya?

    domestic spying off the news: how so, or which kind? dea, dhs fusion centers, fbi, private companies, nsa? i’m still wondering about livestream and cell phone kill switches during protests.

  19. in the aje article, the words (iirc) some autonomy’ may have been used. this piece describes that much more fully.

  20. nice job, michael cavlan, even though i’m not a big fan of sarcasm. awesome you can embed videos there (i’ll watch it soon). were there comments?

  21. open thread needs to be revived, meanwhile I saw this comment at nakedcapitalism, which comment sums up our economic system

    “As I like to say, Capitalists will try anything, any damned harebrained scheme, over simply paying people more to generate demand. This endless multiplication of scams to extend credit or create “investment opportunities” is just a substitute for a Fordist regime of paying workers to buy their own products. But that would mean depending for their incomes on profits rather than rents, and modern capitalists couldn’t abide such a cruel restriction on their ability to amass ungodly fortunes.”

    Pretty brilliant in all ways.

  22. i hadn’t know the ‘fordist’ meme, but yes. back in the dy, westinhouse would feel it prudent to pay their workers enough to be able to afford their products. globalization changed all of that, including making parts overseas and paying 40 cents a day to minimize expenses, then importing them to have workers assemble them, and calling the products ‘made in america’.

    phooey, remember it wasn’t many years ago that walmart claimed to sell ‘made in america’ crap? far later than ‘look for…the union label’. but yes, when i have a few minutes i’ll create another Open Menu. they are always at the top of the ‘categories’ list on the right sidebar. or close to the top, i caps….

  23. Well I guess I’m convinced that the Russians have invaded the Ukraine and are evil aggressors while the western Ukrainian army and thugs are entirely blameless for any of the trouble. Desidedly proven, eh? :)

    A good lesson learned though on how I will really try NOT to behave in attempting to convince anyone of a point in the future.

  24. lol. you did fine. des gets a position staked out, and will srsly go to the ends of the blogosphere to defend it, although: quite aggressively, i might add. you did just fine, i bailed early, knowing how it would go.

    we’ve blogged alongside one another for years, even were e-friends/e-frenemies off and on. he lives in prague, and used to wire houses for the internet for…radio free europe. had a yen to use that as a touchstone, but i didn’t, it wouldn’t have been fair. sleep well, i hope to.

  25. Cohen on democracy now today.

    Maybe the new “force” is for saving face, now they can say that the threat caused peace agreement. Had to get it done lickety split, before peace breaks out.

    can’t let it appear that peace can be achieved by talking.

  26. hmmmm, glad amy had him on; i’ll try to watch or read soon. the guardian was reporting that the kyiv freaks were shelling the bejayzus out of them just ahead of the ceasefire.

    but oh yes: Deterrence! and major increases in nato friends’ military budgets!

  27. ‘UK Spends $80 Million On Massive “Ring Of Steel” to ‘Protect’ Politicians At NATO Summit’

    “For example, we know that MP Kim Howells, an ex-chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee chairman, made what appears to be an entirely unsubstantiated claim that “he believed terrorists could be planning something for the largest gathering of international leaders ever held in the UK.”

    The much more likely reason is to keep the politicians away from the rabble. For example, 20,000 protesters are expected to be in the area, and heaven forbid these “leaders,” which large percentages of their citizenry view as corrupt and thieving criminals, have to face any of the plebs.

    More significantly, you have to wonder whether world “leaders” are using this as conditioning to get the masses used to what life is going to be like in the decades ahead if they have their way. After all, this security spectacle seems particularly interesting in that it’s happening 13 years AFTER 9/11.

    This is what neo-feudalism looks like.”

    well, yes it does. bleugh.

  28. what do they need to say that they can’t say on a conference call, or using some kind of Skype?

    or are they passing along bags of money? seriously.

    80 million is cheap. Canada spent a billion on one of these meetings.

    Not one of of these guys and gals cares about any of the things they talk about publicly.

    Worlds biggest gathering of con artists.

  29. Freed Commie AKA Moo Godawfi

    Desider works for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty? Damn, I had the SOB nailed.

  30. Azov Battalion interviewed by Vice… take a look at their uniform badge, and then the explanation of it a few comments down in the comments.


  31. mark: so..the members simon spoke with said they’re NOT neo-fascists.

    and no, freed: he used to wire houses for the internet, but was paid by RFE; big difference. but now ukraine will be getting its own television station.. i forget already who’s footing the bill. nato?

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